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you have seen him Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 First SightChapter 2 AuditionChapter 3 Male OneChapter 4 Reading Around
Chapter 5Chapter 6 ReverieChapter 7 Goji BerryChapter 8 The Illusion
Chapter 9 FireChapter 10 BoilingChapter 11 Out of ControlChapter 12 Crushed Ice
Chapter 13 ExtinctionChapter 14 CapitalChapter 15 DisgustChapter 16 Screenwriter
Chapter 17Chapter 18 MisfortuneChapter 19 ExchangeChapter 20 Turn around
Chapter 21 BloomingChapter 22 Night ScentChapter 23 Heart GrindingChapter 24 Single Parent
Chapter 25 DirtyChapter 26 Thin WaistChapter 27 Ex-wifeChapter 28 Game
Chapter 29 ProvokeChapter 30 LabelsChapter 31 WushanChapter 35 Asking for leave (Refresh tomorrow)
Chapter 32Chapter 33Chapter 34 PaparazziChapter 36 The Family
Chapter 37 FireChapter 38 Special day, stop changingChapter 39 FireworksChapter 40
Chapter 41 Hot PotChapter 42 SeriousChapter 43 NightChapter 44
Chapter 45 FoxChapter 46Chapter 47 Asking for leave (The editor greatly set the release date wrongly)Chapter 48 Orchid (two more)
Chapter 49 - Mrs. QiChapter 50 Asking for leave (I'm sick, please don't subscribe to this chapter)Chapter 51 VigorousChapter 52
Chapter 53 DelusionChapter 54Chapter 55 Missing YouChapter 56 Two Nights
Chapter 57Chapter 58Chapter 59 CornChapter 60 Mud
Chapter 61 InfatuationChapter 62 FairyChapter 63 LightChapter 64 Big Melon
Chapter 65Chapter 66 Refresh TomorrowChapter 67 DevilChapter 68
Chapter 69 AccompanyingChapter 70 Fish and WaterChapter 71Chapter 72
Chapter 73Chapter 74 DeceptionChapter 75 Peking OperaChapter 76 Elder Song
Chapter 77Chapter 78Chapter 79 Dark FragranceChapter 80
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