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The beginning of reincarnation Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Waking Up Strangely: A Retired Scout Who Wants to Be a KillerChapter 2 Recruiting the Lord God of the Lord of Reincarnation Cruel Reincarnation Rules Beginning of the PlotChapter 3 Encountered a crisis My name is Mori Shinichi My father is Mori KogoroChapter 4: Gao Peng's performance, the bayonet behind his back
Chapter 5 Masasuke Kojima, who died with regret, is extremely difficult to obtain follow-up task informationChapter 6 Instructor Li of the Teaching Corps meets the first applicant three ghostsChapter 7 I am Chinese: Morality and destiny The second applicantChapter 8 Be careful, there are soldiers upstairs, deal with it calmly
Chapter 9 A small victory, unintentionally tricked myself, the problems facedChapter 10 Opening the University with the Devil's Second Class Soldiers to Obtain Important InformationChapter 11 Japanese Candidate Private Investigator Akechi Ihara ReasoningChapter 12 Man is not as good as God is, the crisis is coming
Chapter 13 Cluster grenade meritorious deedChapter 14 Devils don't have a halo of mental retardationChapter 15 Get Out of DifficultyChapter 16 Instructor Li with the ambition to die, you are better than me
Chapter 17 First meeting the women of the Qinhuai RiverChapter 18 Goodbye, John, Promise, I Just Hope Someone Remembers Your NamesChapter 19 Thanks, bro, go to sleep! Candidates from the neutral campChapter 20: Parker's Plan: Devils Attack, The Moment Has Finally Arrived
Chapter 21 You're Dead, I Don't Live Long Parker's TalkChapter 22 Asakura Kikiyu's plan with sniper Instructor Li's Art of WarChapter 23 Gao Peng's attackChapter 24: Booby-trapping formations, strategic shifts, clearing the battlefield, a lot of rewards
Chapter 25: Gao Peng's Suggestion: The Squad of Devils Attacks, Akechi Ihara Makes Up His MindChapter 26 Gao Peng's Criteria, Unlucky Candidates, Speechless ParkerChapter 27 Hasegawa's Conspiracy Parker Leaves John of AlexanderChapter 28: Tactical Gestures: The Devil Squad with the Grenadier, The Miscalculated Sergeant
Chapter 29 Instructor Li's Blind Sniper Gained a Grenade and Armed to the Teeth by Gao PengChapter 30 Time to Return Establishing a Stronghold Silent Battle Fang of the SSChapter 31 Running shoes that come in handy The first silent battle successfully completedChapter 32: You're Done, Encountered an Accident
Chapter 33 Kill the devil gendarmes Goal, get the password Success Learn now and sell nowChapter 34: Bloody massacre at Hanzhong Gate Devil Squadron, shall we really fight?Chapter 35: Guerrilla VisionChapter 36 Fighting with Devil
Chapter 37: The Captives' CounterattackChapter 38 Gao Peng's blood is starting to heat up. Our rescuers are hereChapter 39 The key to survivalChapter 40 He can't be a killer because his heart is not cold enough My name is Li Tao
Chapter 41 Candidate from the Eastern Excalibur Special Brigade, Instructor Li is not dead?Chapter 42: Leading the Team to Fight SilentlyChapter 43: Made a Small Fortune and Reimbursed Two Devil SquadsChapter 44 It's Too Quiet Inside, The Vigilant Gendarmerie Squad Leader, Exposed
Chapter 45 The Scariest Chinese SoldierChapter 46 One and a Half Regiment of Chasing Soldiers, The Hope of Survival One Hundred Meters of Life and DeathChapter 47: Survival from a Desperate Situation Come to Help Gao Peng's ThoughtsChapter 48: The Sewer Space How Did Instructor Li Survive?
Chapter 49 The one who died was Li Tao Wang Huaibao who accidentally guessed the truthChapter 50 I will not save Shuangshu, Shuangshu lives because of meChapter 51 Women's way of life, the sewer crisis from Japanese applicantsChapter 52 Surrounded by Four Regiments: The Sewer Pipe in the Backyard of the Church
Chapter 53: This is the way of life for brothers and women A small fishing village by the Yangtze RiverChapter 54: Getting Ready The Entrance Ceremony Outside the Zhongshan Gate is ExposedChapter 55: If You Don¡¯t Go, I Will Not GoChapter 56 You don't have to go through the cesspit Gao, I've tried my best
Chapter 57 None of you need to go, leave the rest to meChapter 58 Evacuate smoothly, everything is as if it never happenedChapter 59 Better to marry a good prostitute than a cheating wife, you must come out alive, brotherChapter 60 It's Time to Do Your Own Thing Yang Lei's Guilt He Just Wants to Live
Chapter 61 Gao Peng's Real Purpose There Are Already Special Forces in China?Chapter 62 The Enraged Hasegawa There is Only One Truth Akechi IharaChapter 63 Famous Quotes in the Detective WorldChapter 64 I'm Going Crazy From Bored
Chapter 65 Other people in the sewer, the coming final momentChapter 66Chapter 67 I am also an applicantChapter 68 Death-killing chokegun Exchange life days Humans live in groups
Chapter 69 Paying homage to the military career that will never returnChapter 70 Improving Every Day, Fatigue Period, Vacation in the Reincarnation World, The Final FeelingChapter 71 Entering The Origin of Identity Arranged by the Lord God Pretending to be tender is also a skillChapter 72 It's time to change the way you act
Chapter 73 Shakespeare said, have a temper and character, don't recognize a bear, you recruitChapter 74Chapter 75 I¡¯m Willing to Block Bullets for You The Meaning of Comrades Five KilometersChapter 76 I want the information of these two soldiers
Chapter 77: Grow up through blows and progress through tortureChapter 78 You won't understand what a tyrant is until you get to know the dog-headed Lao GaoChapter 79 Brother, One LifeChapter 80 Live Ammunition Shooting
Chapter 81: I Really Don¡¯t Know Where Your Self-Confidence Comes FromChapter 82 This is Your Opportunity to Come to My DoorChapter 83 For the honor of the reconnaissance company, I have completely lost my faceChapter 84 Confinement for a week, I just hit him on purpose
Chapter 85 Recruits to the CompanyChapter 86Chapter 87 Ankylosing spondylitisChapter 88 To deal with Xiao Zhuang, we must start with his weakness
Chapter 89 Kicking the field, you may also kick the steel plateChapter 90 I'm Prepared to Be MasochisticChapter 91 Annual confrontation exercise Even if he is eaten, his teeth will be smashedChapter 92 Ambush War Powerful Special Forces Chen Pai's Gratitude
Chapter 93 Armed SwimmingChapter 94: Foolish People Have Stupid BlessingsChapter 95 Nima, Is This Guy Bruce Lee? Special Forces SelectionChapter 96 From now on, everyone can only ask for blessings
Chapter 97 My Little Brother, Did You Do It?Chapter 98 This kid is too fierce, three or five people can't hold him downChapter 99 This Dude Looks Like a No. 1 Fierce Man Hell WeekChapter 100 The End of Hell Week Three Questions The Blade of the Kingdom and the Golden Shield
Chapter 101 The Awesome Night Tiger Reconnaissance Company Rookie A Team FormationChapter 102 Shi Dafan's massageChapter 103 Pure natural and pollution-free bamboo rat meat, do you want a sliceChapter 104: The Actual Combat That Was Unprepared
Chapter 105 I'm an orphan, you can't just tell everyoneChapter 106 What do you want to know, I will tell youChapter 107: Gao Peng's Counterattack: The Tragic Frontier Armed PoliceChapter 108 Serving as a soldier is like playing a game
Chapter 109: Shi Dafan's HelpChapter 110 Great Director and Great MusicianChapter 111 In our line of work, you should avoid being emotionalChapter 112: Killers Are Creatures That Walk in the Darkness
Chapter 113 Rambo's Final Mission ArrivesChapter 114 Howling Wolf, are you ready? Break into Yuanshan TownChapter 115 My Heart Tells Me, I Can't Live Without YouChapter 116 On the Northeast Road, Not Many People Don't Know My 'Howling Wolf'
Chapter 117 She is the only one who can break my killer's heartChapter 118 The person who dies in my hands doesn't even have a chance to be a ghostChapter 119 Howling Wolf returns to the team, task 2 and task 3 to be completedChapter 120 Regression Obtain the next world information in advance
Chapter 121 Winning at the starting line, important discoveryChapter 122 A Moderate SurpriseChapter 123 It's You, You Are Those People's Liberation Army UnclesChapter 124 Harvest from vacation, 8x mirror re-enters reincarnation
Chapter 125 Come to the master, our old Li has noble people to helpChapter 126 Ownerless Lone Wolf Do you know what an expert is? learn moreChapter 127 My killing range is two meters to eight hundred metersChapter 128
Chapter 129 I wish all the Chinese were DapengChapter 130 Sharpshooter and Quickshooter This treasure is caught by our old LiChapter 131 Must find a way to keep himChapter 132 The Old Man Wang Huaibao: Different Time Points in the Same Plane
Chapter 133: The National Hero, Instructor Li, A Wonderful FateChapter 134 When Drowsiness Comes, Someone Brings Pillows to the Independent Group in AdvanceChapter 135: A Training OutlineChapter 136 Strong Army Plan Yamamoto Special Forces Attack
Chapter 137 Repelling the Yamamoto Special Team, an independent group with heavy lossesChapter 138 First Heard of Kong Jie of the Special Forces and the Chief of the Eighth Route ArmyChapter 139: The Camouflage Uniform on the Special Forces of the DevilsChapter 140 I would like to create the sharpest fang in the wolf's mouth as the team leader
Chapter 141: Rich Landlord, Selfless Gao Peng, Everything Is ReadyChapter 142 Gao Peng is Zhao Gang's Idol? He probably fired more bullets than youChapter 143: Zhao Gang's Surprise The first assaulter of the Spike Special Forces is in placeChapter 144 Don't worry, the monk can't escape the glorious record of the commander of the 386 brigade
Chapter 145: Just Try It, Gao Peng VS Monk WeiChapter 146 Co-author Before I came, you were a bare captainChapter 147 The Selection of the Whole Regiment Begins, Always Be PreparedChapter 148: Selection of the Coaching Team, Strong Support from the Headquarters
Chapter 149 Training Begins: Digging the Cat's Ear PiercingChapter 150: Parkour + Internal Power = Lightness SkillsChapter 151: Zhengtai Road Destroyer Battle - It's time to test the training resultsChapter 152 The Battle of the Hundred Regiments Begins The First Battle of the Spike Squad - Death Comes
Chapter 153: Victory in the first battle, one night's recordChapter 154: Blind Cheng who picked up cheapChapter 155 Only by going to such an army can you learn more skills in fighting devilsChapter 156: The Art of War of the Spike Squad - The Attacking Boy
Chapter 157: Found a Treasure: The Legend of the North China Plain - Little LiziChapter 158: Gao Peng's Feelings Two Guns Li XiangyangChapter 159: The Brilliant Results of the Spike SquadChapter 160 The Golden Phoenix in the Ravine Poor Beauty
Chapter 161: The Story of Gai Shanxi: A Fate with This FamilyChapter 162 TestimonialsChapter 164 Military and Civilian FamilyChapter 165 Eliminate the incoming enemy and get important information
Chapter 166 You Look Too Insecure, Spike Team Attacks AgainChapter 167 Xiguan Village, Huihe County Brigade, Attack, Target Yu CountyChapter 168: Resolving Yu County, Prepare to ReturnChapter 169: It's Time to Retreat! The Spike Squad Returns
Chapter 171: The End of the Hundred Regiments Battle, the Second Group of Spikes Forms the Eighth Route Army with Greatly Increased StrengthChapter 172: Gao Peng's Selfishness: The Assessment Task of the Spike Group B - The Yamazaki Brigade AttacksChapter 173 Battle within the first line of the sky, the bewildered Yamazaki brigadeChapter 174 Baga, the Spike Squad of the Eighth Route Army
Chapter 175: The Upper Brigade Headquarters Calls for a BattleChapter 176 The independent regiment fights without the need for a reserve teamChapter 177: Gao Peng's Killer WeaponChapter 178 Turning Decay into Miracle, Brilliant Victory
Chapter 179 Chu Yunfei and Li Yunlong's Broken FateChapter 180: The Burial Ground of the Yamamoto Special Forces Passive SecurityChapter 181 Kazuki Yamamoto's Sorrow This Is Just a ShowChapter 182 Kazuki Yamamoto Feels Bad
Chapter 183 Yamamoto who has suffered a complete defeatChapter 184 Return of the Yamamoto Special Forces AnnihilatedChapter 185 Returning to Jinling Thirteen BeautiesChapter 186: The Penglai Inn, These Gao Family Members Are Lovely
Chapter 187 I don't go to hell, who goes to hellChapter 188: Sixteen Years After Leaving, I Am a Special Forces WorldChapter 189: Gao Peng Who Didn't Dare To LoveChapter 190: A Chance Encounter at a Nightclub: Prairie Wolf vs. Gangster
Chapter 191: Deng Zhenhua is in Distress in Africa, Time for ReincarnationChapter 192: The Water in the Reincarnation World Is DeepChapter 193: Leng Feng and Qian BidaChapter 194: Xia Lan's Call: The Rebel Army Attacks
Chapter 195 The Difference Between Modern Warfare and Modern WarfareChapter 196 Entering the embassy Xiao Zhuang and the hygienist are hereChapter 197 Can these two wolves succeed? What are you doing in Africa?Chapter 198 Wolves live in packs, we are all wolves
Chapter 199: The Fierce Battle in the Hospital Dr. Chen SurvivedChapter 200 Killing Athena, a bold mercenary companyChapter 201 I Will Be Responsible For Every Word I SayChapter 202 Brother, Haven't You Ever Played With Dogs? Old Man, You Bird Soldier
Chapter 203 Battle PlanChapter 204 War is not about playing real CS, if you fail this time, you can start the next roundChapter 205: The Aborted Armed Drone Bloody Battle at the FactoryChapter 206 An Unprecedented Crisis: The Vengeful Bear
Recommend a new book to a friendChapter 207 The most vulnerable moment since entering reincarnationChapter 208 The Enemy with Powerful FirepowerChapter 209: The Most Critical Moment: Reinforcement Arrives
Chapter 210 I Forgot How Old I Are This Year, and I Won't Forget You BrothersChapter 211: The Invasion of the Rebel ArmyChapter 212: The Ambition of General Inuwa Odu Captures the TankChapter 213: Tank Wars: The Threat of a Large Number of RPGs
Chapter 214 Evacuate! Ambassador Fan has prepared a celebration wine for youChapter 215 Fighting with them Xiao Zhuang's ricochet shootingChapter 216 The price of mistakes, deathChapter 217 Cruise Missile Arrives in Makoyanne
Chapter 218 Makoyane recruits mercenariesChapter 219 Going Smoothly Elite Freedom Mercenary SquadChapter 220 Jim and the others are really unluckyChapter 221 It's him who's here, it's my brother who's here
Chapter 222 I would rather be bombarded on the ground than shoot into the skyChapter 223 Tears Filled Eyes, Ready to Break OutChapter 224 These gangsters are really cuteChapter 225: Borrowing a Machine Gun, Finally Seeing an Ostrich
Chapter 226 Shi Dafan's Silver Needle to Stop Bleeding A Life-Based BusinessChapter 227: Return, Lord God, The Examination World with a Foreign BackgroundChapter 228: Stalingrad: Language LearningChapter 229 The Spike Special Brigade of the Sword World Li Yunlong Wants to Get Married
Chapter 230 The head of the regiment came to his senses, but the political commissar went down insteadChapter 231 The Monk's Kung Fu Is Not AppreciableChapter 232: Gao Peng's SurpriseChapter 233 Martial arts is a killing technique
Chapter 234 The Gate to the New World Thank You Sister-in-lawChapter 235 The investor who caused Xiao Zhuang a headacheChapter 236 Xiaoying's Misunderstanding Love Is EnoughChapter 237 I Don't Know Everything, Let My Virtual Self Handle It
Chapter 238: Be a real lone killerChapter 239 The Russian Applicant Replacement, The Plot Characters Are No Longer BelievableChapter 240 First kill, this Vasily is weirdChapter 241 Let the Tiger Return to the Mountain We Need Heroes
Chapter 242 Struggling for Survival Parker OrlandoChapter 243 How did this guy survive until now?Chapter 244 Tanya Returns to DreamChapter 245 Brother Soldier in Dream
Chapter 246 Pavlyuchenko's teammatesChapter 247 The Third BloodChapter 248 Major Connie, sir, I graduated from the Munich Special Forces SchoolChapter 249: Fishing Andre who is about to attack
Chapter 250 The Powerful Zhang ZiyingChapter 251 Wudang Ladder Cloud Vertically Matching OpponentsChapter 252 Give Your Life BackChapter 253 Admit Counseling and Work Hard Mission Complete Return
Chapter 254 The upcoming world of ancient martial artsChapter 255 Great Advancement in Martial Arts, Beauty in ArmsChapter 256 Almost Broke Your Merit, You Are A Roc Veteran, Are You?Chapter 257 Every Parallel World Has a Different You
Chapter 258 Message from Xia Lan, I Hug You Like My MomChapter 259 Migrant Workers Become ContractorsChapter 260: Clouds, Mist, Water, and Ice, Enter a New ExperienceChapter 261 This person is cruel and merciless, I am afraid he is not a kind person
Chapter 262 Brothers of the same school: The Guangzhou Wharf shrouded in darknessChapter 263 Starting today, the sky in Guangzhou will slowly changeChapter 264 Difficult task, what exactly does our senior brother do at home?Chapter 265 Obscene development, becoming stronger and stronger
Chapter 266 I Have a BrotherChapter 267 Start to brush up the task completionChapter 268 So there really is a shadowless gunChapter 269 If the Beihai Gang is destroyed in the future, it will be because of your words
Chapter 270 Desperate and gloatingChapter 271: The Shadowless Sharpshooter Appears on the Flower Boat The Shocked Black Tiger GangChapter 272 We are here to make friends, not to fight with othersChapter 273 I don't know if the lives of the people on this boat are worth ten thousand taels
Chapter 274 Shadowless Gun, the Gun You Can't SeeChapter 275 You Should Be a Very Lively and Cute GirlChapter 276 Five-Year Plan, Commitment to Each OtherChapter 278: Being a Hero Comes at a Price
Chapter 280 Li Ruohai, you are a despicable villain who hides your head and shows your tailChapter 281 Shrinking turtles of the Beihai Gang, you are finally willing to give up the shellChapter 282 I Can't Be KilledChapter 283 Prestige from one shot after another
Chapter 284Chapter 285 Provocation and Infightingask for supportChapter 286 No Way to Heaven, No Way to Earth
Chapter 287 You Are Smiling When You Should Be ScaredChapter 288 The Dream Will Come TrueChapter 289: Burning Smoke House, Kill the BullyChapter 290: Slaughtering the Black Tiger, Killing the Black Crow, and Opening the Silver Warehouse
Chapter 291Chapter 292 Is it those people who have no brains, or does the senior brother treat everyone as having no brains?Chapter 293 You have wanted to lie on this chair for a long time, right?Chapter 294 The so-called light work
Chapter 295 What a bastard to be able to talk about murdering the whole family in such a high-sounding wayChapter 296: Flintlocks and Paper ShellsChapter 297 Loyalty and righteousnessChapter 298 Return, Lottery, Practice Lightness Kung Fu
Chapter 299: A school of masters with great successChapter 300: Flintlocks and Smoothbore CannonsChapter 301: Entering, You Can Finally RebelChapter 302 The Thieves and Heroes of the Oceans Are Rebels
Chapter 303: Public and Private DistinctionChapter 304Chapter 305 Befriend Fang Yi and Mu JianpingChapter 306
Chapter 307 Robbery FieldChapter 308 Meeting Chen Jinnan for the First TimeChapter 309 Obai at GunpointChapter 310 Keeping Promises
Chapter 311: Chen Jinnan Performing Face-Changing SkillsChapter 312: Whoever wins the top wins the worldChapter 313 Settling in the Capitalpush book time
Chapter 314 The Great SaviorChapter 315 Heaven and Earth Association strongholdChapter 316 Subduing Mao ShibaChapter 317 Discuss the benefits of Obai's life and death, what a pity
Chapter 318 Deer and Cauldron Double Treasures in HandChapter 319 Killing ObaiChapter 320 Breaking Kangxi's ArmChapter 321 With your help, a great cause can be expected
Chapter 322 Only Worship the Son of Heaven and Not Kneel the KingChapter 323 Master Gao Xiang is really a god and manChapter 324 The knowledge I possess is at least hundreds of years ahead of the worldChapter 325 Abducting Tang Ruowang Nan Huairen
Chapter 326 Smash the Qianqing Palace with Silver BricksChapter 327: The Treasure Is in HandChapter 328 The Head of the Tiandihui and the Fifth Patriarch of ShaolinChapter 329 Start of Development
Chapter 330: Changing the gun head, something happened in Aoki HallChapter 331 Give Her All the PamperingChapter 332Chapter 333 Happy Enemy
Chapter 334Chapter 335 Brotherhood and National JusticeChapter 336 Mu Jiansheng VisitsChapter 337
Chapter 338 Seeing Threesome AgainChapter 339 Solving the Tail Tao HongyingChapter 340 Liu Yizhou AttacksChapter 341: The Plan of Apprenticeship
Chapter 342 Waiting for You, Dragon CultistsChapter 343 If you want to harm my brother, you must have the consciousness of deathChapter 344 In front of muskets, God beats everything is scumChapter 345 Third Young Mistress
Chapter 346 Thin ToutuoChapter 347: Deputy Chief HelmsmanChapter 348: Developing the Diaoyu Islands and Monitoring the Dragon CultChapter 349: A Rare Opportunity
Chapter 350 It Doesn't Mean Anymore To Remain A VirginChapter 351 Subduing the Dragon CultChapter 352 I will do whatever it takes to kill anyone you don't want him to liveChapter 353 Subduing the Wangwu faction
Chapter 354 Master Gao Xiang is really unfathomableChapter 355 Zheng Keshuang EvaporatedChapter 356 A KeChapter 357 I want to find a one-armed nun
Chapter 358 Appears AgainChapter 359 Nine Difficult TeachersChapter 360 Successful ApprenticeshipChapter 361 Yuan Chonghuan buried Daming
Chapter 362 Those guys who rely on the protagonist's aura to get hooked, how can they compare with meChapter 363 Hunyuan GongChapter 364 What is the lack of opportunity? It's just bad luckChapter 365 Yan, who was underestimated by Gao Peng, travels thousands of miles to Beijing
Chapter 366Chapter 367 Snow Ginseng Jade Toad Pill Grand Lama SanjayChapter 368: It's not just kicking the iron board, it's almost kicking a hedgehogChapter 369 Practical Application of Textbook-style Hunyuan Palm
Chapter 370 The Eighth Level of Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu? nonexistentChapter 371: Hejian Mansion Convergence, Tiandihui's Development MomentumChapter 372Chapter 373: The Surprise Brought by Snow Ginseng Yuchan Pills
Chapter 374 The Old Man Feng Nandi Gao Peng's DeceptionChapter 375 Tangled Yang YizhiChapter 376 The meeting is over, go to Yunnan to find a knifeChapter 377 The Person Who Cares About His Life More Than His Own
Chapter 378 Why do women make things difficult for women?Chapter 379 A Beauty Is Not a DisasterChapter 380 Subduing Li ZichengChapter 381 The Final Plan
Chapter 382: Beacon Erupts, InvincibleChapter 383: The Curtain EndsChapter 384: Return, Another Assessment Coming SoonChapter 385 Husband, let's make villains
Chapter 386 EnterChapter 387Chapter 388 So This Is The World Of Ordinary Martial ArtsChapter 389 The Shadowless Forbidden Army with Greatly Increased Strength
Chapter 390 PreparationChapter 391: The Story Begins, Taotie is ComingChapter 392 The mercenary who was fooledChapter 393 The gluttonous attack, the war will start
Chapter 394: The Great War Begins, Crazy KillingChapter 395 The Shadowless Forbidden Army's Most Exciting Battle EverChapter 396 Bloody battle at the head of the cityChapter 397: Victory in the First Battle
Chapter 398 If there is no Taotie, where should we go?Chapter 399 West Arrow TowerChapter 400 Gluttonous ScoutsChapter 401 The Great Wall Made of Flesh and Flesh
Chapter 402 It's time to endChapter 403 Ambushing the BeastmasterChapter 404 Regression: Quest Completion Rewards More Than Five TimesChapter 405 Enter Zhao Zilong's Spear
Chapter 406Chapter 407 Zhang Fei's Sister?Chapter 408 Dongying Warriors Appearing in the Three KingdomsChapter 409: The Camp Selection of the Applicants
Chapter 410: Zhao Yun alone can reach a thousand troopsChapter 411: The Seven Detective Snake Pans Show Their Power for the First TimeChapter 412 Crisis and OpportunityChapter 413: Xia Houen and Qingzhi Sword's Reinforcement from the Sky
Chapter 414 Don't Panic, Miss Ziying, Cloud ComesChapter 415Chapter 416 Crazy Breakthrough Zhang He Blocks the WayChapter 417
Chapter 418: There is still Yu Yongke Jia Wenpin who is being targetedChapter 419 Zilongguo is a blessed generalChapter 420 Winning this General, Winning Ten Thousand ArmiesChapter 421
Chapter 422 Akechi Ihara's PlanChapter 423 Wait quietly and watch him pretendChapter 424 Powerful Sword Drawing TechniqueChapter 425: Body Forging Method
Chapter 426Chapter 427: The Ninja and the Masked Man in BlackChapter 428: TieChapter 429 Cooperation Sneak Attack
Chapter 430: Lin Yan Who Was Lying InnocentlyChapter 431 Not good at close combat? You think too muchChapter 432 OriginChapter 433 Brother Bing, You Made a Big Taboo
Chapter 434 Akechi Ihara and Gao Peng in the DramaChapter 435 Liu Bei's Reasoning That Made Akechi Ihara Vomit BloodChapter 436 ConspiracyChapter 437 Are you disappointed that I didn't take the opportunity to attack you
Chapter 438 Lin Yan who touches the truthChapter 439 Zhou Cang Laying GunChapter 440 Zhou Yu is HereChapter 442 Female Sword Master and Nanyang Female Guard
Chapter 443 Beauty and HeroineChapter 444 Head & Shoulders, That's So ConfidentChapter 445: Honest People Are Not HonestChapter 446
Chapter 447 Zhang Ziying's Reincarnation ExperienceChapter 448 Zhang Ziying in WudangChapter 449 Zhao Yun Really Just Treated Me as His SisterChapter 450: Nanyang Female Guards Jiangdong Concubine
Chapter 451: Zhuge Liang's Eight ArraysChapter 452: The Eight Arrays Show Their PowerChapter 453 Want to slip? not so easyChapter 454 Killing the General and Capture the Flag
Chapter 455 Romance of the Three Kingdoms Warriors of the Three KingdomsChapter 456Chapter 457: A Restless NightChapter 458 The Weak Will Be Weak After All
Chapter 459 Double KillChapter 460Chapter 461 We just want to liveChapter 462 Subsequent Influence, Eternal Mystery
Chapter 463 Everything is Ready, Only Dongfeng Is OwnedChapter 464: The Battle of Chibi BeginsChapter 465 The Ancient Version Lands on the BeachChapter 466 Delivering it to the door by myself, a fight to the death
Chapter 467 Respectively returnChapter 468 Regression Let Gao Peng think of the reincarnation world of poopChapter 469 Three Heroines of the Soviet UnionChapter 470 Loving heroes in troubled times
Chapter 471 GuardianChapter 472 Zhang Ziying's Big SurpriseChapter 473 Shocked KhrushchevChapter 474 The Emptiness and Reality of Nine Suns Divine Art Great Accomplishment
Chapter 475 Eastern Spear God and Purple PhantomChapter 476 On behalf of the motherland and the people, thank youChapter 477 The so-called Entrance of Life and DeathChapter 478 Playing a big one, what's the matter?
Chapter 479 The Man Has Gold Under His KneesChapter 480 Shocking the Entrance of Life and DeathChapter 481 Nine Suns Great Success Greatly Increased PowerChapter 482 Forever
Chapter 483 Manichaean studentsChapter 484 Is there a gangster?Chapter 485: Princess Yunluo and Wang ZuxianChapter 486 Arriving in Hong Kong The strongest force: the Triad
Chapter 487: TeachingChapter 488Chapter 489: Celestial Silkworm's Great Success, Domination of the Jianghu Begins TonightChapter 490
Chapter 491 Changle Helps Brother FeihongChapter 492: The Concept of People in the Evil SchoolChapter 493Chapter 494: Princess Yunluo and Knife Boy
Chapter 495 Reversing black and white, strike againChapter 496: The Desperate Universal GangChapter 497: Settle the Universal GangChapter 498 Going to Macau with the Gambler
Chapter 499: Macau Lisboa CasinoChapter 500Chapter 501 Time TravelingChapter 502 Shanghai Beach 1937
Chapter 503: Seven Spinning Slash Shows His PrestigeChapter 504 This Ding Li is DifferentChapter 505 Resolving the ProvocationChapter 506 Retreat
Chapter 507 Cultivation ConspiracyChapter 508 Kill them all and everything will be fineChapter 509 Yoshiko Kawashima, who was revealedChapter 510 The Power of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Dynasty
Chapter 511Chapter 512 Remember to let your descendants come to Hong Kong to find me in 1991Chapter 513 Yang JingjingChapter 514 I am Legend Hong Kong, I am back
Chapter 515: Tiancan's Gift for Siblings and Sisters: Secrets of Tiancan's FootChapter 516Chapter 517Chapter 518 The Black Society Still Has This Mixing Method
Chapter 519 Don't talk about people during the day, don't talk about ghosts at nightChapter 520 The Man Who Stands at the Top of the Human PyramidChapter 521 Triad VeteranChapter 522 Your deadly choke gun is not authentic, the real Hongmen brothers
Chapter 523 Black and WhiteChapter 524: Fully ExpandedChapter 525 Tiancan wants to hold a receptionChapter 526 Reception, Strange Feeling, The Three Stars
Chapter 527 Pretentious AssistChapter 528 Tian Can Was Stepped OnChapter 529 It's really a rushChapter 530: The End Return
Chapter 531 Let's Get MarriedChapter 532Chapter 533 Running naked in the desert and shaking the horse on the grasslandChapter 534
Chapter 535 Are you the guy who let others see his brains?Chapter 536Chapter 537 I can masturbate with bare handsChapter 538: Frying fish with Tathagata palm, Chairman, you really know how to play
Chapter 539 Entering the Peerless Divine WeaponChapter 540 KillChapter 541 Pampering and FavoringChapter 542 Willing to be an enemy of the whole world for you
Chapter 543: The Golden Snake LordChapter 544 The Disappearing Golden Snake SwordChapter 545 Wen Qingqing I have something to doChapter 546 Confidential
Chapter 547 I can't help you if you want to deceive your master and destroy your ancestorsChapter 548 Ah Jiu Is Really My MasterChapter 549 Shangfang SwordChapter 550: Black Jade Ointment Returning to Beijing
Chapter 551 Recite Ming History in front of ChongzhenChapter 552: Monarchs and ministers join hands to fight against the outside world and secure the insideChapter 553: Gao Peng, Chief Assistant of the CabinetChapter 554 First time going to court, the water is too cold Qian Qianyi
Chapter 555Chapter 556 The Mystery of the Golden Snake SwordChapter 557: Expedition, First Meeting Wu SanguiChapter 558 It's not the high governor's arrogance, it's the weakness that limits our imagination
Chapter 559 We Are Not a Crowd, We Are the Forbidden Army of the Ming DynastyChapter 560: Slaughtering the CityChapter 561 Straight to LiaoyangChapter 562
Chapter 563 Surrender Utilization of WasteChapter 564 The Darkest Moment in Manchu HistoryChapter 565 Who is the master and who is the apprentice?Chapter 566: King Sanshun in the Early Qing Dynasty
Chapter 567 CapriciousChapter 568 Laughter in the Grand Master's MansionChapter 569 Counter-insurgencyChapter 570 Zuo Liangyu's Thoughts
Chapter 571Chapter 572: You're DoneChapter 573 Gao Penger is the only one who knows me and understands me in the worldChapter 574: Three Days
Chapter 575 New Year's Eve DinnerChapter 576 ReturnChapter 577 Rescue Comrade AnyingChapter 578 Ziying's Reincarnation Harvest
Chapter 579 Why Are You Implanted, You Are My Sister, I Am My BrotherChapter 580 The Invincible Comrade KishiyoChapter 581 Baby LifeChapter 582 Precocious second son
Chapter 583Chapter 584 I am the only one in heaven and earthChapter 585 Thirteen Years OldChapter 586 Even your master can't teach me as an apprentice
Chapter 587Chapter 588 Torturing martial arts can also be used to heal injuriesChapter 589 Senior Brother Has to Sacrifice His HueChapter 590 On Misty Peak
Chapter 591 All my skills were struck by lightningChapter 592 Comprehension of Xiaoyao YufengChapter 593Chapter 594
Chapter 595 The Relationship Between Cultivation and LifeChapter 596: Maiden Wu XingyunChapter 597: Lingyunzi and WuchenziChapter 598 Returning to Leigu Mountain
Chapter 599 Middle-Aged Handsome Uncle and Beautiful GirlChapter 600 The Vulture Palace Transforms into the Tianshan School, the End of the PlotChapter 601 Go homeChapter 602
Chapter 603 How did you become the leader of the beggar gang?Chapter 604: Xiao Feng's ThoughtsChapter 605: Auntie Ruan who speaks eloquentlyChapter 606 My father is Dali Duan 2 and I am also Dali Duan 2
Chapter 607Chapter 608 No need to act againChapter 609 ViciousChapter 610 Regeneration Poison Plan
Chapter 611 DeathChapter 612 What can I do with such a father? I'm also desperateChapter 613 DisciplineChapter 614 Back to Dali
Chapter 615 Miss Wang is your sisterChapter 616 Facing the RealityChapter 617 Ambition is what is incompetent, and ideal is what is capableChapter 618: Strong Army Plan
Chapter 619 Are you planning to piss me off so that you can inherit my Xixia kingdom?Chapter 620Chapter 621: Happy YearsChapter 622 You Still Win After All
Chapter 623 That idiot is my brotherChapter 624 Let all grievances and grievances be settled at this hero meetingChapter 625 Arriving in ShaolinChapter 626 National Teacher, don't you have anything to say?
Chapter 627 What can I do if I kill it?Chapter 628: Hero ConferenceChapter 629: All Arrived, Just One Time SolvingChapter 630 Brother-in-law, the time for your revenge has come
Chapter 631Chapter 632 What a Dali Zhennan King, you are stronger than Duan ZhengchunChapter 633 IdentityChapter 634 You Are Not a Kind Person
Chapter 635Chapter 636Chapter 637: Dragon Trapped ShoalChapter 638 I alone can be worth a million troops
Chapter 639: Chief Instructor of Tokyo's 800,000 Forbidden ArmyChapter 640 - ReinventionChapter 641Chapter 642
Chapter 643 Nanyang RestaurantChapter 644 Heading to Funiu MountainChapter 645 AttackChapter 646
Chapter 647Chapter 648 Duan's Women in Dali Are for BeggarsChapter 649 Ten-year Development Plan: The Possibility of a Highly Military Society for AllChapter 650 Three years of poverty
Chapter 651 Only by mastering the army can one master the political powerChapter 652Chapter 653 Yelu Hongji with a DogChapter 654: Zhao Xu's Personal Administration
Chapter 655: The Prime Minister Becomes a State OfficialChapter 656Chapter 657 Yanmen PassChapter 658 Martial arts family, the Zhao family of the Great Song Dynasty
Chapter 659: The Liao Army Arrives, The Great War Will BeginChapter 660: The First Battle of the Dragon Guardian ArmyChapter 661 Victory in the First BattleChapter 662 The Significance of Fighting This Battle
Chapter 663: The War Is OverChapter 664: Twelve YearsChapter 665: StartChapter 666
Chapter 667 The Story Between You and Sister ArjunaChapter 668 The Surprise Brought by Ruan Xingzhu's FamilyChapter 669Chapter 670: Double Mission Completion Achieved
Chapter 671: An Interesting StoryChapter 672 Meeting Wu Dalang on the roadChapter 673Chapter 674 Token
Chapter 675 Always CrazyChapter 676: A Dream Comes True, ReturnChapter 677 For You, I Have Been an Old Virgin for More Than Forty YearsChapter 678
Chapter 679 EnterChapter 680 - Captain AmericaChapter 681 Golden Retriever King, Empress ZhongliangChapter 682 Scary Green Fatty
Chapter 683 The Avengers Are Halfway HereChapter 684 Wolverine can fight, and Magneto has to burp.Chapter 685: All Show Up NarutoChapter 686 We Never Really Understand This World
Chapter 687 The most important thingChapter 688 The Chance of the Magical GirlChapter 689: Later generations really call me the emperor of the ages?Chapter 690: The Great War Resurrection
Chapter 691: TrickyChapter 692 Major BreakthroughChapter 693 Reversal of the SituationChapter 694 Come On, Green Fatty
Chapter 695 The Insidious WolverineChapter 696: The Invisible Girl DiesChapter 697: The Fountain of Eternal LifeChapter 698
Chapter 699 That's RightChapter 700 We Have No Reason To LoseChapter 701Ask for leave
Chapter 702 PreludeChapter 703: The BeginningChapter 704 Picking the Wrong OpponentChapter 705: The Twenty-ninth Palm
Chapter 706 Our chances are running outChapter 163 Pushing BooksChapter 707Chapter 708 Do your best and obey the destiny
Chapter 709Chapter 710 Game Over NarutoChapter 711: LoreChapter 712 I hope to have the opportunity to meet you in the western fantasy world
Chapter 713 Mission Ended ReturnChapter 714Chapter 715: The Middle AgesChapter 716
Chapter 717: TradingChapter 718 This deal is a bargainChapter 719: Shenlong and TianjiaoChapter 720
Chapter 721 SettlementChapter 722Chapter 723: Passing on the Dragon Divine ArtChapter 724: Developing the Body of a Wind Dragon
Chapter 725 The Unique Old FriendChapter 726 Something HappenedChapter 727 Yin Zhong's HateChapter 728: Here Comes the Mission
Chapter 729 Single-choice task, new task modeChapter 730 Mission CompletedChapter 731Chapter 732
Chapter 733 First Meeting with Yin TianxueChapter 734 What is the purposeChapter 735 Missy ReturnsChapter 736 Appear
Chapter 737Chapter 738 InterestingChapter 739 Little trickChapter 740: The Way of Rescue
Chapter 741 His Friends Are Too ValuableChapter 742Chapter 743 Tong Zhan's accidentChapter 744: Son of Long Ze
Chapter 745: The Deceived Yin ZhongChapter 746: Ins and OutsChapter 747 SuspiciousChapter 748
Chapter 749 Brother Gao and the man in black are definitely not the same personChapter 750 His name is Long ZeChapter 751 Heading to Longze VillaChapter 752
Chapter 753 Women Can Hold Up Half the SkyChapter 754: The Body Will Always Move Faster Than The BrainChapter 755: Sure enough, I want the girl to dieChapter 756 Horror
Chapter 757 FriendsChapter 758: Han Batian=LongtianChapter 759 Is there a feeling of being close to home?Chapter 760 Finally there is a high hall to worship
Chapter 761 It's time to do the last thingChapter 762: One MonthChapter 763 There Are Such Old Ancestors In This WorldChapter 764: Yin Tianchou: The heart of blood wishful? what is that
Chapter 765 He Has BroughtChapter 766 Entering the Water Moon CaveChapter 767 The Terrible Tong ClanChapter 768 Go to Hell Rock to Find Someone
Chapter 769 Crescent MoonChapter 770 So My Name Is Tong FengChapter 771 GamblingChapter 772 Daughter Control Can Control To The Level That Makes Himself Demonic
Chapter 773 Black and WhiteChapter 774Chapter 775 The Secret of the UndeadChapter 776: The End Return
Chapter 777Chapter 778 The Violent Zhang ZiyingChapter 779 Fantasy and Xianxia Martial Arts and ComprehensionChapter 780 Frost Sky Snow Dance
Chapter 781: The Magician Who Takes the Blame, Soldier to EnglandChapter 782 EnlightenmentChapter 783: Wind Impermanence, Cloud Impermanencematernity leave
Case reportChapter 784 In society, I, Brother Peng, don't talk too much.Chapter 785Chapter 786 You still don't make a move? Didn't you see that we have already lost?
Chapter 787 EnlightenmentChapter 788: The Dragon Is in the PoolChapter 789 Beauty, Dog, Huai Kong, Heavenly SinChapter 790 The Second Dream of Amnesia
Chapter 791 Trying to Live Has Exhausted All Your StrengthChapter 792 The First FollowerChapter 793Chapter 794
Chapter 795 AttackedChapter 796 Killing Father and Enemy Loving CoupleChapter 797 I'm Not CrazyChapter 798: Di Shitian Appears
Chapter 799 Pretending to be aggressive, I can't beat you, or scare you to deathChapter 800: Dragon CultChapter 801 The main altar is completedChapter 802 The Challenge of Destruction
Chapter 803: Infancy of powerChapter 804 Top Ten Martial ArtsChapter 805 Restoring MemoryChapter 806: Smiling Proudly
Chapter 807 Iron Heart IslandChapter 808 Training in the seaChapter 809Chapter 810 The second development plan starts
Chapter 811 The Legendary Dragon LeaderChapter 812Chapter 813 Is this Monkey King's somersault cloud?Chapter 814: Tenganir
Chapter 815: The Zilong Envoy Returns to His PositionChapter 816: Ten YearsChapter 817 Chapter 40 I can finally stop being your burdenChapter 818 Zi Ning Fuming Bu Tian who was targeted by Gao Peng
Chapter 819: Bu Tian Gets into the Game, Can Bu Jingyun Still Run?Chapter 820Chapter 821 Failed TiekuangtuChapter 822 Subduing the Two Great Casting Masters
Chapter 823: Novice Female SwordsmanChapter 824 SolveChapter 825 Du YunlingChapter 826: Duan Lang Appears, The Slaughtered Dragon Cultists
Chapter 827 The villain died of talking too muchChapter 828 How do you want to die? The corpse is still smashed into ashesChapter 829: Cloud Dragon EnvoyChapter 830: The Return of Nie Feng, the Conspiracy of the Dongying People
Chapter 831Chapter 832 Killing the Nameless Disgusted by Gao PengChapter 833 Although Huang Ying is a martial idiot, she is not an idiotChapter 834 The American Continent
Chapter 835 Half a YearChapter 836: Dragon Slaying Team DepartsChapter 837 Returning Long XianChapter 838 The Truth About Seven Martial Dragon Slayers
Chapter 839: Killing a Dragon Sect Master on the wayChapter 840 Gao Peng's DeathChapter 841: The Abnormality of the Celestial Silkworm's Divine ArtChapter 842 East Sea Dragon King
Chapter 843: Surrender the Sacred Heart Art and Seven Endless RealmsChapter 844: Acquired the Sacred Heart ArtChapter 845 Love each day as if it were your lastChapter 846 Entering the Mythical World
Chapter 847 Preliminary MissionChapter 848 Ready to Listen to Decades of NonsenseChapter 849 I need another celestial masterChapter 850
Chapter 851 Gao Zi? Pengzi?Chapter 852 Blood KillingChapter 853 The Correct Way to Open the EvangelismChapter 854: Fifty Years Old Monarch Returns
Chapter 855 Merits From Heaven - DreamlandChapter 856 Surprise Comes Too Fast Like a TornadoChapter 857 Gao Peng and Ao FengChapter 858: Nanhua Immortal Goes to Heaven
Chapter 859Chapter 860 Let the Shrimp LiveChapter 861 Dragon Emperor Revive the Dragon ClanChapter 862
Chapter 863 Fuck You, UncleChapter 864: The Arrested Little Dragon GirlChapter 865Chapter 866: Second Dragon Generations
Chapter 867 The More You Know, The Less Courageous You AreChapter 868 BUG-Like Cultivation TechniqueChapter 869: Teach Erlang God a LessonChapter 870: Battle
Chapter 871 The role of three heads and six armsChapter 872Chapter 873 Resolving Conflicts BrainwashingChapter 874 Family Harmony and Everything Prosperous
Chapter 875: Gao Peng descends to earth, entrusted by the Supreme LordChapter 876 Incense and Wish PowerChapter 877 The Development Situation of the Dragon ClanChapter 878 I will be called Princess Iron Fan from now on
Chapter 879: Fifty Years, The Curtain OpensChapter 880 Longquan Cave in Kunlun MountainsChapter 881 You Are Finally HereChapter 882 All directions are destroyed at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty
Chapter 883 The Powerful Divine Dragon Nine RevolutionsChapter 884: The Monkey ComesChapter 885: The Attitude of the Great Sage QitianChapter 886 Everything is normal
Chapter 887 What troubles can a mere dragon clan cause?Chapter 888 Dragons roam the world, all things surrenderChapter 889 This plot is wrongChapter 890
Chapter 891 It's none of their businessChapter 892 The Great God of the Mountain Keeper FliesChapter 893Chapter 894: The Good Fortune Boy Flies Again
Chapter 895 RaceChapter 896Chapter 897: The First Banshee in Journey to the WestChapter 898: Monsters Are Really Faster Than Humans
Chapter 899 Care of the Judicial GodChapter 900Chapter 901 Confirmed the eyes, this is a ruthless personChapter 902
Chapter 903 Alliance Three-Day CovenantChapter 904 Prelude to the Great WarChapter 905: Chechi Kingdom Dragon King TempleChapter 906
Chapter 907: Fierce battle at Tongtian RiverChapter 908: Coincidentally Passing by, Avalokitesvara ShotChapter 909 The Tathagata ComesChapter 910: Accident
Chapter 911: The Real ZulongChapter 912Chapter 913Chapter 914 Ao Lie Abandoned
Chapter 915: True and False Wukong Finds Ao LieChapter 916: The End of the False WukongChapter 917Chapter 918 Another Five Hundred Years
Chapter 919 The Arrival of the Final BattleChapter 920 Nezha, give back my third brother's lifeChapter 921Chapter 922 Ancestral Dragon Aofeng
Chapter 923 Can't KillChapter 924 All-out attack, decisive battleChapter 925 Jade Emperor is at a lossChapter 926 The murder is for protection
Chapter 927 A Tathagata palm that established the outcome of the battlefieldChapter 928 I am me and himChapter 929Chapter 930 Are You Dreaming?
Chapter 931 The Dao of Heaven Reappears Massive MeritsChapter 932: The Ultimate Assessment BeginsChapter 933Chapter 934 Ancestral Dragon Yuanfeng
Chapter 935: Creating HumansChapter 936 The main gods of the three major western mythological systems are hereChapter 937 West Kunlun HongjunChapter 938
Chapter 939: Emperor Shun Taichi Targeted by ZeusChapter 940: The Collapsed Prehistoric WorldChapter 941 Go home, which home to go to?Chapter 942 Gao Peng's plan
Chapter 943: Meng Xu's Enemy BehaviorChapter 944 The Prelude to the First Tribulation of the Dragon Han DynastyChapter 945 Rise of the Three ClansChapter 946 The child should be the head of the seven saints, the teacher of the saints
Chapter 947Chapter 948 The Terrible HephaestusChapter 949: The Result of the Primordial First BattleChapter 950
Chapter 951 Gao Peng's Sinister IntentionsChapter 952 It's Not My Fault That I Want To Eat When I See The Dragon ClanChapter 953 Jehovah Odin AlliesChapter 954: Hephaestus' Zhoutian Star Array
Chapter 955 The Heavenly Dragon Is Born on a Great DayChapter 956 The Fallen Angel Fools ApolloChapter 957 Your memory has been tampered withChapter 958: Unexpected Harvest
Chapter 959Chapter 960: Odin Blinded By Heaven's OathChapter 961 The decisive battle is about to beginChapter 962 Incomplete Primordial Spirit
Chapter 963 Terrible big prophecyChapter 964: The Misfortune Really HappenedChapter 965 The Insidious Ao YueChapter 966: The Witch Clan Moves, The Decisive Battle Begins
Chapter 967: The Decisive Battle BeginsChapter 968 God FallsChapter 969 Confused OdinChapter 970: Luo Hu launches the Immortal Execution Sword Formation
Chapter 971 You don't understand Chinese godsChapter 972 Rahu's endChapter 973 The Ultimate Battle Three-on-OneChapter 974: Finale
End of this testimonialChapter 170 What kind of chief brings out what kind of subordinatesChapter 277 The twenty-third five years, finally startedChapter 279 The sky has changed, the bloody battle begins
Chapter 441: Zhou Yu's Knowledge of Liu Ying   
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