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Text Chapter 245 1

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    Two months later.

    some company.

    hr looked at the pretty girl in front of him, compared his resume repeatedly, and couldn't help but ask, "Are you a star before?"

    "no no!"

    The little girl almost jumped up, her hands were in phantom, and said: "I'm not a star, I just played two small roles, insignificant and insignificant!"

    "Hey, I understand. There is a prejudice against celebrities in society now, and many units don't accept them, but we don't have this rule."

    HR looked at it for a while, and said: "I'll tell you the truth, you don't have much work experience, and your academic qualifications are not outstanding, but you have an outstanding appearance. There is a position in charge of reception that is very suitable for you."

    "How much is the salary?"

    "More than 1w."

    "Do you have five insurances and one housing fund?"


    "Then I'm fine!"

    "Are you sure?"


    "Okay, then I'll let you know what procedure to follow."

    The little girl went out with a thousand thanks, hr shrugged, she had seen and heard a lot these days.  The entertainment industry has been cleaned up, the stars are like rats crossing the street, those who make money are fine, but the newcomers who don't make money are miserable.

    Even if it is not on the blacklist, it is difficult to find a film to shoot, because everyone is in danger, the crew is cautious, and they dare not use strangers easily, not to mention the lack of professional ability.

    So a lot of newcomers change careers, like this little girl is not bad, I heard that some of them can't find a job, and they have already gone to work in the factory.



    In his own house, Yang Tianbao quietly took a sip of coffee, his brows were tightly furrowed, his face was gloomy, and he suddenly returned to the age she should have been.

    She lost money, people, reputation, and job opportunities, and even hid at home and dared not go out, so she had withdrawn from the circle in name.  After 20 years of hard work, the building collapsed.

    The only consolation is that there are still a large number of colleagues accompanying me, including that damned ex-husband!

    Thanks to her strong spirit, she survived, and now she has nothing to do every day, eating, sleeping, watching TV, and calling someone.


    "Still can't get through!"

    Yang Tianbao dropped her phone and refused to give up, nor did she dare to give up. She still wanted to make a comeback and continue working in the entertainment industry.

    And all of this depends on that Lanyin, that Lanyin who cared so much for her back then and pushed herself to the top!


    A cultural troupe, recruitment site.

    The two men stared at each other aggressively, and one of them said, "What are you doing here?"

    "What are you doing here again?"

    "none of your business!"

    "Hmph, isn't it just to recruit dancers? Let me tell you, this spot must be mine! You only studied for a few years when you were young, and I graduated from Beijing Dance, and my business ability is better than yours!"

    "Fuck, your old arms and legs can still jump? Don't you just hear that the art troupe is not affected and want to make a comeback? Let me tell you, I have a lot of black material about you. I would rather not take the exam this time and report it  You, get you down!"


    "Come on, someone is fighting! Someone is fighting!"


    Repertory theater, rehearsal room.

    Acting in a drama consumes much more physical energy than filming, especially during the official performance, the stage is illuminated by headlights, and after a scene, the underwear is completely transparent, and it is only possible to drink salt water.

    The rehearsal was easier, but Lu Ke was also sweating profusely.

    Sitting aside to rest, just after turning back the mute of the mobile phone, he jumped up and down like a bomb.

    "Hello? Didn't I say I won't take it? No need to think about it. I don't think that role is suitable. Just don't bother me anymore!"

    "Oh, when will it be turned on? Yes, no need, I will go after buying the ticket myself, just pick me up."

    "Director Chen, it's me I like your script, and I'm willing to play this role Pay? You can give it as you see it, or you don't have to."

    Lu Ke took a break and continued rehearsing.

    When she was first admitted to the drama theater, her colleagues admired her very much. Now, her colleagues not only admire her, but also flatter her.  This is a great god!  Just say a few nice words and you will have a job opportunity.

    God pity, how difficult it is to film now!

    In the evening, after the rehearsal was over, Lu Ke took a shower and changed his clothes. Before he went out, he was stalked by an old guy: "Xiao Lu! Xiao Lu! What happened to what I told you last time?"

    "What's up?"

    the"Just to beg Mr. Zhuang to see if I can come out to accept the show?"

    "I didn't promise you either, what else do you ask?"

    Lu Ke gave him a strange look. This is an old actor in the drama theater. He is in his 60s. He has good professional ability and is a bit famous. He sold his face before.

    Veteran actors are not equal to veteran actors.

    Old artists are not all talented in virtue and art.

    Lu Ke, who doesn't like to gossip, has heard about the past of this man who abandoned his wife and son and hooked up with many women, so he just walked out in annoyance.

    "Little Lu! Oh, don't be so ruthless, just treat me as if you have pity on me, and you have to earn some pension money when you are old"

    The old guy shamelessly followed, until Lu Ke got into a luxury car outside the door, then stopped and spit: "Bah! How noble I am, I'm also covered!"

    "Then who is the old man?"

    He Saisai was very curious while driving.

    "Colleagues from the unit, want to come out to take on the show."

    "Oh, it's up to you? Haha, who doesn't know that my family is the most ruthless! Hey, if I was blocked, I would ask you for mercy, would you help?"


    Lu Ke thought for a while and said, "Help!"

    "Tsk tsk! Although you are not sweet-talking and have a straightforward personality, I just like your energy! mua~mua~"


    The car made a serpentine turn and resumed driving steadily.

    Arriving at He Saisai's hot pot restaurant ahead, Lu Ke suddenly lost his mind and said, "I don't know what the boss is doing, I haven't seen him for a long time."

    "Hasn't he been working with the police all the time, and there's that other department, researching apps together? What he's doing is a big deal, and it's important for us to eat hot pot!"



    The subordinates are reporting: "In the past two months, the number of active users on the platform has dropped by half, the launch of new works is not as good as 30% of the previous ones, and the old dramas will not last long.

    ? Several film and television projects that were operated before, 80% of them are yellow, and the companies under the company, the artists who cooperated deeply, were fined Boss, we can't continue!  "

    "There is no way not to continue, this is not the United States, South Korea, or do you want to fight against xx?"

    "I dare not, I dare not!"

    "Then act according to the order and be obedient."

    "But in the long run, our entertainment map will be abolished."

    The boss smiled and asked: "Do you know what is the biggest advantage of a group like ours in the entertainment industry?"

    "Platform and resources."

    "Yes, this is on the surface. In fact, there is another kind, which is the star-making mode."

    A long time ago, if an actor wanted to make his debut, he had better be from a major, or at least an art student such as dance, so that the chances of being selected would be higher.

    You participated in your debut work. If you are lucky and become a hit, you have to continue to take good works to keep it going.

    If you are not popular, don't be discouraged, accumulate experience step by step, maybe you will be a late bloomer one day.

    This is the star-making model of that era.

    But now, first audition, first singing, first becoming an Internet celebrity, if there is a little fan, there will be filming immediately.  It would be even better if there is a financial backer, you can soar into the sky, even if you don't know anything, you can make a lot of money and become top-notch.

    This is the contemporary star-making model.

    "The situation won't last long. When the storm comes, we take shelter and avoid continuing to drive. Because entertainment is a need, although it is not like food and housing, it is also an essential spiritual need.

    Look at the past two months, there are no stars, no works, no hot searches, and a depression.

    After a long time, netizens will complain.

    They will selectively forget about this turmoil and continue chasing stars.  Although we have lost a lot, the most indispensable thing in this society is people. When the previous batch of stars are eliminated, we will create another batch.

    Holding the platform and resources in hand, we can continue to copy the star-making model that is beneficial to us, at worst, go back to the past, and we have the final say in the past!  "


    The subordinate was enlightened, and hurriedly said: "So what we have to do is to keep a low profile for the time being, find newcomers, and restore the previous rules of the game."


    The boss nodded and asked again: "What has that person been doing recently?"

    "I don't know, no one inside is willing to subpoena."


    The two were silent, where did Te Niang's man come from?  It almost broke through the entertainment circle, so it's time to stop.

    (It¡¯s over for the cute boss to add updates, don¡¯t reward the new leader anymore, and the rewards haven¡¯t been added, the book will be finished soon)

    ,of?  It almost broke through the entertainment circle, so it's time to stop.

    (It¡¯s over for the cute boss to add updates, don¡¯t reward the new leader anymore, and the rewards haven¡¯t been added, the book will be finished soon)

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