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attached!  main character list

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    Attached!  main character list

    1. Sun Yaocai a nicknamed genius, the hero of this book.

    2. Zhang Weiwei nicknamed Lao Ya, the woman who changed his life and made him regret his life, one of the heroines of this book.

    2. Hashungerili the wife of a gifted scholar. One of the heroines of this book.

    3. Zhang Mingyun a gifted classmate, nicknamed "Skunk" in childhood, and later the general manager of sdb.  A gifted person whose career advances by leaps and bounds.

    4. Old girlZhang Chengyu.

    5. Former captain of the old production team.

    6. Uncle Lao YaWang Jingshun, a teacher at Nuoer Middle School, later blamed himself for Lao Ya's disappearance and got mentally ill.

    7. Wang Weishu the elder brother of my uncle's family opened a Chinese medicine clinic in Beijing.

    8. The mother of the old woman without a detailed description, a woman who suffered from mental illness because of the old woman.

    9. Sun Fuhai a gifted father, the one who silently blesses him all his life.

    10. Sun Fujiang the gifted uncle.

    11. Talented mother a rural woman who has been diligent and frugal all her life.

    12. Gifted grandmaan old man who cares about gifted scholars.

    13. The talented second brotherSun Yaoguangnick name Erguang, was supported by him. Later, the chief of the public security section first returned to his hometown to work and then transferred to Shenyang to become the deputy director of the branch.

    14. Liu Xin Erguang's daughter-in-law, a female police officer.

    15. Sun Yaoyang Nicknamed Sanyang, the third younger brother of a talented man, a person who helps himself solve problems, and the deputy general manager of Yaya Group.

    16. Yang Danfeng Sanyo's daughter-in-law.

    17. Sun YaotaoXiaotaomy uncle's cousin.

    18. Sun Yaojie the cousin of my uncle's family.

    19. The talented third aunt and third uncle Uncle Sun Fuhai's younger sister and brother-in-law.

    3. Liu Shuang Deputy Manager of Yaya Software Development Company.

    21. Zhao Lixin Like Zhang Mingyun, a classmate of Caizi since childhood, he helped Chairman Tu's mother and later grew up under Chairman Tu's cultivation.

    22. Zhao Lixin's wife hot girl.

    23. Zhou Shihai the gifted man's uncle, nicknamed "Three Wai", who he missed, helped him, and gave him a headache.

    24. Zhou Mingming nicknamed Mingming, the younger brother of the talented uncle's family, the person who occasionally contacts and brings him information.

    25. Zhou Yueyue the younger sister of the talented uncle's family, and later married an American software expert.

    26. Morey the beggar, let him recall the pain and the past.

    27. Li Baoshun, Li Haihong's family, who helped him tide over the difficulties on the way back from Guangzhou.

    28. Fat woman Daming, Ge Lirong, a woman who allowed her to stay in Shenyang and gave her infinite love.  A woman who has benefited her all her life.  unforgettable woman

    29. Brother Fat Po Ge Liquan, the leader of the People's Public Security Bureau who has greatly helped him.

    30. Zhang Ping Aunt Zhang, a fellow of the talented man, a woman who has also helped the talented man.

    31. The daughter of the fat woman Qianqian, the woman who made him bitter and regretful, later went abroad with the fat woman.

    32. Fat woman's fatherthe person who helped him.

    33. Wang Kaixian old worker and old leader who worked before the founding of the People's Republic of China.

    34. Wang Minghai Chunming's secretary, director of a chemical plant, Chunming's leader, a conservative business leader.

    35. Tu LinhaiMr. TuThe later Chairman Tu, the founder of sdb, is a talented person who has achieved second glory.

    36. Xu Lei Nicknamed Lightning, he was later the director of the District Public Security Bureau, a police friend who benefited him all his life but had nothing to ask for.

    37. Ma Weiguoan educated youth who went to the countryside with Xu Leinicknamed Fatty, a leader in the early stage, a partner in the middle stage, and a competitor in the late stage.

    38. Lao Guo, the leader of the bricklayer squad, is a person who passes by in a flash, but an unforgettable person.

    39. Li Renwu Nicknamed Sickle, who helped talented people throughout their lives, and later the company's director and deputy general manager.

    40. Lu Dalin Fat Po's classmate, the person who made him have the first pot of gold, the person who made him enter the career, the founder, and the later best friend.

    41. AizhiLu Dalin's wife, general manager of Shenyang Yaya Hotel.

    42. Lao Hai Yun Baohai, talented driver and best friend.

    43. Baihashangerilehashungurili's younger sister.

    44. Chaogedligen Hasun Gurili's younger brother.

    45. Tegus Biligthe father of Hashun Gu Rili.

    46???Su Yalatuhashungerili's uncle.

    47. Li SuyunHashun Gu Rili's mother.

    48. Hashun Gu Rili's grandfather and grandma

    49. Lao Chen the founder who helped him build his business, the founder of Yaya, the manager of Yaya, and later fell ill.

    50. Wu Sha Pavilion The business manager hired by Yaya was later divorced because of her husband's cheating.

    51. Grandma Gao an old man whom the wit visits almost every year.

    52. Grandpa Rabbit surnamed Zhang, the guide who led the talented man into Shagouzi.

    53. Li JingmeiXiaomei, Sickle's sister, the lover in the hearts of wits.

    55. Chief Miaothe chief of the sales department of Wushushan Coal Mine Company.

    56. Zhao Zhenghuaithe head of the glasses departmentthe leader of the talented man's career, and the manager of the company in the later stage.  The person who was dismissed due to Zhou Haishan's accident, and later made a Hummer credit for him.

    57. Section chief Zou the section chief of the Chunming Engineering Section who replaced the eye section chief.

    58. Professor TanProfessor of economics, one of the think tanks for the later development of wits.

    59. Professor Sunan expert in breeding, one of the good teachers and helpful friends in the later development.

    60. Liu Baiying Nicknamed Ergui, Erguizi.  The manager of the beer wholesale point who started the business at first, and later the competitor.

    61. Liu Xiaohong the wife of Sickle.

    62. Accountant Lao Li, the old accountant of the beer wholesale point.

    63. Zhou Guangrenthe manager of the breeding company later.

    64. Wang Yue'eZhou Guangren's wife, a daring and aggressive woman, helped the talented man resolve many conflicts. Later, the head of the women's department of the company was the woman who invited the talented man into his urn several times.

    65. Zhou Haishan a worker who died in an accident at the Chunming construction site.  A person who is responsible for the living expenses of his parents, wife and children every year.

    66. Li XiujuanZhou Haishan's wife, she has been cleaning the gifted scholars since then, and is responsible for managing the real estate.

    67. Zhou WenbiaoWen Biao, Zhou Haishan¡¯s son, godson of a gifted scholar, was later taken to Shenyang by a gifted scholar. He went to elementary school, junior high school, and later was admitted to a key middle school in Shenyang, and then to Peking University.

    68. Sun Nasha nicknamed Nasha, gifted and precious daughter.

    69. Sun Yuhao the son of a talented man.

    70. Li BingbingActivist, gifted student.

    71. Liu Deinjured in an accident at the construction site in Chunming.

    72. Li BinBrother Bin, a local gangster in Chifeng at that time, the son of the District Public Security Bureau Chief, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for kidnapping a gifted scholar.

    73. Zhao Yajuan the younger sister of Xu Lei's classmate, they met at first glance, and the later chance encounter changed the relationship between the two. She became the secret lover of Caizi, the lover who wanted to give birth to a child for Caizi, and made him feel another kind of love.  , broke up after a few years.

    74. You Jingxiang the god-sister of the gifted scholar, Li Jingmei's classmate, had a relationship with Erguang for a while, and later married in Hainan.

    75. Cai Yaodong Cai Zi's junior high school classmate, an ordinary policeman.  Later changed to one.  Formal policeman, humorous and forthright, the instructor of the later police station.

    76. An LeiGrandma Gao's grandson.  General Manager of Yaya Group and Manager of Yaya Real Estate Development Company.

    77. Master LiuTai Chi coach.

    78. Tegus the son-in-law of Grandpa Rabbit, later met reporter Heierdun Bliger by going to his home.

    79. Haier Dunbilig Haier Reporter for Grassland Story.

    80. Xirager is cold Lao Ya's silly husband.

    81. Boss is old and cold, the old girl's daughter, the goddaughter of a gifted scholar.

    82. Zhang Siqin Bili the son of my grandma.

    83. Wuyun Qiqige Lao Ya's uncle and sister-in-law, the kind Mongolian woman who saved Lao Ya's life.

    84. Liu Xuan, deputy manager of sdb real estate development company, made occasional statements.  Later sdb real estate manager.

    85. Yang Weishan Shanlizi Village

    86. Professor Zhao Psychotherapist of Shengjing Hospital.

    87. Professor LiuMedical plastic surgery expert of Shengjing Hospital

    88. Li Xiangthe wife and niece of An Zhanyi (the older one), a student of the Agricultural University.

    89. Sun Deshan the childhood playmate of the wit, who was nicknamed "Break the Leg", was also one of the wits who fought with the wit.

    90. Hailifuthe middle-aged man who saved the old lady.

    91. Huda Gula Hailifu's wife, the person who saved Laoya's life after her disappearance for the second time.

    92. Uzhinathe Mongolian woman who saved the life of a genius.

    93. Mark Smith the husband of Yueyue America.  (Remember the site URL:

    92. Uzhinathe Mongolian woman who saved the life of a genius.

    93. Mark Smith the husband of Yueyue America.  (Remember the site URL:
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