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Chapter 174 Ending Chapter (No Spoiler)

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    The boy looked at the man with a hippie smile in front of him.

    "Hmm Peach Blossom Brew." The young man opened his mouth and said.

    "Well, peach blossom wine, that was Mo Yan Zhenjun's favorite back then." Si Chen said with a smile, and then went to the back to bring the pot of warm wine to serve.

    "Zhenjun Mo Yan?"

    "That guy is Mensao. If it wasn't for him, I would have married Yanyi long ago, and we wouldn't be on our own side. Or if I'm alive, she doesn't even have a soul."  Si Chen sighed.

    "You and Yanyi? Are you Sichen?" The boy thought of Mr. Bai Ri's story, which was the only story he could hear.

    "Yes, I am the former Qingqiu Emperor Sichen." Sichen said with a smile.

    "Why, if she didn't have the heart, why would she give up on herself to save Zhenjun Mo Yan? Doesn't this mean that she loves Zhenjun Mo Yan?" The young man was a little anxious.

    "What does it matter who she loves? Neither of us saved her." Si Chen took a sip of wine and walked to the locust tree in the back. It contained the memories of many people, including Li Yan.  one.

    "So she is so beautiful." The boy looked at her in the picture and said.

    "She used to love to laugh and play." Si Chen said with a smile.

    "That's you, you're kissing her? You're so beastly!" The young man saw the painting, she lay drunk and fell asleep on the branch of the locust tree, the wine bottle in her hand slipped off, and there were tears in the corners of her eyes, Si Chen was at this moment  Appeared and kissed her.

    "I was giving her all my aura, otherwise how could she last so long in Heaven."

    "You are a beast, no need to explain."

    "Hmph, she was originally the wife I married in eight palanquins!"

    "Didn't you get robbed halfway!"

    Si Chen looked at him and said with a smile, "I remember."

    The boy recalled these things slowly, and instantly became sad, "Yanyi is gone"

    "She is here, she is in your soul, take care of yourself and don't let her down." Si Chen said with a smile.

    Mo Yan looked at the locust tree, and now there is no formation under it, and he did not continue to collect those souls, but only the happy and beautiful memories of those who had to fulfill their wishes.

    "How did you come up with the idea of ??opening a tavern here?"

    "I want to see what it's like to see a place where a demon king becomes flesh and blood, and it feels good." Si Chen smiled and clinked a glass for him.

    "Sometimes I think, why not just let her be by my side all the time, without collecting any souls, that's all." Mo Yan said with a smile.

    "She has an incomplete soul, and she won't live to be twenty years old." Si Chen said, "You have gone through the reincarnation of these lives, and now that you have cleared your evil barriers, you can cultivate immortality again. Do you want to"

    Mo Yan shook his head, "Yanyi has never liked that place all her life. Since I have her soul with me, I can't make her unhappy anymore. He likes to wander around the world, so I will accompany her all over the world."

    "Okay, come to Qingyunju when you have time." Si Chen said with a smile.

    "When I go back today, I will lose my memory. How can I still remember you, Qingyunju?"

    "That's right, I'll just call you over next time I'm bored."

    "You're still so boring and childish if you don't become Emperor Qingqiu."

    "The wine I make is no worse than yours. Does his current emperor dare to provoke me?"

    "Yes, you are amazing." Mo Yan said with a smile.

    The two of them were very drunk, but they still did not forget to send him back.

    A certain mansion

    "What's the matter, young master? How did you become so drunk?"

    "I didn't drink any alcohol, why why did I get drunk?"

    "Doctor, doctor, is my son suffering from something evil?" Mo Yan's human mother asked anxiously.

    "Young master must have drunk secretly, just give him some hangover soup." The doctor said with a smile.

    "My son doesn't have the habit of drinking, how could he drink?!" The lady stood up anxiously and grabbed his collar and yelled.

    "Ma'am! Ma'am! My son has grown up too, so it's normal!" The master came over and pulled them away, "The doctor is frightened, come and send the doctor out quickly, and you all go out too."

    "Yes." Only the husband and wife and the drunk young master were left in the room.

    The little boy kept mumbling something

    "Yanyi Yanyi" (Remember this website URL:
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