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A few testimonials written before the book! ! !Signing speechManifesto of Civilized WritingTestimonials
Chapter 001 Naughty boy in Wushu Mountain, taking a bath, catching birds and stealing themChapter 002 First Love Is Sincere For LoveChapter 003 The outside world is wonderful, I miss my first love only because of loveChapter 004 Returning home secretly to find love
Chapter 005 The boy went to find the news, and learned that his classmates saved the old ladyChapter 006 Buried a blue scarf under a tree, buried a lifetime of memoriesChapter 007 Uncle is timid and afraid of getting involvedChapter 008: The Teenager Is Lonely and Confused
Chapter 009 The boy went to Guangzhou and became a beggar just because he was afraid of the policeChapter 010 Ragged and Dirty Face, Beggar Life Is More DifficultChapter 011 Fighting for site beggars, a fierce battle at the stationChapter 012 Angrily knocked down the beggar's head and was forced to escape from the beggar gang
Chapter 013 In order to get rid of beggars chasing and beating, he walked back to the northeastChapter 14Chapter 001 Returning to Shenyang, My Fat Woman, Received Shelter and LoveChapter 002 Become a waiter after one night, get along slowly
Chapter 003 The fat woman has ambiguous eyes, and the talented man's heartbeat is speeding upChapter 004 A young woman is drunk and looking for sexual loveChapter 005 The gifted man regrets that he has not done his job, and the fat woman finds it for the second timeChapter 006 The Black Jacket Visits Secretly
Chapter 7Chapter 008: Xu Lei Helps Enter SanjianChapter 009 Being bullied on the construction site, I was upset and endured itChapter 10
Chapter 011 When I Know I'm Not a Fugitive, I'm ExcitedChapter 012 Sincerely Invite Workmates to DinnerChapter 013Chapter 014 Waiting for work due to rain on the construction site, Captain Fatty tells stories
Chapter 015 Understand What Missing Is, It's a Painful TasteChapter 016 Reminiscing about the old lady in my dream, reminiscing about walking back to the northeastChapter 017: The gifted man sincerely goes to cheer, and the fat woman is excited to open a hotelChapter 018 Lu Dalin said to help, the fat woman chased after him
Chapter 019 I went to Secretary Wang¡¯s house for help, and I promised to help with confidenceChapter 020 Accompanied by Talented Men on Investigations, Encountered New Problems, PuzzledChapter 021 Family Love Breaks the Rules, and the House Signs the Contract SuccessfullyChapter 022 Talents help each other and make moves, renovate and reopen
Chapter 023 The Red Rose Opened Successfully, The Profits Are So GreedyChapter 024 Management is really tiring, and clearing up debts is even more difficultChapter 025 As the stinging pain subsides, sadness will arise spontaneouslyChapter 26
Chapter 027 Hallucinations arise in the haze, a pair of eyes dazzles in front of my eyesChapter 028 Far away from home again, far away from Lao YaChapter 029 Looking for the old girl for the first time, feeling uneasy and at a lossChapter 030
Chapter 031Chapter 032 Ge Liquan was forced to help, and the criminal police were dispatched to find the old ladyChapter 033 Riding in the same car and talking again, the crush is emotionally accompanied by the handsome manChapter 034 The criminal police team arrived ahead of time, and the gifted scholar was puzzled and puzzled
Chapter 035Chapter 036 Ask Grandpa Rabbit for HelpChapter 037 The police are too busy looking for the old ladyChapter 038 The Criminal Police Team Withdrew Immediately, and the Scholar Feels Lost
Chapter 039Chapter 040Chapter 041 The gifted man has been away from home for many daysChapter 042 I didn't find any news from my old girl, so I left Nuoer with regret
Chapter 043Chapter 044Chapter 045 Joined the Chunming Engineering Team, Reflecting on Being BulliedChapter 046
Chapter 047 When Earning the First Bucket of Gold, the Talented Man Was Excited and SurprisedChapter 048Chapter 049 Recalling that impulsiveness in the dream, still regretting that stupid thingChapter 050 Parents have to remit money, and the hometown will build a new house immediately
Chapter 051 Talents contact Li Jingmei, talk about novels, talk about loveChapter 052Chapter 053 If you have money and want to buy a bungalow, ask your crush to helpChapter 054: A Talented Scholar Meets Professor Tan
Chapter 055 In order to reward that crush, buy books and eat with herChapter 056 It seems to be perfectly carved colorful jade, colorful and flawlessChapter 057 Hearing the Little Girl's Truth, the Talented Man Lost His HeartChapter 058 I don't know why, I can't always forget you
Chapter 059 In order to ease Meimei's emotions, take her on a winter tour of DaqingshanChapter 60Chapter 061Chapter 062 Returning to Shenyang to be Criticized
Chapter 063 I want to open a beer wholesale point, so I need someone to ask for helpChapter 064 I am very satisfied with the second ghost, so I boldly invite you to be the managerChapter 065 Ergui Starts Work Immediately After Being HiredChapter 066 Remodeling a one-story house as a workshop, the preliminary work is in a hurry
Chapter 067 Dredge the relationship and settle the matter, the talented man knows Zhao YajuanChapter 068 The Beer Wholesale Procedures Are Complete, Things Have Been DoneChapter 069 Encounter with a Great Professor at the HotelChapter 070 Entering Qingshan with a purpose, investigating tourists looking for accommodation
Chapter 071 Talented people go to Daqingshan again, entering the stone forest for the first time is even more mysteriousChapter 072 Invite Old Chen to Help, Yaya Hotel OpensChapter 073 To commemorate the old girl, the origin of Yaya HotelChapter 074 Qianqian Comes to Fat Pom Embarrassment, I Don¡¯t Know Why Qianqian
Chapter 075Chapter 076 Beer Wholesale Points Are Profitable, Trying to Taste the SweetnessChapter 077Chapter 078: An Accident at the Chunming Construction Site
Chapter 079 In order to make up for the guilt, the genius made that eternal promiseChapter 080 Once the wrong love is defeated, women suffer the mostChapter 081 Emotional and rational entanglement, the wise pass smoothlyChapter 082 Although earning money by myself is hard work, it feels comfortable to spend it
Chapter 083 Looks strong on the surface, but extremely fragile on the insideChapter 084 Nuoer Old Chen Called and Got News from Old GirlChapter 085: The Talented Scholar Finds a Way to Treat the Crazy Woman to the HospitalChapter 086: The Talented Man Sincerely Contributed Money, The Crazy Woman Was Stayed in the Hospital
Chapter 087 Went to Chishan to stay in a hotel again, chatting with students againChapter 088Chapter 089 Sincerely contributing money to save lives, he and she became classmatesChapter 090 Going to help with sincerity, rushing back to Shenyang to find a relationship
Chapter 091 White Lies WorkChapter 092Chapter 093 I'm so excited about the success of the operationChapter 094
Chapter 095 I want to open a store to prepare, but the inspection in advance has no resultsChapter 096 After careful treatment in the hospital, the crazy woman was rebornChapter 097Chapter 098 The little loach in the puddle portends something
Chapter 099 Wang Yuee went to the table to drink, and several men were poured downChapter 100 How can I do without ambition? When will I get rich?Chapter 101 If You Love Me, Then Forget About MeChapter 102 Men crying loudly scare people, women crying loudly makes people sympathize
Chapter 103Chapter 104 Meng Laodian was electrocuted at the construction site to promote safety awarenessChapter 105 That's really a last resort, leave the idiot deputy captainChapter 106 Using clever tricks to cure the stupid deputy team, in exchange for peace and comfort
chapter 107Chapter 108 It's Dangerous to See a Pretty Girl, Feeling Comfortablechapter 108Chapter 109 Sunny, open-minded and sweet, the key to get out of the cage
Chapter 110 It's not easy to see yourself clearly, know how to be tolerant and let goChapter 111 The mad woman suddenly found herChapter 112 It's really a woman's character that determines her husband's behaviorChapter 114 Facing the man in her heart, she really looked impatient
Chapter 115 That Mysterious Atmosphere, Inexplicable PremonitionChapter 116Chapter 117 What is Brother Bin doing?Chapter 118 Wisdom Fighting and Using Skills, I Can't See You in the Future
Chapter 119Chapter 120 Talent, You Are Destined, You Are Really Not DeadChapter 121 I Love You With Love, Witty Brother, Please Marry MeChapter 122 Old girl, she should be alive, something must happen
Chapter 123 The Talent Hotel was frightened and knocked down the waiter's eldest sisterChapter 124 Let's go to my room, I have a secret to tell youChapter 125 Saved her life with wisdom and took her back to ShenyangChapter 126 Here Is This One Bed, How Do You Say We Sleep?
Chapter 127 Through cohabitation and getting along, learn more about talented peopleChapter 128 Big brother, you have her, what should I do with the old ladyChapter 129 Inspired by Aunt Zhang, the gifted scholar opens Lili StoreChapter 130 It's embarrassing to meet a fat woman by chance, and I have to face reality
Chapter 131 The sickle activates the old relationship, I am so happy to succeed in buying a houseChapter 132 The sickle gets a cash reward, and I will show it at homeChapter 133 Got the gifted man's house, and the seafood shop celebratedChapter 134 The talented man borrowed money from Dalin, and opened another store with confidence
Chapter 135Chapter 136 Sneaking home for the first time, recalling that piece of blue yarnChapter 137 Surprised to see parents, satisfied daughter-in-law but worriedChapter 138 Parents agree to this marriage, Hasshun Gerili shed tears
Chapter 139 Secretly looking at grandma at night, grandma weeps and he weepsChapter 140 After a fight, I met a classmate by chance and saw the changes in my hometownChapter 141 Beautiful town park, feeling the beauty of leisureChapter 142
Chapter 143 Going to Yingang Academy for a small tour, came up with the idea of ??opening a storeChapter 144 The first time I saw the button button, the talented man liked it and discussed itChapter 145 The post office finds someone to install the phone and contacts Zhao Yajuan againChapter 146 I Really Like You, I Really Want You
Chapter 147Chapter 148 God really has eyes, good classmates get good luckChapter 149 The talented man went to see the sickle, and the sickle got sickChapter 150 Sincerely marrying you a daughter-in-law, my words fit the preface
Chapter 151 Silly Girl, Don't Think That Way, I Treat You as My SisterChapter 152 The first Chishan call, the two don't know what to sayChapter 153 The Scythe Engagement Is Very Busy, Lu Dalin Comes to HostChapter 155 After the Wall Collapse Accident, Erguang Knows You Jingxiang
Chapter 156 The talented man is sincerely grateful, and recognizes two godsistersChapter 157 My Brother Married My Sister Is MelancholyChapter 158 How can my wife kiss my classmates?Chapter 159 In order to alleviate the feeling of betrayal, I came up with a way
Chapter 160 After reading the inscription, the gifted man burst into tears and read the old ladyChapter 161 Yaya Small Residential School Management, Carefully Study the ManagementChapter 162 The prospective father-in-law and mother-in-law came to discuss the engagementChapter 163 My Parents Are Invited to Discuss Engagement
Chapter 164 The Parents of Both Parties Agreed and Set the Engagement DateChapter 165 Dancing in the Engagement Wine Ballroom, Aizhi Shows Her Dancing SkillsChapter 166 Talented Man Arranges Engagement Drinks, Aizhi's Sister-in-Law Is GloriousChapter 167 Year-end final accounts and profit again, Zhang Zhang's marriage registration
Chapter 168 Classmates help to register, afraid of trouble with the Zhang familyChapter 169 Meeting the haggard Zhang Chengyu by chance, heart like a knife twisting tearsChapter 170 A Mongolian-Han wedding, a unique arrangementChapter 171 Talking to classmates during the Spring Festival, the sweet female voice is suspicious
Chapter 172 Silly sister and brother-in-law are rich, so you don't have to worry about tuition feesChapter 173 It was reported that Secretary Wang was transferred away, and the gifted scholar hesitated to find out the newsChapter 174 Secretary Wang Really Transferred, Talented Scholar Leaves Chunming TearsChapter 175 Tieling is short of people to open a store, please join the cheering sickle
Chapter 176 Bold Driving Without a Driver's License, Fortunately I Walked on the SidewalkChapter 177 It's Strange to Watch a Small AdChapter 178 On the way back from learning a driver's license, I met an activist by chanceChapter 179 The Classmates Meet and Go Drink
Chapter 180 Painstakingly for the store, and advertised bravelyChapter 181 Persistence is a must, earning money is the goalChapter 182 With the certificate, itching in my hand, I want to own the first carChapter 183 Buying a stolen car with pure thought
Chapter 184 Dalin Appears to Find Bureau Ge, New News Comes from TielingChapter 185 Ge Liquan Helped, Asked about the Situation and Other ResultsChapter 186 Recalling the Blue Scarf, Recalling Painful MemoriesChapter 187 Recalling the scene when my uncle was afraid of getting involved and left his hometown
Chapter 188 Recalling when I first arrived in Shenyang, I was confused about the relationshipChapter 189 Hasshun Gerili is really in a hurry and rushes to Tieling to ask about the situationChapter 190 A Phone Call From Ge Liquan, The Talented Man Was Released On Bail And Returned HomeChapter 191 Don't Forget the Promise to Go to Zhou's House
Chapter 192 Sending Tuition Fees to Strengthen the Stone MonumentChapter 193Chapter 194 The sickle's son is full of wine, and the wit is drunk with his sisterChapter 195 After careful consideration, I named the son of Sickle
Chapter 196 Hasshun Gerili was in labor and the police sent a car to the hospitalChapter 197 What You Should Think About When a Child Is Born and Becomes a FatherChapter 198Chapter 199 Zhang Mingyun Comes to Shen to Treat You
Chapter 200 The fat lady made things difficult for Zhang Mingyun for the purpose of making things difficult for talented scholarsChapter 201Chapter 202 The meeting of classmates at the congratulatory banquet brings back that deeply buried memoryChapter 203
Chapter 204 Participating in Zhang Mingyun's Wedding, Two Classmates Travel in ShenzhenChapter 205 The Groom Official Visited His Classmates, Everyone Was Excited and DrunkChapter 206 Meeting the old uncle in the wedding room, the gifted man is embarrassed and helplessChapter 207 Zhang Mingyun's Luxurious Wedding Makes Talented People Envious
Chapter 208 A small trip to Wutong Mountain in the rain, Mr. Tu's banquet was like thatChapter 209 Mr. Tu's banquet is really special, don't be confused about development opportunitiesChapter 210 Aunt Zhang Reminds Again, Talented Scholars Ask the Professor for HelpChapter 211 Talented Scholars Enter Shenzhen Group
Chapter 212 Shenzhen's funds are not in place, talented people take the opportunity to become shareholdersChapter 213 My Sister Graduated from University and Had to Separate North and SouthChapter 214 Zhao Yajuan asks for help to repair the house, further increasing the relationshipChapter 215 Invest in Passion and Instinct, Each Meets Their Needs
Chapter 216 Zhou Haishan's father's funeral was generously sponsored by a gifted scholarChapter 217 Talented people participate to increase popularity, and the funeral is orderly and smoothChapter 218 A gifted man recognizes his godson, one responsibility and one loveChapter 219 A Married Husband Looking for Sadness
Chapter 220 Erguang graduated and came to Shenyang to pick up his parents to see Wen BiaoChapter 221 Yajuan made an appointment with her big brother, the wit was very excitedChapter 222 Ge Liquan Helped Again, Erguang Successfully Became a Police OfficerChapter 223 The Chemical Factory Undertook the Construction of the House, Mr. Tu Came to Shenyang to Help
Chapter 224 Yajuan Proposes to Have a ChildChapter 225 Ge Liquan and Xu Lei were promoted, the gifted man called to congratulateChapter 226 Old Chen De had a stroke and was admitted to the hospital, and Wusha Pavilion was hired againChapter 227 The second ghost set up a separate family, and the talented man wants to take revenge on the second ghost
Chapter 228 Watching the Spring Festival Gala, Remembering the Past, Loaning to Buy a Retail StoreChapter 229 It takes a lot of trouble to open a hotel, and the renovation needs moneyChapter 230 The opening of Yajuan's drunken madnessChapter 231 The Talented Scholar Takes the Girl Back Home, Professor Tan Becomes a Brain Tank
Chapter 232 After reading Wen Biao's diary, the talented man recalled the old girlChapter 233 Talented Sister Transferred to Yaya Because of Nostalgia for Old LoveChapter 234 The female shopkeeper was cheated and pitiful, and the investigation by the criminal police team was difficultChapter 235 The Female Shopkeeper Swears at People and Gets Hatred
Chapter 236 The liar is cunning and cleverly disguised, the female shopkeeper was deceived because of greedChapter 237Chapter 238 Sell 30,000 yuan to the manager, share ten mobile phonesChapter 239 Yaya inn girl fire, closed down to learn skills
Chapter 240 I used my trump card to handle the affairs and completed the procedures smoothlyChapter 241 Hasshun Ge Rili Says Forgiveness, Starting a Business Is Really DifficultChapter 242 Five Thousand Yuan One Remittance Slip, That's the Crazy Woman's GratitudeChapter 243 Hong Kong's Return to Shenzhen, Several Celebrations and Urgent Return
Chapter 244 Ordered to stop work to settle it, and it took great pains to start workChapter 245 The district chief helps to resolve the embarrassment, a drop of ashes attracts new regulationsChapter 246 Persuading Sanyo to go to college, the detention center visited Aunt ZhangChapter 247 Yaya was built and reopened, and it was annoying to visit Lao Chen
Chapter 248 Activists can speak and want to set up a grain transportation companyChapter 249 Looking at the man in my heart, watching his busy dayChapter 250 The Zhang Ping case explains that it is necessary to know the lawChapter 251 President Tu Comes to Shenyang for Inspection, Talented Zhang Mingyun Reminisces
Chapter 252Chapter 253 Being outside the gate of his alma mater, thinking about my old ladyChapter 254 The inspection is over and the agreement is signed, and the grain transportation company is establishedChapter 255 My sister-in-law graduated from university, and the talented person helped me transfer jobs
Chapter 256 Looking for someone to help you improve the relationship, the section chief finds it difficult to find a leaderChapter 257 Pailing bricks to settle the hard truth, father-in-law and mother-in-law knowChapter 258 Li Bin was caught calling and rushed to Chishan with depressionChapter 259 Mother Li knelt down and begged for forgiveness
Chapter 260 Returning to Shenyang with depression because Mother Li didn't pursue her deeplyChapter 261 Zhao Lixin's low-key marriageChapter 262 Zhao Lixin's Low-key MarriageChapter 263 The noble lady at the wedding banquet is beautiful and chic
Chapter 264 Bringing parents and grandma home, relieved from homesickness and depressionChapter 265 Erguang suddenly called and transferred to Shenyang for developmentChapter 266 Er Guang wants to be transferred to Shenyang, the gifted scholar tries You JingxiangChapter 267 What to do if the hometown does not let people go, the activists really help
Chapter 268 It took a lot of trouble to find Xu Lei again, and Ge Liquan readily agreedChapter 269 Tune Shen Arranges to Be an Undercover Agent, Fucking His Sister Without Telling His FamilyChapter 270 Let Me Be Your Sister, Missing You With a Sister MentalityChapter 271 Bringing New Investment Philosophy, Poor and Rich Are Truly Reasonable
Chapter 272 Implementation of new investment concepts, taste the sweetness and increase investmentChapter 273 Investing in that transportation company is just to repay uncle's loveChapter 274 Yueyue is very good at Peking University, go to congratulate and reminisce about old loveChapter 275 I won't leave with you, you are a genius, you scare people
Chapter 276 Sending Yueyue to School in Beijing and Visiting the Badaling Great WallChapter 277Chapter 278 Taking the train with good intentions, racking my brains to persuade QianqianChapter 279 Qianqian is determined to repeat it, the wit did not waste her efforts
Chapter 280 The old girl complained in front of the stele, and her frostbitten hands were only for that loveChapter 281 A liar turned into a trick, and a genius was cheated of 10 millionChapter 282 I was defrauded of 10 million and anxious, Xu Lei helped to file the case againChapter 283 Mr. Tu Announces the Retirement of Talented Talents, Reluctant to Leave the Group
Chapter 284 Loving work to lose, pretending to be calm and smilingChapter 285 In order to relieve the depression and suffering, tell the bitterness in front of the stone tabletChapter 286 Recalling Some Things About Leaving Home, Difficulties and LongingChapter 287 Reminiscing about the life of a beggar, laughing at how stupid I am
Chapter 288 When I compare the down and out, I feel that the predicament is smallChapter 289 Don't be discouraged when you encounter difficulties, learn to smile the hard truthChapter 290 Unannounced visit to Yaya to see the operation, the result is satisfactory and comfortableChapter 291 Dedicated to looking for a crazy woman, sending money back is the purpose
Chapter 292 There is no hope of recovering 10 million yuan, so I sold the store to make up for itChapter 293 Preparing for the Farm is Coming Soon, Treat Your Family to DinnerChapter 294 I am satisfied with the inspection of the old forest farm, and I am anxious to buy itChapter 295 Ask Professor Sun to have a purpose and consult how to engage in breeding
Chapter 296 The Rushan meeting misses the opportunity and is angry when the investment failsChapter 297 Going to inspect Liu Shulinzi, the gifted scholar is really dissatisfiedChapter 298Chapter 299 The policy in the village is really favorable, and the farm will be built soon
Chapter 300 Defrauded of 10 million yuan to recover it, Erguang empathizes with anotherChapter 301 Erguang Police Flower Comes to Visit, Talented Scholar Smiling SatisfiedChapter 302 Grandma Gao's death condolences, An Lei looks forward to going to ShenyangChapter 303 The hope of returning to real estate is slim, invite friends to eat to ease
Chapter 304 Newcomer to the real estate company, he was instructed to set up YayaChapter 305 The farm is looking for development again, I sincerely ask Professor Sun for helpChapter 306 Signing the Forage Planting Agreement, Seeing the Little Rabbit Recalling His ChildhoodChapter 307
Chapter 308 Cai Yaodong's promotion party, rushing to his hometown to congratulateChapter 309 I feel so much about the reunion of my classmatesChapter 310 Singing in the Karaoke Hall Inspires Passion, Retelling the Old LoveChapter 311 Seeing grandma with tears in her eyes, seeing Lan Sha is upset
Chapter 312 Soothe Your Emotions and Calm Down, Build Yaya Real Estate CompanyChapter 313 Talented Scholars Invite Friends Together, Yaya Real Estate ReleasedChapter 314 Building Yaya with great fanfare, Liu Xuan takes over as the new managerChapter 315 A Joke Brings Opportunities, And Risks Come With It
Chapter 316 Aunt Zhang is out of prison with a listless lookChapter 317 Sister-in-law's wedding contribution is only for the father-in-law's faceChapter 318 Brother Sickle's mother passed away, Li Minkai's eyes were burningChapter 319 Coco Lee returned to Changchun, the talented man regretted and rushed to remedy
Chapter 320 Li Jingmei Divorces Painfully, Cannot Enter YayaChapter 321 Erguang's wedding scene is big, and it's annoying to show up at homeChapter 322 Meeting Zhang Chengyu for the first time, accidentally alleviating the hatredChapter 323 In order to release the depression in my heart, the crush tells her heart while drunk
Chapter 324Chapter 325 Godson is admitted to college, and both uncles get moneyChapter 326 Grandma died and returned home, Zhang Chengyu sent a letter urgentlyChapter 327 In order to find the old girl with peace of mind and arrange her to work
Chapter 328 Xiaojiao finds someone to repair the computer and re-acquaints with classmatesChapter 329 Rent a house and hire someone by phone, and find the old lady according to the planChapter 330 People from Hometown Arrive UnexpectedlyChapter 331 In order to verify a clue, I missed my brother's wedding
Chapter 332 A Coincidental Encounter at Tegus' FamilyChapter 333 The old lady newspaper broke the news, and the miserable old girl surfacedChapter 334 After confirming that the old girl has no objection, I am eager to meet and rush to the grasslandChapter 335 Finding the old lady loses face, and it is even more difficult to resolve embarrassment
Chapter 337 The gifted man sincerely persuades, but the old lady insists not to meet each otherChapter 338 Entering the grassland for the second time for persuasion, it is still difficult for the old girl to be stubbornChapter 339 The Wife Should Promise Her Oath and Return Home SilentlyChapter 340 The new yurt was built, but the old girl refused to accept it and had to persuade her
Chapter 341 Sanyo Li Xiujuan Persuades, Understands What His Wife Is ThinkingChapter 342 You're Driving Me Crazy, My Dear Can't Live Without YouChapter 343 The negotiating expert has a new trick, and he has the inspiration to play itChapter 344 The initial persuasion paid off very well, and my sister lived in a yurt
Chapter 345 Out of another kind of kindness, I sincerely gave her a millionChapter 346 Find the old political commissar again, bite the bullet and find the deanChapter 347 The dean was moved by the story, and unexpectedly got helpChapter 348 Hasshun Gerili Arrives, Surprised With Tears and Persuasion
Chapter 349 Sincerely touched the heaven and the earth, promised to go to the hospital for treatmentChapter 350 The old girl was checked and hospitalized again, Boss went to school with a cold dayChapter 351 The old man suddenly appeared and arranged for the granddaughter to meetChapter 352 The whole family got the news and rushed to the grassland to see what happened
Chapter 353 Cutie's first operation, the handsome man signs and drawsChapter 354 This baby's face is so beautiful, it brings back painful memoriesChapter 355 Zhang Mingyun and Zhao Lixin, eavesdropping on what they are talking aboutChapter 356 The beautiful woman with high medical skills recovered, but the family couldn't recognize her when they met
Chapter 357 A piece of crying, a piece of love, joy and sorrowChapter 358 The crush must go back to the hospital, the old mother is sick and heartbrokenChapter 360Chapter 361 Meimei is about to be discharged from the hospital after recovering from illness, and wants to meet her uncle
Chapter 362 My sister is going back to the grassland, she is pregnant just to tie him downChapter 363 Sister-in-law shopping in the commercial street, the crush has a new painChapter 364Chapter 365 My brother sent his sister away, and his wife suffered a lot
Chapter 366 Cutie Meets Her Family, Denying Cutie Is SadChapter 367 Killing sheep to treat sister-in-law's heartChapter 368 Another farewell hurts more, brother feels uncomfortableChapter 369 The transportation company loses money again, and the farm also suffers a blow
Chapter 371Chapter 372Chapter 373 Professor Tan's move works, Yaya company becomes a groupChapter 374 Talented Man Becomes Chairman, All Staff Are Fully Equipped
Chapter 375 The godmother married far away in Hainan, and the brother bid farewell in tearsChapter 376 I want to go back to my hometown to invest, lead a team to investigate and make a decisionChapter 377 Deputy Mayor Liu's words, unraveling confusion and troublesChapter 378 The letter of intent for investment has been reached, but the fat woman is married to the United States
Chapter 379 The Fat Woman Married Far Away to the United States, Entrusted to Help Qianqian SecretlyChapter 380 Career takes off with happy events, volunteering to help LightningChapter 381 Real estate developers are happy and worriedChapter 382 Hasshun Gerili was in labor and was ready early
Chapter 385 The heart of the vast grassland is rippling, recalling the horror of that nightChapter 386 The crush was attacked by wolves when she was alone, and she was rescued by a benefactor by chanceChapter 387 Mother Seeing Her Daughter Heartbroken, Talking About Her First LoveChapter 388 Cutie Another Surgery, Visiting Sister-in-law Heartbroken
Chapter 389 The girl went home for the first time, and the handsome man bought a famous watch as a giftChapter 390 The beauty returned to her hometown, and the folks came to see what happenedChapter 391 It's like Chinese New Year at a beautiful woman's house, but it's hard to invite her classmatesChapter 392 The blue yarn was dug out and treasured, the beauty is determined to be with her forever
Chapter 393 The Handsome Man Is DepressedChapter 394 The class reunion is fake, it's real to take the opportunity to see the crushChapter 395 Picking up the girl and going to the restaurant together, the second sister-in-law deliberately took the opportunityChapter 396 The class reunion is only for her, emotional sublimation increases feelings
Chapter 397 It's okay to let the tears dryChapter 398 Another Passion in the Karaoke Hall, the Lyrics Are the Best ConfessionChapter 399 Bringing A Hair Into The House Brings A Lot Of TroubleChapter 400 Can't come up with new tricks, my wife's mood has to be relieved
Chapter 401 Faced with the persuasion of the second sister-in-law, it is really difficult for a crush to chooseChapter 402 She Really Wants To Marry You, What Should You Do? Think ClearlyChapter 403 Brother, You Want Me, Let Me Be Your Woman TooChapter 404 Show your true feelings and tell your heart, cut your hair short to prevent accidents
Chapter 405 The hotel is like a husband and wife, with deep affection and affectionChapter 406 Just like a husband and wife visiting a temple, the crush worships Buddha with devotionChapter 407 The son's name is a good name, and the husband and wife each have their own confidantesChapter 408 Hurry to go to the old girl's house to find out the secret of long hair
Chapter 409 The police found something abnormal, so they called to find out the truthChapter 410 Close your eyes and think about it again, not willing to let the dream go awayChapter 411 I can't make up my mind, I want it but I'm afraid of itChapter 412 Tears Tell Me to Love Him, I Want to Miss Him in My Heart
Chapter 413 The boredom has not been relieved yet, so hastily invited the full moonChapter 414 Zhang Mingyun is expected to be promoted, and sincerely gives his sister-in-law a millionChapter 415 Wang Weishu got the news and wanted to go to the grassland to find his sisterChapter 416 The only man I've ever loved, he already belongs to someone else
Chapter 417 Asking Wang Weishu Is An ExcuseChapter 418 Discovered that the child has autism, urgently find a school to find a solutionChapter 419 It is helpless to propose skipping a grade, and I can¡¯t afford to regret if something goes wrongChapter 420 The professor analyzes a speech and unravels the cause of autism
Chapter 421 I have the idea of ??being a daughter, so I called Meimei's houseChapter 422 I went to the school to find the principal again, and I was too busy to skip a gradeChapter 423 In order to recognize her daughter smoothly, she deliberately talked around cornersChapter 424 The plan succeeds, I am happy, my daughter is happy and successful
Chapter 425 While arranging to recognize her daughter, she still misses her motherChapter 426 Uncle Came Thousands of Miles to VisitChapter 427 In order to save Little Lolita, I was in a hurry to recognize her as my daughterChapter 428 Erguang Comes Out to Engage in a Ceremony, Simple, Warm and Solemn
Chapter 429 Use your brain to find a way, and the little loli's illness is relievedChapter 430 Uncle chatted with his niece and learned that a talented man is a manChapter 431 Reserved a new car for crush, the purpose is actually for her daughterChapter 432 The Only Man I Loved, The Man Who Changed Fate
Chapter 433 I got the news of the crush, and I felt relieved and excitedChapter 434 Calling again and again to learn more about the situationNo. 435 Be considerate and caring, and make up arrangements for my daughterChapter 436 In order to relieve her anxiety, decorate a new house just for her
Chapter 437 One phone call, one heart, brotherhood deepensChapter 438 Deliberately leading the topic to explore, the wife and daughter are willing to be caught in the trapChapter 439 Visiting Boss' daily stock market cold, further deepening the relationshipChapter 440 The crush is superstitious about license plates, and doubts arise from unknown feelings
Chapter 441 A few phone calls and a few love affairs to learn about the new changes in my hometownChapter 442 The devastated elementary school is as sad and heart-wrenching as poetryChapter 443 Learning new methods of farming when returning home and encountering farmingChapter 444 It's Fresh to Experience Farming, and Working Is Really Tiring
Chapter 445 Doing some physical work is really cool, and whatever you eat feels deliciousChapter 446 Returning to Shenyang Missing Home, Busy Calling My BrotherChapter 447 Rush to Fanhe to investigate, don't miss the opportunity when it comesChapter 448 Xiaotao Calls for Marriage and Arranges a Wedding Car to Congratulate
Chapter 449Chapter 450 The annoying third aunt appeared, pretending to smile to cater toChapter 451 Reminiscing about childhood fights, turning a leg and being arrogantChapter 452 Thinking of Lao Ya Again, Thinking of That Emotional Sublimation
Chapter 453 The handsome man in the fantasy heart indicates that Yaya is sickChapter 454 Peeping at the tear-jerking diary, knowing that the goddaughter XinfeiChapter 455 Big brother brought back the moon, why did the handsome man comeChapter 456 Fortunately, when I came to a strange place, I lost my way
Chapter 457 Different People Have Different MoodsChapter 458 Hashunger Rili Learns to Drive, Liu Xin Helps Find RelationshipsChapter 459 The police station goes through the formalities, and the director is enthusiastic and helpfulChapter 460 Missing the old lady, the old man went to the grassland to visit
Chapter 461 Meimei fainted on the side of the road, met a good man and was rescuedChapter 462 The crush disappeared for the second time, the handsome man was desperateChapter 463 The crush disappeared again for the second time, and the genius flew around to look for itChapter 464 Kind-hearted husband and wife are warm-hearted, and the crush is sent to the hospital for treatment
Chapter 465 The Doctor Was CuriousChapter 466 Lost in the desert, it is even more difficult to find the way on a rainy nightChapter 467 The Mongolian girl refused, and the talented man caught a cold and had a high feverChapter 468 The old girl was rescued in the hospital, and her family rushed to visit
Chapter 469 The old lady was hospitalized for treatmentChapter 470 Facing a good man from heaven, the Mongolian girl is heartbrokenChapter 471Chapter 472 Zhang Chengyu couldn't sleep, woke up in the middle of the night to look for a phone
Chapter 473 The talented man on the roadside is anxious, Zhang Chengyu calls anxiouslyChapter 474 The wit was sent to the clinic, and the police came to investigateChapter 475 Lao Hai and the Reporter ArriveChapter 476 Leaving the treatment and getting better, I learned the news of the old girl
Chapter 477 Returning to Hohhot in a hurry, all because of thinking about my old ladyChapter 478 Arrange everything immediately, talk about women on the way backChapter 479Chapter 480 Calling to Appease His Wife, Going to the Newspaper Office Just to Thank You
Chapter 481 I went to visit my old lady in the morning and secretly took an IV in the afternoonChapter 482 In order to thank the life-saving grace, I am going to visit my benefactorChapter 483 Take a precious gift and rush to the benefactor's houseChapter 484 Taking Meimei to see the grassland, Meimei relieved her depression
Chapter 485 The handsome man can't leave, the crush is in a daze againChapter 486 The Loved Daughter Called to Complain, and the Witty Changed ItineraryChapter 487 The Daughter Sees Daddy Embarrassed, She Will Never Give Up In This LifeChapter 488
Chapter 489 Checking the Construction SiteChapter 490 Another meal, revisiting that period of tendernessChapter 491 Nasha's Phone Call Touched, Arranged to Move, Peace of MindChapter 492 Wen Biao went home to visit his family, and the whole family had a happy meal
Chapter 493 Long and sunny women's lives, the truth about men's longevityChapter 494 Wen Biao is so happy to make money, his family is envious and blessedChapter 495 A small riddle to guess, in fact there is no answerChapter 496 Seeing that his son has a lot of alcohol, he feels happier and more comfortable
Chapter 497 He is not a big watermelon with a brain on his shouldersChapter 498 Facing her abnormal daughter, there is nothing she can doChapter 499 Consult the big professor again and get photos to enjoyChapter 500 Wen Biao wants to leave after school, godfather and godmother are anxious
Chapter 501 Lu Dalin Calls Again and Meets for a Walk in the GrasslandChapter 502 Going to the Grassland to See UzhinaChapter 503 Secretly leave 20,000 yuan just to thank you for saving your lifeChapter 504 Thanks to the police for sending the pennant, it feels more tiring than giving money
Chapter 505 Lu Dalin almost fell during a small tour of the shepherd's houseChapter 506 It's rare to be happy again, I feel so comfortable when I smileChapter 507 Zhang Mingyun called and wanted to cooperate with YayazhenChapter 508 Hurried to the airport, Zhang Mingyun came to pick him up in person
Chapter 509 I haven't seen any changes for many years, the old chairman said his heartChapter 510 Cooperating to develop the land, Chairman Tu reveals his sincerityChapter 511 The inspection of the plot is over, and the decision to cooperate has not been discussedChapter 512 It starts after signing the contract, everyone is happy to make a profit
Chapter 513 Chairman Tu invests in a software development company, geniusChapter 514 Eat with a real tycoon, be careful and talk lessChapter 515 The students went to Dalian for inspection and talked to each otherChapter 516 Mentioned about those things in my hometown, mentioned that the old girl felt sad
Chapter 517 It is surging in my heart, I feel comfortable all overChapter 518 Going home for dinner and mentioning the car, the daughter is so happy that she can't waitChapter 519 Wife Buys a New CarChapter 520 After listening to your words, I feel charged
Chapter 521 Investigating the old fruit garden, intending to build a meat and poultry processing plantChapter 522 The tragedy of the old fruit garden, I feel so sad when I think of my childhoodChapter 523 Going back to my hometown to visit my parents and invite everyone to a restaurant for dinnerChapter 524 An urgent phone call with Yueyue, talking about returning to the company
Chapter 525 Find a way to arrange in detail, and there is another investment opportunityChapter 526 The hired staff is already in place, arrange the staff to go to ShenzhenChapter 527 Encourage your wife to take on important responsibilities, reluctantly agree to resolve doubtsChapter 528 Secretary Xiong discusses sophistry, highlighting the wisdom of the discussion
Chapter 529 Arrange for my younger brother to go to Shenzhen, pay attention to the Shenzhen projectChapter 530 The pre-war mobilization is really exciting, one sentence brings back memoriesChapter 531 Thinking of the old girl's old house, I want to turn it into a new oneChapter 532 Cleverly arranged for the second sister-in-law to do it, but she was full of nostalgia
Chapter 533 A lot of thoughts on the way back, call to arrange mattersChapter 534 Land Use Approval Documents Come Down Quickly, Arrange for the ProceduresChapter 535 Urgently Invite Liu Gong to Shenyang, Office Building Design BeginsChapter 536 Wen Biao's Personality Is Really Like Me, It's Really a Happy Thing
Chapter 537 My son is so happy to be good, and I sincerely invite Miss XiangChapter 538 Take care of your goddaughter and relieve a concernChapter 539 While looking for Mr. Liu in a hurry, while arranging recruitmentChapter 540 Envying others is useless, making money is the truth
Chapter 541 Call the chairman and relieve your doubtsChapter 542Chapter 543 The candidate for the general manager has not yet been selected, and I feel new pressure in my heartChapter 544 The prairie guy came to apply for the job, the deputy general manager decided immediately
Chapter 545 Everything is arranged properly, the two brothers are talking about their heartsChapter 546 It's hard for a brother and a sister to talk about their thoughtsChapter 547 Bei Daqiao pretends to have a sprained ankle, reliving love and tendernessChapter 548 The best man hasn't chased after him yet, but the girl has already embraced her
Chapter 549 She Started Dressing Up, Just Because She Was GuiltyChapter 550 Emotions are covered by a layer of haze, and I spend my shopping spree with my wifeChapter 551 He Doesn't Feel Painful When He Buys Luxurious Products That Are Broken StonesChapter 552 Finding a Way to Treat His Wife, Cutie Feels Even More Embarrassed
Chapter 553 Suddenly the nanny called, the wife was in a car accident and was hospitalizedChapter 554Chapter 555 I Didn't Expect My Birthday, My Wife Arranged It WellChapter 556 She Started to Hate This Man Because He Still Has a Woman
Chapter 557 She Reminds Him Of Old Girl, He's Really DispleasedChapter 558 Seeing the man I love, he is carrying other women behind his backChapter 559 She smells like another woman, she can't stand it anymoreChapter 560 It feels good to go back to my hometown, but the old girl is shocked when she comes
Chapter 561 Stealing the old girl's store and buying her a mobile phoneChapter 562 I'm so excited about the girl's attack, I'm happy to play on the beachChapter 563 Take a photo to keep him, the silk shirt is coolChapter 564
Chapter 565 Use your brain to subdue the dude, and pay for the silk shirt to apologizeChapter 567 Further contact with friction, the crush has psychological obstaclesChapter 568 Picking up shells to amuse the girls, collecting seashells has a deep meaningChapter 569 Annoyed when the crush leaves, the lemon tea is sour
Chapter 570 Annoyed when the crush leaves, the lemon tea is sourChapter 571 You are happy in Xinghai Park, and you are cared for swimming in the seaChapter 572 Boss's hot and popular song has attracted little rogues to watchChapter 573 The yellow hair is being savage after drinking, so please Brother Hao in a hurry
Chapter 574 Huangmao was drinking and beating people madly, Li Haoge came out to make a rescueChapter 575 Yaya encountered a new problem, and Professor Tan hurriedly sorted it outChapter 576 Enhancing Friendship at the Wine Table, Asking Someone to Help Change ManagementChapter 577 Ask capable people to adjust management and make up their minds to really reform
Chapter 578 Excited to See Famous Brand Clothes, Seek Consultation from a PsychologistChapter 579 Called Master Qiang Tai Chi, Aiming at His Delicate WifeChapter 580 Weak strategies are useless, but tough measures are surprisingly effectiveChapter 581 Learn Tai Chi easily and happily, freeing up the store to be a boxing gym
Chapter 582 The old lady lovesickly, looking at her son hopefulChapter 583 The Aunt Boss is TouchingChapter 584 My Daughter Behaves for a PurposeChapter 585 In order to have fun with my daughter, I hurried back to Shenyang to arrange
Chapter 586 Sending away the beloved daughter to travel, the wife has been chasing her whimsicallyChapter 587 Husband and wife drive on the grassland, want to chase after their beloved daughter and change their mindsChapter 588Chapter 589 There is no one in the old lady's family, so the gifted scholar is puzzled and asks quickly
Chapter 590 Zhang Mingyun Called, The Talented Man Went to Shenzhen With His WifeChapter 591 Chairman Tu talks about wind power, he is urgently planning to build a wind power companyChapter 592 It is difficult to learn wind power knowledge, and I feel tired only when I return homeChapter 593 I have seen a doctor and I know that life is more important than money
Chapter 594 I have to face the reality, it is really difficult to appease my wifeChapter 595 Hu Qin Makes Talented Scholars Nostalgic, Nostalgic For Childhood InnocenceChapter 596 I met Uzhina with emotion, and the grace of saving my life was repaidChapter 597 The milk-flavored cake is still fresh in memory, Uzhina is old
Chapter 598 The Yaya Group has made a big profitChapter 599 The old girl's stubbornness is worrying, and her wish cannot be fulfilledChapter 600 It is easy to start a big company, but it is powerless to change the old girlChapter 601 Going back to Shenyang to appease his wife and try her best to satisfy her request
Chapter 602 Thinking back, it was like a husband and wife, thinking about eating big bonesChapter 603 The old girl is stubborn and troubled, there is no way to make troubleChapter 604 The old lady was confused when she came to visit, the talented man arranged to pick up the old ladyChapter 605 Please ask the second sister-in-law to persuade, I don't know what the effect will be
Chapter 606 The Wife Wants to Make TroubleChapter 607 Accident after accidentChapter 608 Turning a leg and speaking from the heart, the old girl feels more cordialChapter 609 Talents pay off
Chapter 700 Although I didn't agree for a while, but the determination is still thereChapter 701 The software company invites Yueyue, the talented man is really relievedChapter 702 The story has a perfect ending, and the good man will live his life safelyattached! main character list
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