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Da Bong beats up people Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Prison DisasterChapter 2 Monsters at workChapter 3 The world of Xianxia can also reasonChapter 4 Time to perform real techniques
Chapter 5 Solving the PuzzleChapter 6 The Confused Second UncleChapter 8 Girl, what are you doing for brother?Chapter 9 The Runaway Aunt
Chapter 10 County Government Murder CaseChapter 11 FishingChapter 12 One-shot operation is as fierce as a tigerChapter 13 Interrogation
Chapter 14 Psychological GameChapter 15 The Invariable Bad Roots of Human Beings Throughout the AgesChapter 16 Xu Qi'an's DiaryChapter 17 Everyday Auntie
Chapter 18 Taking My Girl For ShoppingChapter 19 The Farewell PoemChapter 20 Half Que and Seven Laws Shocked the Great ConfucianismChapter 21
Chapter 22Chapter 23Chapter 24 The Blue BookChapter 25 Rescue
Chapter 26 VirtueChapter 27: Mention (Part 1)Chapter 28: Slap me to death as an ant (second update)Chapter 29 Farewell to the old days, big brother treats you well (addition for leader Li Peiyun)
Chapter 30 ChemistryChapter 31 This is not wool, this is equivalent exchangeChapter 32Chapter 33 I stand in the strong wind
Chapter 34 Xu Lingyue: I must repay my elder brother well in this lifeChapter 35Chapter 36 The TroublemakerChapter 37 Encouraging Learning
Chapter 38 PoetryChapter 39 That Xu Pingzhi is not a son of manChapter 40 BattleChapter 41 The poetic talent of a subordinate official
Chapter 42 Yasheng and his wifeChapter 43 InscriptionChapter 44Chapter 45 Big brother is really annoying
Chapter 46 Buying JewelryChapter 47 Auntie's daily angerChapter 48 Aunt: Hmph, the little bastard still has a conscienceChapter 49 Social Death
Chapter 50: Throwing the PotChapter 51Chapter 52Chapter 53 I copied poems for the sake of trading, not vulgar pretense
Chapter 54Chapter 55Chapter 56 The Core of the PlanChapter 57 Kidnapping
Chapter 58Chapter 59 This Child Is Too Difficult, I Can't Teach ItChapter 60Chapter 61
Chapter 62 Qualification TestChapter 63 Xu Qi'an: I Still Have a Chance to RescueChapter 64 Major Practice SystemsChapter 65 Peerless Genius? !
Chapter 66 Emergency MissionChapter 67 Case AnalysisChapter 68 MineChapter 69 Shooting with the magic pen
Chapter 70 Xu Qi'an: I'm Going to Jiaofang Secretary for a RevengeChapter 71 Weird Information (addition for the leader "Shixiu")Chapter 72 Daoist DizongChapter 73 Thriller
Chapter 74Chapter 75 Spear IntentChapter 76 Night PartyChapter 77
Chapter 78Chapter 79 The Benefits of Being Backed by an OrganizationChapter 80 - Heaven and Earth SlashedChapter 81 What does the green light represent
Chapter 82 EmergencyChapter 83 The rescue planChapter 84 Tiandihui finally has Confucian studentsChapter 85
Chapter 86 A Mature Double AgentChapter 87 I just want to be a quiet and handsome manChapter 88 PresumptuousChapter 89
Chapter 90 Mr. Xu gives a lectureChapter 91Chapter 92 The Gift of the SuperintendentChapter 93
Chapter 94 Murder CaseChapter 95 SangboChapter 96 Ancestral Worship CeremonyChapter 97
Chapter 98 TestimonialsChapter 99 The Unknown SecretChapter 100 Information SharingChapter 101
Chapter 102Chapter 103 Something Greater Than LifeReport the results and ask for a monthly ticket.Chapter 104 Cut in Half
Chapter 105 Xu Cijiu: No matter what, I have to save Big BrotherChapter 106 ExplosionLetter of Appreciation from the Silver LeagueChapter 107 Recommendation
Chapter 108Chapter 109 Hosting OfficerChapter 110 Making things difficultChapter 111 I will solve the case that the Ministry of Criminal Justice cannot solve
Chapter 112 Locking up the suspectChapter 113 The clue is brokenChapter 114Chapter 115
Chapter 116 The Secret Five Hundred Years AgoChapter 117Chapter 118: The Sealed Artifact Under SangboChapter 119
Chapter 120 Three elements of social interactionChapter 121 Impromptu PoetryChapter 122 Spirit BeastChapter 123 Princess Lin'an Summons
Chapter 124 The Forces Involved in the Sangbo CaseChapter 125 Qinglong TempleChapter 126 SecretChapter 127 Calling the Eldest Princess
Chapter 128 Huaiqing: Lin'an and I, you can only choose oneChapter 129Chapter 130 FearChapter 131 Xu Qi'an: Auntie, do you want to smack your face with gold or satin?
Chapter 132 Getting Rich OvernightChapter 133 Night TalkChapter 134 Gu ClanChapter 135 Plastic Father-Son Love
Chapter 136 MummyChapter 137 The TruthChapter 138 The Female Imperial TeacherChapter 139 Honor King
Chapter 140 The Next VictimChapter 141 Henghui AppearsChapter 142 The Depressed Golden GongsChapter 143 Questions and Answers (addition for the leader "Brother Peiqian")
Chapter 144 Nine Yin ScripturesChapter 145 BansheeChapter 146 Yang QianhuanChapter 147 Junior Brother Wants to Ask You Something
Chapter 148 The Biography of Priest JinlianChapter 149 Story (1) Adding updates to the leader "Neil_LY"Chapter 150 Story (2)Chapter 151 Waiting for the result
Chapter 152 Two Secret Letterswrite a summaryChapter 153 Shenhou and Keeping SecretsChapter 154 Interrogating Hengyuan
Chapter 155: Person No. 3 collapsed? (Add more changes for the leader "Wangcai i7")Chapter 156 The embankment of a thousand miles was destroyed by an ant nestChapter 157 The Goddess of WarChapter 158 The Truth Comes Out
Chapter 159: Gift of PoetryChapter 160 The Straight Steel Man Li YuchunChapter 161 The Long-lost DiaryChapter 162 Buying a house
Chapter 163: Dawei TianlongChapter 164Chapter 165 Big caseChapter 166 The Opportunity for a Comeback
Chapter 167 Xu Qi'an Without FlawsChapter 168 Taking My Sister and Aunt To The New HouseChapter 169 Tiandihui Internal Discussions (addition for "_white_")Chapter 170 Making the Simple Essence of Chicken
Chapter 171 Don't Borrow, Get Out...Chapter 172 Lion's RoarChapter 173 There is no one like me in this worldChapter 174 The House is Haunted
Chapter 175 Identity Exposure CrisisChapter 176 Essence of ChickenChapter 177 Telling a StoryChapter 178
Chapter 179 Be low-keyChapter 180 Leaving BeijingChapter 181 Xu Erlang: I have no familyChapter 182 Group Chat
Update later.Chapter 183 The Identity of Number One?Chapter 184 Bloody LightChapter 185 Inspection Barge
End of month summaryChapter 186Chapter 187 ReasoningChapter 188 Missing
Chapter 189 An old man from Qingzhou?Chapter 190 This little adult is...Chapter 191 A Poem Surprises Four PeopleChapter 192 Xu Qi'an's Seven Letters
Chapter 193 Killing the EnemyChapter 194 SurvivorChapter 195 Stupid Lin'an is also usefulChapter 196 This is the government office
Chapter 197 Case AnalysisChapter 198 Unraveling the MysteryChapter 199 Another BrainstormChapter 200 Dinner and Loquat
Chapter 201 Question No. 2Chapter 202 Number Four: I have deduced the true identity of Number ThreeChapter 203 SeduceChapter 204 Oh, Woman
single chapter bookChapter 205 InterrogationChapter 206: Aftermath of the InscriptionChapter 207
Chapter 208 Xu Qi'an: Princesses should receive my ambiguous text messages soonChapter 209 LetterChapter 210 Dog Meat ShopChapter 211 The person who needs to tie the bell to untie the bell
Chapter 212 Social DeathChapter 213 ReturnChapter 214 Arresting CriminalsChapter 215 Xu Qi'an: I Didn't Do It
Chapter 216 SurpriseChapter 217 ConfusedChapter 218 DreamlandChapter 219 No. 2, Well done
Chapter 220 Xu Qi'an: I'm CoolChapter 221 Trust Between PeopleChapter 223 Consolation and Turning Out (Big Chapter)Chapter 224
Chapter 225 Suicide in Fear of CrimeChapter 226 Xu Qi'an's Helpless ActionChapter 227 The Dream Witch AppearsChapter 228 Xu Qi'an sacrificed (three chapters in one)
Chapter 229 Recovery on the Spring Festival Day (8000-word chapter)Chapter 230 Replies from the spare tiressay hi.Chapter 231 Pensions (end of this volume)
Chapter 232: The Gift of the SupervisorChapter 233 Defrauding the CorpseBelated epilogue wrap-up and updated question.Chapter 234 Reborn
Chapter 235 Please Your Majesty Give DeathChapter 236 Hengyuan: Number three, I already knew your true identity a long time agoChapter 237 AutopsyChapter 238 Meeting the Prince
Chapter 239 The scene of the crimeChapter 240: A Major Breakthrough in the CaseChapter 241 Xu Pingzhi: You two wait for meChapter 242 Xu Lingyin's Anger
Chapter 243 Xu Lingyin: Daguo, am I your little heart (Dazhang asks for a monthly ticket)Chapter 244 Wei Yuan's ShockChapter 245 Female CorpseChapter 246 Huang Xiaorou
Chapter 247 Daoist Jinlian: Push Xu Qi'an to take the blameChapter 248 Heart SwordChapter 249 AssassinatedChapter 250: Court Meeting
Chapter 251 BrainstormingChapter 252 General medical knowledgeChapter 254Chapter 255 No Lie
Chapter 256Chapter 257 Xu Qi'an: I've Done Merit AgainChapter 258 InquiryChapter 259
Chapter 260 Leaving the capitalChapter 261 The ProphetChapter 262 Guessing the questionChapter 263 Two Poems
Chapter 264 Xu New Year: I Always Encountered Crazy TodayChapter 265 Number Four: Both Brothers Are TalentedChapter 266Chapter 267 Chu Yuanzhen: Do I need to retreat?
Chapter 268: Xu Qi'an's Unique SkillChapter 269 No. 5's LetterChapter 271 The End of SpringChapter 272 Princess Lin'an's life is in critical condition
Chapter 273Chapter 274 Challenging the Silver GongChapter 275 The Female ThiefChapter 276: Someone Else
Enjoyable single chapter time.Chapter 277 RedemptionChapter 278 Tool Man Zhong LiChapter 279
280 Chapter 280 Reluctant to cut off your headChapter 281 PoetryChapter 282 Buddha Lightsingle chapter book
Chapter 283 Li Yuchun's Lifelong EnemyChapter 284 Master, Take CareChapter 285 Questions and AnswersChapter 286 King Kong Undefeated
Chapter 287 Buddhist Dharma (6,000-character chapter)Chapter 288 Vajra's Angry EyesChapter 289: The Deal Five Hundred Years AgoChapter 290 Borrower
Chapter 291 Is this a relative's child?Chapter 292 High-profile admission (big chapter for subscription)Update after midnight, write a big chapterChapter 293 Power of All Beings
Chapter 294 Zen MachineChapter 295 Mahayana BuddhismChapter 296 New School of ThoughtChapter 297 Don't Kneel
Chapter 299 Two ConversationsChapter 300 Dan Shu Iron VoucherChapter 301Chapter 302 Intrigue (big chapter)
Chapter 303 Strict self-discipline (big chapter)Chapter 304 Terrible MisfortuneChapter 305 Reassuring teammates (8000 words chapter)Chapter 306 In the Tomb
Chapter 307 Maze and ReunionChapter 308 WeirdChapter 309 You are hereChapter 310 Surprise! The Lord of the Tomb Appears
Chapter 311 The Immortal BodyChapter 312 Too much information, my brain crashedChapter 313Chapter 314
Chapter 315 Can Xu Cijiu Compose Poetry? Pooh!Chapter 316: Imperial Examination FraudChapter 317: MethodChapter 318 How to Break the Game? (8000 word chapter)
Chapter 319 Aunt and Ms. Wang's fight in the airChapter 320: The Man Behind the Surface (Da Chapter)Chapter 321Chapter 322
Chapter 323 Fulfilling the PromiseChapter 324: PitChapter 325 Li Miaozhen Enters BeijingChapter 326 Susu: Kid, I'm a ghost
Chapter 327 The Identity of the CorpseChapter 328 Su family's pastChapter 329 Palace ExaminationChapter 330 War Letter
Chapter 331 Xu Qi'an: Nobody Can Squeeze My WoolChapter 332 He's ComingChapter 333: A Little AccomplishmentChapter 334 Unexpected Means
Chapter 335 ReturnChapter 336 ProblemChapter 337 First SightChapter 338 Grass Snake Gray Line
Chapter 339Chapter 340 He is almost done?Chapter 341 Visiting the Sitian SupervisorChapter 342 Life Alchemy
Chapter 343 Appointment by the Imperial CourtChapter 344 NorthboundChapter 345 Cleaning the ToiletChapter 346: Draw the Sword
Chapter 347 Night TalkChapter 348 Analyzing the Reasons for the Princess to AccompanyChapter 349 AmbushChapter 350 Who will save me
Chapter 351 Escape PlanChapter 352: Godly and Powerful Xu YinluoChapter 353 Xu Qi'an's PlanChapter 354 Princess' Secret
Chapter 355Chapter 356 The Mission Arrives at the Northern TerritoryChapter 357 Inquiry MissionChapter 358
Chapter 359 Sanhuang CountyChapter 360 An ZiSummary of AugustChapter 361: Xu Qian's Killing Plan
Chapter 362: It's All LiesChapter 363: The Real MurdererChapter 364 I like him very muchChapter 365: Demon Army Crossing the Border
Chapter 366 White Horse Silver Spear Li MiaozhenChapter 367 ComplicatedChapter 368 MeetingChapter 369 Attack
Chapter 370 EmpathyThe two chapters will be updated together in the eveningChapter 371Chapter 372 Siege
Chapter 373: Sword of the NationChapter 374 People have no way, God punishes themThank you Shanzhang from Baiyinmeng.Chapter 375 The Avenger
Chapter 376 BowingChapter 377Baimeng Appreciation MedalChapter 378 Return to Beijing
Chapter 379Chapter 380 Lord Shoufu, something happened in ChuzhouChapter 381 Curse! (Thanks to "Cz," Baiyinmeng)Chapter 382
Chapter 383 Opening (1)Chapter 384 Opening (2)Chapter 385 Opening (3)Chapter 386 Going Home
Chapter 387 Anger! (Digital Chapter)After an exhausting day, write a testimonialChapter 388 Admitting Mistakes (9000 chapters)Chapter 389
Chapter 390 Asking the SpiritChapter 391 "Kyushu Alien Beast Chapter"Chapter 392 SummoningChapter 393 Old Case
Leader Appreciation MedalChapter 394 The Abandoned PrincessChapter 395: The Lotus Seeds Are Coming SoonChapter 396 Shielding the secret
Chapter 397 Waiting For A GuyChapter 398 Going to JianzhouChapter 399: The Holder of the Book Fragment - Xu Qi'anChapter 400
Chapter 401 RetreatChapter 402 One Arm and One Magical ArtifactChapter 403Chapter 404: Battle to the Death
Chapter 405: Killing the EnemyChapter 406: Hole CardChapter 407 Qiu Qian's IdentityChapter 408 Rules of the Martial Arts League
Chapter 409 Third grade?Chapter 410 Xu Qi'an vs Cao QingyangI have something to do today, update later,Chapter 411 Punch
Chapter 412: Ripe Lotus SeedsChapter 413 Female National Teacher ¡¾Happy Mid-Autumn Festival¡¿Chapter 414 Cat InstinctChapter 415: Dividing the Lotus Seeds
Chapter 416 Attracting SaberChapter 417 Name the knifeChapter 418 Emperor Yuan Jing: Where Are My Lotus Seeds?Chapter 419 Truth or Dare
Chapter 420 ProtectionChapter 421 Xu Qi'an: There are no waste fish in my fish pondChapter 422 Undercurrents RagingChapter 423 Xu Qi'an: Erlang, Big Brother will teach you how to raise fish
Chapter 424 Meeting Lin'anChapter 425 Asking for RemunerationChapter 426 The Disappeared Living ManChapter 427
Chapter 428 DanceChapter 429 RelicChapter 430 The Little Story of FuxiangChapter 431 Analysis of the Story
Chapter 432 Hengyuan's SecretChapter 433 Luo Yuheng's SecretChapter 434 Secret TalkChapter 435: The Bewitching Mission
Chapter 436: Great Confucian Pei ManxilouChapter 437Chapter 438Chapter 439 The Night Talk of the Tiandihui
Chapter 440: Number One's InitiativeChapter 441 Wang Simu's ShockChapter 442Chapter 443 The Great Wizard
Chapter 444Chapter 445: That's it?Chapter 446: Book from the Ground Opens New FunctionsChapter 447 Half Life
Chapter 448: DrummingChapter 449 ConfidantChapter 450: No. 1 StatusChapter 451 Preliminary Exploration
Chapter 452 Suggestion from the National TeacherChapter 453 Joan of Arc's 26th Year (Big Chapter Presents)Chapter 454: NanyuanChapter 455 The Man of the Source
Chapter 456 The Small Group of the Tiandihui ConfessionChapter 457 All parties (big chapter)Chapter 458 The Truth About DisappearanceChapter 459 Reverse social death
Chapter 460Chapter 461 Part of the truthChapter 462 Exploring the Tomb of the First EmperorChapter 463 Raiders
Chapter 464: Courage is CommendableChapter 465 It HurtsChapter 466 Wei Yuan's hole cardChapter 467
Chapter 468: Bad NewsChapter 469Chapter 470: The LeaderChapter 471 Siege
Chapter 472: Wei Yuan's PastChapter 473 Take the head of the enemy general from the army, hurry up!Chapter 474: Yang Qianhuan ArrivesChapter 475 Return to Beijing
Chapter 476 What? Xu Yinluo beheaded hundreds of thousands of enemy troops with one sword?Chapter 477 He's Laughing (Subscribe)Chapter 478Chapter 479: Xu Qi'an Awakes
Chapter 480 Uncover the ConspiracyChapter 481 Wei Yuan's Backhand (Thanks to "Qing Ningzi" for the Silver Alliance)Chapter 482 Preparations in advance (Thanks to the Silver League of "Yu Yang 0711")Chapter 483 Loyalty to whom? (first update)
Chapter 484 Rebellion (Second Change)Chapter 485: Everyone's Anger (8000)Chapter 486 Fighting Each Other (7400)Chapter 487 Fierce Battle
Chapter 488 Killing the KingChapter 489 Surprise Attack - Warlock in WhiteChapter 490 AnsweringChapter 491 Shielding the secret
Chapter 492 ReversalChapter 493 Father and Son GameChapter 494Chapter 495
Chapter 496Chapter 498 Secretly Sweet LoveChapter 499 Xu Qi'an got his wishChapter 500
Curriculum summary + foreshadowing explanation + grade report + leaveChapter 501 Qianlong CityChapter 502 Thirsty drink arsenic, the taste is real!Chapter 503: Eating Crabs
Chapter 504: The Rain ComesChapter 505 Mummy: Where is he (two chapters in one)Chapter 507 ScaringChapter 508
Chapter 509 DivingChapter 510 InjusticeChapter 511: Sisters in FlowersChapter 512 Half an old friend
Chapter 513 EscapeChapter 514 Exchange of InformationThe physical book is onlineChapter 515 Give it a go, turn a bicycle into a motorcycle
Chapter 516 Unresolvable ContradictionChapter 517: The Holy Son with All Over KyushuChapter 518Chapter 519: Exploring Sanhua Temple
Chapter 520 It's not that enemies don't get togetherChapter 521 Finally Meeting the Legendary Xu YinluoChapter 522Chapter 523 Conflict (two chapters in one)
Chapter 524 Buddha's son (6000)Chapter 525 The task is extremely difficultChapter 526 DreamlandChapter 527 Finding Nalan Tianlu
Chapter 528Chapter 529Tell me about the latest episodeChapter 530 Killing Hengyin
Chapter 531: Buddha PagodaChapter 532 CompensationChapter 534 Communication with GodChapter 535
Chapter 536 YongxingChapter 537: Night Rain on Barren MountainsChapter 538 Bloody CaseChapter 539: The Great Enemy Visits
Chapter 540Chapter 541 The Scumbag's Self-CultivationChapter 542 Chai XianChapter 543 Suspect
Chapter 544Chapter 545: The Depths of the CellarChapter 546 The goal is clearChapter 547 Murder
Chapter 548 No clueChapter 549 AutopsyChapter 550 CluesChapter 551: Bait
Chapter 552 EncounterChapter 553 Confrontation (1)Chapter 554 Find out?Chapter 555 Pulling Out the Magic Nail
Chapter 556 One KnifeChapter 557Chapter 558Chapter 559 Beast Gold Charcoal
Chapter 560 The Right Family (Happy New Year's Day)Chapter 561 LayoutChapter 562 FishingChapter 563 Luo Yuheng's Sword Sets the Storm
Chapter 564 Shura field?Chapter 565 Zishi (seeking a monthly ticket)Chapter 566: Seven EmotionsChapter 567
Chapter 568 Robbing Xu YuanshuangChapter 569: SisterChapter 570 Xu Qi'an: I will lead the chargeChapter 571: Miao Youfang
Chapter 572 Li Lingsu: I'm about to comprehend the supreme forgetfulnessChapter 573 Five LettersChapter 574 Encounter on the streetChapter 575: The Heavenly Sect Comes
Chapter 576 Hot SpringChapter 577 Luo Yuheng's Social DeathChapter 578 BetrayalChapter 579 Tsing Yi blocks the way
Chapter 580Chapter 581 Xu Qian is Xu Qi'anChapter 582 Fighting EnemiesChapter 583: Siege
Chapter 584 DawnChapter 585 HealingChapter 586 LoveChapter 587 Reunion
Chapter 588 Surprise ChangeChapter 589 Crouching Dragon and Young PhoenixChapter 590: Things in the CapitalChapter 591 Donation
Chapter 592 Visiting the Sitian SupervisorChapter 593 Returning to the third rankChapter 594 Princess (5000 words)Chapter 595 Go to the Western Paradise and Invite the Tathagata Buddha
Chapter 596 What bad thoughts can my sister have?Chapter 597 Evolution of the Seven Absolute GuChapter 598: Going HomeChapter 599 Xu Lingyin: The society is sinister
Chapter 600 RecommendationChapter 601 Coercion Over All Officials (6000)Chapter 602 Ancient SecretsChapter 603 I have been
Chapter 604 RomanceChapter 605: The Sword ComesChapter 606 Strange thingsChapter 607 Temple God
Chapter 608 The WitchChapter 609: The True Face of the Temple GodChapter 610: TradingChapter 611
Chapter 612 The Grand Tutor Who Can't Be Guaranteed in the Evening Festival (ask for a monthly ticket)Open a single chapter to ask for a monthly ticket, and compete for the top spot in February!Chapter 613 The Needle Doesn't PokeChapter 614 All parties
Chapter 615 The final battleground (seeking monthly ticket)Chapter 616 InformationChapter 617 An Zi (seeking a monthly ticket)Chapter 618 Thousands of miles away, one shot kills...
Chapter 619 Gathering (seeking a monthly ticket)Chapter 620: Playing Chess (seeking a monthly ticket)Chapter 621 Preparing for war (seeking a monthly ticket)Chapter 622: The Enemy Arrives
Chapter 623 Attacking the MountainChapter 624 Has the leader been promoted to the third rank?Chapter 625 King KongChapter 626 No need to explain
Chapter 627: The Rain MasterChapter 628 Extraordinary MeleeChapter 629Chapter 630: Jade Shards
Chapter 631 BreakthroughHappy New Year!Chapter 632 Seeing that the son is still alive, the father draws out seven wolves (1)Chapter 633 Seeing that the son is still alive, the father draws out seven wolves (2)
Chapter 634 Seeing that his father was still alive, the son sharpened his knife and slashed at himChapter 635: Emperor's AppearanceChapter 636 Li Lingsu: It's time for me to show myselfCurriculum testimonials!
Chapter 637Chapter 638: SecurityChapter 639: PromiseChapter 641 Li Lingsu's Asura Field (1)
Chapter 642 Li Lingsu Asura Field (2)Chapter 643Chapter 644 Prelude (7000)Chapter 645 Bandits
#646 secret (6000)Chapter 647 GoChapter 648 Proclaiming EmperorChapter 649: Elder Ye Ji
Chapter 651 Aunt is furiousChapter 652 Half-step Valkyrie (7400)Chapter 653 Someone elseChapter 654 The Heavenly Mirror: I'm So Difficult
Chapter 655Chapter 656 God's Special RemnantChapter 657 DaughterChapter 658 Beheading
Chapter 659 Power of BloodlineChapter 660 PlanChapter 661 Xing Tian?Chapter 662: Farewell
Chapter 663Chapter 664 Surrounding Wei and Rescuing Zhao (3249/100,000)Chapter 665: Innocent HeartChapter 666 On the way
Chapter 667 Xu Lingyin: Cauldron~ (6450/100,000)Chapter 668 Go homeChapter 669 Power Gu DepartmentChapter 670 Unknown Xu Yinluo
Chapter 671 Extraordinary talent (seeking monthly ticket)Chapter 672 Secret meetingChapter 673 Gu God PowerChapter 674 Feeding the Seven Ultimate Gu (10876/10w)
Chapter 675 CountermeasuresChapter 676 One Dozen FiveChapter 677 Strength Gu (14876/10w)Chapter 678: Closing (two in one)
Chapter 679: AllianceChapter 680 Negotiation SkillsChapter 681 Improper Son of Man StyleChapter 683 Overseas Spirit Beast
Chapter 684: The First RelianceChapter 685 Dialogue between Gu God and BaidiChapter 686 It takes a sense of ritual to quell the fire of karmaChapter 687 Surprise for Qingzhou
Chapter 688: Dark Gu DepartmentChapter 689 Half Scroll MapChapter 690Chapter 691: Ace Troop
Chapter 692 Dao Zun's featChapter 693 ReinforcementsChapter 694 Reinforcement (2)Chapter 695 Who is the gatekeeper
Chapter 696 DeliberatelyOne hundred thousand orders! ! !Chapter 697Chapter 698
Chapter 699 MarriageChapter 700 Nine-Tailed Sky FoxChapter 701 Prelude to the WarChapter 702 God of War Xu Qi'an
Chapter 703 Great Reincarnation AppearanceChapter 704 White Haired LolitaChapter 705 Asuro died in battle? (Thanks to the Silver League of "Magic Speed")Chapter 706 Out of Control
Chapter 707 Who Am I (5000)Chapter 708 Restoring the Country (5000+)Chapter 709Chapter 710: Rescue
Chapter 711 Temptation (5400)Chapter 712: The Heaven and Earth Society Group ChatChapter 713: White Emperor's PurposeChapter 714: A Worthless Map
Chapter 715 Golden Lotus Exits (17529/100,000)Chapter 716: Yang Qianhuan's Ingenious PlanChapter 717: Familiar BreathChapter 718: The Secret of the End of Gods and Demons
Chapter 719Chapter 720Chapter 721 The ugliest sister-in-lawChapter 722
Chapter 723 The name of the first generationChapter 724 Change of sky (1)Chapter 725 Change of Sky (2)Chapter 726 Sunrise in the West
nagChapter 727Chapter 728#729 is imminent disaster (7000)
Chapter 731 FearChapter 734 The Mission Enters BeijingChapter 735: Flower God¡¯s Spiritual Accumulation (6600 words)Chapter 736
Chapter 737: Promoted to Second Rank (1)Chapter 738: Promoted to Second Rank (2)Chapter 739: Promoted to Second Rank (3)Chapter 740 Conditions of Yunzhou (1)
Chapter 741 Is everything ready? (20000/100,000)Chapter 742: The End of the Peace NegotiationChapter 743 Rebellion (22000/100,000)Chapter 744 Proclaiming Emperor
Chapter 745 AftermathChapter 746 Love and Hate EntanglementChapter 747 Omen of AuspiciousnessChapter 748
Chapter 749 EnthronementChapter 750 Your Majesty and IChapter 751Chapter 752
Chapter 753 Tiandihui Members Meet (1)Chapter 754 Meeting of Tiandihui Members (2)Chapter 755Chapter 756 Great Summoning
Chapter 757: A Shocking SwordChapter 758 Breaking through with one swordChapter 759 Settle Karma, Purify Sins (6000)Chapter 760 Great Victory
Chapter 761 Li Lingsu: This ape brother...... (6600)Chapter 762 Members of the Tiandihui: Brother Sun, is this monkey for sale (6600)Chapter 763 OvertimeChapter 764 Book from the Ground and the Gatekeeper (two chapters in one)
Chapter 765 ForgiveChapter 766 How to Promote to a First Rank Martial ArtistChapter 767 Return to Southern BorderChapter 768: Crossing the Tribulation is Imminent
Chapter 769: The Eve of the Final BattleChapter 770 Life and Death TogetherChapter 771 Daoist Reincarnation?Chapter 772 Fighting between Immortals
Chapter 773Chapter 774Chapter 775 Character Determines FateChapter 776
Chapter 777 Flying Swallow Lady (12000)Chapter 778 Spring Festival Day - ResurrectionChapter 779 - Big Tsing YiChapter 780 Buried for five months (Happy May Day)
Chapter 781 EvacuationChapter 782 The Old Lady Queen MotherChapter 783 The hot man is backChapter 784 The Tribulation Battle
Chapter 785: Soldiers Approaching the CityChapter 786 You LostChapter 787 Land GodChapter 788: Yangmou
Chapter 789 SiegeChapter 790 A Gala Tree Falls from the World (5200)Chapter 791Chapter 792 First Rank Martial Artist
Chapter 793Chapter 794Curriculum Summary and Leave of AbsenceChapter 795: Birth Mother
Chapter 796 Visiting the Witch God CultChapter 797 Aunt MuChapter 798 Cultivation talentChapter 799 The Rebellious Nephew
Chapter 800: Xu Qi'an's RevengeChapter 801 The battle for the new supervisorChapter 802 Dreaming of Gu GodChapter 803 Going to Southern Border
Chapter 804: The Real Seven Ultimate GuChapter 805 Dialogue with Gu GodChapter 806: The Changed FutureChapter 808
Chapter 809 Li Lingsu Calls for Help (5500)Chapter 810 The Way of the SaintChapter 811 Breaking away from TianzongChapter 812
Chapter 813: Dumb YoungerChapter 814: Eating Meattake a day offChapter 815 Big Wedding
Chapter 816 Li ChengChapter 817Update later.Chapter 818: Ultimate Move
Chapter 819 Hurt Each OtherChapter 820 Truth or DareChapter 821 The Death of a Large Society (Two Chapters in One)Chapter 822: The Gate to the New World
Chapter 823 Reward OrderChapter 824 The Second Part of Xu Qian's DiaryChapter 825 MeritsChapter 826 Praying Mantis Catching Cicadas and Orioles Behind (6200)
Chapter 827 PreludeChapter 828Chapter 829 DivinationChapter 830: Warriors attack the mountain
Chapter 831 Fudo MyokoChapter 833 MeleeChapter 834 Great Sun TathagataChapter 835 Bodhi Mother Tree
Chapter 835 Bodhi Mother TreeChapter 836 HeadChapter 837 Whoever Hurts Me Will Pay the PriceOpen a single chapter to thank the big boss of the Golden League
Chapter 838 Buddha AppearsChapter 839: Post-war SummaryChapter 840: Two Past EventsChapter 841 Stripping the Vest
Chapter 842 Night TalkChapter 843Chapter 844 Supervisory Election ConferenceChapter 846 Information of the Gu God
Chapter 847 Gu's WorldChapter 849: MermanChapter 850 MonsterChapter 852 Pearl
Chapter 853Chapter 854 Transformation into an IslandChapter 855: The Crazy Little Dragon ManChapter 856
Chapter 857: Old Land of Gods and DemonsChapter 858 Only Believe in the Lord of Ten Thousand Buddhas Xu YinluoChapter 859 Desolation! Yuanjia road is narrowChapter 860 The Lord of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom Shows His Power
Chapter 861 Entering the IslandChapter 862 Sweet DreamChapter 863 Black HoleChapter 865 Qingqiu Fox
Chapter 866: DoorChapter 867 Encounter on a Narrow RoadChapter 868 The Gatekeeper's SecretChapter 869 Devouring Everything
Chapter 870 The Secret of the Great TribulationChapter 871: The Secret of the Great Tribulation (2)Chapter 872: The Secret of the Great Tribulation (End)Chapter 873 Draining from the bottom of the pot (1)
Chapter 874 Draining from the bottom of the pot (2)Chapter 875 Mahayana BuddhismChapter 876: Undersea Ancient BattlefieldChapter 877 Help
Chapter 878Chapter 879 Shenshu vs BuddhaChapter 880 Half-step Valkyrie (1)Chapter 881: The Birth of a Half-Step Valkyrie
Chapter 882: DebutChapter 883 Surpassing God's Combat PowerChapter 884 Return to BeijingChapter 886
Chapter 887 RevengeChapter 888 Conquering the Three KingdomsChapter 889: Three MonthsChapter 890 Master of Time Management
Chapter 891 Extraordinary Gu Beast (thanks to the "Magic Speed" boss for the Golden Alliance)Chapter 892: The Method of PromotionChapter 893 Group MeetingChapter 894 Collective Meeting (2)
Chapter 895: Two BreakthroughsChapter 896 The Last DiaryChapter 897 One Premise, Two ConditionsChapter 898: Birth
Chapter 899 Bewitching BehaviorChapter 900 Gathering luckChapter 901: Emperor AssassinChapter 902
Chapter 903 The Goal of the Gu GodChapter 905 Devouring the SupervisorChapter 907 The identity of the supervisorChapter 908
Chapter 909 Air Transport RegulatorChapter 910 MartyrdomChapter 911 Desperate Situation (1)Chapter 912 Desperate Situation (2)
Chapter 913Chapter 914: The Dao of HeavenChapter 915 Peerless Martial GodEnd of this testimonial
Chapter 916 Extra Episode 1: After the CatastropheGlory of the King ¡¤ Li Xin's short story - "Bright Journey" has been launchedAfter catching bugspostscript!
Pre-orders for the digital collection of "Da Feng Da Gengren: The Heavens and Worlds" have begun!Chapter 949 The New Book Is FatChapter 7 This sister is so beautifulChapter 222
Chapter 253 The TruthChapter 270: The Final TestChapter 298: Luo Yuheng's ShockOpen a single chapter, Filly's.
Chapter 497: Seven Ultimate GuChapter 506: ExpertChapter 533 Xu Qian's True IdentityChapter 640 Five hundred years of hindsight
Chapter 650: One Hundred Thousand MountainsChapter 682 Another PlanChapter 730 AftermathChapter 732 Four Key Points
Chapter 733Chapter 807 What kind of mule? (5600)Chapter 848Chapter 851
Chapter 906Extra episode 2: Domination of the worldExtra Story 3 Celebration Banquet 
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