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Chapter 80

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    The time-travel romance drama aired at the end of summer, and Song Xiaolan lived up to expectations and became popular.  Within a month, it landed on the hot search list seven times in a row, instantly becoming a hot new traffic.

    Commercial endorsements and variety shows extended olive branches to Song Xiaolan one after another.

    Zhao Yi looked at the data and could only admit defeat.  There is no wrong choice, and it is also useful to compromise with the market.

    Zhao Yi was originally excellent, and people in the industry are well-known, but now this kind of fast-food style work following the trend is also shot so well. Creators have contributed to the studio one after another. Overnight, the studio received scripts that they had received in the past.  three times.

    Previously, everyone was worried about the impact of the mistress incident on the studio. As a result, netizens lost their memories and stopped talking about "Zhao Yi getting out of the movie circle" and other topics.

    It was Song Xiaolan who saved them.

    After becoming popular, Song Xiaolan's schedule was very full, and the time when the two met was like a dry sponge, unable to squeeze out any water.

    Zhao Yi thought it would be better if they didn't meet each other, so that she would not be discovered by Sister Hua, which would save a lot of trouble.  The new drama is the subject she wants to shoot, and she needs more energy to invest.


    Luo Keke walked into Zhao Yi's office with the repaired script.

    "I read it several times, no matter how I look at it, I feel that this story is similar to Farewell My Concubine!"

    Zhao Yi raised her eyebrows slightly, "Huh? Is there any?" She took over the script.

    Rococo stood beside her and said very directly: "I am worried that the audience will say that we plagiarized."

    Zhao Yi: "That's not bad. Farewell My Concubine is already the pinnacle of Peking opera in the Republic of China. If you say plagiarism, then all the later works are plagiarized."

    Rococo has always listened to Zhao Yi and stopped arguing.

    Zhao Yi put down the script, took a photo from the board and handed it to Rococo: "You came just in time, let him be the number one male!"

    "Ah? Didn't you say you want to use Fu Xiaohan?"

    "This Can we afford Song Xiaolan?"

    Zhao Yi smiled, "How do you know you can't afford it if you don't try?"


    Zhao Yi came home with the script, took a shower, and lay lazily on the sofa before her hair was dry.  The orange light of the floor lamp shone on her, and her whole body exuded a cozy and relaxed charm.  The moonlight outside the window was getting stronger, and she gradually fell asleep with her wet hair.

    She hasn't seen Song Xiaolan for two months.  At first, I missed him very much, but then I gradually stopped thinking about him.  Why should you think about it? It's just a fast-food style love.  She knows that Song Xiaolan is very popular now, the show will be scheduled until the end of next year, business endorsements can be seen everywhere, and the Weibo hot search is always there. She doesn't want to see the news about sending Xiaolan off.  uncomfortable.

    The moonlight quietly enters the clouds, the city returns to silence, everything is quiet, and a short sleep program starts.

    Zhao Yi slept deeply, and when Song Xiaolan came back, she didn't wake up.

    Song Xiaolan came in with a night snack, saw that she was asleep, put down the night snack, and prepared to carry her into the bedroom.  When she lowered her head, she saw her wet hair, her brows were tightly frowned, and she turned and went into the bathroom to get the hair dryer.

    Zhao Yi turned over and threw the books on her chest on the ground, making a slight sound.

    Song Xiaolan thought she was awake, so she hurried over and took a closer look, she was still asleep.  He sat on the carpet and began to blow Zhao Yi's hair.  His movements are very light, and the hair dryer is basically silent.  Straight strands of hair, like strands of thread, wound around Song Xiaolan's heart.

    I haven't seen each other for two months, whoever thinks more, it must be Song Xiaolan who has more.  He held Zhao Yi's hair in his palm, and the cold hair was gradually warmed up, like his warm heart, which could warm Zhao Yi's heart.

    Zhao Yi's face was facing Song Xiaolan, she was nervous even when she fell asleep, her brows were slightly frowned, as if she was having a very serious dream.  She was nervous, and Song Xiaolan was also nervous, reaching out to touch the center of her brows, probably because the skin touched the warmth, the frowning brows naturally relaxed.

    Zhao Yi woke up in a daze, Song Xiaolan's face came into her eyes, she thought her eyes were blurred, she closed her eyes and sighed softly, she said to herself: "I'm crazy, I'm starting to hallucinate  "

    Song Xiaolan put away the hair dryer and looked at Zhao Yi quietly.

    Zhao Yi opened her eyes again, stared at Song Xiaolan's face for a while, and then directly pinched it with her hands. It was real, warm and smooth.  She laughed and reached out for a hug.

    Song Xiaolan was a little tired at first, but when he saw Zhao Yi smiling, a flower grew in his heart, and he leaned forward, letting Zhao Yi hold him.

    "Why did you fall asleep with wet hair"

    The moment Zhao Yi hugged Song Xiaolan, the sense of satisfaction made her feel sleepy again, and she lay on Song Xiaolan's shoulder.

    "Ah I forgot. ???

    Song Xiaolan was stunned for a while, thinking that she must be too tired to forget, and felt distressed, so she let her hug her for a while.

    Zhao Yi's eyes turned red, because the kind of peace of mind and contentment in her heart was not like her.  She never expected that she liked Song Xiaolan more than she imagined, and even relied on him.

    She is a little greedy.

    "I miss you¡­¡­"

    The four words, as light as flying mosquitoes, hit Song Xiaolan's heart word by word.

    This is the first time she has said such a thing on her own initiative, she needs him.  (Remember the site URL:
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