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The Story of the Shepherd Read the full text for free Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Don't go out after darkChapter 2 Four Spirit BloodChapter 3 Supernatural PowersChapter 4 Heavenly Demon Good Fortune Art
Chapter 5 The Li River Five EldersChapter 6 Tiny, dieChapter 7 Spirit Embryo WallChapter 8 Mother-in-law's skin
Chapter 9 Pink SkullChapter 10 Invasion of DarknessChapter 11 Breaking the wallChapter 12 Peerless Combat Skills
Chapter 13Chapter 14 Vitality Quenched BodyChapter 15 Walking on WaterChapter 16 The Young Girl in the Temple
Chapter 17 The Spirit Embryo Breaks the WallChapter 18 The Bad BoyChapter 19 Awakening of HegemonyChapter 20 Humanoid Spirit Embryo
Chapter 21 The Power of the Medicine is InspiringChapter 22 The Secret of the Stone StatueChapter 23: BlasphemyChapter 24 Breaking the Heart
Chapter 25 The Second AwakeningChapter 26 Thick ArmsChapter 27 Spirit Embryo TechniqueChapter 28 The Figure on the Wall
Chapter 30 Seeking RevengeChapter 31 Lijiang Sword ArtChapter 32Chapter 33 Sword Pill
Chapter 34 Grandma TempleChapter 35Chapter 36 Great Leiyin TempleChapter 37
Chapter 38 Tathagata Mahayana SutraChapter 39 Rizhao Yang Soul Refining in the AirChapter 40Chapter 41 Pushing the Knife
Chapter 42 The Phantom of the NightChapter 43 Goblins on their wayChapter 44 Heavenly Demon PatriarchChapter 45 Yongjiang Dragon Palace
Chapter 46 DragonChapter 47 The Third PersonChapter 48 Dragon SoulChapter 49
Chapter 50 Little VixenChapter 51 The Mistress' WifeChapter 52 Selling for a Good PriceChapter 53 Demonstration
Chapter 54Chapter 55: The World's Best SwordsmanshipChapter 56 ThornChapter 57 The Brothel Master
Chapter 58 Young MasterChapter 59 The Third AwakeningChapter 60Chapter 61 The Ice Tide
Chapter 62 Destroying Your MeritChapter 63 Ten, Tai, GuiChapter 64Chapter 65 The Fragrance of the Peony
Chapter 66: Sacrifice to River GodChapter 70 Demons and ghostsChapter 71 I'm going to kill someoneChapter 72 Killing the son to pay for the meal
Chapter 73 Assassination on Flower StreetChapter 74 Dragon City Changes OwnerChapter 75 Qin Mu's IndustryChapter 77: Prince Tiantu
Chapter 78 Solar ShipChapter 79 The Sun Shepherds of the Great RuinsChapter 80 Sun GuardianChapter 81 Dark Realm
Chapter 82 Qin Mu's QinChapter 83 Ultimate ArmamentChapter 84 The Strangeness in the DarknessChapter 85: Lone Boat in the Sea of ??Fog
Chapter 86 The Realm of the DeadChapter 87 TrapsChapter 88: DemonsChapter 89: Fighting Demons with the Sword
Chapter 90: Slashing Monsters with the Horizontal Sword KneeChapter 92Chapter 93Chapter 94 The finishing touch
Chapter 95 Sword DrawingChapter 96 Sword Lu Mountains and RiversChapter 97 Singing in the WaterChapter 98 Dense Water
Chapter 99 The Way of a SaintChapter 100: Seven Good FortunesChapter 101: Corpse Immortal CultChapter 102 The Supernatural
Chapter 103 The Killing NeedleChapter 104 The villain leaves the villageChapter 105 Governor of LizhouChapter 106 Poison killing
Chapter 107 One hand can hit tenChapter 108 Controlling the Dragon SectChapter 110 Brothel Flower LaneChapter 111: Demonic Dance on the Water
Chapter 112 Five Luminaries Breaking the WallChapter 113: Divine DoctorChapter 114 Immediate DeathChapter 115 Evil Nature
Chapter 116: The Heart of a ChildChapter 117 Sword Sweeping TiangangChapter 118 The EmperorChapter 119 I will kill your head
Chapter 120 Grand Master ExamChapter 121: There Are Many Rules in the Capital CityChapter 122 Five Luminaries InvincibleChapter 123 Magnificent as a Cantabile
Chapter 124 Magical BrushChapter 125 Senior Brother Little Poison KingChapter 126: CourtesyChapter 128: Cloud Trace and Sparrow Shadow
Chapter 129 Sword God HanguangChapter 130Chapter 131 Daoist DaoziChapter 132 Innate Taixuan Art
Chapter 133 Kowloon Emperor's ArtChapter 134 Invite the National TeacherChapter 135: Wrapping the SwordChapter 136 Sleepwalking
Chapter 137 Young Master and DaoziChapter 138 God Kefa andChapter 139 The Green Cow in the Vegetable GardenChapter 140 Washing the Pot and Dish
Chapter 141 Ma Fan Palace of Imperial PhysiciansChapter 142 Ma Fantai CollegeChapter 143 Bashan Sacrificial WineChapter 144 Senior Brother and Junior Brother
Chapter 145 Renovating the Scholars' ResidenceChapter 146 From the End of the Alley to the Head of the AlleyChapter 147 Yu Yuan's Chinese StudiesChapter 148
Chapter 149 Emperor WuChapter 150 The Emperor of Heaven Outside the Great WallChapter 151Chapter 152 Loulan Golden Palace
Chapter 153 I, OverlordChapter 154 Destruction of WillBelated testimonials!Chapter 155 Unsealed Treasure Talisman
Chapter 156 Dangerous ThoughtsChapter 157Chapter 158 Let's Elope TogetherChapter 159 The Eyes of the Blind
Chapter 160 Wrinkle a Pond of Spring WaterChapter 161 Returning Completely to ZhaoChapter 162 Young Master Likes ItChapter 163 Pangong Cuo
Since it was put on the shelves, I haven't asked for a monthly pass yet!Chapter 164 The Holy MaidenChapter 165 Three ImmortalsChapter 166 The Woodcutter Passes on Kung Fu
Chapter 167 Sending off the PatriarchChapter 168 Old MenChapter 169 The Hobbies of the Holy HierarchChapter 172: The Insect Army of Sanzhou
Chapter 173Chapter 174 AdoptionChapter 175 Combining tacticsChapter 176
Chapter 177 The Unity of Knowledge and ActionChapter 178 Nine Turns Three CertificatesChapter 179: Ling Huan Pill Greatly Supplements PowerChapter 180 Wear Small Shoes
Chapter 181 Taixuan Mathematical SutraChapter 182 The water in the southern border is too deepChapter 183 Underworld RaidChapter 184
Chapter 185 Summoning DemonsChapter 186 Qin Mu Summons the DemonChapter 187 The Demon King ArrivesChapter 188 How can I tell if I am male or female?
Chapter 189 A Wooden BoxChapter 190 My LordChapter 191 I'm Really ExcitedChapter 192 The Worst Class
Chapter 193Chapter 194Chapter 195Chapter 197: Strong Like Clouds
Chapter 198 Heavenly Demon Teaching PowerChapter 199: Moving MountainsChapter 200: Du Tian LurksChapter 201 Strike the Autumn Wind
Chapter 202 Putting the steamed national teacher on the drawerChapter 203 The Trustworthy LameChapter 205 A tree of pineappleChapter 206 The Evoker
Chapter 207Chapter 208Chapter 209 The Gate of Kunyuan (Second Change)Chapter 210 Confession (third update!)
Chapter 211 The Gate of ChengtianChapter 212 Inevitable partingChapter 213 Seeking RevengeI have a bit of a cold today, the update will be later
Chapter 214: Wu Zunlou CompassChapter 215 The Night Market ExterminatedChapter 216Chapter 217 See no evil
Chapter 218Chapter 219: Celestial AttackChapter 220 The Thieves Are More Than OneChapter 221 Vajra Invincible
Chapter 222 Encircling and Suppressing the Demon LordChapter 223 Dead endChapter 224 For the righteous wayChapter 225 Hanging Paintings to Repel Evil
Chapter 226Chapter 227 The Root Demon of Dry Silent RidgeChapter 228 I want to go homeChapter 229 The Fifth Epoch
Chapter 230Chapter 231 Killing the MonkChapter 232 Medicine Master's Crock PotChapter 233 Paper Boat
Chapter 234 Murder on a snowy nightChapter 235 Qin Mu Borrows a BoatChapter 236: Worry-free TownshipThe plot of the house pig card is over, and the two chapters will be updated together tonight!
Chapter 237 Restricted AreaChapter 238 Late Motherly LoveChapter 239 The older you get, the less reliable you areChapter 240 New Hope
Chapter 241 The Next Generation Emperorupdate half an hour lateChapter 242Chapter 243 Convinced
Chapter 244 Disaster for the country and the peopleChapter 245: King of ZhenhaiHappy Birthday to the Window Leader!Chapter 246 - It's Real
Chapter 247 Twenty HeavensChapter 248about buddhismChapter 249 Pink Skull
Chapter 250The house pig goes for a physical examination, and the update at noon is at nightChapter 251 Not good at magic artsChapter 252: Monk Mingxin
Notice: Two chapters will be updated in the evening!Chapter 253 Buddha HeartChapter 254Chapter 256 Invite the Dao Sword and Slay the True Dragon
Chapter 257 Don't Blame YouChapter 258 Emperor, Taoist Lord, TathagataHahaha, the two chapters will be updated together tonight!Chapter 259 Bullock Cart
Chapter 260 KillingChapter 261 Li Tianxing and the EmperorChapter 262 The Emperor's Divine TreasureChapter 263 I want to kill your head
Chapter 264: The Two Heroes of YankangChapter 265 The Fourth Heavenly KingChapter 266 Kill the Emperor! (Da Zhang!)Chapter 267 Only for Practice
Chapter 268 Beauty and PaintingRhinitis happened again, two chapters will be updated in the evening.Chapter 272Chapter 273 Three punches and two swords
Chapter 274 Witchcraft MurderChapter 275 Walking PeacefullyChapter 276The two chapters will be updated together tonight!
Chapter 277 RhythmChapter 278 Warm WineChapter 279: The Wine Is PoisonousChapter 280 Uncanny workmanship
Chapter 281 The Dragon King InvitesChapter 282 Making wavesChapter 283Chapter 284: Temple
Chapter 285Chapter 287: DaoistChapter 288 Fourteen Chapters of Dao SwordChapter 289
Chapter 290 GodChapter 291 Intoxicated Sea NightChapter 292Chapter 293 Primordial Spirit
Chapter 294: Number Two in the WorldChapter 295 Spiritual Weapon FormChapter 296 ExcaliburChapter 297 Worry-Free Sword
Chapter 298 White BatChapter 299 Strange thingsChapter 300 The Strange Valley of the UnderworldChapter 301
Chapter 302 The Abyss of the Valley of the UnderworldCatch the flight home at noonChapter 303 Overlord GiantChapter 304 The Old Man in the Painting
Chapter 305 God SnakeChapter 306 TrapsChapter 307 Shameless YouChapter 308 Dismantling Each Other
Chapter 309 Great Master WiseChapter 310 The Mysterious CorridorChapter 311 The Man in the Tree (3rd update!)Chapter 312 Lord Zhenxing
Chapter 314: Family TraditionChapter 315Chapter 316 Return of the soulChapter 317: There Are No Righteous Men
Chapter 318 Worship of the SoulChapter 319 Family AffairChapter 320 Right and wrongChapter 321
Chapter 322 Root Demon Strikes (Third Update!)Chapter 323 Poison Master and Divine DoctorChapter 324Chapter 325 Killing the Root Demon with Poison
Chapter 326The two chapters will be updated together tonight!Chapter 327: The Light of HistoryChapter 328 New and Old Sword Gods
Chapter 329Chapter 330 Meeting once is better than countless people in the worldChapter 331 PeepingChapter 332: Magic Cannon
Chapter 333: God's Eye ReappearsChapter 334 The Hand of DeathChapter 335Chapter 336 The Enemy Entered Thirty Miles
Chapter 337 The Secret of HegemonyChapter 338 The Big PictureChapter 339Chapter 340 Daoist Algorithm
Chapter 341Chapter 342 A visitor from heaven, with poetic feelingsChapter 343 The Secret of Xiaoyujing (the third update!)Chapter 344 Collapse
Chapter 345 So WhatChapter 346 Super brutalChapter 347 Humanoid Murder Weapon Without Dead AngleChapter 348 Full of Flaws
Chapter 349 Ternary BreakthroughChapter 350 God and God (First update!)Chapter 351 The Shocking Sword (Second Update!)Chapter 352 Tofu Heart
Chapter 353 The Four Monarchs of Heaven (First update!)Chapter 354 Little Demon Fox (Second update!)Chapter 355: The Deaf Man Sells PaintingsChapter 356
Chapter 357 True and False HegemonyChapter 358Chapter 359 Fireworks on EarthChapter 360 Heart Change
Chapter 361: Cannon TestThe two chapters will be updated together tonight!Chapter 362 The Thickness of the SkyChapter 363 Sky Alliance
Chapter 364 Huanlong LordChapter 366: Lord of True DragonsChapter 367 Underground of the Great RuinsChapter 368 - Impending Disaster
Chapter 369 Revenge in the AfterlifeChapter 370 Abandoning the Mountain and Fleeing for His LifeChapter 371 The Dumb BoxChapter 372
Chapter 373 Heavenly CreationChapter 374: Simple and Honest SmileChapter 375Chapter 376: Battle to the Death
Chapter 377: A God Has FallenChapter 378Chapter 379: SuccessorChapter 380 Twisted Melon, Sweet
Chapter 382 The Vein of the Fierce DragonChapter 383 Blind Eye GunThis chapter says that the event is over, everyone come in and have a lookChapter 384
Chapter 385 Zhenjiang DragonChapter 386: Seizing Luck TechniqueChapter 387House pig dystocia, update at 12:30!
Chapter 388 Awakening of the SharpshooterChapter 389: The Real Dragon's Nest's Divine Skill Appears"The Story of the Shepherd" This chapter said the list of winnersChapter 390 Star Sea Suspense
Chapter 391 SunwellChapter 392 Rekindling the SunChapter 393 Your HighnessChapter 394 Heaven and Earth Cage
Chapter 395 Your Highness VigorousChapter 396Chapter 397There will be no update at noon, and two chapters will be updated in the evening!
Chapter 398 First Divine EyeChapter 399: Catching the SunChapter 400 AbductedChapter 401
Chapter 402 Xing AnChapter 403 A friend came from afarChapter 404 InvincibleChapter 405 Invulnerable
Chapter 406: Great EducationChapter 407 Xing An's BoxChapter 408 The Two Big MerchantsChapter 409 Traveling Seventy Thousand Miles
Chapter 410 Primordial Spirit IntroduceChapter 411Chapter 412: The Storm Is ComingChapter 413
Happy 2018, summary of 2017Chapter 414 Stone StatueChapter 415: Poetry and PaintingChapter 416: The Human Emperor Prints Out
Chapter 417 Great TerrorChapter 418 Shock CauldronChapter 419 Old thingsChapter 420 The Absolute Sound in the Darkness
Chapter 421 Blocking GodChapter 422 The Secluded Capital of FengduChapter 423 Lava ForestChapter 424 Relic
Chapter 425 God of War, never accept old ageChapter 426 On the Bridge of Naihe (3rd update!)Chapter 427 Inheritance of the Same Strain (First Update!)Chapter 428
Chapter 429 Physician's Parental Heart (3rd update!)Chapter 430: Northern Emperor Divine WeaponChapter 431 Boiled DuckChapter 432: A Strange Attack
Chapter 433 Exotic ContactThere will be no update at noon, and the two chapters will be updated together in the evening!Chapter 434: Wonders of Heaven and EarthChapter 435
Chapter 436Chapter 437 Big SwordChapter 438Chapter 439 Heart is Hell
Chapter 440 Flowers in the VoidChapter 441 Fire DesertChapter 442: Dragon Wandering in the DesertChapter 443 The Weird West Land
Chapter 444 NemesisChapter 445: Night AttackChapter 446 The Girl on the BoxChapter 447
Chapter 448Chapter 450 Land Flying CityChapter 451 The Eighteenth FormThe house pig went to Hainan!
Chapter 453 The Power of the Demon Sect MasterChapter 454Chapter 455: Formation Master's MeansChapter 456
Chapter 457: The Willow House in the God Burial ValleyChapter 458Chapter 459 Fighting in Thunder Mountain CityTake leave at noon and update together at night!
Chapter 460 When will Sophora japonica bloomChapter 461 Lovesickness, forget-me-notChapter 462: Limit of SwordsmanshipChapter 463 Sword Technique and Sword Injury
Chapter 464 Asura BattlefieldZi Yumo, I wish you a happy birthday!Chapter 465 Thundering the Western LandsChapter 466
Chapter 467 Heavenly PalaceChapter 468 Heavenly Court FeastChapter 469Chapter 471: Weaknesses
Chapter 472: CrushedChapter 473: Life in the MirrorMy daughter has a high fever, so I ask for leave at noon!Chapter 474: Evil Exists
Chapter 475Chapter 476: The Red Sea in the Desert RisesChapter 477 Realm UnityChapter 478: Worshiping the Soul of the Witch God Kui
Chapter 479: Book of Life and DeathChapter 480Chapter 482 Golden Top Fighting TechniqueChapter 484 Overlapping Worlds
Chapter 485 FomalhautThis chapter talks about the list of event winners, let's see if you are thereChapter 486: Iron Blood YearsChapter 487 When We Enter History
Chapter 488 When We Become HistoryChapter 489Chapter 490: Fighting in the Black BoxChapter 491 The Vengeance of Broken Arm
Chapter 492 When We Make HistoryChapter 493Chapter 494: The Remnants of the EmperorChapter 495
Chapter 496 A Monument of Life and DeathChapter 498 Palace of King Qin in FengduChapter 499 Killing and Punishing the Qin HierarchChapter 500 Fengdu Little Overlord
Chapter 501 Destroying the Grand MasterChapter 503: The Legend of HegemonyChapter 504Chapter 505 Old Thief Miner, Vulnerable
Chapter 506 Saint Master (Happy Year of the Dog!)Chapter 507Chapter 508: Son of the God of YouduUpdate postponed!
Chapter 509: Great TerrorChapter 510Chapter 511: Luli, the Nether CapitalChapter 512 Dark Maiden
Chapter 513: Analysis of the Principle of SacrificeChapter 514 The First Primordial Spirit MeetingChapter 515 Broiling fish and dragons separately, the dark night star visitsChapter 516 Coercion
Chapter 517Chapter 518 Xing An InterrogationChapter 519: The Village Chief Returns to the CityChapter 520: Ancestral Worship in the Emperor's Palace
Chapter 521 First Ancestor EmperorChapter 522 I Can!Chapter 523 ForgiveChapter 524 Xiao Yujing seeks the way
Chapter 525: Another Dark WorldChapter 526 ArrivalChapter 527: Supernatural Powers on the BattlefieldChapter 528 Braided Girl and Shadow Boy
Chapter 529: The Great Emperor Makes the SunChapter 530 Beauty Like Jade and Sword Like RainbowChapter 531 One Tribulation SwordChapter 532 Strike the Iron in the Battle (The first update asks for a monthly pass!)
I beg the big guys to fire up!Chapter 533 Calling God in the Sword (Second Update!)Chapter 535 Black as Iron (First update!)Chapter 536 Black Hearted Like a Demon (Second Update!)
Chapter 537 The First Crow's Mouth of the Taihuangtian (the third!)Chapter 538 Riding a tiger is hard to get off (the first update!)Chapter 539 Brotherhood (Second update!)Chapter 540 You and I Are Destined (Third Update!)
Chapter 541: Face Changing Magic ArtChapter 542 In line with the way of heaven (second update!)Chapter 543 Psychic Energy vs Qianqiao (third update!)Chapter 544 Disappeared (first update!)
Chapter 545 Keep smiling (second update!)Chapter 546 Communication Between the Two RealmsChapter 547: Qin Mu's Nightmare (Part 1~)Chapter 548 Furiluo in the fire (second update!)
Chapter 549 Human Words, Nonsense and Demonic Words (3rd update!)Chapter 550 Demonic out of control (first update!)Chapter 551 Fat Dragon, Black Tiger and Fox (Second update!)Chapter 552 An Ominous Place (3rd update!)
Chapter 553: Awakening the DeadChapter 554: The Peak of LifeChapter 555Chapter 556
Chapter 557 Sprinkle some wildness and poison (first update!)Chapter 558 Moon and Half Tiger Zun (Second update!)Chapter 559: Magical calculation (third update!)Jun Mowen..Happy birthday to the lord!
Chapter 561 Babies Exiled (Second!)Ten Years Commemorative Book Review EventChapter 562 Unstoppable (third update!)Chapter 564 Little Overlord of Youdu
Chapter 565: Qin Mu in the MirrorChapter 566 Ten Mile Star Sand Tribulation FormationChapter 567 Big brother captures the dragonChapter 568 Tianmen Slays the Dragon
Chapter 569 Lord of the Emperor DiscChapter 570 Ancient Soldier TalismanChapter 571 Ancestral Dragon Taixuan Kung FuChapter 572 Encountering an old acquaintance in a foreign land (second update!)
Chapter 573 Lu Li's Arrival (3rd update!)The headache is still not healed, the first chapter of today will be at two o'clock in the afternoonChapter 574 SpyChapter 575: The Leader's Weird Friends
Chapter 576 My name is YunChapter 577: Silly roe deerChapter 578Chapter 579
Chapter 580 Emperor Seat Profound ArtChapter 581 Demon Race Overlord BodyChapter 582 The Creator of DarknessChapter 583 The Third Eye Opens
Chapter 584: The End of Wuwang CityChapter 585: The EnemiesChapter 586Light and Darkness, Happy Birthday!
Chapter 587Chapter 588Chapter 589 Say It AgainChapter 590
Chapter 591: The Nine Techniques of the Heavenly SwordChapter 592 Dangerous Breath (Third!)Noon update postponed for half an hourChapter 593 Nine Phoenixes Resting in Cangwu
Chapter 594Chapter 595 The Harmless Smile of Humans and AnimalsChapter 596 Blood Sacrifice to Luo FutianChapter 597
Chapter 598Chapter 599 Supernatural powers (first update!)Chapter 600 The Withered Veteran (Second Update!)ten years of wind and rain
Chapter 601 Granny Si's Little Shoes (3rd update!)Chapter 602 A pair of embroidered shoes (first update!)Chapter 603 Dragging to death (second update!)Send a single chapter and talk about the monthly ticket list
Chapter 604 Yuan Magnetic Hurricane (third update!)Chapter 605: The Number of Star Fighting Techniques in the Great Zhou Dynastyopen letterChapter 606 Chiming Mummy
Chapter 607 God Slaying Profound SwordChapter 608Chapter 609 Hot PotatoOn April 1st, ask for a guaranteed monthly pass!
Chapter 610 Open the Box (Second Update!)Chapter 611 Good Teacher and Good Apprentice (3rd update!)Chapter 612Chapter 613
Chapter 614: The Silver Tree of Light in the TwilightChapter 615: Dharma IncomparableChapter 616Chapter 617 Prince Moonlight
Mu Shen Silver Crowdfunding ListChapter 618 Brahma King BuddhaChapter 619 The third eye, openChapter 620
Chapter 621: No Sword in the Buddha RealmChapter 622Chapter 623: Where I stand, Is the YouduChapter 624: Di Shitian's Shitpot
Chapter 625: Emperor Shitianwang SutraChapter 626Chapter 627 Cross-boundary pursuitChapter 629 The Heart of Darkness
Chapter 630: The Head in the VatChapter 631 Meeting the First Ancestor AgainChapter 632 Breaking Through the Palace of the EmperorChapter 633: Qin Mu's Disdain
Chapter 634 Inheritance of painstaking efforts for twenty thousand yearsChapter 635: South Sea VariantChapter 636 God's Ring of CreationChapter 637
Chapter 638Chapter 639: Crazy PoorChapter 640 DejectedChapter 641 The Power of the God Wheel
Chapter 642: Cruel StyleChapter 643: Tiangong XuanduChapter 644: The Heavenly Lord Who Falls into the SealChapter 645: Breaking the Fire Crow Formation
Chapter 646 Xingjun puzzle (first update!)Chapter 647 The sky overturns and the earth maintains its absolute status (second update!)Chapter 648 Indistinguishable from the enemyThree chapters have been published, Zhaizhu has become a platinum writer
Chapter 649: Qin Mu's Big-Eyed MonsterChapter 650 The Emperor's SecretChapter 651 Suspended RealmChapter 652
Chapter 653 Fighting wits across the airChapter 654 Absolutely Invincible (4,000-character chapter!)Chapter 655 Unite as one (big chapter!)Chapter 656: Brain of the Scarlet Emperor
Chapter 657: The Sealed Scarlet EmperorChapter 658 The Demon King Unsealed (Subscribe)Chapter 659Chapter 660 Qin Mu Demonized
Chapter 661 This Is Not My Fat DragonChapter 662Chapter 663 Fat Dragon TransformationChapter 664: Visitors from the Underworld
Chapter 665 Overlord Body Situation (Double Monthly Ticket Arrived!)Chapter 666 You Have Been Seen Through (Second Update!)Chapter 667 The Book of Life and Death in the Underworld (the third update!)Chapter 668
Chapter 669 Morality is the rootChapter 670 The Charm of MagicChapter 671 Repaying Gratitude with BonesChapter 672 The Sword God Smiles (Third Update!)
The record of the monthly ticket list of the whole station has been broken!Chapter 673Chapter 674: The Fall of the Great EmperorChapter 675: The Emerald Form of the Heavenly Court
Chapter 676Chapter 677Chapter 678 Great Degeneration of the ProtossChapter 679
Chapter 680: The Source of DarknessChapter 681 Tianyin Boundary MonumentChapter 682 Tianyin Realm, Happy TownshipChapter 683: Yin Tianzi
Chapter 684Chapter 685Chapter 686 Tianyin EmpressChapter 687 Resurrection Tianyin
Chapter 688: ArchmageChapter 689 SkyfireChapter 690 The Emperor Yin strikesChapter 691: Fighting Between Two Powers
Chapter 692: Wise Men GatherChapter 693: The Smartest PersonChapter 694 Giant's ShouldersChapter 695 Skyfire Avenue
Chapter 696 Mirror image in the knifeChapter 697 Endless Void (please subscribe!)Chapter 698: Emperor Tower SwordChapter 699
Chapter 700 The King of Hades and the Son of HeavenChapter 701Chapter 702: Stone Statue RecoveryChapter 703 Dead City
Chapter 704: The Bright Moon Is FullChapter 705: God Plays with FireChapter 706 Qin Mu DemonizedChapter 707 The Power of the Uncle Earth
Chapter 708 Surprise Attack on Emperor YinChapter 709: The Bride in the Ice CoffinChapter 710 Saint DiscipleChapter 711: Number One in the World
Chapter 712 Mr. Good and the World Destroyer Demon KingChapter 713 The most attractive personChapter 714 The Charm of ReformersChapter 715: Southern Emperor's Face
Chapter 716: One Monarch and His MinisterChapter 717 Old CowChapter 718: Capsizing in the GutterChapter 719: Using Martial Arts to Cultivate God
Chapter 720Chapter 721 Martial Soul Upper BodyChapter 722: Rushing Like a MeteorChapter 723 Entering Dao with Martial Arts
Chapter 724: The Legendary HegemonyChapter 725 Return of Thousand Palms of Strange Peaks Beyond the SkyChapter 726 Martial SaintChapter 727: The Past of the Celestial Master
Chapter 728 Jianmu Xiantian God BridgeChapter 729 Not inferior to meChapter 730 The Weirdest PlaceChapter 731 The Ancient Heavenly Court
Chapter 732Chapter 733Chapter 734: The Seven Heavenly Lords of Jade LakeUncle, aunt, happy children's day!
Chapter 735 Ancient GeniusesChapter 736 Equal to GodChapter 737 The Collision Between Qin Mu and the Founding Emperor (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 738
Chapter 739: You Tianzun Is Crying While LaughingChapter 740: The Change of Jade LakeChapter 741 Death of Yu TianzunChapter 742 Resurrection of the Dead
Chapter 743 Opening the Heavenly PalaceChapter 744Chapter 745 Sword Like a Dragon at SeaChapter 746 Nineteen Sword Styles
Chapter 747 Southern EmperorChapter 748: The Fire Seed of the Sky AllianceChapter 749 Dust and Soil of Millions of YearsChapter 750
Chapter 751 Ghost Face MaskChapter 752Chapter 753 Resurrection (4,000-character chapter!)Chapter 754: Oil Bottle Yu Tianzun
Chapter 755Chapter 756 Brothers FusionChapter 757 Karmic Fire Merit MonumentChapter 758 Mother and Son
Chapter 759 Where is RighteousnessChapter 760 Killing Cauldron, Hun Tian LuoChapter 761 Battle of Jade Lock PassChapter 762 The Heavenly Fire Burns the World
Chapter 763 Really FragrantChapter 764 A Chou (4,000-character chapter)Chapter 765 Killing the Heavenly Court (a chapter of four thousand characters!)Chapter 766
Chapter 767: The old bastard, the little bastardChapter 768: The Secret of Sun XingjunChapter 769 Dragon Han Overlord BodyChapter 770: Earth Mother Yuan Magnetic (big chapter!)
Chapter 771 Peeping TomChapter 772Chapter 773 Yuan Magnetic Five Fingers MountainIt's the first anniversary of the uploading of Shepherd God!
Chapter 774 Long Pi Plowing the FieldChapter 775 Martial Dao Great EmperorChapter 776Chapter 777
Chapter 778: Who's No. 1 in the World?Chapter 779: Number One Swordsmanship in Millions of YearsChapter 780 OriginChapter 781: The Nine Emperors
Chapter 782 Earth Mother YuanjunChapter 783 Mother Earth's BlessingChapter 784 Earth Element Dao FruitChapter 785
Chapter 786Chapter 787Chapter 788 Infinite TribulationChapter 789 Yuan Magnetic Berserk
Chapter 790 DaoyiChapter 791 Dao Yi (Ask for a monthly ticket at the end of the month)Chapter 792Chapter 793 Long Han is suspicious, and Kun bears his daughter
Chapter 794 The Death of the Heavenly EmperorChapter 795 The Final Winner (Third!)On July 1st, ask for a guaranteed monthly pass!Chapter 796 Abnormal Human
Chapter 797 Blessings and DisastersChapter 798 Yu Tianzun Enlightenment (third update!)Chapter 799 Show off skillsChapter 800 The Lord of Myriad Ways
Chapter 801Chapter 802: Great Unified Divine TreasureChapter 803: Virtue of the Holy KingChapter 804 Blessing of the Ancient God
Chapter 805 Heavenly Emperor's Blessing (Please subscribe!)Chapter 806 Tianhe Dragon KingChapter 807 Tianhe Ghost ShipChapter 808 Habayashi Army Crossing Incident
Chapter 809Chapter 810 Two EmpressesChapter 811Chapter 812 Yankang Sword God
Chapter 813Chapter 814 UnobservableChapter 815: Flowers Are Not Flowers, Fog Are Not FogChapter 816: BMW Carved Cars Are All Over the Road
Chapter 817: Divine Sword Zhe HualiChapter 818 The Prince's DeathChapter 819 Let's do it together!Chapter 820 Killing God
Chapter 821 Fight With MeChapter 822 Stealing the Power of the Four Emperors (Da Zhang Qiuyue)Chapter 823 Visiting the Prince's GraveChapter 824 Jiang Xinyue, Rusty Iron Banner
Chapter 825 Serving Tea on the RiverChapter 826 Daoist branchChapter 827: The InstigatorChapter 829 Overlord body killing power
Chapter 830Chapter 831 Dao Sword Slashes TiangangChapter 832: Heavenly Court LibrarianChapter 833: Reconstructing the Heavenly Court
Chapter 834: Heavenly Court of Dao AncestorChapter 835 Long Time No SeeChapter 836 Fire Heavenly LordChapter 837 The Inflated Qin Mu
Chapter 838 Sword MarkChapter 839Chapter 840 Farewell to YouChapter 841
Chapter 842Chapter 843 Qin Mu Eats PeachChapter 844 The Woman in the PaintingChapter 845 Interesting events in southern Xinjiang
Chapter 846Chapter 847Chapter 848 Heavenly OrderChapter 849 Fallen God Valley Cambridge
Chapter 850 Meeting an Old Man in the CoffinChapter 851 The Tomb of Ling TianzunChapter 852 Death of Ling TianzunChapter 853 Corpse Demon
Chapter 854: The Corpse Transformation of the Dragon KingChapter 855 Flying SwordChapter 856Chapter 857 Heavenly Venerable and Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 858: Veteran of the Sky AllianceAnswer readers' questions, and ask for monthly tickets!Chapter 859 The Gods of Herding (Please guarantee the monthly pass!)Chapter 860: The Divine Treasure of the Galaxy
Chapter 861Chapter 862Chapter 863 Fragrance from a Sword (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 864
Chapter 865 The Dark Magic SutraChapter 866Chapter 867 Immortal BodyChapter 868: The Son of Heaven
Chapter 869Chapter 870Chapter 871: The Heavens of WarChapter 872
Chapter 873Chapter 874Chapter 875 One Flower One WorldChapter 876
Chapter 877 Hello, Wei SuifengChapter 878 Wei Suifeng Travels ThroughChapter 879Chapter 880 Tianhe's old friend
Chapter 881: The Strongest in HistoryChapter 882 PowerlessChapter 883Chapter 884: The Only Vitality
Chapter 885 Eighty Thousand Miles of WildnessChapter 886 The Archmage of EternityChapter 887: The Grand Master of the MetaverseChapter 888: Cage Monster
Chapter 889: Metaverse Elderly Village ChapterChapter 890: The Sacrifice of the ReformationChapter 891 Darkness is approachingChapter 892 If I die, I will lose
Chapter 893 Backwardness is not the original sin, but weakness isChapter 894Chapter 895 Robbery Sword, Response to RobberyChapter 896 The sword comes out of the ancient sheath, and the wind and rain wash away the lead dust
Chapter 897 Yankang Qin Hegemony, Longhan Mu TianzunChapter 898Chapter 899 Meeting an old friend on the way to the prisonChapter 900 Mother Earth's Annual Rings
Chapter 901Chapter 902Chapter 903 Heavenly Venerable Prison RobberyChapter 904
Chapter 905 InactionChapter 906Chapter 907Chapter 908 Blood Rust Zone
Chapter 909 The Three-Eyed CrisisChapter 910 Prehistoric CreatorChapter 911 Void GenesisChapter 912 Creator Suspects
Chapter 913Chapter 914 Bloody Floating Dark Demon BornChapter 915 Creator Shu JunChapter 916: I will meet you next month at Yaotai
Chapter 917 Meeting is like first loveChapter 918Chapter 919 Ziqi fills the sky, fists penetrate the skyChapter 920: The Sword Breaks the Divine Bridge
Chapter 921 Heavenly Court Reform (First update! Please guarantee the monthly pass!)The first chapter has been updated today, ask for a guaranteed monthly pass!Chapter 922 An Desheng loses his hand, holding his son and falling to heaven (second update, ask for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 923 Heavenly Court Creator (third update!)
Chapter 924 Tearing the Heavenly Court (First update!)Chapter 925 Singing and dancing to raise peace (second update!)Chapter 926: The Plague God Is Coming (Third Update!)Chapter 927: The Tragedy at Langxuan Shrine
Chapter 928 Ancestor Longpi (Second update!)Chapter 929 Hole cards exposed (third update!)Chapter 930: Ancestral Palace TragedyChapter 931
Chapter 932 Gazing into the AbyssChapter 933 True and False Mu TianzunChapter 934 Facing the seaChapter 935
Chapter 936Chapter 937Chapter 938: Mu Tianzun's Achilles' heelChapter 941
Chapter 942 The Strongest Physical Body in HistoryChapter 943: Void Corpse WalkerChapter 944 Heart Demon EmperorChapter 945 The Beauty of the Dao of the Great Sword
Chapter 946 You Are Very GoodChapter 947 Fire Heavenly Lord BrandChapter 948: Lovely SistersChapter 949 Blood Rain on a Cold Night
Chapter 950 Big big big!Chapter 951Chapter 952Chapter 953 Madness
Chapter 954: The Realm of Supreme Spiritual ConsciousnessChapter 955Chapter 956 Three Dou of TianyuanChapter 957 Emperor, Please Die
Chapter 958 Please enter the urnChapter 959: Da Luo's Supreme ConsciousnessChapter 960: Yun TianzunChapter 961
Chapter 962: The Realm of the Divine EmbryoChapter 963: Beyond the VoidChapter 964 The boss doesn't work hard, and the young are sadChapter 965
Chapter 966 The Temptation of FishChapter 967 A Ship, Three Heavenly VenerablesChapter 968 The Tsundere BrotherChapter 969: Void Worry-free Village
Chapter 970: Three PropheciesChapter 972 God King Lang WoChapter 973Chapter 974 Three Contests
Chapter 975 Ling Tianzun Must DieChapter 976 Mu Qin reunion (first update!)Chapter 977 Belly Heavenly Venerate (Second update!)Chapter 978 Beauty Washing Her Shoulders (3rd update!)
The time for the double monthly pass is up, ask for a monthly pass!Chapter 979 Ode to Two Snakes, Fragrant FlowersChapter 980 Schering (Second update!)Chapter 981 Supernatural powers enter the eighth heaven (third!)
Chapter 982 Out of Control Pioneer Luo XiaoChapter 983 Fuck the shit (second update!)Chapter 984 Intimidating Carefree VillageChapter 985
Chapter 986 Sword TwentyHappy Motherland Day! Ask for a monthly passChapter 987: The Truth About Worry-free TownshipChapter 988 Rusty Sword and Rusty Heart
Chapter 989 The heroism of the world is still awe-inspiringChapter 990 Old Qin's FamilyChapter 991 They Are Not YouChapter 992 Thirty-third Heaven Sword Domain
Chapter 993Chapter 994 The battle of Tianzun, close combatAnswering readers' questions about Wuyou TownshipChapter 995
Chapter 996 Re-entering the Heavenly Emperor's HaremChapter 997: Mu Tianzun's MansionChapter 998Chapter 999
Chapter 1000 East Palace PrinceChapter 1001 EggshellChapter 1002 Identity RevealedChapter 1003 Changes without trace
Chapter 1004 Meeting Dutian Demon King AgainChapter 1005 Dutian YimengChapter 1006 White CatChapter 1007 Heavenly Dragon Chariot
Chapter 1008 Human Race Xiao TianzunChapter 1009: Kaihuang's Sword, Qin Mu's MouthChapter 1010 The Eye of the Blind, the Hammer of the DumbChapter 1011 Microscale
Chapter 1012 Emperor ConsciousnessChapter 1013 Assault on the EmperorChapter 1014 Ultimate VoidChapter 1015 The village chief's sword, the lame man's legs
Chapter 1016 Looking back on a pre-spring dreamChapter 1017 Tianzun Mu chews on the old manChapter 1018Chapter 1019
Chapter 1020 Cat Capture CaseChapter 1021: The Backside of DisappearanceChapter 1022 Seeing the Dragon in the SkyChapter 1023 Self-willed
Chapter 1024: Zimo Huajian GuestChapter 1025: One Sword Shocks the East PoleChapter 1026: Nine Gifts to Heavenly Venerable MuChapter 1027 Founding Emperor and Four Emperors
Chapter 1028 The Second Xuanwu EmperorChapter 1029 True Martial Sword AcademyChapter 1030 Star Map of the Great UniverseChapter 1031
Chapter 1032Chapter 1033 The Western Empire's Dangerous SituationChapter 1034 Great Emperor, Western Emperor, Divine KingChapter 1035 The Girl from the Western Pole
Chapter 1036: The Ancient God of WarChapter 1037 The Young LeaderChapter 1038 The Death of the Southern EmperorChapter 1039 The Arrival of the Temple of Fragrance
Chapter 1040 Two thieves, one catcherChapter 1041 Deep in the Peach BlossomChapter 1042 Completion of supernatural powers, ghost ship crossingChapter 1043 Xiaohan Heavenly Court
Chapter 1044 Supernatural powers establish the wayChapter 1045 You are taught by meChapter 1046 The Disappearance of Yun TianzunChapter 1047 Five Luminaries Ancient God
Sacrifice Jin YongChapter 1048 Five Luminaries Calamity StarThe new month is here again, ask for a guaranteed monthly pass!Chapter 1049 Summon Ancestral Star
Chapter 1050 Fall of the Five LuminariesChapter 1051 Surprise ChangeChapter 1052 Brotherhood of LiuliChapter 1053 Glass is Fragile
Chapter 1054 The details of the ancient godsChapter 1055 The Overthrower of the RealmChapter 1056 First visit to the ancestral courtChapter 1057 Ancient God and Golden Coffin
Chapter 1058 I Can't DieChapter 1059Chapter 1060 Unswerving Love Until DeathChapter 1061 Luo Xiao's Death
Chapter 1062 This is your hairpinChapter 1063 One Hundred Thousand Years of DesperationChapter 1064 Darkness Is ComingChapter 1065 Unprecedented changes in ancient times
Chapter 1066: The Three-Day Venerable Steals Treasure Zhaoyang PalaceChapter 1067: Mu Yunhao Gathers in Wuming Palace AgainChapter 1068: Emperor Yun Luo Trying to Split the Ancient God's EggChapter 1069 Congenital Taishi Born From an Egg
Chapter 1070Chapter 1072 Lang Wo's Last Lesson (Second Update!)Chapter 1073 The Taidi's death path has not disappeared, and Lang Wo steps into the heartless pathChapter 1074 The blue bird strikes, the canopy covers the sky (fourth more!)
Chapter 1075 Shopping Dahong (First update!)Chapter 1076 Dragon Blood Treasure Tree Guardian Soul (Second update!)Chapter 1077 Heavenly Emperor worship hall (third!)Chapter 1078 Bloodstains of History (Fourth!)
Chapter 1079Chapter 1080 Emperor Xuanwu Deceives the World and Steals His Name (Second Update!)Chapter 1082 The third ancient god egg (fourth update!)Chapter 1083 Long Pi plots against Emperor Yin (first update!)
Chapter 1084 Famous Forever (Second Update!)Chapter 1085 Longhan First Heavenly Master (Third!)Chapter 1086 Longshan Sanren (fourth update!)Chapter 1087 Praying mantis catching cicadas, dragonfinch behind
Chapter 1088 Fate (Second update!)Chapter 1089 Four times of recognition (third update!)Chapter 1090 When a Warrior Becomes a Dragon (Fourth Change!)Chapter 1091 Ah, this is the mortal world (first update!)
Chapter 1092 Say Treasure (Second Update!)Chapter 1093 The Scarlet Emperor EnlightenedChapter 1094Chapter 1095 Celestial Master Bai Yuqiong (First update!)
Chapter 1096 Meeting Lang Wo Again (Second Update!)Chapter 1097 Land-cutting mother Yuanjun (third update!)Chapter 1098 Measure Dao Xin (fourth update!)Chapter 1099 See the spirit in the knife (first update!)
Chapter 1100 Entering the Dao with a Sword (Second Change!)Chapter 1101 Knocking on the South Heaven Gate (third update!)Chapter 1102 Finger Pressing Red Lips (Fourth!)Chapter 1103 There is Feng Laiyi (first update!)
Chapter 1104 I am Tianzun Mu (Second update!)Chapter 1105 New Earth Mother Yuanjun (Third update!)Chapter 1106 I Marry You (Fourth Change!)Chapter 1107 A Good Sword (First Update!)
Chapter 1108 Blacksmithing the Picturesque Beauty (Second update!)Chapter 1109 Walk with me (third update!)Chapter 1110 Good Fortune Artifact (Fourth Change!)Chapter 1111 The Four Gods of Artifacts (First update!)
Chapter 1112 Earth Virtue Lord (Second update!)Chapter 1113 I'm so stupid, really (third!)Chapter 1114 Emperor Yanfeng and the National Teacher (fourth update!)Chapter 1115 Attack must be conquered, battle must be won (first update!)
Chapter 1116 Ling Tianzun's Letter (Second update!)Chapter 1117 Heaven Dou Dao Kung Fu (third update!)Chapter 1118 Killing with Broken Sword (Fourth Change!)Chapter 1119 The Unique Me (First Update!)
Chapter 1120 Killing a few ancient gods (second update)Chapter 1121: Jizhou Baitu Ancient God (3rd update)Chapter 1122 Sword Like Rainbow, Qi Like Dragon (Fourth)Chapter 1123 Small Heavenly Court and Big Heavenly Court (first update)
Chapter 1124 I don't want such an ally (second more)Chapter 1125 No way out (third)Chapter 1126 Responding to every request (fourth)Chapter 1127 Once Been Human (Part 1)
Chapter 1128 BonesChapter 1129 Invincible hand from the hole (third!)Chapter 1130 Can I Eat You (Fourth)Chapter 1131
Chapter 1132 A fatal weakness (second update)Chapter 1133 Enlightenment of potted plants (third update!)Chapter 1134 Tianzun Mu tried to split the ancient god's egg (fourth)Chapter 1135 Jiang Baigui is convinced by Yan Yunxi (first update)
Chapter 1136 Longshan Great Formation (Second Change)Chapter 1137: Founding Emperor Visits Heaven (3rd update)Chapter 1138: The Battle of the Heavenly Venerate (Fourth Change)Chapter 1139 Sword Emperor
Chapter 1140 The Heavenly Court CracksChapter 1141Chapter 1142 Calling Uncle QinChapter 1143 The Qin Clan Has No Kindness (Part 1)
Chapter 1144 You still owe me a favor (second update)Chapter 1145 The Book of Oath (3rd)Chapter 1146: Equity Sharing of Benefits (Fourth Change)Chapter 1147 Escaping into the void (first update!)
Chapter 1148 Heaven's Movements Are Permanent (Second Update!)The new January is here, ask for a guaranteed monthly pass!Chapter 1149 Intuition (third update!)Chapter 1150 Close Friend in Boudoir
Chapter 1151 Tiangong is worthless (first update!)Chapter 1152 Chaos Vein (Second Update!)Chapter 1153 Demolition (third update!)Chapter 1154 Not playing with you (fourth update!)
Chapter 1155 Wealth touches people's hearts since ancient times (first update)Chapter 1156: Tai Chi Mineral Vein (Second Change)Chapter 1157: True and False Tai Chi (3rd update!)Chapter 1158 One flower, one world (fourth update!)
Chapter 1159: Those who learn from me live (first update)Chapter 1160: It's All About Fighting (Second Change)Chapter 1161 It's not that the raptors cross the river (third)Chapter 1162 Make a good relationship (fourth)
Chapter 1163: Black Wood Annual Rings (Part 1)Chapter 1164 Three Ten Billion Years (Second Change)Chapter 1165 Void Beast Invasion (3rd)Chapter 1166 Killing the Female Beast (Fourth Change)
Chapter 1167 Yuanmu is behind (first update!)Chapter 1168 The Eleventh Artifact (Second Update!)Chapter 1169 Moon Heavenly Venerable's Lantern (3rd update)Chapter 1170 Treat each other honestly (fourth)
Chapter 1171 The Weird Great Black Mountain (Part 1)Chapter 1172 Taiyi Bushan (Second Change)Chapter 1173 The Yellow Talisman of You Tianzun (3rd update)Chapter 1174 Metamorphosis Profound Art (fourth update!)
Chapter 1175: Tian Shu Drunk (Part 1)Chapter 1176 Farewell to the old friend (second update!)Chapter 1177 Meeting Master and Apprentice (Part 3)Chapter 1178 Two dreams together (fourth more)
Chapter 1179 Brahma's dream (first update)Chapter 1180 New and old heroes (second update)Chapter 1181 Weird Mineral Lode (3rd)Chapter 1182 Subduing the Mother Beast (Fourth)
Chapter 1183 Pharmacist's Heavenly Palace (Part 1)Chapter 1184: The Scholar Is Too Easy (Second Change)Chapter 1185: The Ancestral Court Blocks the Door (3rd update!)Chapter 1186 Innate Qi (Fourth)
Chapter 1187 The Domain of the Four-Faced Gods (First update!)Chapter 1188: Medicine Can¡¯t Kill People (Second Update!)Chapter 1189 Medical Dao Heavenly Palace (third update!)Chapter 1190: The Egg Breaks Out (Fourth)
Chapter 1191 Goddess Taisu (first update)Chapter 1192 Rarely Gentle (Second)Chapter 1193 Taishi Supernatural Power and Difficult Supernatural PowerChapter 1194 Can't Get Excited (Fourth)
Chapter 1195 Peach Blossoms Bloom (Part 1)Chapter 1196: The Era of the Emperor (Second Change)Chapter 1197 Squeeze the Dragon Scale (3rd)Chapter 1198 - Phoenix Feather (Fourth)
Chapter 1199 Transforming the Divine Treasure (Part 1)Chapter 1200 One tendon (second update!)Chapter 1201 Two paintings (third!)Chapter 1202 Like a Dream (Fourth Change)
Chapter 1203 Fellow Daoist, wait for me (first update)Chapter 1204: Back Waves Urge Front Waves (Second Change)Seeking gold keyboard activity support!Chapter 1205 Waves Will Destroy It (3rd)
Chapter 1206 Daoist Innate Qi (Fourth Change)Chapter 1207 Xiao Weisu, You Retire (Part 1)Chapter 1208 Uncle wants to beat your father (second update)Chapter 1209 Invincible talent (third update!)
Chapter 1210 Desperate (Fourth)Chapter 1211 Friendship of Men (Part 1)Chapter 1212 Emperor Shitian Li YouranChapter 1213 Han Tianjun (Third)
Chapter 1214 Tianjun, the first formation in heaven (fourth)Chapter 1215 The Magic of FormationChapter 1216 Zimo Huajian guest, imaginary guest Tai ChiChapter 1217 The Liberated Emperor Shitian
Chapter 1218 Fighting King Ming (fourth update)Chapter 1219 Coffin Carrying Parade (Part 1)Chapter 1220 Burning incense on the forehead (second update)Chapter 1221 Resurrection of the Great Emperor (3rd update)
Chapter 1222 Selling Your Face (Fourth)Chapter 1223: Return of the Founding Emperor (Part 1)Chapter 1224 Thick face and black heart (second more)Chapter 1225 The Way of Reincarnation of Son of Heaven Yin
Chapter 1226 When Qin Mu became weird (fourth update)Chapter 1227: The Bloody City (Part 1)Chapter 1228 Overwhelmed with joy (Second update!)Chapter 1229 Jade Dance Concubine (third update!)
Chapter 1230 The Power of the Domain (Fourth)Chapter 1231 Killing in One Hit (Part 1)Chapter 1232 The Emperor Yin strikes (second update)Chapter 1233 The Law of Safety and Security in the World (Third)
Chapter 1234 The greater the ability, the greater the evil (fourth more)Chapter 1235: A Perfect World (Part 1)Chapter 1236 Picking up a Yutianzun (second update)Chapter 1237: Second Day Teacher (Third)
Chapter 1238 Emperor Wushuang (fourth update)Chapter 1239 Injure Shang Pingyin (first update!)Chapter 1240 The Great Plan for Butchery (Second Change)Chapter 1241 The strongest in ancient times (third update)
Chapter 1242 Leg Hair (Fourth)Chapter 1243 Moon God¡¯s Strings (Part 1)Chapter 1244 A new generation beats the old (second update)Chapter 1245: The Old Ruler (3rd)
Chapter 1246 Mistakes (Fourth)Chapter 1247 Destruction of the Void (Part 1)Chapter 1248Chapter 1249 Oedipus Complex (third)
Chapter 1250 Impending Disaster (Fourth Change)Chapter 1251 Er waits for the traitor (first update)Chapter 1252 Taixu Demon Realm (Second Change)Chapter 1253 Inner Devil Lan Yutian (3rd update)
Chapter 1254 What is the point (fourth more!)Chapter 1255 Enemies Meet (Part 1)Chapter 1256 Haotian Zun's Three Caves of the Cunning Rabbit (Second update!)Chapter 1257 Chicken Thieves Wentian Pavilion (3rd update)
Chapter 1258 Heart Demon Tianzun Mu (fourth update!)Chapter 1259 Haotian Zun's Fear (Part 1)Chapter 1260 Cocooning on the Avenue (Second)Chapter 1261: Zero and One (Third)
Chapter 1262 Restoration of supernatural powers (fourth)Chapter 1263 The Prestige of the Heavenly Venerate (first update)Chapter 1264 Brother Hao, please die (second update)Chapter 1265 Eighteen Heavenly Palaces (Third)
Chapter 1266 Up to Nine Heavens, Down to Nine Springs (fourth update!)Chapter 1267 Cutting off its name and destroying its shape (first change)Chapter 1268 All wishes come true (second update)Chapter 1269 Weak and Weak Alliance (third update!)
Chapter 1270 Qin Mu and Taishi (fourth update)Inventory of Shepherds in 18 YearsChapter 1271: Two Sick Boys (Part 1)Chapter 1272 Thick Face and Black Heart (Second)
Chapter 1273 Lan Yutian's way (third)Chapter 1274 Different ways (fourth update!)Chapter 1275: The Great Emperor Has No Head (Part 1)Chapter 1276 Funeral on the spot (second update)
Chapter 1277: Misfortune diverted to the east (third update)Chapter 1278 Tai Chi God Pupils (Fourth Change)Chapter 1279 All things rejuvenate (first update!)Chapter 1280 The fierce mine is opened, and the artifact is released (second change)
Chapter 1281 Excavating prehistoric (third)Chapter 1282: An Arrow That Shocks the World (Fourth Change)Chapter 1283 Thief Ship (Part 1)Chapter 1284 Intercepting in the valley (second update)
Chapter 1285: Heroes Join Forces (Part 3)Chapter 1286 Taishi Strikes Out (Fourth Update!)Chapter 1287 ArrivalChapter 1288 Don't help but help (second update)
Chapter 1289 Great Terror in the Ancestral Court (Part 3)Chapter 1290 Giant Beast Reappears (Fourth!)Chapter 1291: Big Business (Part 1)Chapter 1292: The past between the Empress and Yu Tianzun (second update)
Chapter 1293 The Evil Earth Mother (3rd)Chapter 1294 The Dark Side of the Ancestral Court (Part 1)Chapter 1295 Dragon's Taunt (Second)Chapter 1296 Adoptive Son and Adoptive Father (Part 3)
Chapter 1297 Entering the Mineral VeinChapter 1298 The Weirdness of the Taishi Mineral Vein (Second Update!)Chapter 1299 Masculinity (third!)Chapter 1300 Mining Riot (Fourth Update!)
Chapter 1301 The Lord of Heaven is Coming (Part 1)Chapter 1302 Can cause trouble, can settle (second more)Chapter 1303 Qin Mu enters the Tao (third)Chapter 1304
Chapter 1305 Dao Realm Twenty-Four HeavensChapter 1306 Lan Yutian and Xu Shenghua (Second Change)Chapter 1307 The Great Emperor Comes (Third)Chapter 1308 Langxuan Ambush Void Beast (Fourth)
Chapter 1309 Shenyuan One Finger (First Change)Chapter 1310 The King of Beasts (Second Change)Chapter 1311 omnipotent (third)Chapter 1312: The Instigator (Fourth)
Chapter 1313: The Same Enemy (Part 1)Chapter 1314 All Living Beings Are Sacrifice (Second Change)Chapter 1315 Make waves again (third change)Chapter 1316 Sending You On Your Way (Fourth Change)
Chapter 1318 The First Ruler of Immemorial (Second)Chapter 1319 Dao Fruit and Big Black Wood (3rd)Chapter 1320 Minmetals Great Seal (Fourth Update!)Chapter 1321 Refining into a Baby (Part 1)
Chapter 1322 Ancestral Court Yujing (Second Change)Chapter 1323 Die on the same day, same month, same year (third update)Chapter 1324 Returning the Property to the Original Owner (Fourth Change)Chapter 1325 Burying the Creator's Sinner (Part 1)
Chapter 1326 Those who keep people will eventually be taken care of (second change)Chapter 1327 100% sure (third)Chapter 1328 The way of medicine (fourth more!)Chapter 1329: The Injury of Moon Tianzun (Part 1)
Chapter 1330 The Ambition of the Fire Heavenly Venerable (Second Change)Chapter 1331 Unification of Myriad Ways (Third)Chapter 1332: The Man Behind the Scenes (Fourth Change)Chapter 1333 Terror in the Night (Part 1)
Chapter 1334 Four-Faced God King (Second Change)Chapter 1335 I am still the big winner (two in one big chapter)Chapter 1336 Yu Tianzun Must DieChapter 1337 Before Birth (Second Change)
Chapter 1338 Seal (third)Chapter 1339 Exile Xiaotian Zun (fourth)Chapter 1340: Stealing Fruits (Part 1)Chapter 1341
Chapter 1342 Killing two people in a row (third update)Chapter 1343 Dead End (Fourth)Chapter 1344 Traces of History (Part 1)Chapter 1345: There Are Thieves Concerned (Second Update)
Chapter 1346 Tubo Expects Death (Part 3)Chapter 1347 Showing strength (fourth more!)Chapter 1348 Separation of the Metaverse (Part 1)Chapter 1349 Deterrence (Second)
Chapter 1350 Ensure mutual destruction (third update!)Chapter 1352 Future Heavenly Venerate (first update)Chapter 1353 Weeping for the Tao (Second Change)Chapter 1354 The old leader and the young leader (third)
Chapter 1355 All Men Are Heartbroken (Fourth)Chapter 1356 Is the slave family beautiful?Chapter 1357 A New Generation Replaces an Old One (Second Update)Chapter 1358 Prince and Longshan (third update!)
Chapter 1359 Pilgrimage to the Great Montenegro (Fourth)Chapter 1360 The first divine eye (first update)Chapter 1361 Summoning Shujun (Second Change)Chapter 1362 Ancestral Court South Heaven Gate (third update!)
Chapter 1363 The Cruel Truth (Fourth)Chapter 1364 Looking for a dead end (first update)Chapter 1365 Spiritual Consciousness Cage (Second Change)1366 Chapter 1366: The First and the Later Respect
Chapter 1367 Two Kings and One Emperor (Fourth)Chapter 1368 Mother and Child Cannibalism (Part 1)Chapter 1369 Summoning and Unsummoning (Second Change)Chapter 1370 Worshiping the Earth Mother (3rd)
Chapter 1371 Mother of PunishmentChapter 1372 Mutual restraint (first update)Chapter 1373 The Girl in the Sea of ??Flowers (Second Change)Chapter 1374 The realm is unstable (third)
Chapter 1375 Often Walking by the River (Fourth)Chapter 1376: Nine Prison Towers (Part 1)Chapter 1377 Prison Lock Dao Heart (Second Change)Chapter 1378: Reuniting Dao Xin (Part 1)
Chapter 1379 Nine Prison Stages (Second Change)Chapter 1380 Nine Hells Locking Hearts Live Forever (Third)Chapter 1381 A share of the pie (fourth)Chapter 1382: The Origin of the Summoner (Part 1)
Chapter 1383 Four Heavenly Gates (Second Change)Chapter 1384 This is War! (third change)Chapter 1385 Taoist and Buddha (fourth)Chapter 1386 Stabbing in the Back (Part 1)
Chapter 1387 Heavenly Venerable (Second)Chapter 1388 The Impermanence of the Heavens (3rd)Chapter 1389 Prison Lock Hong TianzunChapter 1390 The Leader of the Heavenly Alliance
Guaranteed monthly passChapter 1391Chapter 1392 The grand event of the Tianmeng, full of goldChapter 1393 Changing King Banner at the Head of the City
Chapter 1394 I will kill this thief for the sake of the world!Chapter 1395 Dao Realm Sweeping Tianzun (big chapter!)Happy New Year's Eve, Happy Birthday Zhaizhu!Chapter 1396
Chapter 1397Chapter 1398 The BattlefieldChapter 1399 Opportunity to Enter the TaoChapter 1400 Jade Lake Reappears
Chapter 1401 Traveling together in the Hunyuan Dao with one QiChapter 1402 Dao Realm Twenty-six HeavensChapter 1403 Big Luotian FragmentChapter 1404 Breaking the Tribulation
Chapter 1405 Mother's Great EmperorChapter 1406 The Great Controversy Is ComingChapter 1407 The world of mortals becomes the roadChapter 1408 I know your body better than you
Chapter 1409 Peerless Supernatural PowersChapter 1410 Beating the Empress ViolentlyChapter 1411 Three little slutsChapter 1412
Chapter 1414 Master Xu Xu, peerless and peerlessChapter 1416 The Sword of LawChapter 1417Chapter 1419 I only wish good people to prosper
Chapter 1421 Knife to nourish the spiritChapter 1422 The Heavenly Court ArrivesChapter 1423 Five Old Worlds (Part 1)Chapter 1424 Seizing the evil spirit of the evil dragon (second update)
Chapter 1426 Pharmacist's Gentle Township (Fourth)Chapter 1427 Butterfly Loves Flowers, Flowers Are Ruthless (Part 1)Chapter 1428 Iron-like friendship (second update)Chapter 1429 Heavenly Venerable of the Great Pit (3rd update)
Chapter 1430 Friends, life and death (fourth)Chapter 1431 The way of heaven is private (first update)Chapter 1433: Bright Moon on the River (3rd update)Chapter 1434 Slaying the Emperor of Heaven with One Sword (Fourth Change)
Chapter 1435 Sword Challenge Heaven (Part 1)Chapter 1436 Slaying the Yin Emperor (Second)Chapter 1437 accept my worship (third)Chapter 1438 Masked Nobody Knows You (Fourth)
Chapter 1439 Xuandu Battlefield (Part 1)Chapter 1440 Emperor Yiyue's Father (Second Change)Chapter 1441 Settling the suspicion (third)Chapter 1442: Hong Tianzun (Fourth)
Chapter 1443: The Fiend Slashes the Heavenly Gang (Part 1)Chapter 1444 Self-inflicted evil, can't live (second update)Chapter 1445 He is Tianzun Mu! (third change)Chapter 1446: The Lady on the River (Fourth)
Chapter 1448: Tiangong¡¯s soles (second update)Chapter 1449 The Ever-changing Fossil Qi Luo (3rd update)Chapter 1450 Breaking the Void (Fourth)Chapter 1451 The strongest force (first update)
Chapter 1452 You are going to die (second update)Chapter 1454 The road is long and long (fourth)Chapter 1455 Heaven's Heart Is My HeartChapter 1456 Hitting Dao Heart Directly
Chapter 1457 The Strongest Primordial SpiritChapter 1458 Fish Frying BoyChapter 1459 Tianxin is vast and universe is smallChapter 1460 The bright moonlight shines brightly
Chapter 1461 The Death of the Lord of Heaven (Part 1)Ask for a monthly pass on March 1!Chapter 1462 The Death of the Lord of Heaven (Part 2)Chapter 1463 You still owe me a favor
Chapter 1464 Do evil in life, settle accounts after death (Second update!)Chapter 1465 Yu Tianzun and Huo Tianzun (third update!)Chapter 1466 The Wrath of the Incompetent (Part 1)Chapter 1467 Dao heart decay (second update!)
Chapter 1468 You will live up to me, and I will live up to youChapter 1469 The Origin of Pixiang Temple (Fourth)Chapter 1470: Too Easy to Borrow Treasure (Part 1)Chapter 1471 A Guest Comes From Afar (Second Change)
Chapter 1472 Two Dao Fruits (Third)Chapter 1473 Miro Palace Yuansheng (Fourth)Chapter 1474 Stalker (Part 1)Chapter 1475 Conspiracy (Second)
Chapter 1476 Yu Tianzun and Lan Yutian (third change)Chapter 1478 Ancestral Court Jade Capital City (Second Change)Chapter 1479 Good luck (third)Chapter 1480 Wei Chachai and the Great Confusion (Fourth)
Chapter 1481 Emperor Ming's training is too easy (first update)Chapter 1482 Nine Heavens Rescue Qin Mu (Second Change)Chapter 1483 Can the tree be cut down?written request for leave
Chapter 1485 Preaching under the treeChapter 1487 ScourgeChapter 1488 Hongmengtian has not yet opened, I planted this treeSurgery today, leave
Chapter 1489 Crossing the River Too EasilyChapter 1490 Yujing TrapChapter 1492 The Slender ManChapter 1493 The Arrival of Stowaways
Chapter 1494 SacrificeChapter 1495 I am the wind, the unfettered windChapter 1496 MemorialChapter 1497 Entering the mine lode alone, cutting monsters in the cool night
Chapter 1498 Huizhi LanxinChapter 1499 I will kill your headChapter 1500 Holding and Putting DownChapter 1501 The Strongest Heavenly Worker
Chapter 1502 Sword Dao Supreme TreasureChapter 1503 Excalibur, TribulationChapter 1504 The way of the sword pierces the sky, and the heart of the Tao is frosty and snowyChapter 1505 Going to Yujing Alone
Chapter 1506 Seventy-two Halls of YujingChapter 1507 Struggle for FerryChapter 1508Chapter 1509 Fighting Tianzun
Chapter 1510 The Truth About the Great DestructionChapter 1511 AskingChapter 1512Chapter 1513
Chapter 1514 A Lifelong InjuryChapter 1515 Can't be cured, hopelessChapter 1516 Kicking a Hard RockChapter 1518 Primordial Energy
Chapter 1519 Shameless YouChapter 1520Chapter 1521 beat up the elderlyChapter 1522 You can't do it
Chapter 1523 Father and SonChapter 1524 The Battle of the EnlightenedChapter 1525 Mr. MuChapter 1526 A teardrop
Chapter 1527 How Many Sins In Your NameChapter 1528 The First RuneChapter 1529 The Golden ShipOn April 1st, ask for a guaranteed monthly pass!
Chapter 1530 Come and go and break the sky with one finger (ask for a guaranteed monthly pass!)Chapter 1532 The Four Young Masters of Miro PalaceChapter 1533 FusionChapter 1534 Experiment Failed
Chapter 1535 Golden Ship's HobbiesChapter 1536 The Road to EnlightenmentChapter 1537 PilgrimageChapter 1538 Defrauding the World
Chapter 1539 help you achieve enlightenmentChapter 1540 The original heart is the swordChapter 1541 Sword Dao DaluotianChapter 1542
Chapter 1543 First BattleChapter 1544Chapter 1545 The Destruction of the Other SideChapter 1546 Extinction
Chapter 1547 The moment Ling Tianzun was attackedChapter 1548 Breaking the Ming Fang YuChapter 1550 Forty thousand years, wind and rain, long songChapter 1552 The Founding Emperor Tests His Sword
Chapter 1553 Inheritance of Zixiao TempleChapter 1554 Invincible for six billion yearsChapter 1557 Yunmu MeetsChapter 1558 Enlightenment Cultivation Technique
Chapter 1559Chapter 1560Chapter 1561 The Destruction of the MythChapter 1562
Chapter 1563 ImmortalChapter 1564Chapter 1565 Tai Su's DeathChapter 1567 Uncle Tu, my brother too
Chapter 1568 Lighting the Sky LanternChapter 1569 The Way of ReincarnationChapter 1570 The style of that swordChapter 1571 God King Falls
Chapter 1572 The Right Way in the WorldChapter 1573 Reincarnation and Return to the MarketChapter 1574 The Prehistoric VillainChapter 1575
Chapter 1576 Returning to the Ruins MiraculouslyChapter 1577 Boyang's corpseChapter 1578 Silence of ReincarnationChapter 1579 Another Path to Success
Chapter 1580 Curiosity Killed the Silly Roe DeerChapter 1581 Red Rope SealChapter 1583 Mr. Mu, Ying WushuangChapter 1584 Changes in Youdu, Tubo is about to die
The later stage of Shepherd God is here, ask for a monthly ticket!Chapter 1585 The Little Monsters of the Dragon Qilin FamilyChapter 1586 The Foundation of EducationChapter 1589 Moon Palace, Tea Tree, Dark Fragrance
I'm Zha Zha Mu, I'm in a hurry, ask for a monthly pass!Chapter 1591 Cloud and fire meetChapter 1592 Xiang Shi died at the beginning, who knows the authenticity of his life?Chapter 1594 There is no god in the world
Chapter 1595 Innocence and EvilChapter 1597 Tubo's LegacyChapter 1598 The Battle of YouduChapter 1600: The Battle of the Beginning of the Cloud
Chapter 1601Chapter 1602Chapter 1603 The victory is only a moment of thunderChapter 1604 I have no choice but to die
Chapter 1606 The Sound of the Piano from the PastChapter 1607 The Torn Dao HeartChapter 1608 Dark Night Without LightThe update will be late at night, please take two hours off
Chapter 1611 Haotian Zun saves his motherChapter 1612 mother kindness and son filial pietyChapter 1613Traffic jam, update will be late
Chapter 1617 The Dao Flower on the Golden ShipChapter 1618 Fire Tianzun's ArchwayChapter 1619 Number Forty-TwoChapter 1620 The Death of Emperor Yin
Chapter 1623 The Twilight of the Fire Heavenly LordChapter 1624 Southern Sky FoolChapter 1625 The Death of Huo TianzunChapter 1626 You, I have collected it
Chapter 1627 I am a madman from ChuChapter 1628 Marriage of Tianzun MuChapter 1629 Tianzun Mu's Great WeddingChapter 1630 Hidden Killing Intent
The official account will soon announce the ranking of the ten heavenly gods!Chapter 1631 Xing An's congratulatory giftChapter 1632 Chicken Dragon Will Never Be a SlaveChapter 1633 Calling for Tubo
Chapter 1634 Infinite supernatural powersChapter 1636 Miro's Burial PathChapter 1637 Asking about Chaos TempleChapter 1638
Chapter 1639 two people who are similarChapter 1641 I Have a Dream, Qin MuChapter 1642Chapter 1643 You Might Die
Chapter 1644 The Battle of Breaking the SituationChapter 1645 Robbery Sword Breaks the BeginningChapter 1646 Seventh and ThirdChapter 1647 Primordial Transformation
Chapter 1648 Void Pickling FieldChapter 1649 Door Panel and SteleChapter 1650 Taiyi's traceChapter 1651 Tianzun Mu's Legs and Feet
happy holidays! Ask for a guaranteed monthly pass!Chapter 1652 Temptation (Happy Holidays!)Chapter 1653Chapter 1656 Yankang heavy weapon
Chapter 1657 The Fragrance of Heroine BonesChapter 1658 Opening up the Seventh EraChapter 1659: Opening the HeavensChapter 1660 Arrival (Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Chapter 1662 Xiaocun Guo, butcher dishChapter 1663 The paralyzed man in the villageChapter 1664 one sword strikes, the heroes fallChapter 1665 Taiyi's Identity
Chapter 1666 The Eighth TreeChapter 1668 First Celestial MasterChapter 1669 Longshan SanrenChapter 1670 Qin Mu sharpens his knife
Chapter 1672 Punish the Dao body, destroy the Dao treeChapter 1673 one sword defense travel thousands of milesChapter 1674Chapter 1675 The Battle of Worry-free Township
Chapter 1676 The Battle of Five ChariotsChapter 1681 Your Majesty has treacherous ministers by his sideChapter 1682 Empress and Xie WuqiChapter 1683 Challenge the Empress
Chapter 1684 The Second Young Master ArrivesChapter 1691 two mothers-in-lawChapter 1692 The Emperor's ExpeditionChapter 1693 Loyal and Honest Mu Tianzun
Chapter 1694Chapter 1696 Yankangjiang ShengwangChapter 1697Chapter 1698
Chapter 1699 Bloody Battle at Yuya Pass (big chapter)Chapter 1701 Yun Tianzun breaks the game (still a big chapter!)Chapter 1702 Standing on the wrong teamChapter 1703 Hunting and killing spirit officials
Chapter 1704 The hell on earth is not empty and there is no BuddhaChapter 1705 It's too smart to calculate all the organsChapter 1706 Young Master Yankangxu and Miluo Palace LingguanChapter 1707 Wisdom reaches the sky
Chapter 1708 Hunters of the Seventeenth EpochChapter 1709 Worry-free Township, Sword SacrificeChapter 1710 Returning to HometownChapter 1711 The sky on the river, the clouds roll and the clouds relax
Chapter 1712 Only after being bathed in fire can one be reborn (ask for a monthly ticket!)The big chapter has been uploaded, ask for a guaranteed monthly pass!Chapter 1713 You are not qualified (Da Zhang asks for a monthly pass!)Chapter 1715 The Selfish Uncle
The Story of Shepherd God has entered the five-star work, thank you everyone!Chapter 1717 The Heart of Heaven and the Heart of All BeingsChapter 1718 The Supernatural Powers of BlasphemersChapter 1719 Retreating for Three Thousand Miles
Chapter 1720 Death of Tianzun MuChapter 1721 sinking into the coffinChapter 1722 Prehistoric Invasion, Heaven FallsChapter 1723 True Celebrity Who Is Righteous And Evil
Chapter 1724 I'm Not a Saint, Xing AnThe Faun chapter says celebrationsChapter 1726 Lan Feng's decisive battleChapter 1727 Counterattack Heavenly Court
Chapter 1728 Seize the momentum, the first battle!Chapter 1729 Seize the power, the second battle!Chapter 1730 All righteous men who go to YuanjieChapter 1731 Great Victory in Xuandu
Chapter 1732 Love Without HateChapter 1733 Who will carry the burden for you?Chapter 1734 Shang Jun's Killing SongChapter 1735 Heavenly Father and Son
Chapter 1736 The Battle of Blood RustChapter 1737 The Thatched Cottage Sees the Eldest Prince TaishangChapter 1738 Ultimate ColdnessChapter 1739 too easy to get out of trouble
Chapter 1740 Upheaval in the Ancestral CourtChapter 1741: Sky Feather Hundred Weaving MapChapter 1742 Chu Ge ChangfengChapter 1743 trespasser, death
Chapter 1744 Lord Shang Sword BookChapter 1745Chapter 1746Chapter 1747 A string connecting the past
Chapter 1748Chapter 1749 One String of PrestigeChapter 1751 Qin Yue EnsembleChapter 1752 The Shocking Powerhouse
Chapter 1754 The Sword Opens the Road to Life and DeathChapter 1755 Endless bloody battleChapter 1756 When the snipe and the clam compete, the fisherman benefitsChapter 1757 crossing the river too easily
Chapter 1758 Compensation for Miro Palace MasterChapter 1759Chapter 1760 Entering the coffinChapter 1761 Yes, I did it
Chapter 1763Chapter 1764 Yu Tianzun ReappearsChapter 1765 Two supernatural powers, one methodChapter 1766 Control to Death
Chapter 1767 Return to the RuinsChapter 1768 The temple is in the way, but the temple is destroyed and the way is deadChapter 1769 Goodbye Da LuotianChapter 1770 Ancestral Cage
Chapter 1771 The Final BattlefieldChapter 1772 The old Qin family never liedChapter 1773 On the eve of suppressionEnd of the month, ask for a monthly ticket!
Chapter 1774 Ancestral Court TrapChapter 1776 Returning to the Ruins InvincibleChapter 1777Chapter 1779 Enlightenment Trial Field
Chapter 1780 Re-enter Miro PalaceChapter 1781Chapter 1782Chapter 1783 When I became enlightened
Chapter 1784 Mu's ChildComplete book review campaignChapter 1785 Untitled ChapterChapter 1786 The Daughter of Tianzun Mu
Chapter 1787 Your NameChapter 1790 The Arrival of the Kaitian ClanChapter 1791 Return of HeavenChapter 1793 Suppressing Kaitian Clan
Chapter 1794 Arranged properlyChapter 1795Chapter 1796 Opening the Bell of the SkyChapter 1797 Qin Mu Three Thousand Years Later (Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Chapter 1798 Return to the Ruins UpheavalChapter 1799Chapter 1800 Breaking into Yujing AgainChapter 1801 Unfathomable
Chapter 1802 Ancestral Court RecordsChapter 1803Chapter 1804 Endless SacrificeChapter 1805 Invincible Hand of the Sixteenth Century
Chapter 1806 Dao Realm Thirty-Six HeavensChapter 1807 Reunited in the past for the sake of the futureChapter 1809 The New God KingChapter 1810 The Call of the Ancestral Court
Chapter 1811Thank you Ye Leng Qing Shen Feng Lan for your reward!Chapter 1812 Endless IOUChapter 1813 A glimmer of life
Chapter 1814 Ancestral Court Hunyuan CauldronChapter 1815 Breaking into Yujing CityChapter 1816 The third difficult substanceChapter 1817 The Unique Sword Master
Chapter 1818 Chaos Rune, YuanChapter 1819 Nanxiang HuadaoChapter 1820 Seventh Young Master's Rare TreasureChapter 1821 Lan Daozu broke through the courtyard
Chapter 1822 Supreme SwordsmanshipChapter 1823 The Skull of the Third Young MasterChapter 1824 The Controversy of IdeasChapter 1825 See you in the future
Chapter 1826 The Immortal VeteranChapter 1827 Probably an old friendChapter 1828 Daughter of ChaosChapter 1829 The Prehistoric Disaster
Chapter 1830 Qin Mu Tiandu and TaiyiChapter 1831: Qin Mu and Ling XiaoChapter 1832 Central Yuan Shi Creates Mysterious ArtChapter 1833 Are you safe?
Chapter 1834 The ShepherdPostscript of the FaunOrganize the content of the first live broadcastHappy Mid-Autumn Festival! Moon cakes are distributed, let's see if you have won a prize!
The second live broadcast arrangement: the big power of the house pig!Miro's first story, the woman who stole GodMiro's second story Are you a witch?Mi Luo's third story: Hongmeng Daoyu and Hongmeng runes
Miro's fourth story I am MiroMiro's fifth story: the voice in the dreamMilo's Sixth Tale: The Meaning of DreamsZhaizhu's new book, "Linyuan Journey" has been uploaded
Chapter 29 Little Liar, Big LiarChapter 67 The City That Never SleepsChapter 68 Breaking Through a StreetChapter 69
Chapter 76: Tiger and Wolf MasterChapter 91 Moon GuardianChapter 109 Black Feather Red CrownChapter 127
Chapter 170 Unification of Cultivation TechniquesChapter 171 Fox TailChapter 196 Invincible and LonelyChapter 204 Qin Mu's dark past
Chapter 255 Too DemonicChapter 269: Divine Doctor Fighting TechniqueChapter 270 Twin SistersChapter 271
Chapter 286 Guarding the CorpseChapter 313 Father and SonChapter 365Chapter 381 Wedding Night
Chapter 449 Big Bronze BellChapter 452: Western Earth Formation MasterChapter 470Chapter 481: Twenty Heavens of the Buddhist Realm
Chapter 483 Black HeartChapter 497: There is a God ChixiuChapter 502 Destroying the PatriarchsChapter 534: Hard Rock
Chapter 560: The Dark City (Part 1)Chapter 563 Dark HistoryChapter 628 Phoenix Seeking PhoenixChapter 828 Go Kill
Chapter 939: What You Think Is RealityChapter 940: Luo Wushuang's DemonChapter 971 The Helplessness of the Holy InfantChapter 1071 Killing each other for 700,000 years (first update!)
Chapter 1081 Dragon Qilin Playing Hard to Capture (3rd update!)Chapter 1317 Long and Han are fighting (first update!)Chapter 1351 Containing Extreme Void (Fourth)Chapter 1413 Rules of the Great Ruins
Chapter 1415 UnrestrainedChapter 1418 Remnant Knife, Broken BladeChapter 1420 Dao of the Sword in the WorldChapter 1425 Do not teach ghosts and gods to provoke the world (third)
Chapter 1432 Intrigue (Second Change)Chapter 1447 The sky and the sea are mirrors that can illuminate Xuandu (first update)Chapter 1453 Nine Prisons Locking Tian Gong (3rd)Chapter 1477 Ma Rulai (first update)
Chapter 1484 We are a familyChapter 1486 You will be condemned by GodChapter 1491 Too Easy to FallSend your child to cram school, update the two chapters together in the evening
Chapter 1517 Great KindnessChapter 1531 Long River Piano SoundChapter 1549 Permanent SealChapter 1551 Invincible
Chapter 1555 Forty thousand years of lonelinessChapter 1556 The Girl Who Protected You During Those YearsChapter 1566 Unpredictable People's HeartsChapter 1582 This is too difficult
Chapter 1587 Chaos in Myriad RealmsChapter 1588 Qin Tianzun is true to his word, and Mu Tianzun is steadfastChapter 1590 Do the oppositeChapter 1593 How many steps does it take to kill Tubo?
Chapter 1596 Coronation as KingChapter 1599 Abnormal ThinkingChapter 1605 The Death of the Supreme MasterChapter 1609 Daoist Ancestor and Old Buddha
Chapter 1610 Taoist DiscipleChapter 1614 I Have a Dream, Chapter YuchenziChapter 1615 Emperor HaotianChapter 1616 A Good Dog
Chapter 1621Chapter 1622 Twelve AchievementsChapter 1635 prevent you from becoming enlightenedChapter 1640 I won't sign!
Chapter 1654 Chess Players ShowdownChapter 1655 Lord of the Heavenly CapitalChapter 1661 Lord of the Lingguan HallChapter 1667 I'm back
Chapter 1671 The Hall of the Lingguan, the Sword of the Lord ShangChapter 1677 A VictoryChapter 1678Chapter 1679 The General Trend of Yankang
Chapter 1680Chapter 1685 Lotus Seeds Planting a Lotus PondChapter 1686 Death of the Dragon GoddessChapter 1687 perfidy, death
Chapter 1688 I Have a Dream, Meng Yungui Chapter (Part 1)Chapter 1689 I Have a Dream, Meng Yungui Chapter (Part 2)Chapter 1690 Heavenly Gate Dao Fire, Burn My Sparrow SoulChapter 1695
Chapter 1700 Killing a God in Ten Steps (Another Big Chapter)Chapter 1714 A Chou and Xu TianzunChapter 1716 The Karmic Fire of Human NatureChapter 1725
Chapter 1750Chapter 1753 Endless Old ManChapter 1762 Seventh Young Master's "Past Events"Chapter 1775 Returning to the Chaos Sea
Chapter 1778Chapter 1788 The Divine Ability of Kaitian ClanChapter 1789 Chaos EmbryoChapter 1792 You are sick and need treatment
Chapter 1808 Return to Zero   
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