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    Entertainment texts are inherently nostalgic, except for original works.

    I wrote too many nostalgic things in "1983", and I don't want to repeat them.

    And after finishing "1983", I found that I have more and more of the kind mentioned in the book: information cocoons, artificially aging mentality, rejecting new things, and so on.

    This is very bad, so I have this book.

    Old readers can feel that the pace of this book is fast, the number of words is not many, and the amount of information is huge, because I didn't intend to write too long.

    ? The main line is to turn over the entertainment circle, and when you are done, you should finish the book, there is no need to refill it.  It doesn't make much sense to rebuild or not, it's just that shit.

    The heroine didn't write much, because the daily content was abandoned.  The function of stacked buildings is also mentioned in the book, a place reserved for the spirit, by the way, there is a reference to the present world.

    Second, I don't deny the achievement factor either.

    Subscriptions suck, not only are they not growing, they are getting fewer and fewer.  Most people are still accustomed to traditional routines of entertainment, and my kind is too biased.

    Therefore, I sincerely thank all the friends who were able to accompany me till the end.

    As for the entertainment article, the past has been written, as well as the present and the future. Personally, there is nothing to write about the entertainment article.

    It should be a long time before the next book, I have to concentrate on the blind date and solve the major issues in my life, after all, it is not too old.

    So be it.

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