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long-cherished wish of a jug of wine Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Qingyun ResidenceChapter 2 WishChapter 3 DismissalChapter 4 Ambush
Chapter 5Chapter 6 Early Morning TalkChapter 7 Regeneration DoubtChapter 8
Chapter 9 Meeting the Assassin AgainChapter 10 Meeting the Holy One for the First TimeChapter 11 Mutual HelpChapter 12 Meeting the mistress
Chapter 13 The DemonChapter 14 The Third Wave of AssassinsChapter 15 Returning to the HouseChapter 16 Drunk
Chapter 17: Going to the Banquet (1)Chapter 18: Going to the Banquet (2)Chapter 19: Hongmen Banquet (1)Chapter 20 Hongmen Banquet (2)
Chapter 21Chapter 22 Entering the PalaceChapter 23 The Second Interview (1)Chapter 24 The Second Interview (2)
Chapter 25 The Second Interview (3)Chapter 26 The Long RoadChapter 27 Yuehua PalaceChapter 28 Finding a Needle in a Haystack
Chapter 29 I'm HungryChapter 30 MasterChapter 31 The Fox Is LostChapter 32 Concubine Ling
Chapter 33 The Empress Is InvitingChapter 34 Changle PalaceChapter 35Chapter 36
Chapter 37 The Unreasonable EmpressChapter 38Chapter 39 The Emperor's JokeChapter 40 The Emperor's Reverse Scale
Chapter 41 Pretend to be a ghostChapter 42 The Empress of Yuehua PalaceChapter 43 The Empress DowagerChapter 44 Guessing
Chapter 45 The Missing PersonChapter 46 Fuliu disappearsChapter 47 You are the prince!Chapter 48
Chapter 49 PreparationChapter 50 Pretend to be a ghostChapter 51 My PlanChapter 52 The Scapegoat
Chapter 53 Tongue Cut OutChapter 54 Visiting Prime Minister LinChapter 55 Money?Chapter 56 Divorce
Chapter 57Chapter 58 Lin Wanning's KeyChapter 59Chapter 60 The Jade Pendant Bewitched
Chapter 61 TaoistChapter 62 Shocking Secret!Chapter 63 TransformationChapter 64 The truth about the assassination
Chapter 65 KillingChapter 66Chapter 67 The EndChapter 68 The Second List
Chapter 69Chapter 70 The Mistress of the Qiao FamilyChapter 71 Successful Check-InChapter 72 Meeting the Fox Again
Chapter 73 Blind date? !Chapter 74 Why Don't You Cherish ItChapter 75 Floating LifeChapter 76 Good-looking vixen
Chapter 77Chapter 78 Meeting the Hooligans for the First TimeChapter 79 TrainingChapter 80 The Dog Bites Lu Dongbin
Chapter 81Chapter 82 EscapeChapter 83Chapter 84 Pinellia Married
Chapter 85Chapter 86 MarriedChapter 87 Big OolongChapter 88 Back to the Mountain
Chapter 89Chapter 90 My MasterChapter 91 The son-in-law meets his father-in-lawChapter 92 I Should Go
Chapter 93Chapter 94Chapter 95 BattleChapter 96 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 97 My Master's NameChapter 98Chapter 99 Ring BraceletChapter 100
Chapter 101 DraftChapter 102 Entering the palace for the first timeChapter 103Chapter 104 I'm so mad
Chapter 105 StealingChapter 106 Reunion of old friendsChapter 107Chapter 108: Three poles in the sun
Chapter 109Chapter 110 Emperor? !Chapter 111 I am now a wifeChapter 112
Chapter 113 Let's Get MarriedChapter 114 SubstitutesChapter 115 Why can't you tolerate meChapter 116 Endangering all beings in the Three Realms
Chapter 117 Master is with youChapter 118Chapter 119 She's a Demon!Chapter 120 Emotion
Chapter 121 I Won't Let You DieChapter 122 Unrepayable FeelingsChapter 123 Master's long-cherished wishChapter 124 I still saw it
Chapter 125 IncidentChapter 126 You Are the One Who Wants to Kill Me!Chapter 127Chapter 128
Chapter 129 Someone help me?Chapter 130 A Moment of BeautyChapter 131 Night Exploration of the Hall of StarsChapter 132: The True Monarch Begging for Drinks
Chapter 133 Again!Chapter 134 Thank you for being lateChapter 135 Where is the abyssChapter 136 Mystery Hall
Chapter 137 Brew Me WineChapter 138 Repaying GratitudeChapter 139 Flower FieldChapter 140 Deception
Chapter 141 Eye StoneChapter 142Chapter 143Chapter 144 Two Big Men Arguing
Chapter 145 The wine bottle is brokenChapter 146 My MasterChapter 147 Gentle True Monarch? ? ?Chapter 148 I Want Power
Chapter 149 The Loose SealChapter 150 Re-entering the Hall of MysteriesChapter 151Chapter 152 Should I find someone to be buried with me?
Chapter 153 My master is goneChapter 154 MissingChapter 155 Kidnapping Lord XingChapter 156
Chapter 157Chapter 158Chapter 159Chapter 160
Chapter 161Chapter 162Chapter 163Chapter 164
Chapter 165Chapter 166Chapter 167Chapter 168
Chapter 169Chapter 170Chapter 171Chapter 172
Chapter 173Chapter 174 Ending Chapter (No Spoiler)  
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