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Shinto Dandi Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 The Bloodline of the Savage Ancestral DragonChapter 6 A Broken SwordChapter 7 Nondescript SwordChapter 8 Do you think he has an adventure?
Chapter 9 Sticking to My Way of the SwordChapter 10 A lowly servant girl, dare to point fingers?Chapter 11 Stone Wall, Gathering Spirit Sword FormationChapter 12
Chapter 13 Breakthrough, Heaven and Earth VisionChapter 14 Don't kill me, never give upChapter 15 Qingxuanzong's InvitationChapter 16 Are You a Sword Cultivator?
Chapter 17Chapter 18 Qingxuanzong, I am a good matchChapter 19 The Prince Is Too GreatChapter 20 The Genius Lin Wudong
Chapter 21 That's it?Chapter 22 The Plain Ye ChenChapter 23 Why do you remember the old man?Chapter 24
Chapter 25 Here Comes the Opportunity?Chapter 26: The Four Talents of QianlongChapter 27 Risk everything to accompany you to killChapter 28 Lonely Seeking Defeat
Chapter 29 Ten Cases LinkageChapter 30 Ji An personally supervised the battleChapter 31 What is the use of the name of sword repair?Chapter 32 Skyrocketing Sword Intent
Chapter 33 Ye Hun, bastard's bastardChapter 34 Su Aoxue, is she strong?Chapter 35 Cave ChanceChapter 36 It's Me She's Pursuing
Chapter 37 - Breaking the Hollow FistChapter 38 Do You Beg Brother Ye Again?Chapter 39 Find Her, RevengeChapter 40 The Fierce Su Aoxue
Chapter 41 Su Aoxue, I'm Coming to Kill You!Chapter 42 The strongest swordChapter 43 Desperately strongChapter 44 Intent to the Sword
Chapter 45Chapter 46 Next time we meet, he will kill youChapter 47 After three months, Zongmen DabiChapter 48 What's wrong with breaking the rules?
Chapter 49 Exploring the Ancestral LandChapter 50 The Way of SlaughterChapter 51 The Heart of SlaughterChapter 52 Madness, One Sword Township
Chapter 53 Auction TechniqueChapter 54 Do you want to try?Chapter 55Chapter 57
Chapter 58 Ancient Tomb in Panlong Mountain Range?Chapter 59 The old man can bear itChapter 60 The Tomb of the Strong in the Holy RealmChapter 61
Chapter 62 Finally Seeing Lin WudongChapter 63 The Battle of Ancient Tombs Begins HereChapter 64 Blood Drop StoneChapter 65
Chapter 66 You are not qualified to let me draw my swordChapter 67 Why Save?Chapter 68 Did I Let You Go?Chapter 69 Fight, or Forbearance?
Chapter 70 I accept this grudge, this hatred!Chapter 71: One Sword Town, Mountains and Rivers, BrokenChapter 72 Dao Heart Seed DemonChapter 73 Death-giving Sword Qi
Chapter 74Chapter 75 Ye Chen, Kneel and ListenChapter 76 Who Can Stop Such a Monster?Chapter 77 Do you regret it?
Chapter 78 Regret that I didn't cut you with a swordChapter 79: Visitors from the God of War PalaceChapter 80 Watching the Battle of the Strong in the Holy RealmChapter 81 Bitch, Are You Desperate?
Chapter 82 A Hundred Times, RepayChapter 83 Lin Wudong, Get DownChapter 84 The Uncut Jade in the Land of Hundred KingdomsChapter 85 Ye Chen, draw your sword
Chapter 86 Is This a Sword Cultivator?Chapter 87Chapter 88 Hysterical Lin WudongChapter 89 He and I can only live alone
Chapter 90 Is this your reliance?Chapter 91 I refuseChapter 92 I Don't Accept It! Give death sword energy!Chapter 93 Beizhou, Ye Family
Chapter 94 Are you Ye Tianxiao's son?Chapter 95 The secret of ten years of dustChapter 96 It's the father who is too selfishChapter 97 Only three months of life left
Chapter 98 Stepping into the family againChapter 99 Bullying a Disabled PersonChapter 100 Never had an antidoteChapter 101 The Howling Moon Dynasty
Chapter 102: Wei Xiangshou BanquetChapter 103 The reeds are pale, the white dew is frostChapter 104 The Tiger Father Has No DogsChapter 105 Public humiliation
Chapter 107 Apparently courting deathChapter 108 Everyone, is this the only level?Chapter 109 Descendant ChallengeChapter 110 Young Sword Cultivator
Chapter 111 Is this kid a monster?Chapter 112 The battle of life and death is not over yetChapter 113: Life and Death, Everyone Lives in PeaceChapter 114 You and Me, Make a Deal
Chapter 115 One stone stirs up wavesChapter 116 This trip will not be peacefulChapter 117 Chasing and interceptingChapter 118: Flaws in the Holy Grade Technique
Chapter 119: Tasting the Vastness of Heaven and EarthChapter 120 Ye Qingcang, It's YouChapter 121 Escape into the depths of the swampChapter 122 Undeterred
Chapter 123 Entering this place depends on fateChapter 124 The Temple Under the SwampChapter 125 Consciousness InheritanceChapter 126 Body Refinement and Inheritance
Chapter 127 Five KillingsChapter 128Chapter 129 Breaking OutChapter 130 You should come out too
Chapter 131 Ye Feng's DemonstrationChapter 132 Dad, I'm BackChapter 133 Ye Chen, You Must ComeChapter 134 Since I'm Lost, Why Reminisce
Chapter 135 The Realm That Never FallsChapter 136 Killing the Imperial CityChapter 137 Wu Guo, Random GravesChapter 138 Ancient Formation
Chapter 139 Hidden Dragon List, Xu RanChapter 140 The Holy Realm Ancient BattlefieldChapter 141 Behind the city walls are the ruinsChapter 142 Across the City Gate
Chapter 143 Residual Consciousness, Divine Soldiers CemeteryChapter 144 Rules of the Divine Soldiers CemeteryChapter 145 I don't want to waste the opportunityChapter 146 Disciple of the Divine Martial Sect
Chapter 147 A Peerless SwordChapter 148 It's Your TurnChapter 149 Seven Rounds of Sword QiChapter 150: Divine Soldier Recognizes Lord
Chapter 151 Longquan Sword, Commanding Divine SoldierChapter 152 Inheritance Mountain RangeChapter 153 The Strongest InheritanceChapter 154 You Are Actually...
Chapter 155: King's Landing, Situ LieChapter 156 Nine Beams of Light, Penetrating Heaven and EarthChapter 157 The Taste of DespairChapter 158 The Arbiter Arrives
Chapter 159 Underground PalaceChapter 160 Finding the Ancient BookChapter 161 Ancient Secret BookChapter 162 Longquan sword, thousands of soldiers come to court
Chapter 163 Three Mountains and Five Ridges, Yan CityChapter 164: Alchemist ContestChapter 165 AmbitionChapter 166 The Second Dao Rule
Chapter 167 I want to competeChapter 168 I don't know how to refine medicineChapter 169 Who am I and where am I?Chapter 170 The old man is not reconciled
Chapter 171 Let You Open Your EyesChapter 172 Void Alchemy MethodChapter 173 Heavenly WizardsChapter 174 Who dares to refuse?
Chapter 175 Ranking, how to decide?Chapter 176: Qiu Wu's ThoughtsChapter 177 Chasing and Killing by Major ForcesChapter 178 Closing the city and arresting people
Chapter 179 Wanted blood perpetratorChapter 180 Killing directlyChapter 181Chapter 182: Flawed Secret Art (8 more)
Chapter 183 Repairing the FormationChapter 184 One vs. ThreeChapter 185 High-spirited fighting spiritChapter 186 Black Cloud Soul Saint
Chapter 187: Critical MomentChapter 189 The Second Dao Rule (7 more)Chapter 190 The Way of the EarthChapter 191 Blood Pill
Chapter 192 The Weird CourtyardChapter 193 Conscious Infernal CorpseChapter 194 Crossing the Sunset BasinChapter 195 Another Young Sword Cultivator
Chapter 196 Give Liu a face (7 more)Chapter 197 The Inheritance of the Sword Master Mo YuChapter 198 I'm Waiting for You on the Hidden Dragon ListChapter 199 Half a month, too long
Chapter 200 Super Alchemy Prodigy!Chapter 201 Qualifying Match BeginsChapter 202 The Son of the Left Prime MinisterChapter 203: Funny enough
Chapter 204 My name is Zuo ZhuoChapter 205 Your Fist Intent Is Too YoungChapter 206 You, do you have any objections? (6 more)Chapter 208 Do you have the right to refuse?
Chapter 209: Ye Tianxiao's Inner DemonChapter 210: The Artifact Spirit of the Chixiao Epee SwordChapter 211 Fighting for the FrontChapter 212 Asking for a Reward (6 more)
Chapter 213: Re-Derivative Device SpiritChapter 214 Little YuanerChapter 215 InnocentChapter 216
Chapter 217 The Miserable Running SchoolChapter 218Chapter 219 Promotion to Sword CultivatorChapter 220 Am I Your Birth?
Chapter 221 Lecture by Ye ChenChapter 222 Breakthrough! Sword repair!Chapter 223 Wei Zelong's Brain SupplementChapter 224
Chapter 225 Hiss, Imperial Body, Imperial Vein?Chapter 226 Elder Ye Chen, the reincarnation of a banished immortalChapter 227 This rebellious son is mad at meChapter 228 The Exploration of the Kendo Academy
Chapter 229 Come, Fight!Chapter 230: Kill Qin Shuang First, Then YouChapter 231 Breaking Through the Limits of WillChapter 232: Yuan Ye's Guess
Chapter 233 DistractionChapter 234 Kill!Chapter 235 Young Master, what's the matter?Chapter 236 Master, Little Yuan'er Don't Dare
Chapter 237 Is it so oppressive?Chapter 238 Fusion of Ancient Secret BookChapter 239: Fight With MeChapter 240 I Killed People
Chapter 241 Don't even think about leavingChapter 242: Everyone ComesChapter 243 Fighting the Three Sword Masters AloneChapter 244 The Pride of Being a Sword Cultivator
Chapter 245 Ambition of LingyunChapter 246 Sword, Only Three MovesChapter 247 Falling Flower Sword TechniqueChapter 248 Exclusive Sword Art
Chapter 249 Mysterious Desolation Sword ArtChapter 250: Three HighlightsChapter 251 The Son of the Enemy Comes BackChapter 252
Chapter 253 Do You Think I'm a Fool?Chapter 254 Betting on StonesChapter 255 ShippedChapter 256: The Authorities Are Obsessed And The Bystanders Are Clear (5 More)
Chapter 257 This Is FateChapter 258: Strange Fire (7 more)Chapter 259 Goodbye Ye FengChapter 260 Unexpected change, the Seventh Prince retired
Chapter 261 Ye Fusu!Chapter 262 Challenger, Lin WudongChapter 263 Let's Go TogetherChapter 264 Talk to me, come down and say
Chapter 265Chapter 266 This son is really scary!Chapter 267 This is fate, but also hatredChapter 268 I will make waves
Chapter 269 Old Man, Your Sword Wounds Are DeepChapter 270 The Secret of Chief AssistantChapter 271 Ye Chen, danger!Chapter 272 Who dares to touch my master, I will tear him apart
Chapter 273: Finally Taking This StepChapter 274: Rock-shattering ShockChapter 275 The sun and the moon above the head, the mountains and rivers under the feetChapter 276 Rise on You
Chapter 277 Sweeping EverythingChapter 278 The decisive battle is finally here!Chapter 279 Xuanhuang Sword Art, Appears for the First TimeChapter 280 The Challenge of Three Mountains and Five Ridges
Chapter 281 Feng'er, don't worryChapter 282 Ye Fusu makes a moveChapter 285 Listen to the VeteranChapter 286 Battle of Beizhou Top Talents
Chapter 287 VulnerableChapter 288 She actually made a move?Chapter 289 You Are So ViciousChapter 290: Demon Girl! (5 more)
Chapter 291 I want to eat candied hawsChapter 293: The Bloodbane!Chapter 294 If You Dare to Come, We Dare to Kill!Chapter 295
Chapter 296 Then I will tryChapter 297 The Unprecedented Genius of AlchemyChapter 298 Competing for the position of chief assistantChapter 299: Ye Chen Goes Up
Chapter 300Chapter 301 The Dust SettledChapter 302 Talk about a dealChapter 303 Make a friend
Chapter 304 Zhongzhou, Spirit Sword SectChapter 305 Three KillingsChapter 306 Nine Heavens Fairy Comes to the Mortal WorldChapter 307 Little Yuan'er, whip him
Chapter 308 Descendants of Yu FeiyingChapter 309 I, the top of the Qianlong list, Ye Chen!Chapter 310 Inside the PrisonChapter 311 The Challenger of the Rules
Chapter 312: Xia Yan, It's Not HeavenChapter 313 Mysterious Ice Unstained BodyChapter 314 Emperor body, crowned Qinglian worldChapter 315 Frozen Mountains and Rivers
Chapter 316: The Hope of the Yu Family's Rise (5 more)Chapter 317Chapter 318: The Alchemist's Divine Skill!Chapter 319 Ye Hong's Request for Help
Chapter 320 A True DragonChapter 321 I want to go smells so good!Chapter 322 Competing for the True DragonChapter 323 Comprehending Jianxin
Chapter 324 Please come out and meet seniors (5 more)Chapter 325 Fight Ye Fusu!Chapter 326: Crazy Demon PillChapter 327 This knife is the same as back then
Chapter 328Chapter 329 Purple Eyed Demon Flood Dragon (5 more)Chapter 330 At least, you didn't hold backChapter 332 Little Transparent Wei Zelong
Chapter 333 I want to open my eyes even as a fatherChapter 334Chapter 335 Is this the flying dragon in the sky?Chapter 336 Master, Do You Still Have Enemies? (5 more)
Chapter 337 Royal Hunting GroundChapter 338 Killing Xia YanChapter 339 The Seventh Prince's MeansChapter 340 Heading to Zhongzhou
Chapter 341 The Only EmpressChapter 342 Familiar BreathChapter 343 Once upon a time there was a Spirit Sword MountainChapter 344 The Second Seal
Chapter 345 Emperor Grade Sword SkeletonChapter 347 Relying on the Heaven and Ten Thousand Lisus Sword (5 more)Chapter 348 Thousand-Mouth Sword, Resonate!Chapter 349 I Have Already Suppressed My Talents
Chapter 350 Refresh the historical recordChapter 351 Five Peaks Compete for Little YuanerChapter 352: The Sound of the Imperial Sword Skeleton (5 more)Chapter 353 Intermittent calls for help
Chapter 354 The Strange Old Man by the PoolChapter 356 Master, are you okay?Chapter 357 Forcibly Digging the Wall (5 more)Chapter 358: Ethereal Realm
Chapter 359: Third Young Master Xiao's RecordChapter 360 Sword Immortal Wei ZelongChapter 361: The Record of the Barbarian Bear KingChapter 362: I want to stay with you (5 more)
Chapter 363 The talent that shocked the imaginary worldChapter 364 The Arrogant and Domineering Bear KingChapter 365 Head-to-head, battle and warChapter 366 Fight for the Human Race
Chapter 367: The Record of Beheading the Monster Race (5 more)Chapter 368 Shocking the Ethereal WorldChapter 369 The Qi of ChaosChapter 370 The First Class
Chapter 371 Double StandardChapter 373 The Two Faces of the Fifth ElderChapter 374 Xiao Xuan's Path to ProgressChapter 375 The Three Holy Lands of the Monster Race
Chapter 376 Qualification Evaluation, First Class!Chapter 377Chapter 378: Bamboo Chopsticks Kill PeopleChapter 379 Don't hold back, quick battle
Chapter 380: Zheng Suning's Probe (6 more)Chapter 381 Bloody MineChapter 382 Ancient Demon SeedChapter 383: Illusion Regeneration
Chapter 384 Climbing the Spirit Sword Mountain and Exploring the SecretChapter 385: Breaking! Monster skeleton? (5 more)Chapter 386 Finding CluesChapter 387 Eight Hundred Miles Blockade Order
Chapter 388 The Master KillerChapter 389 The Third PrincipleChapter 390 Ye Chen, the inheritorChapter 391 Ren Qingyun's Regret
Chapter 392 The Fabricated TruthChapter 393: Dongxuan MountainChapter 394 Cultivator of Qinglian Realm, Get OutChapter 395: Direct Suppression
Chapter 396: Sword Qi in the SecretChapter 397 Infernal Corpse LairChapter 398: Still Reliable from the Same SchoolChapter 399 Brother Su, have a good journey
Chapter 400 White ink lotusChapter 401: Infernal Corpse King (5 more)Chapter 402 Sword Immortal Wei Zelong, Is It Her?Chapter 403 Endless Strength
Chapter 404 Just say, an old friend is visitingChapter 405 Brother Wei, It's MeChapter 406 Instruct Qin LinChapter 407 My luck has always been good
Chapter 408 Selection ContestChapter 409 Don't die?Chapter 410: Me First, Little Yuaner Second (5 more)Chapter 411 Cruel Reality
Chapter 412 I'm not interested in entering the inner sectChapter 413 Cloud Mist PavilionChapter 414: Lion Demon!Chapter 415 Formation Destruction
Chapter 416Chapter 417 The Wrath of Wang DacaiChapter 418 Stirring a StormChapter 419 I'll die for you
Chapter 420 Inner sect, the person who joins forcesChapter 421 Fairyland FestivalChapter 422 What do you think of her?Chapter 423 Actually, I am a Sword Cultivator
Chapter 424 Second Young Master Xiao ShiyuChapter 425: Roll Call ChallengeChapter 426 This battle!Chapter 427 Leapfrogging, beheading (5 more)
Chapter 428 The game between the two young mastersChapter 429 Medicine King Xu New YearChapter 430 Just Take Him Into The KnifeChapter 431: Alchemy Competition
Chapter 432 He is not qualified to compare with my brotherChapter 433 As I said, a stick of incense is enoughChapter 434 Let it test the medicineChapter 435 Do You Understand Pharmacology?
Chapter 436 The Frog in the WellChapter 437Chapter 438 Wonderful Sound Royal Body (5 more)Chapter 439 The Controversy Between the Two Sects
Chapter 440 ReunionChapter 441: A PaintingChapter 442 Ye Chen's True Essence of the Great DaoChapter 444: The Ancient Chen Clan
Chapter 445Chapter 446: The Proud Warrior BeginsChapter 448 Aiming at MurderChapter 449 Before the war, I have a request
Chapter 450Chapter 451 I can't compete with TianjiaoChapter 452Chapter 453: Ye Chen makes a move
Chapter 455 The way of swords takes shapeChapter 456: It's Time for RevengeChapter 457: Killing SongChapter 458 Manly, keep his word
Chapter 459: Ye Chen's Way of the SwordChapter 460 The Liu Family in Liyang CityChapter 461 I Come To Exterminate YouChapter 462: Supreme Elder
Chapter 463 Back to BasicsChapter 464Chapter 465 I Want Ye Chen to Die!Chapter 466: Painting the Guqin
Chapter 467 Your name is Ning Anran (5 more)Chapter 468 What if you leave?Chapter 469 Strength does not allowChapter 470 The little girl is jealous
Chapter 471 Dad, I want to go out and make a livingChapter 472 Unlucky Young Master WeiChapter 473Chapter 474 Wei Zelong changed his face and started killing
Chapter 475 Caravan, use flying?Chapter 476: Wei Wudi or Wei Potian?Chapter 477 Five Poison Giant ApesChapter 478 Team up and kill
Chapter 479: One Floor (5 More)Chapter 480 I'll Take You to Find HimChapter 481 ReunionChapter 482
Chapter 483 I, Wei Aotian, have been unrestrained all my lifeChapter 484: Feeling ashamed of Wei Zelong (5 more)Chapter 485: The End of the Black Flame SectChapter 486 The future can prove the way of Dandi
Chapter 487 It's too late to abandon the sword and follow the medicineChapter 488: An Unexpected Land of TrialsChapter 489 Trial in the Ethereal WorldChapter 491
Chapter 492Chapter 493 SiegeChapter 494 You are not even worthy of being prey (7 more)Chapter 495
Chapter 496: Jing Zhongyue, Flowers in the SwordChapter 497: Before the Cave MansionChapter 498: Yan Qi's SchemingChapter 499 Black Striped Snake
Chapter 500: Blooming Flower BudsChapter 501 The Killing of Funeral FlowersChapter 502 He Wasn't Eliminated?Chapter 503 Brother, how about taking a gamble?
Chapter 505 Evenly matchedChapter 506 Why Do You Still Have Strength?Chapter 507Chapter 508 On the Dao of the Sword, You and I Are Equal
Chapter 509 The First Treasure in the Holy RealmChapter 510 The Third Young Master's SwordChapter 511 Spiritual ArrayChapter 512 The Last Two Levels
Chapter 513 Unless, pick up that swordChapter 514: The Fifth Grade Imperial SwordChapter 515: The Future Emperor, Silver Profound SwordChapter 516 Not fully in control?
Chapter 517 No Backlash?Chapter 518 Dao Tianji Sword vs. Divine Light Sword ArtChapter 519 Narrow Victory, StatementChapter 520 Xiao Yunmang's Decision
Chapter 521 The Sovereign's Partiality and SuppressionChapter 522: Remember This MomentChapter 523 Choose, Heavenly Dao Sect!Chapter 524 Waiting for the next return
Chapter 525Chapter 526: Doubling Training ResourcesChapter 527: Determined!Chapter 528 You Are Not Worthy of Letting Me Use the Sword
Chapter 529 The Mysterious VisitorChapter 530 Xiao Qing AppearsChapter 531 Deduction of Dao Tianji SwordChapter 532 Are you willing to enter the inner sect?
Chapter 533 Future HumerusChapter 534 In the mind, infinite swordsmanshipChapter 535 Xiao Xuan's SecretChapter 536
Chapter 537 The massacre beginsChapter 538 No grass grows wherever he goesChapter 540: A Nest of Snakes and RatsChapter 541: Rivers of Blood
Chapter 542 It's Not Killing, It's GuardingChapter 543 Sitting in the void like a goddessChapter 544 Stop evil with killingChapter 545: Serious Ye Chen
Chapter 546 Invitation from the Temple of Heavenly DemonChapter 547 I, Ye Chen, want to do justice for the skyChapter 548 Reaching the limitChapter 549 No one respects teachers more than me
Chapter 550 Another DebateChapter 551: The Source of the CommissionChapter 552 Teach Xiao Changqing CarefullyChapter 553 Why did you go back to the sect with me?
Chapter 554 Hidden RealmChapter 555Chapter 556: Not even a drop left (5 more)Chapter 557 Water Pattern Divine Power Pill
Chapter 558Chapter 559 Brother Qin, why are you up?Chapter 560 Ten KillsChapter 561 Wang Dacai who hit a wall
Chapter 562Chapter 563 Killing them to cooperateChapter 564 I Misunderstood Brother YeChapter 565
Chapter 566 See me convincing others with reasonChapter 567 Aren't You Bullying Honest People?Chapter 568 Fist is still very usefulChapter 569 He is a disciple of Buddha
Chapter 570 Don't give up even a gameChapter 571Chapter 572 Jointly SuppressingChapter 573
Chapter 574: The Phantom of the Great King KongChapter 575: Yuan Qi's Obsession (5 more)Chapter 576: Vajra ArhatChapter 577
Chapter 578 The Rapidly Rising East JiangeChapter 579 The sky is about to changeChapter 580 Xiao Qinglin's AmbitionChapter 581
Chapter 582 I Heard You Are Inquiring About Us?Chapter 583 Thank You Senior For Your SupportChapter 584 Mr. Leng, let me find it easyChapter 585 All together? not count
Chapter 586 Are you here to make sandbags?Chapter 587 Stick to the way of the sword, stick to your heartChapter 588 Future SituationChapter 589: An Entire Dragon Vein
Chapter 590 Dare to kill?Chapter 591 I Come to Exterminate the Door, Please!Chapter 592 Make a ChoiceChapter 593 Heavenly Demon Disintegration Dafa
Chapter 594: It's Better To Take refuge With Us (5 more)Chapter 595 Take refuge or destroy the family?Chapter 596 Please enter the urnChapter 597 Information Difference
Chapter 598 The game with the super bulkChapter 599 You Understand Me Too Much (5 More)Chapter 600 Temporary change of strategyChapter 601 Join Me in the Heavenly Dao Sect
Chapter 602 Investigating Dragon VeinsChapter 603 Restricted Dragon VeinsChapter 604: Royal Level Fourth Grade Abnormal FireChapter 605 Falling into a Space Rift
Chapter 606 Danhe Ancient PalaceChapter 607 Senior will definitely not harm meChapter 608 The last owner of Medicine ValleyChapter 609 Accepting the Second Inheritance (5 More)
Chapter 610 In the future, one emperor of all agesChapter 611 Heaven and Earth Alchemy MethodChapter 612 From now on, singing all the wayChapter 613: The Legend of the Dragon Emperor's Treasure House
Chapter 614: The Treasure Is Born, Go!Chapter 615 The Mysterious Woman in WhiteChapter 616: A Sword Separates Life and DeathChapter 617 Ye Chen Comes Earlier?
Chapter 618Chapter 619 Why Him?Chapter 620 The little monk is practicing closed-mouth meditationChapter 621 You Really Have Great Wisdom Roots
Chapter 622 Who Can't Beat It?Chapter 623: A World of ControversyChapter 624 Change of Dragon VeinsChapter 625 The distance of a hundred miles makes a huge difference
Chapter 626 Dragon Veins, If You Can Take It...Chapter 627Chapter 628 Undisguised ambitionChapter 629 Who Doesn't Like To Pretend Beep? (5 more)
Chapter 630Chapter 631 Rest assuredChapter 632: Monster Clan's ActionsChapter 633 City Massacre and Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 634 Killing a Langlang QiankunChapter 635 Promulgating the Demon Slaughter OrderChapter 636 My Human Race Will Never DieChapter 637 Why Are You Here?
Chapter 638 Jing Zhongyue's Spiritual AccumulationChapter 639 Whoring for nothing makes me happyChapter 640 The plot of the demon clanChapter 641 The Nobility of a Scholar
Chapter 642: Are You Happy? It's Your Life (7 More)Chapter 643 Battle Song Begins (8 more)Chapter 644 Amplify your moves as soon as you come up? (9 more)Chapter 645 This Kid Is Crazy (10 More)
Chapter 646Chapter 647 Jing Zhongyue UnmasksChapter 648 Pooh, scumChapter 649: No Man's Town
Chapter 650 Blood Pill with Extreme Cathode and YangChapter 651: Two Old DemonsChapter 652 Zhou RuiChapter 653: The Straw That Breaks the Balance (8 More)
Chapter 654 This time he is on the fifth floorChapter 655 Come to an expedition songChapter 656 Unstable FactorsChapter 657 Simple and rude means
Chapter 658 I Will Refining Blood PillsChapter 659: The Chief of the Eight Heavenly DemonsChapter 660 Exploring Jing Zhongyue's Life ExperienceChapter 661 Okay, let's go together
Chapter 662 Dawn CityChapter 663 Is there a difference?Chapter 664 Frozen Ten Cities with Frozen Fingers, Frozen for Tens of Thousands of MilesChapter 665: Heavenly Demon Strikes
Chapter 666 Three Heavenly DemonsChapter 667 Fighting with the Heavenly DemonChapter 668 Promoted Through TrainingChapter 669 Sword Cultivator's Breath
Chapter 670: The True Essence of the Soul of the SwordChapter 671 Teaming up to break the gameChapter 672: Killing the Three Heavenly Demons in a rowChapter 673: Both Joy and Torment
Chapter 674 Infatuation, infatuationChapter 675 Am I Still Your Favorite Son?Chapter 676: Is it the land of the king in the whole world (6 more)Chapter 677 The Right Master
Chapter 678: Divine WeaponChapter 679Chapter 680 The Great Emperor's AmbitionChapter 681 Another Ancient Demon Species
Chapter 682 Killing the Ancient Demon SpeciesChapter 683: The Seal Has Not Been OpenedChapter 684 Withstand the pressureChapter 685 Buddhist disciples, indeed majestic
Chapter 686 Gusu TutianChapter 687: The Green Lotus of the BuddhaChapter 688: It's Her?Chapter 689
Chapter 690Chapter 691 Great Changes in the Land of Hundred KingdomsChapter 692 Rewrite of LuckChapter 693 Unbreakable Barrier
Chapter 694 Let me reshape the orderChapter 695 Resurrection of spiritual energy?Chapter 696Chapter 697 Taking charge of Qingxuanzong
Chapter 698 Maintaining OrderChapter 699: The Whip of FateChapter 700 Two Torches in the DarknessChapter 701 A rule?
Chapter 702 The Man Behind the Scenes, Ye ChenChapter 703: People from Zhongzhou (6 more)Chapter 704 Is it so difficult to kill him?Chapter 705 Five Years Later, A World of Controversy
Chapter 706Chapter 707: Visitors from ZhongzhouChapter 708Chapter 709
Chapter 710 The Third SealChapter 712: The Master KillerChapter 713: Signs of Purple Qi Coming from the EastChapter 714 Witch Huojiaoer
Chapter 715Chapter 716 Isn't Ye Chen a Sword Cultivator?Chapter 717: Underground Tombs (6 more)Chapter 718 Dao is right in front of you
Chapter 719: The Way of MindChapter 720 Black Gold Sky Python ClanChapter 721 I'm afraid I won't be able to leaveChapter 722: A Shocking Battle
Chapter 723: Confrontation of Young Sovereign MastersChapter 724 I'm Pretending to Be So TiredChapter 725 Your swordsmanship is too badChapter 726 You are the Emperor Bloodline!
Chapter 727 Secret Technique, Blood Light RealmChapter 728Chapter 729 This is the true explanation of the way of the swordChapter 730 A trace of rule power (6 more)
Chapter 731 Countermeasures by the Power of Rules (7 more)Chapter 732 The Great Emperor's SolicitationChapter 733Chapter 734 Does my sister really want to know?
Chapter 735 Molesting Huo JiaoerChapter 736 Another bald manChapter 737: Kingdom of Hundred BeastsChapter 738
Chapter 739 Going to the Medicine Valley for Grading (8 more)Chapter 740 Fire City, Jiufeng TerraceChapter 741 Zuo Hongfei, here we comeChapter 742 I want you to take the initiative to recruit me
Chapter 743 Breaking the RealmChapter 744 Medicine Valley Steals People (5 more)Chapter 745Chapter 746 Someone wants to challenge you?
Chapter 748 Kneel Down and Call DadChapter 749 One Star AlchemistChapter 750: Intercepting Ice Emperor YuChapter 751: Ambush Outside Dawn City
Chapter 752 The Tranquility Before the AmbushesChapter 753 Take Lu Yao awayChapter 754 Make a Deal with the EmpressChapter 755 Invite the Empress to Stand on the Platform
Chapter 756: Ancestor is the Dragon Emperor (8 more)Chapter 757Chapter 758: Heavenly Capital ForestChapter 759 Exploring the Dragon Emperor's Treasure
Chapter 760 I will give you a happy timeChapter 761 My way is not aloneChapter 762: An ObsessionChapter 763 Give birth to the shadow of wisdom
Chapter 764Chapter 765 Exaggerated TreasureChapter 766 Once upon a time, the spiritual worldChapter 767 Standing Stone Monument and Falling Pagoda
Chapter 768 Inheriting the Terror of the PagodaChapter 769Chapter 770 Ye Family's InnovationChapter 771 A beam of light that shines into the bottom of my heart
Chapter 772: Heir of the Stealing God FamilyChapter 773 Shocking Chen Yang (9 more)Chapter 774 Chen Yang's SecretChapter 775
Chapter 776 Chen Yang's enlightenmentChapter 777 The Dilemma of the Helian FamilyChapter 778: Ye Chen ArrivesChapter 779 Get Back Quickly, I Will Not Kill You
Chapter 780 Sword Intent, Thousands of StarsChapter 781: Behead Zhao JunChapter 782 Battle against the Seventh ElderChapter 783 Block the space and continue to fight
Chapter 784: The Meaning of the Dragon SwordChapter 785 Instant BoostChapter 786 Slashing Heaven and Earth with One SwordChapter 787: The Helian Family Surrenders
Chapter 788: Migration of the Whole ClanChapter 789 Besieging the Helian FamilyChapter 790Chapter 791
Chapter 792 Strategy, magic weaponChapter 793: The Lichuan Ice Lion Appears for the First TimeChapter 794Chapter 795 I implore the owner of the valley to leave the customs
Chapter 796 Fire Emperor, Ling JiuxiaoChapter 797 Betting with Ling JiuxiaoChapter 798 Absorbing a Wisp of Heavenly Dragon FireChapter 799 Continue to be promoted
Chapter 800 The Empress Stands for Ye ChenChapter 801 News of Ling Jiuxiao becoming EmperorChapter 802 He Lianyuan Dedicated to DeathChapter 803: Guarded by the Empress (8 more)
Chapter 804 The Queen's SanctuaryChapter 805 Make the Elixir Reappear in the WorldChapter 807 The Different Fire at the Top of the Different Fire ListChapter 808: Ye Chen's Thoughts (5 more)
Chapter 810 My kingdom of beasts is in danger!Chapter 811 Breaking Through the Limit Multiple TimesChapter 813 Swear to HeavenChapter 814: Tea Containing Dao Rhyme (6 more)
Chapter 815: Birth of the Different Fire ListChapter 816 Want to Fall into the Monster Race?Chapter 818 Despicable Way of HeavenChapter 819: Fortitude
Chapter 820: Emperor Level Breakthrough Pill, Success!Chapter 821: Inviting Kui Mu¡¯s Lineage (7 More)Chapter 822 Feeling WarmingChapter 823 Beauty in Arms
Chapter 824: Melting Spiritual Accumulation, Seven Changes of Life and Death!Chapter 825Chapter 826Chapter 827: Suppressing Demons
Chapter 828: Pre-war MobilizationChapter 829 The decision of the emperors of all partiesChapter 830 Strange Cave (7 more)Chapter 831: Ling Jiuxiao's Descendant
Chapter 832Chapter 833: Many Talents GatherChapter 834 Kingdom of Beasts, Come to Help!Chapter 835: So Many Talents?
Chapter 836: Fighting the Great Emperor (6 more)Chapter 837: Another Great Emperor ArrivesChapter 839 I, Ye Chen, are invincible under the Great EmperorChapter 840 Su Jinnan's Despair
Chapter 843 Killing Su JinnanChapter 845 Gu Yan, No. 1 in the Different Fire ListChapter 847 Why, will you lose?Chapter 848
Chapter 851: The Pattern of the Future (5 More)Chapter 853: The Second Battle with Gusu TutianChapter 854 Eight Desolate Dragon Fist vs. Bloody HandChapter 855
Chapter 856: The Possibility of Proving the Great EmperorChapter 857Chapter 858: Battle in the Sky Mountain RangeChapter 859 Sword Intent Shocks the Sky
Chapter 861 Come a step lateChapter 862 The WeirdChapter 863 Emperor-Level Magic SwordChapter 867: An Opportunity for Promotion
Chapter 868 Sword Soul RealmChapter 869 Ye Chen breaks the game (6 more)Chapter 870: The Dust SettlesChapter 871
Chapter 872 The truth that surfacedChapter 873 Changes of TimesChapter 874 Infiltrating the Temple of Heavenly Demon (5 more)Chapter 875 Hiding here to heal?
Chapter 877 I, Ye Chen, will kill the Heavenly Demon PalaceChapter 878 The Story of Zhao DazhuChapter 879 Yes, the sky has changedChapter 881 You protect the common people, who protects you?
Chapter 882: Just Gone and Never Come Back!Chapter 883 Against the EmperorChapter 884Chapter 885: The Choice of the Buddha
Chapter 886 Unexpected, ReasonableChapter 887 Master Huineng sits downChapter 888 Scaring off the Monster Race EmperorChapter 889 The Second Buddha
Chapter 890 The Second TransactionChapter 891: Jing Zhongyue's SorrowChapter 892: The Eve of the Great ControversyChapter 893
Chapter 894: The Great Emperor's ConferenceChapter 895 Every Great Emperor's BackhandChapter 896: Su Yan in the SealChapter 897: The Great Controversy Begins (5 More)
Chapter 898 Years of Planning Finally Come TrueChapter 899 It's You, Xiao Yunmang!Chapter 900 Incarnate in Foshan, the next ten thousand yearsChapter 901 Swordsmanship in the Barren Mountain
Chapter 902: Mysterious Earth Realm, Zhanshan Sect (5 more)Chapter 903 God Slaying Sword Art (6 more)Chapter 904 Not many people in this world can beat me up (7 more)Chapter 905 Did Senior Brother Misjudge? (8 more)
Chapter 906Chapter 907Chapter 908 Mysterious Sword Light Falls from the SkyChapter 910 Toasting and Not Eating (5 More)
Chapter 911: Creatures in the Black MistChapter 912 Competing for Demonic Sword QiChapter 913 Killing the Young Sovereign with One SwordChapter 914 A ray of magic in the body
Chapter 915: A Lonely Avenue (5 more)Chapter 916 What about Ye Chen?Chapter 917 Stunning in different erasChapter 918 You Are Not Strong, The World Is Dark
Chapter 919: Three Great Emperor-Level Magical ArtifactsChapter 920: Magic Artifact RecognitionChapter 921 Is this okay?Chapter 922 Can't see the situation clearly
Chapter 923 Relieved Zhao ChengChapter 924 Jing Zhongyue's Desire (5 more)Chapter 925 Say, where is Ye Chen? (6 more)Chapter 926 Gathering of the Demon Clan
Chapter 927 The Uninvited Guest of the Wanyao GateChapter 928: It Could Be Him!Chapter 929: Nine Layers of ShacklesChapter 930 Where did he get the luck?
Chapter 931 The Reaction of the Great EmperorsChapter 932 Central RuinsChapter 933 The feeling of chasing and killingChapter 934 Escape into the Central Ruins
Chapter 935 Is he still human?Chapter 936 I heard that you have been looking for me?Chapter 937Chapter 938 Unanimous Changes
Chapter 939: The Birthplace of LuckChapter 941 Dove Occupies Magpie's NestChapter 942 Fighting All the Monster Clans AloneChapter 943 Run away first
Chapter 945Chapter 947Chapter 948: The Great Controversy EndsChapter 949 The Powerful Dao of Heaven
Chapter 950: The Dark Sky Demon ClanChapter 951 Uninvited GuestChapter 952 Another Great Emperor SubmitsChapter 953: Like a Goddess
Chapter 954 Abandoning the sect and fleeingChapter 955 Arrived in advance?Chapter 956 You Surpassed the Ordinary Great EmperorChapter 957: Beheading Emperor Shishan (5 more)
Chapter 958: The Decision Between the Two Ancient WorldsChapter 959 Formally Entering the Ancient RealmChapter 960: Heavenly Demons Are BornChapter 961: Ye Chen Becomes Emperor?
Chapter 962 Half-step Emperor of the Heavenly Demon Clan?Chapter 963 Two HeartsChapter 964: A Devil's HeartChapter 965 Returning to the Spirit Sword Sect
Chapter 966 Return, Being Accused (5 more)Chapter 967 You should be glad that I remember youChapter 968 My WomanChapter 969 How did he go through the back door?
Chapter 970: Breaking and Sharpening the Sword StoneChapter 971 Let me find an answerChapter 972 Expose the truth and enter the canyon (5 chapters)Chapter 973 About Xiao Yunmang's Secret (6 more)
Chapter 974: Behind the scenes (7 more)Chapter 975 Spirit Sword Sect, where do we go?Chapter 976 Tracing the Origin of the Heavenly DemonChapter 977
Chapter 978 Inheriting the RelicChapter 979: Playing Chess with the Monk (5 more)Chapter 980: The First Step to Kill the DragonChapter 981 Obtaining the Inheritance Relic
Chapter 982Chapter 983 Entering the SealChapter 984Chapter 985 The key to breaking free from the shackles of heaven
Chapter 986Chapter 988 That Smugness (6 more)Chapter 989 Holding a Medicine Refining Competition (7 More)Chapter 990 This Is Too Real (8 More)
Chapter 992 Purification TechniqueChapter 993 You don't have to changeChapter 994Chapter 995 He's Hiding His Strength!
Chapter 996 How strong is the mysterious man?Chapter 997 Is he a four-star?Chapter 998: ScripturesChapter 999
Chapter 1001 The identity of the mysterious person?Chapter 1002 Here they come!Chapter 1003 Don't be afraid!Chapter 1004 What does the girl want?
Chapter 1005Chapter 1006Chapter 1007 Let me challenge you!Chapter 1008 The mysterious man turned out to be him!
Chapter 1009 Paying tribute to the pastChapter 1010 You Are Officially AlumniChapter 1011 Soliciting AgainChapter 1012
Chapter 1013 The Majestic Will of All BeingsChapter 1014 Refining into LuckChapter 1015 News about Liu JiaojiaoChapter 1016 The Two Great Ancient Worlds That Occupied
Chapter 1017 Another way to improveChapter 1018 The Conjecture of MistakeChapter 1019 The End of AlchemyChapter 1020 From now on, I am Dan Emperor!
Chapter 1021 Strategic AdmittmentChapter 1022 The way to continue to improveChapter 1023 Heaven's Spiritual ConsciousnessChapter 1024 Entering the Celestial Realm
Chapter 1025Chapter 1026 Red SkyfireChapter 1027 The Amplification Brought By DevouringChapter 1028 The Prestige of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 1029 Battle of the Half-Step Great EmperorChapter 1030 ShockingChapter 1031 Savior?Chapter 1032 Demon Refining Ritual
Chapter 1033 Harvesting the power of all beings in the darkChapter 1034 Refining the Magic PillChapter 1035 Alchemy with Living PeopleChapter 1036 Compete and judge!
Chapter 1037 Who Said Emperor Dan Can't Use a Sword? (5 more)Chapter 1038 I have too many reasons to kill youChapter 1039 Fighting the Heavenly Demon Emperor AgainChapter 1040 Murderous Scum
Chapter 1041 Is this the same fate for the submissive?Chapter 1042Chapter 1043 A Conspiracy NetChapter 1044 Using the city as an array
Chapter 1045 You are the core sacrificesChapter 1046 Four isolated islands (5 more)Chapter 1047: It's My Turn to Play (6 more)Chapter 1048 Dragon Sword Emperor! Savior! (7 more)
Chapter 1049Chapter 1050 Turning the tideChapter 1051 The Catastrophe Before BreakthroughChapter 1052 Burning Demon Qi
Chapter 1053: An Immortal Sky Demon Sents Out (5 More)Chapter 1054 Guessing His Origin (6 More)Chapter 1055Chapter 1056: Practice with you
Chapter 1057 Giant Wooden CageChapter 1058 Suppressing with the power of rulesChapter 1059 Where is the limit? (5 more)Chapter 1060 Estimating Combat Power (6 more)
Chapter 1061 Spread of FaithChapter 1062 Going to Ling TianzongChapter 1063Chapter 1064 My surname is Ao!
Chapter 1065 Facing Yin GuardianChapter 1066 How dare Luo Jiu become king?Chapter 1067Chapter 1068: Classification of Devil Qi
Chapter 1069 Qing Emperor Arrives (5 more)Chapter 1070 Persuading Yin Protectors (6 more)1071 Chapter 1071: A Closer Look (7 More)Chapter 1072 Monk Mingxin, preaching the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 1073 The land of a hundred countries can become an emperorChapter 1074 The Bronze Dharma Sword Thirsting for BloodChapter 1075 Refining all the dog legs into demonsChapter 1076 The Power of Demon King Luo Jiu
Chapter 1077Chapter 1078 Nie Chen got his wishChapter 1079 Different methodsChapter 1080 Killing Nie Chen (5 more)
Chapter 1081: The Next Dao Rule (6 more)Chapter 1082 Three days later, open the space channel (7 more)Chapter 1083: As expected of Mr. Ao ChenChapter 1084 If you don't leave, I'll kill you!
Chapter 1085: The Nine Incarnations of Zhan LuoChapter 1087 Who Are You? (5 more)Chapter 1088: You Can¡¯t Return Empty (6 More)Chapter 1089 Playing a Big Game
Chapter 1090 Refining the entire planeChapter 1091 Refining into a PillChapter 1092 Shocking the Second Immortal ChanceChapter 1093: A Good Move (5 More)
Chapter 1094 Successively Promoted to Emperor (6 more)Chapter 1095: Doing Everything That Can Be Done (7 More)Chapter 1097Chapter 1098 Breakthrough with the Secret Pattern of Creation
Chapter 1099 Who is at fault?Chapter 1100Chapter 1101 Going to war with Heaven?Chapter 1102
Chapter 1103 Acting on behalf of the apprenticeChapter 1104 The Calm Before the StormChapter 1105 East Sword Pavilion and Heavenly Demon?Chapter 1107 Determined to Suppress and Kill the Heavenly Protector
Chapter 1108Chapter 1109 Deeper PlanChapter 1110 Luo Jiu's ConspiracyChapter 1111 The plane is gone?
Chapter 1112 Who is so cruel?Chapter 1114 The Demonic Qi in the BodyChapter 1115 Go to East Sword PavilionChapter 1117 Xiao Qinglin's Secret
Chapter 1118 Looks like himChapter 1119 His Choice!Chapter 1120: Two Space Channels OpenChapter 1121 The First World War Recorded in History
Chapter 1122 Rushing to death is like a feastChapter 1123: It's NoonChapter 1124: WarChapter 1125 Fighting for Qinglian Realm
Chapter 1126: Tear the Void RulesChapter 1130: Ye Chen's WeaknessChapter 1131Chapter 1132 How Many Secrets Are There?
Chapter 1133 The Way of Formation Shows Its Power for the First TimeChapter 1134 It's Difficult to Come BackChapter 1135 Fusion of Two PrinciplesChapter 1136 You are Ao Chen!
Chapter 1137 Variables Are ComingChapter 1138Chapter 1139 Another level of fightingChapter 1140 Luo Jiu's backhand
Chapter 1142 He will never loseChapter 1145 The Consciousness of the Dao of Heaven FallsChapter 1146Chapter 1147 The Dust Settles
Chapter 1148 I, the Dao of Heaven!Chapter 1150 Convergence of Two DragonsChapter 1154 The Golden Wood RealmChapter 1155 Royal Mausoleum
Chapter 1156 Fighting for Demonic QiChapter 1157 The Hunt BeginsChapter 1158 Ruthless massacreChapter 1159 Are you from the Fu family?
Chapter 1160 Agarwood Golden Silk WoodChapter 1161Chapter 1162 Dog Bites DogChapter 1163 Add fire!
Chapter 1164 Another ray of magic sword energyChapter 1165 Sifang CityChapter 1166 Continue to build the armChapter 1167 Return to Qinglian Realm (5 more)
Chapter 1168: Those who know current affairs are heroes (6 more)Chapter 1169: The Drifting Sifang City (7 more)Chapter 1170: Taking Back the Dragon Veins (8 more)Chapter 1171 Prepare for a rainy day
Chapter 1173 Fusion of Two Ancient WorldsChapter 1174 Sudden whimsyChapter 1175 Welcome to the Starry Sky (5 more)Chapter 1176
Chapter 1177 Fu Zheng and Luo ShiyiChapter 1178 Bidding for the Three-pattern Immortal Emperor PillChapter 1179 The Priceless Agarwood Golden Silk WoodChapter 1181 Bloody Bidding
Chapter 1182 Intense GameChapter 1183 Direct loreChapter 1184 Make Another DealChapter 1185 The Exaggerated Effects of Medicinal Pills (5 more)
Chapter 1186 The Truth About the Emperor Body and Emperor MeridianChapter 1187: The Deal Is ClosedChapter 1188Chapter 1189 Refining the Three-pattern Immortal Emperor Pill
Chapter 1190 Provoking the Two Heavenly Demon MastersChapter 1192 Gathering together (5 more)Chapter 1193Chapter 1194 The matter has come to this, we can only fight
Chapter 1195 Only One Party Can LiveChapter 1196Chapter 1197 Four Immortals Four Times (5 more)Chapter 1198 Come to an end (6 more)
Chapter 1199 Master, I want to eat candied haws (7 more)Chapter 1200 The Status Quo of the Metal and Wood RealmChapter 1201 Exploring Historical and Cultural RelicsChapter 1202 Cleaning Tianlang Mountain
Chapter 1203 The Treasures of Magma River HanoiChapter 1204 Heart of RockfireChapter 1205 Are you actually a pharmacist?Chapter 1206 Why are you fighting?
Chapter 1207 Kill them all, isn't it solved?Chapter 1208 How can you absorb magic energy?Chapter 1209 Get RichChapter 1210 Luo Family Warship
Chapter 1212 Another Breath ComesChapter 1213 Heavenly Dao Academy?Chapter 1214 Nine Dragon RealmChapter 1215 It's really him!
Chapter 1216 Country, Emperor, and SubjectsChapter 1217 The top three and the bottom threeChapter 1218: Not Just a Second-Class Ancient RealmChapter 1220 The Sky Stealer
Chapter 1221 Create the Emperor BodyChapter 1222 Tailor-made Emperor BodyChapter 1224 Killing Emperor PossessionChapter 1225 To change thinking and perspective
Chapter 1226 I want to study!Chapter 1228 That's it?Chapter 1229 Isn't this courting death?Chapter 1230 First place and second place (10 more)
Chapter 1231 Luck FruitChapter 1232 The same is true in the ancient world!Chapter 1233 The Second Floor of the LibraryChapter 1234 Are you going to reveal your secrets again?
Chapter 1235 Immemorial Immortal Body1237 Chapter 1237 Almost Unbearable (7 more)Chapter 1239 Hurry up and read books (9 more)Chapter 1240 It can be rated as level five! (10 more)
Chapter 1241 The news finally cameChapter 1242 Another social deathChapter 1243 Leaving Tiandao AcademyChapter 1244 Records about Miaojueshou
Chapter 1245 Mahayana BuddhismChapter 1246 Don't be afraid of high level, be afraid of low levelChapter 1247 The hero in my heartChapter 1248 Ling Tian Realm (8 more)
Chapter 1250 Ten Fist World, Mu Fan (10 more)Chapter 1251 The first battle, defeatChapter 1252 Black Field PlainChapter 1254: Mu Fan's Tactics
Chapter 1255 Luo Family ReinforcementChapter 1256 Exploring the Palace of BonesChapter 1257 Killing the Immortal Sky Demon Four Times in a RowChapter 1258 The Roaring Sound of the Beating Demon Heart (8 more)
Chapter 1259 A Devil's HeartChapter 1260 Provoking Luo BaChapter 1261 Peak Sword SoulChapter 1262 This is the trump card
Chapter 1263 Killing Luo BaChapter 1264Chapter 1265 I am willing to follow the adults around!Chapter 1266 I am the person who is most afraid of trouble
Chapter 1267: Ye Chen's PlanChapter 1268 In Three Years, I Want to Unify the Lingtian RealmChapter 1269 A group of rotten fish and rotten shrimp!Chapter 1270 Don't mess with me!
Chapter 1271 The Forbidden SeaChapter 1272 Heavenly Demon ArmChapter 1273 An Old Friend Comes To SeekChapter 1274 Potential Competitor
Chapter 1275 Speed ??up the progressChapter 1276 Plans in other realmsChapter 1277 Gathering in Qinglian RealmChapter 1278 Let me entertain you
Chapter 1279 The test begins!Chapter 1280 The first level, ancient ruins!Chapter 1281 Already started?Chapter 1283 Don't hurry!
Chapter 1284 Ancient Ruins GroupChapter 1285 A Precious SwordChapter 1286 Giant Worm!Chapter 1287 Encountering Golden Light
Chapter 1288 Because, I'm the Chosen OneChapter 1289 Was it Yang Qian who killed him?Chapter 1290 The biggest relic?Chapter 1291 The Living Yu Clan
Chapter 1292 Five people advancedChapter 1293 The Second Test!Chapter 1294 A Difficult Test of Will!Chapter 1295 Traces of the Yu Clan?
Chapter 1296 Deep WorldChapter 1297 Different Worlds on the Same TimelineChapter 1298 The Talent Surprises Hu HeChapter 1299
Chapter 1300 Decisive battle!Chapter 1301 Miscalculation!Chapter 1302 Kill Yang Qian and fight Zuo Wen!Chapter 1303 Purple Qi Comes East!
Chapter 1304 Almighty Tianjiao!Chapter 1305 Fighting against adversity!Chapter 1306 I Must Win!Chapter 1307 Show me the third sword!
Chapter 1308: The Sword Raises Everything! (5 more)Chapter 1309 Welcome to the World Lord!Chapter 1310 Who won?Chapter 1311 One Boundary Lord
Chapter 1312 Qing Cangjie AbstainedChapter 1313 Dismissal! (5 more)Chapter 1314 Confrontation (6 more)Chapter 1315 You Are Crazy!
Chapter 1316 Sword Formation!Chapter 1317 If you don't surrender, you will dieChapter 1318Chapter 1319
Chapter 1320 Ye Jin's Thoughts (6 more)Chapter 1321 I choose to stayChapter 1322 Another brilliant hand?Chapter 1323 Existence of the Fourth Layer
Chapter 1324 Entering the Deep World AgainChapter 1325 Dislocation of time and space (5 more)Chapter 1326 SurprisedChapter 1327 Qinglian Realm?
Chapter 1328 MessengerChapter 1329 The Three Black Towers and the ProphecyChapter 1330 Tiange, WandererChapter 1331 You Are Just a Counterfeit
Chapter 1332 Emergence PondChapter 1334 Behind the scene? (5 more)Chapter 1335 Dragon Emperor!Chapter 1336 The Yu clan would like to respect you as the Dragon Emperor!
Chapter 1337 Please help us leave this piece of history!Chapter 1338 The Dust SettlesChapter 1339 The Truth About the Dragon Emperor (5 more)Chapter 1340 What's in the Black Tower?
Chapter 1341 The Forging Method of the Yu ClanChapter 1342 The Development of Yeyue BuildingChapter 1343 GameChapter 1344 Fighting in the ring (5 more)
Chapter 1345 Auction ConferenceChapter 1346: There is a Yu Clan Artifact for Sale!Chapter 1347 Disastrous defeat!Chapter 1348 Enjoy the danger!
Chapter 1349 Is he the World Lord?Chapter 1350 WinningChapter 1351 Choose One!Chapter 1352: The Way of War!
Chapter 1353 Duan Wuya returns!Chapter 1354 Spring and Autumn BoundaryChapter 1355 Digging Ancestral GravesChapter 1356: Phantom Formation!
Chapter 1357 Happy Opening!Chapter 1358: The Ancestral Graves Have Been Digged!Chapter 1359: World of Beasts!Chapter 1360 Price the bones!
Chapter 1361 There is a good show to watchChapter 1362 Auction of bones!Chapter 1363 Enthusiasm is highChapter 1365 Keep them for me!
Chapter 1366 Who is it?Chapter 1367 Hunting AroundChapter 1368Chapter 1369 The most dangerous place is the safest
Chapter 1370 The Star Building Comes to Make a MistakeChapter 1371 Leveling the Star Building (5 more)Chapter 1372 Stop Talking, Start StealingChapter 1373 Killing directly
Chapter 1374: Sword Field and Sword FormationChapter 1375 The Star Building CollapsedChapter 1376 Residual Sword IntentChapter 1377
Chapter 1378Chapter 1379 Golden-Eyed Old Man (5 more)Chapter 1380 Confrontation (6 more)Chapter 1381 Exhibition
Chapter 1382 The Golden Rune Between the EyebrowsChapter 1383Chapter 1384Chapter 1385 Tear your face!
Chapter 1386 What am I afraid of?Chapter 1387Chapter 1388 Nighthawk WorldChapter 1389 Three days later, you go to preside over the overall situation
Chapter 1390 Heavenly Demon's Big MoveChapter 1391 Seven Immortal BattlesChapter 1392Chapter 1393
Chapter 1394 Kill Zheng Guyi within three daysChapter 1395 Here, Be Your Burial Ground (5 More)Chapter 1397Chapter 1398 I'm Waiting For You Underground
Chapter 1399 Public ExecutionChapter 1400 Meet the Patriarch! (5 more)Chapter 1401 Help Zheng Jun Take PowerChapter 1402 The Star Building Comes
Chapter 1403 WinningChapter 1404 The Secret in the Chamber of SecretsChapter 1405 Heavenly Demon ArmChapter 1406 Memory of Tiange
Chapter 1407 Six Times of ImmortalityChapter 1408 Heavenly Demon TransitChapter 1409: The Woman on the Battleship (5 more)Chapter 1410 You and I Are Destined to Never See Each other Again
Chapter 1411 Conquer the Tao and open the black tower!Chapter 1412 Want to suppress me, there is no way!Chapter 1413 Inheriting the Black TowerChapter 1414 Battle of Beasts (5 more)
Chapter 1415 Refining the BeastsChapter 1416 Continuous BreakthroughChapter 1418 Long Yi Meets His MasterChapter 1419 Yellow Spring River Ferry (5 more)
Chapter 1420 Golden LuckChapter 1421 PointingChapter 1422 Ninety percent chance of deathChapter 1423 Ancient War
Chapter 1424 Excalibur General (5 more)Chapter 1425 Sword Field vs. Sword FieldChapter 1426 Fierce BattleChapter 1427 Gu Zheng
Chapter 1428 Purple Fire Sword TotemChapter 1429 Totem Warrior (5 more)Chapter 1430 Soul-locking Dafa with Iron ChainsChapter 1431 Meeting in Private
Chapter 1432 Betrayal!Chapter 1433 Use the plan!Chapter 1434: The Eve of the Great War! (5 more)Chapter 1435 Formation Takes Effect
Chapter 1436 In the formation, meleeChapter 1437 OutsidersChapter 1438 The Last ChanceChapter 1439 New Commander (5 more)
Chapter 1440 Gu Zheng!Chapter 1441 True InheritanceChapter 1442 The Giant Hand Sweeping the Starry SkyChapter 1443 Inherited Cards
Chapter 1444: Answer Everything (5 more)Chapter 1445 Three StudentsChapter 1446 brother, never see you againChapter 1447 Card, Wine Sword Immortal!
Chapter 1448 Ancient Dome PalaceChapter 1449 Everyone's code name (5 more)Chapter 1450 Root!Chapter 1451 Equivalent Exchange
Chapter 1452 Cut off the way of cultivationChapter 1453 Fire Thief!Chapter 1454Chapter 1455 Immortality Seven Times
Chapter 1456 Nine Patterns Immortal Emperor PillChapter 1457 One month, subverting the ancient realmChapter 1458 Going alone (5 more)Chapter 1459 The Heavenly Demon Blocks the Area
Chapter 1460 Demon Heart Vs Demon HeartChapter 1461 The Tomb of the Patriarch of the Qi FamilyChapter 1462 Test Ao SiningChapter 1463
Chapter 1464 Can't get out at all!Chapter 1465 All are strong!Chapter 1466 Enlarged GreedChapter 1467 Complete and Wonderful Hand
Chapter 1468 Another wave of demons enterChapter 1469 Level Seven Ancient RealmChapter 1470: Western Paradise Ancient RealmChapter 1471 The Empress Comes to Say Goodbye (5 more)
Chapter 1472 Farewells one after anotherChapter 1473 Going to the Kowloon RealmChapter 1474 Little Yuan'er's Special PhysiqueChapter 1475 Meeting Granny Si
Chapter 1476 Hidden HallChapter 1477 Completely Killing CrazyChapter 1478 Breaking the record againChapter 1479 Tang Chuan Wakes Up
Chapter 1480 Show your identityChapter 1481 The future of the futureChapter 1482 The Next DeanChapter 1483 Boss Wu
Chapter 1484 We... all lostChapter 1486 Lost again?Chapter 1487 Are you back again?Chapter 1489 Huge wave of spiritual energy
Chapter 1490 Another Hidden HallChapter 1491 My Disciple Can Eat Very MuchChapter 1492 Teacher, there is no need to hide it from me (5 more)Chapter 1494 Going to break the formation
Chapter 1495 Another ray of magic sword energyChapter 1496 Absorbing Thought PowerChapter 1497 Oiling the soles of the feet (5 more)Chapter 1498
Chapter 1499 The Dark WandererChapter 1500 Eight Immortal PeaksChapter 1501 TortureChapter 1502 Another formation (5 more)
Chapter 1503 The Fish Take the BaitChapter 1504: All OutChapter 1505 Against Nine Times of ImmortalityChapter 1506 Battle within the formation
Chapter 1507 TrapsChapter 1508 Cohesive RunesChapter 1509: Capturing the Wanderer Captain AliveChapter 1510 Tiange's Actions
Chapter 1511 The Ambition of YunshanChapter 1512 Another GatheringChapter 1513 Empress? (5 more)Chapter 1514 Too Weak
Chapter 1515 One and a half peopleChapter 1516 Go to make peace with the demonChapter 1517 Improvement brought by candied hawsChapter 1518 Heading to the Endless Abyss
Chapter 1519 Ao Cheng's ProposalChapter 1520 The Frightening Floating CityChapter 1521 I want to see Ao HengChapter 1522 You Are Her Son
Chapter 1523 Secrets of the YearChapter 1524 You and I Are Peers (5 more)Chapter 1525 Persuading Ao HengChapter 1526 Zuo Wen and Ao Sining
Chapter 1527 The Order of the PatriarchChapter 1528 Meeting MotherChapter 1529 The happiest dayChapter 1530 Complete Truce
Chapter 1531 I want to become a fire thiefChapter 1532 The next ruleChapter 1533 Chasing down the rebel monk!Chapter 1534 No living breath!
Chapter 1535 Find the target?Chapter 1536 Hard stubble!Chapter 1537 It's difficult, so don't do it!Chapter 1538 Meeting Mingxin Again
Chapter 1539 Eyeing Ye Chen's ExistenceChapter 1541 Are you his backer?Chapter 1542 Strange BureauChapter 1543 Space Dao?
Chapter 1544 The Power of Space DaoChapter 1548 All the way to killChapter 1549 The First Battle of Space DaoChapter 1550 The challenger is Ye Chen! (5 more)
Chapter 1551 Sense of RepressionChapter 1552 Hard FightChapter 1553 Winning!Chapter 1554 Is it actually him?
Chapter 1555 Wait for him to pick you up again! (5 more)Chapter 1560 It's just a cauldron furnace! (5 more)Chapter 1562 It's time for the old era to endChapter 1564 What I give you is yours
Chapter 1565: Change Your Body (5 More)Chapter 1566 Imprisoning the SoulChapter 1568 Enthronement Ceremony1570 Chapter 1570 The Promise (5 More)
Chapter 1571 Dark Battle PatternChapter 1572 Old YinChapter 1573 Brother Emperor, I am sufferingChapter 1574 Rewards are naturally indispensable
Chapter 1575 Society died on the spot (5 more)Chapter 1576 Selecting Fire StealersChapter 1577 Betrayed by a traitor!Chapter 1578 Go to training camp
Chapter 1580 The human race will never die! (5 more)Chapter 1581 Five-Year TrainingChapter 1582 Heading to HeavenChapter 1583 Gatekeeper
Chapter 1584 Senior Student of Fuchen AcademyChapter 1586 Grocery MarketChapter 1587Chapter 1588 I Bet This Life
Chapter 1589 Strange Fighting Pill! (5 more)Chapter 1590 Target, first place! (6 more)Chapter 1591 Huge AssemblyChapter 1592 The first batch of competitions
Chapter 1594 It's easy to overwhelm youChapter 1595: Yu Heng's Revenge (5 more)Chapter 1596 The Second LevelChapter 1597 Fry the furnace?
Chapter 1598 Enriched!Chapter 1599 Get two copies of herbs!Chapter 1600 Probing Identity (5 more)Chapter 1601 No such person!
Chapter 1602 Advancement by luckChapter 1603 The Final Four! decisive battle!Chapter 1604 Attempt to refine Jiuwen elixirChapter 1605 I'm Stop Pretending, It's a Showdown! (5 more)
Chapter 1606 This is the gap!Chapter 1607 Dan Lei!Chapter 1608 Shen Yueyue Bows Her HeadChapter 1609 Identity exposed!
Chapter 1610 This is a Triple Win! (5 more)Chapter 1611 Bringing Resources Back to the Starry SkyChapter 1612 Determined to stay!Chapter 1613 Is this the arrangement?
Chapter 1614 continue to hug the thighChapter 1615 I fight alchemy with myselfChapter 1616 Senior Wei is so handsomeChapter 1617 Fighting for you
Chapter 1618 The gauntlet arrives!Chapter 1619 Two people playChapter 1621 BettingChapter 1622 Absolute trump card!
Chapter 1623 The Faith of VictoryChapter 1624 Big gamble!Chapter 1625 Collision of mental power! (6 more)Chapter 1626 Return to the essence
Chapter 1627 The decisive blowChapter 1628 I just want to compare with Ye ChenChapter 1629 How about killing him?Chapter 1630 Your only solution!
Chapter 1631 Show YourselfChapter 1632 The transaction is completedChapter 1633 I need more training resourcesChapter 1634 Take Both Sides
Chapter 1635 The March Period Has ArrivedChapter 1636: Vast Sea City Again!Chapter 1637 Need to pay more!Chapter 1638 Myself to myself (5 more)
Chapter 1639 The plan in my mindChapter 1640 The winners and losers begin to emerge!Chapter 1641 Assassination as a matter of course!Chapter 1642 Foreshadowing! Finish!
Chapter 1643 Earn blood! (5 more)Chapter 1644 the fate on the shouldersChapter 1645 Identity exposed?Chapter 1646 leave temporarily
Chapter 1647 A congratulatory gift?Chapter 1648 Stealing Gifts! (5 more)Chapter 1649: Big shot birthday banquet!Chapter 1650 Watching and Helping Each Other
Chapter 1651 Changes in Qinglian RealmChapter 1652 Wholeheartedly for youChapter 1653 Returning to Peach Blossom PalaceChapter 1654 Kill to the Gathering Point!
Chapter 1655 Battle with Creation RealmChapter 1656 Gap?Chapter 1657 Sword Slashing Galaxy!Chapter 1658 Fighting against the Creation Realm
Chapter 1659 An ant may shake a tree?Chapter 1660 He did it!Chapter 1661 Meet the wanderer again!Chapter 1663: Devil Heart Suppression!
Chapter 1664 Ancient Flame Burning TalkChapter 1665 Absorb the Heavenly Demon!Chapter 1666 Are you relocating with your family?Chapter 1667 Unfortunately, I killed it
Chapter 1668 Test IdentityChapter 1662 Talk about wind!Chapter 1669 A sincere heart!Chapter 1670 Refining the Elixir with All Your Effort
Chapter 1671 Elixir completed, level up!Chapter 1672 Small success in the Creation Realm!Chapter 1673 Secret Method of Refining Blood PillChapter 1674 I once promised you
Chapter 1675 People in the Forbidden Area (5 more)Chapter 1676 Master, I'm Coming to YouChapter 1677 Chen Yuankai's ChallengeChapter 1678
Chapter 1679 The Battle of Creation RealmChapter 1680 Spies GatherChapter 1681 Suppression! (6 more)Chapter 1682 Convinced!
Chapter 1683 He is really the dean!Chapter 1684 Deal with Yunshan!Chapter 1685 Within a year, I will make you cry!Chapter 1686 I want to rewrite the fate of the stars!
Chapter 1687 The status of this identityChapter 1688 We are Taoist couples, of course we share a roomChapter 1689 Lu Moli, Lord of Qianyuan City!Chapter 1690 Fairy Qin!
Chapter 1691 Lu Moli!Chapter 1692 I have a generous gift!Chapter 1693 Mysterious Treasure! Different fire tower!Chapter 1694 Lu Moli Has a Conspiracy?
Chapter 1695 Use different fires as training!Chapter 1696: Picking Chestnuts from the Fire!Chapter 1697: Creation Realm Strange Fire!Chapter 1698 I choose you, Ziqing Longyan!
Chapter 1699 How can there be such a coincidence?Chapter 1700 All in one catch! Loot all!Chapter 1701 We need to use the hearts of the people!Chapter 1702 Send the original dragon energy back to the starry sky!
Chapter 1703 Beheading!Chapter 1704 Where the Origin Dragon Qi Flies toChapter 1705 Target, Qinglian Realm!Chapter 1706 The meaning of existence of the fire thief!
Chapter 1707 Si Ning, go and see!Chapter 1708 Many powerhouses gather in the imperial city!Chapter 1709 Is everyone an emperor?Chapter 1710 Do you dare to stop me?
Chapter 1711 Wait for me to die!Chapter 1712: Slaying two good fortune realms in a row!Chapter 1713 Complete Space Dao? (5 more)Chapter 1714 Lu Moli is about to make a move
Chapter 1715 Try to procrastinate!Chapter 1716 Betrayer, Jiang Sheng!Chapter 1717 Raid? internal disagreementChapter 1718 Goal, qualifying!
Chapter 1719 Before the competition, things were revealed?Chapter 1720 If you lose, you will force a merger!Chapter 1721 Yunshan and Jiang Sheng!Chapter 1722 How dare you follow me?
Chapter 1732 Over tens of thousands of years, another battle against YunshanChapter 1724 Yunshan's Spiritual AttackChapter 1726 Two swords determine the universe!Chapter 1727 Want to escape?
Chapter 1728 I want to face Wei Zelong!Chapter 1729 If you can be promoted, you will be invincible!Chapter 1730 The eighth victory!Chapter 1731 Shout out to an academy!
Chapter 1732 Come to the wheel battle!Chapter 1733 Crush in the same realm!Chapter 1734 King's Landing!Chapter 1735 Completely Scared!
Chapter 1736 At a critical moment, Shen does not hesitate to make a move!Chapter 1738 One Sword Determines the Victory!Chapter 1739 Tough! Merger of the two chambers?Chapter 1740 Lord of Heaven!
Chapter 1741 It's time to come!Chapter 1742 Don't say goodbye to your confidante?Chapter 1743 Jiang Sheng Follows Up!Chapter 1744 Ming Card! Kill you traitor!
Chapter 1745 Traitor! Fu Zhu!Chapter 1746 The dean is about to break through?Chapter 1747 Lonely Wood also wants to break through!Chapter 1748 Collect fragments!
Chapter 1749 The complete space law!Chapter 1750 Combat Power Improvement!Chapter 1751 Want? Just trade with me!Chapter 1752 The transaction is successful, return to Qinglian Realm!
Chapter 1753 It's better to be at home!Chapter 1754 Unlock the magic hand?Chapter 1755 Restore memory!Chapter 1756 Coming to the endless abyss again!
Chapter 1757 Are you going to war with me?Chapter 1758 My son is here to pick me up!Chapter 1759 This is a Surprise!Chapter 1760 In Heaven, the Legend of Wei Zelong
Chapter 1761 Su Muyue is promoted!Chapter 1762Chapter 1763 Dust and dirt-free body!Chapter 1764 The Eternal Empress
Chapter 1765 The strange arrival!Chapter 1766 Skeleton General!Chapter 1767 Strange Meat Worm!Chapter 1768 Strange scene!
Chapter 1769 Devil's Eye Blood River!Chapter 1770 Mountain-like Skeleton!Chapter 1771 The owner of the flying boatChapter 1772 Change the fighting style!
Chapter 1773: Tang Chuan joins the battle!Chapter 1774 Absorb Soul Fire!Chapter 1775Chapter 1776 Urgent!
Chapter 1777 The starry sky is invaded!Chapter 1779 Carrying the coffin and going to battle!Chapter 1781 Seeing Dragonriders for the First TimeChapter 1782 The source of spiritual energy in the starry sky
Chapter 1783 They will definitely come!Chapter 1784 Reinforcements arrive!Chapter 1785 close at hand, inevitableChapter 1786 Gu Yan burns the strong!
Chapter 1787 You will be a serious trouble!Chapter 1788 Refining begins!Chapter 1789 The Dilapidated Starry SkyChapter 1790 The source of spiritual energy is born!
Chapter 1791 Are you going to abandon the starry sky?Chapter 1792 I have a solution!Chapter 1793 Faith, you can't lie!Chapter 1794 Nirvana Realm Go!
Chapter 1795 Pick up the source of spiritual energy!Chapter 1796 Relocation!Chapter 1798 The source of spiritual energy brings improvementChapter 1799 Don't let this painstaking effort down!
Chapter 1800 The last words of the Nirvana powerhouse?Chapter 1801 Pain again!Chapter 1802 Isn't this an illusion?Chapter 1803 Killed!
Chapter 1804 Fight for a year! reward!Chapter 1805 Strange Nirvana Realm!Chapter 1806 Multiple shots!Chapter 1807 Invitation from the Lord of Heaven!
Chapter 1808 Calming LiquidChapter 1809 Two breaths in the bamboo houseChapter 1810 Let me tryChapter 1811 Forced Absorption!
Chapter 1812 Take a look!Chapter 1813 Cooperation reached!Chapter 1814 Tianchi OpenedChapter 1815 Number of challenges?
Chapter 1816 Yin-Yang Fish Path DiagramChapter 1817 How many chances have you used?Chapter 1818 The gap between people!Chapter 1819 Breaking the record! half moon!
Chapter 1820 Leave your own records!Chapter 1821 Still persisting!Chapter 1824 Sister, how strong are you?Chapter 1825: Alien Monsters Rage!
Chapter 1826 Super sense! True beast!Chapter 1827 The breakthrough of the real beast failed! Precious medicine!Chapter 1828 Go to the city to explore!Chapter 1829 The Real Beast Will Die!
Chapter 1831 Defeat one by one!Chapter 1832 I hope you like this gift!Chapter 1834: Elder Qingdeng!Chapter 1835 Something Big Has Happened!
Chapter 1836 Liu Qingming is going to be distorted!Chapter 1837 I won't let you deform!Chapter 1838 Endure the weirdness together!Chapter 1839 Lu Moli Comes to Inquire!
Chapter 1840 Close the academy!Chapter 1841 Yunshan explores the truthChapter 1842 Ye Chen and Wei Zelong!Chapter 1843 Transformation succeeded!
Chapter 1844 No one can take you away!Chapter 1845 The three transformations gave you confidence?Chapter 1846 Master Lu, why are you angry?Chapter 1847 I don't care!
Chapter 1848 Complete war!Chapter 1849 Let them make trouble!Chapter 1850 Stronger in the Higher World!Chapter 1851 In front of the world of immortality, everything is an ant!
Chapter 1852 Surprise! Attack the starry sky!Chapter 1853 Impart knowledge!Chapter 1854 You are the Wine Sword Immortal!Chapter 1855 Once emotional, it will remain until death!
Chapter 1856 Ling Wanxiao is promoted!Chapter 1857 Lobby the stars!Chapter 1858 The Gatekeeper Arrives!Chapter 1859 Enemies Meet!
Chapter 1860 Kill Elder Fei Yu!Chapter 1861 Kill one by one!Chapter 1862 Caught you!Chapter 1864 The starry sky is destroyed!
Chapter 1865 Tianlong and Starry Sky surrender!Chapter 1866 Next time, I will do it myself!Chapter 1867 Everyone is like a dragon, I did it!Chapter 1868 A large number of breakthroughs!
Chapter 1869 The Messenger of the Lord of Heaven!Chapter 1870 Realize self-worthChapter 1871 Su Muyue's weakness!Chapter 1872 A gift for you!
Chapter 1874 The Great War is coming, Ye Chen leads the crowd to fight!Chapter 1875 Fajian kowtows, ten thousand swords worship!Chapter 1876 This sword!Chapter 1877 Time and space changed!
Chapter 1878 Even the sky must give way!Chapter 1879: The tiger falls in Pingyang!Chapter 1880 Yunshan is betrayed!Chapter 1881 I have top-secret news to report!
Chapter 1882 Who told you to let him go?Chapter 1883 The Lord of Heaven's Ingratiation!Chapter 1884 Bring it back!Chapter 1885 Coordinates!
Chapter 1886 The terrifying giant hand!Chapter 1887 I want to revisit it!Chapter 1888 Invasion of dead air!Chapter 1889 Feng Can Comes Again!
Chapter 1890: Massive Distortion of Monsters!Chapter 1891 Consciousness comes!Chapter 1892: Shocking Stone!Chapter 1893: Feng Can Discovers the Sirius Starry Sky!
Chapter 1894 If you can't reach an agreement, start a war!Chapter 1895 The Lord of Heaven's Choice!Chapter 1896 This is not poison!Chapter 1897 Defeat Feng Can!
Chapter 1898 Mental torture!Chapter 1899 No future troubles!Chapter 1900 Heaven is finally destroyed!Chapter 1901 Xiao Xuan's Distress!
Chapter 1902 Strange memory fragments!Chapter 1903 Master, it's been a hundred thousand years!Chapter 1904 New clues!Chapter 1905 The secret of a hundred thousand years ago!
Chapter 1906 Uncontrollable direction!Chapter 1907 About to be swallowed by the memory of the past life!Chapter 1908 The final choice! Dignity of a man!Chapter 1909 The Realm Climbs!
Chapter 1910: Sky Ape!Chapter 1911 The reincarnated and rebuilt person!Chapter 1912 I also want to awaken past life memories!Chapter 1913 The investigation of the Feng family!
Chapter 1914 Dog bites dog!Chapter 1915 Dead Underworld Giant!Chapter 1916 Another competition starts!Chapter 1917 Luck looting game!
Chapter 1918 The game organized by the giants of the immortality world!Chapter 1919 Formation of a five-member team!Chapter 1920 The weakest is six transformations!Chapter 1921 The first game, desert adventure!
Chapter 1922 The first loser! Take away half of your luck!Chapter 1923 Ten times luck feedback!Chapter 1924 A Great River of Spiritual Energy!Chapter 1925 Forest of Life!
Chapter 1926 Desert becomes an oasis!Chapter 1927 My sister continues to teach me!Chapter 1928 After the Broken Bridge!Chapter 1929 Town Dragon Mysterious Turtle! Luck real dragon!
Chapter 1930 After half an hour, I will help you!Chapter 1931 It's my turn to fight back!Chapter 1932 Men have to pretend!Chapter 1933 The golden dragon recovers!
Chapter 1934 There are only two people left, the battle for the first place!Chapter 1935 Whoever loses will be killed directly!Chapter 1936 Even God Doesn't Pity You!Chapter 1937 The champion is born!
Chapter 1938 Fight of Trapped Beasts!Chapter 1939 Shi Jingtian, a life-saving genius!Chapter 1940 Is he really shameless?Chapter 1941 So resistant to beating?
Chapter 1943: Killing you bastard!Chapter 1945 Accept it when you see it!Chapter 1946 The last game!Chapter 1947 This exploration has good and bad!
Chapter 1948 Skeleton Blood River! Mysterious cave!Chapter 1949 Title, Luck Collector!Chapter 1950 Take it and slip away!Chapter 1951 Violently devouring different fires!
Chapter 1952 Can you handle it?Chapter 1953 New discovery!Chapter 1954 The Firewall is coming!Chapter 1955 Targeted by giants!
Chapter 1956 Three levels of the game, a lot of rewards!Chapter 1957 The game is over, return!Chapter 1958 The Death Giant Comes to the Door!Chapter 1959 It's just an ant!
Chapter 1960 As long as the strong, who can look down on the dead giant?Chapter 1961 The prosperous age is coming!Chapter 1962 Burn the ancient world!Chapter 1963 All intruders should die!
Chapter 1964 The revived Burning Terran!Chapter 1965 The Burning Human Race Comes to the DoorChapter 1966 Let your king come to me!Chapter 1967 What should be said, I have made it clear
Chapter 1968 It's you, my lord!Chapter 1969 Fire Human Clan SubmissionChapter 1970 The real world and the spirit worldChapter 1971 The creator is by your side
Chapter 1972 Chaos and Dead Silence!Chapter 1973 The person behind it is actually Wang He?Chapter 1974 Take all luck for yourself!Chapter 1975 Promoted by luck!
Chapter 1976 Found! danger!Chapter 1977 Search for the fish that slipped through the net!Chapter 1978 Battle Palace!Chapter 1979 Luck is coming again?
Chapter 1980 Luck is mine again!Chapter 1981 The whole ancient world is hunted down!Chapter 1982 Reluctant to leave!Chapter 1983 Promotion! Second-class universe!
Chapter 1984 Invasion came to me?Chapter 1985 Immortal Realm Invasion?Chapter 1986 Reaching the realm of immortality!Chapter 1987 Cangxingtian, Ten Kingdoms Mountains!
Chapter 1988 I want the dragon veins of these two countries!Chapter 1989 Reinforcement, he is here!Chapter 1990 Army? Watch me destroy it with one finger!Chapter 1991 The dragon veins of the two countries are in hand!
Chapter 1992 The ambition to unify the mountains of the ten countries?Chapter 1993 The Six Young Masters of the Zhang Family!Chapter 1994 Reincarnation Realm Powerhouse!Chapter 1995 What am I afraid of?
Chapter 1996 Is that all?Chapter 1997 How dare you take this punch?Chapter 1998 Strange place!Chapter 1999 There is an ambush!
Chapter 2000 Shocking Tower, Black Wind Protector!Chapter 2001 Leave it to you!Chapter 2003 Blood-stained black cloth!Chapter 2004 Ten transformations!
Chapter 2005 Why do you have a token?Chapter 2006 To the Marquis Mansion!Chapter 2007 Yin and Yang Black and White Fury Thunder!Chapter 2008 One Sword Breaks Thunder!
Chapter 2009 Mu Xiaoyu's Winning!Chapter 2010 I'm Just Playing!Chapter 2011: Sword Glow in the Bustling City!Chapter 2012 The game is over!
Chapter 2013 Hitting East and West!Chapter 2014 Unforgettable RunesChapter 2015 Where is the export?Chapter 2016 Human Evolution History?
Chapter 2017 Someone is ComingChapter 2019 - One after anotherChapter 2020 Are you going to rob people?Chapter 2022 You dare not face up to the past
Chapter 2023 Rune Culture Becomes a SnakeChapter 2024 Which Ten Clans?Chapter 2025 Awakened Blood PoolChapter 2026 You are really bad!
Chapter 2027 Forced question? Slash it with one sword!Chapter 2029 How to Make a Bone BoatChapter 2030Chapter 2031 You can't survive a year in Dachu
Chapter 2032 Death TalismanChapter 2033 Take the first step!Chapter 2034 Returning AgainChapter 2035 The Mural of Cannibalism
Chapter 2037 Learn the way of runes in a stupid wayChapter 2038 Nine Palace StationsChapter 2039 Four Tribulations of Reincarnation?Chapter 2040
Chapter 2041 Abandon the coffin?Chapter 2042 It's weird!Chapter 2043 There are wolves in front and tigers in backChapter 2044 fierce beast blocking the way
Chapter 2045 Dragon's Devouring AbilityChapter 2047 Nine Heavens Phantom Lightning Exterminates Calamity!Chapter 2048Chapter 2049 Soul Breakthrough
Chapter 2050 I will pay the price for sneak attacking me!Chapter 2051 Drag into Jieyun!Chapter 2052 The power of the catastrophe has increasedChapter 2053 Annihilation of Thunder
Chapter 2054 Indescribable ExistenceChapter 2055 The blood pool changes!Chapter 2056 This is your conspiracy!Chapter 2058 An island made of flesh and blood
Chapter 2059 Infestation by evil spirits!Chapter 2060 A clone?Chapter 2061 Phantom FormationChapter 2062 release the pressure
Chapter 2063 Pure Land!Chapter 2064 Fog!Chapter 2065 Injured!Chapter 2066 Rough stone!
Chapter 2067 Threatening evil spirits!Chapter 2068 Make an inch!Chapter 2069 The threat succeeds!Chapter 2071 The formation base is you!
Chapter 2072 The people on the altar!Chapter 2073 No way out!Chapter 2075 Full of errors and omissions!Chapter 2076 The Tiger's Mouth Takes Food!
Chapter 2077 Bone ArmyChapter 2078 The courage to fight!Chapter 2079 Nine Heavens Survive Calamity and Save Suffering Calamity!Chapter 2080 Thunderstorms come, drive away evil spirits!
Chapter 2081 Sad Mu Xiaoyu!Chapter 2082 Sarcophagus!Chapter 2083 Take over a world!Chapter 2084 Kill the Quartet!
Chapter 2085 Zhentian Building Gold Medal Killer!Chapter 2086 Careless killer!Chapter 2087 Yipin Zhengxi General!Chapter 2088 Do me a favor!
Chapter 2089 Reject!Chapter 2090 Threatening Mu Heng in the Hou MansionChapter 2091 Kill the tracker!Chapter 2092: Vertical and Horizontal Firm!
Chapter 2093 Third Grade Breakthrough Pill!Chapter 2094 Will it be a loss?Chapter 2095 Is everyone in the world your parents?Chapter 2096 Mo Lian!
Chapter 2097 Confrontation!Chapter 2098 Turn your face completely!Chapter 2099 Let's Escape!Chapter 2100 Harvest the spoils!
Chapter 2101 Arrogant?Chapter 2102 Great Chu law?Chapter 2103 Yunzhou!Chapter 2104 The Fastest Looting Speed
Chapter 2105 Instant ban!Chapter 2106 Kill the Six Tribulations Reincarnation Realm?Chapter 2107 Everyone is looking for him!Chapter 2108 Do you think you have eaten Ding Ye?
Chapter 2110 Scatter as birds and beasts!Chapter 2113 relationship that can't go backChapter 2114 Arm!Chapter 2115 True and false emperors!
Chapter 2116 Seen through!Chapter 2117 Dead bodies all over the floor!Chapter 2118 Monster King Chu!Chapter 2120 Turn your face!
Chapter 2121 Abandoned Black CoffinChapter 2122 Royal Court Guard!Chapter 2123 Huang Tingwei is not human!Chapter 2124 Meet Meow again!
Chapter 2125 Desperate situation?Chapter 2126 No one can help!Chapter 2127 Escape!Chapter 2128 Magnetic Mountain!
Chapter 2129 a new line of actionChapter 2130 There is pressure to make progress!Chapter 2131 Abnormal Mountain TopChapter 2132 beat up Liang Jing violently
Chapter 2133 chopping melons and vegetablesChapter 2134 monster in the holeChapter 2135 Dare to be fierce with this ability?Chapter 2136 Meow will not be your hindrance!
Chapter 2137 Reincarnation!Chapter 2138 Heaven and Earth Fortune Cauldron!Chapter 2139 I don't need slaves!Chapter 2140 Forced to apprentice!
Chapter 2142 follow closelyChapter 2143 Arm and Heart ResonanceChapter 2144 Head grabbing?Chapter 2145 Capture the arm!
Chapter 2146Chapter 2147 I fight, you enlighten?Chapter 2148 Enlightenment!Chapter 2149 Heaven and Earth Art
Chapter 2150 Liangzhou Governor Pei Wandu!Chapter 2151Chapter 2152 The field breaks reincarnation!Chapter 2154 Ants?
Chapter 2155Chapter 2156 Sneak attack!Chapter 2157 Are you still going to catch it?Chapter 2158 I am invincible in the field!
Chapter 2160 The Eye of the ProphetChapter 2161 confrontationChapter 2162 Suppression!Chapter 2163 The Guardian Appears Only After Everyone Dies
Chapter 2164 Flatten Liangzhou!Chapter 2165 Purple Meow!Chapter 2166 Meeting Xiao Ji AgainChapter 2167 North Pole at home
Chapter 2169 I still lack a maidChapter 2170 Raise your hand to ban the enemyChapter 2171 SlapChapter 2172 Attack on Thunder Valley Core
Chapter 2173 Feng Ao's RevengeChapter 2174Chapter 2175 Go get the treasure!Chapter 2176 Evil spirit appears!
Chapter 2177 Receive the cauldron!Chapter 2178 Flame King!Chapter 2179 The mysterious woman takes the initiativeChapter 2180 Let go of your vigilance against Xiao Ji
Chapter 2181 Yu Xiao's Absolute ProtectionChapter 2182 The field stops reincarnation again!Chapter 2183 Surrender!Chapter 2184 parted ways
Chapter 2185 My Rules!Chapter 2186 There is a problem with the depositChapter 2187 Mu Xiaoyu?Chapter 2188 The leader of the black armor guard, mad bee!
Chapter 2189 Repay him with his way!Chapter 2190 I want to expose the Great Chu Dynasty!Chapter 2191 people in the miasmaChapter 2192 Miasma Spirit
Chapter 2193 Zhennan King!Chapter 2194 Listen to me!Chapter 2195 Intercept constantly!Chapter 2196 Suddenly awakened!
Chapter 2197 Break again and again!Chapter 2199 Strong Enemy Arrives!Chapter 2200 Turn fighting into jade?Chapter 2201 Yun Xian'er who gets carried away
Chapter 2202 Make Yun Xian'er kneel with words!Chapter 2203 PersuasionChapter 2204 Nanliang CityChapter 2205 Hawkeye Fifth Commander
Chapter 2206 SolicitationChapter 2207 Don't make mistakes!Chapter 2208 just take a beatingChapter 2209 Meet Lin Qingxiao again!
Chapter 2210 Want to impose a crime?Chapter 2211 Open the picture in the memory crystalChapter 2212 King Han goes together!Chapter 2213 Chutian's real body!
Chapter 2214 Summoning Black and White ShuangshaChapter 2215Chapter 2216 Black and White Shuangsha DefeatedChapter 2219
Chapter 2220Chapter 2221 Thunder spirit body, successful!Chapter 2223 Unable to search for souls!Chapter 2225 The mysterious woman makes a move!
Chapter 2226 Put into the cauldron!Chapter 2227 Pill TribulationChapter 2228 Today is different from the past!Chapter 2229 Unknown Future
Chapter 2230 news from Xiong YiChapter 2231 The royal family of Chu has taken action!Chapter 2232 Use your Yuanyang to detoxify me!Chapter 2233 Ninth Grade Reincarnation Pill!
Chapter 2234 human pill detoxificationChapter 2235 How did you find us?Chapter 2236 It's hard to get things from the royal family of Chu!Chapter 2239 Ninth Grade Reincarnation Supernatural Pill
Chapter 2240 time supernatural powerChapter 2241 Targeted?Chapter 2243 Take the initiative to attackChapter 2244 I leave him to you to solve!
Chapter 2245 Persecution?Chapter 2246 Acting?Chapter 2247 Monster Beast FormationChapter 2249 You Are My Slave
Chapter 2250 What's going on?Chapter 2252 master I was wrongChapter 2253 GiantChapter 2254 Battle Fusion Monster
Chapter 2255 a small mistakeChapter 2256 Decomposing Fusion MonstersChapter 2257 where life flowsChapter 2258 Another Great Chu Patriarch?
Chapter 2259 SuppressionChapter 2261Chapter 2262 Not DeadChapter 2263 Chutian reappears!
Chapter 2264 You will die if you move!Chapter 2265 Immortal CloneChapter 2266 Yun Xian'er comes back!Chapter 2267 Killing
Chapter 2268 Come to die!Chapter 2269Chapter 2270 I know the way of space too!Chapter 2271
Chapter 2272 Did it really just appear suddenly?Chapter 2273 Soul Seizing GuChapter 2274 Goddess YuChapter 2275 Yu Goddess's Helper
Chapter 2276 Ye is not afraid of threatsChapter 2277 Blocking ReincarnationChapter 2278 Take Xiao as a hostageChapter 2279 countermeasure
Chapter 2280 Grab it from the space channelChapter 2281 Escape from the JediChapter 2282 Qin Yan ReappearsChapter 2283 Different Liangzhou City
Chapter 2284 I am human!Chapter 2285 escapeChapter 2286 Lin Ao of Spirit Moon Holy LandChapter 2287 Strong buy, are you qualified?
Chapter 2288 EraseChapter 2289 Beihou, the main town of LiangzhouChapter 2292 Proposal to crack the runeChapter 2293 a drop of blood
Chapter 2294 Crazy!Chapter 2295 Returning to Magnetic MountainChapter 2296 Refusing GiftsChapter 2297 sorry
Chapter 2298 Cruel?Chapter 2299 Form an AllianceChapter 2300 Ridiculous RemarksChapter 2301 Nether Guardian
Chapter 2302 Broken fieldChapter 2303 The Power of FearChapter 2304 turn defeat into victoryChapter 2305 Scary texture!
Chapter 2307 The stars won't turn without you?Chapter 2309 Breaking from LiangzhouChapter 2310 Don't regret it in the futureChapter 2312 Invincible?
Chapter 2313 Reverse control treasure?Chapter 2314 Let you break the game!Chapter 2315 there is a broken heartChapter 2316 becoming a human pill is your end
Chapter 2317 Surrender!Chapter 2318Chapter 2320 the sword points to LiangzhouChapter 2322 True Dragon Blood of Strength
Chapter 2323 MetamorphosisChapter 2324 Fighting the Eight Tribulations Reincarnation Realm!Chapter 2326 join my allianceChapter 2327 kill Zhenbeihou in seconds
Chapter 2328 The Controlled Marquis of ZhenbeiChapter 2329 The weapon that kills you!Chapter 2330 Final form?Chapter 2331 Upheaval in Liangzhou
Chapter 2332 The strong get out of trouble?Chapter 2333 The Great Terror In LiangzhouChapter 2337 Ask for helpChapter 2338 mobilize the power of Liangzhou
Chapter 2339 Wang QiankunChapter 2340 The leader cannot be you!Chapter 2341 reach an agreementChapter 2342 Find out your identity!
Chapter 2343 Save your life!Chapter 2344 the prestige of formationChapter 2345 DestructionChapter 2346 My order must be obeyed!
Chapter 2347 The only ones left are the eliteChapter 2348 a rumorChapter 2349 enlightenment spaceChapter 2350 The sword points to Yuzhou!
Chapter 2351Chapter 2352 Fusion of runes and formationsChapter 2353 You should save him!Chapter 2354 The Controlled Practitioner
Chapter 2355 The Transformation of Heaven and Earth Fortune CauldronChapter 2356 Leverage!Chapter 2357 Capture him alive!Chapter 2358 I will take it myself
Chapter 2359 I Can Help YouChapter 2360 the new identity of the ancestor of DachuChapter 2362 the response of vertical and horizontal firmsChapter 2363 Destruction
Chapter 2364 Scared!Chapter 2365 The alliance is about to disintegrateChapter 2367 The Limit Of EnduranceChapter 2368
Chapter 2369 exposedChapter 2370 decisiveChapter 2371 I am in your alliance to destroy Chu!Chapter 2372 Divorce
Chapter 2373 ArrogantChapter 2374 Immortal Sword Sect Ling JiuxiaoChapter 2375 first hearing about the holy artifactChapter 2376 Guardian of the Immortal Realm!
Chapter 2377 Leave him alone!Chapter 2378 Do you know its origin?Chapter 2379Chapter 2380 the consequences of Ling Jiuxiao
Chapter 2381 sneak attack on Yang QingtingChapter 2382 The Seeds of the Split AllianceChapter 2383 Extremely WelcomeChapter 2384 Panicked Jingzhou
Chapter 2385 You are all dogs!Chapter 2386 City Walls Transforming into DragonsChapter 2387 evil spirits cause civil strifeChapter 2388
Chapter 2389Chapter 2390 What is your last wish?Chapter 2391 there is no way outChapter 2392
Chapter 2393 Not OptimisticChapter 2395 Battle IllusionChapter 2396 the power to adapt to the new realmChapter 2397
Chapter 2398 Turn your face and deny it?Chapter 2399 Shock the Nine Tribulations Reincarnation Realm!Chapter 2400 DeterrenceChapter 2401 Chuzhou Hell
Chapter 2402 No, this is the real body!Chapter 2404 Instant suppression!Chapter 2405 do bad things with good intentionsChapter 2406 Wait for my hunt!
Chapter 2407 What are you!Chapter 2408 panicked Zhang KunChapter 2409 No fear of threats!Chapter 2410 Stop reincarnation again!
Chapter 2411 disbanding the allianceChapter 2412 the idea of ??refining clonesChapter 2413 Is Ye Chen crazy?Chapter 2414 Refining clone or elixir?
Chapter 2415 Great horror!Chapter 2416 Send you away!Chapter 2417 RakshatianChapter 2418 boat
Chapter 2419 Can't keep you!Chapter 2420 Surrender or die!Chapter 2421 black hands on the boatChapter 2422 Don't dare to explore?
Chapter 2423 Hundred Miles LimitChapter 2424 is a world of its ownChapter 2425 Raise on the boat......Chapter 2426
Chapter 2427 Black Soil SwampChapter 2428 EncounterChapter 2429Chapter 2430 Cut through the Nine Tribulations Reincarnation Realm with one sword!
Chapter 2431 Recognize the origin of the cauldron!Chapter 2432 a voiceChapter 2433 My Lord!Chapter 2434 The Eternals
Chapter 2435 Instant kill!Chapter 2436 Take orders from him!Chapter 2437 I'm going to sleepChapter 2438
Chapter 2439 Xie Xiao who catches who bites whomChapter 2441 Let me tell you about Lingzi's death!Chapter 2442 Extremely Stupid!Chapter 2443 an island
Chapter 2444 That's a creature!Chapter 2446 Prince AolongChapter 2447Chapter 2448 The Seventh Tribulation of the Reincarnation Realm!
Chapter 2449 the face in the catastropheChapter 2450 Cauldron Refining Heavenly TribulationChapter 2451 Aoqing's ReminderChapter 2452 Wu Tian searches for the soul of the sea monster
Chapter 2453 Wu Tian blocks the way!Chapter 2454 This is your reliance?Chapter 2455 Summon the boat!Chapter 2456 Charming Revenge
Chapter 2457 both diedChapter 2458 The Taolin Holy Land SurprisesChapter 2459 return to CangxingtianChapter 2460 No scruples!
Chapter 2461 We should take the initiative to surrender!Chapter 2462 Coming to the Gale DynastyChapter 2463 You are too naiveChapter 2464 Show you the Great Chu Dynasty!
Chapter 2465 invisible attackChapter 2466 Demon Realm in PalmChapter 2467 catch the monsterChapter 2468
Chapter 2471Chapter 2472 Acquaintances in the Black Armor GuardChapter 2473 Change the Formation AgainChapter 2474 instant uniform
Chapter 2475 Restriction in the SoulChapter 2476 Three heads and six armsChapter 2477 The second magic pill!Chapter 2478 Completely take Cangxingtian!
Chapter 2479Chapter 2480 Formation ExpansionChapter 2481 It's the array spreading!Chapter 2482 Breaking the Enemy
Chapter 2483 Killing 100,000 Black Armored GuardsChapter 2484 big changes in the futureChapter 2485 give up the idea of ??resistingChapter 2486 magic energy affects emotions
Chapter 2487 Pear Blossom Sword Sect ComesChapter 2488 Look at me breaking this formation!Chapter 2489 Send pills?Chapter 2490 Dingzhen Demon
Chapter 2491 Repression!Chapter 2492 there is a gap in the arrayChapter 2493 Another demon!Chapter 2494 Li Yuxian, a man of justice
Chapter 2495 There is no possibility of repairing the formation!Chapter 2496 Hold the gap!Chapter 2497 confrontation of arrayChapter 2498 the ancestor who lost his use value
Chapter 2499 You and I unite!Chapter 2500 Purify the Great Chu PatriarchChapter 2501 Dispelling EvilChapter 2502 Four-faced Demon Lord
Chapter 2503 Invisible AttackChapter 2504 Fierce DemonsChapter 2505 Fighting the Four-faced Demon LordChapter 2506 Trapped Four-faced Demon Lord
Chapter 2508 Kill me!Chapter 2509 Shadow Demon VenerableChapter 2510 What about becoming a demon?Chapter 2511 Doppelganger!
Chapter 2512 news from KaoChapter 2513 Share Realm ComprehensionChapter 2514 I don't want you to have an accidentChapter 2515 Desperate Cultivator
Chapter 2516 dynamics of all partiesChapter 2517 DoppelgangerChapter 2518 wait for the rabbitChapter 2519 Devouring supernatural powers to show power
Chapter 2520 Avatar's Sutra of Summoning DemonsChapter 2521 major forces have descendedChapter 2522 The immortal strongman who was injured by the formationChapter 2523 Reckless Ye Chen
Chapter 2524 ready to exploreChapter 2525 He is my master!Chapter 2526 This is a conspiracy!Chapter 2528 Give him some trouble!
Chapter 2529 Doppelg?nger's TribulationChapter 2530 take the opportunity to escapeChapter 2531 Concocting Immortal Realm CultivatorsChapter 2532 Subdue them all!
Chapter 2533 Shocking the Eight Tribulations of ReincarnationChapter 2534 Demon TribulationChapter 2536 talent that demons are afraid ofChapter 2537 Interfering with the Tribulation
Chapter 2538 Immortal RealmChapter 2539 Nine Tribulations Reincarnation Realm!Chapter 2540 the situation is grimChapter 2541 Lihuo Demon Lord
Chapter 2542 The demon blocks the way, kill it!Chapter 2543 clone is demonizedChapter 2544 I have already made the worst planChapter 2545 You are afraid!
Chapter 2547 Disintegrate the Eternal CalamityChapter 2548 Immortal Realm!Chapter 2549 Testing Combat PowerChapter 2550 The Portal of the Cracked Space
Chapter 2551 Resurrection of spiritual energy!Chapter 2552 the fifth elder of TianjizongChapter 2553 Am I rejected?Chapter 2554 The Battle for the Cauldron
Chapter 2555 Powerless!Chapter 2556 Cheap. Maid, stop him!Chapter 2557 Ding Zhen QiankunChapter 2558 Immortal Realm and Immortal Realm
Chapter 2559 Daye EmpireChapter 2560 the weak threaten the strongChapter 2561 formation disappearsChapter 2562 Good time to cross the catastrophe
Chapter 2563 Occupy the source of aura for me!Chapter 2564 Execute your nine clans!Chapter 2565 I'm just a slave!Chapter 2566 Please dispose of it, Your Majesty!
Chapter 2567 AppointmentChapter 2568 Sun WeizhenChapter 2569 mockingChapter 2570 You didn't take me seriously!
Chapter 2571 Uncloseable PortalChapter 2572 Hand over the throne!Chapter 2573 mentality collapsedChapter 2574 The way to get luck
Chapter 2575 send someone thereChapter 2576 Zhao Qingsong meets the enemyChapter 2577 an excellent solutionChapter 2578 Integrate more principles!
Chapter 2579 Are you discussing against His Majesty?Chapter 2580 Unable to Fusion!Chapter 2581 The seven ways are all integrated!Chapter 2582 The difference between supernatural powers and Taoism
Chapter 2584 Crack in Liuding Town!Chapter 2585 Ordered to conquer your country!Chapter 2586 Xiao Yeyu surrendersChapter 2587 Look down on Ye Chen's cultivation
Chapter 2588 Undead Zhao QingsongChapter 2589 Sword Returns to HeartChapter 2590 The Targeted Great Xiao EmpireChapter 2591 Not a united enemy!
Chapter 2592 the terrifying Zhao QingsongChapter 2593 The imperial city has already been blockedChapter 2594 Transfer to Your MajestyChapter 2595 Ye Chen's letting nature take its course
Chapter 2596Chapter 2597 Please don't refuse!Chapter 2598 wishful thinking miscalculatedChapter 2599 Unkillable!
Chapter 2600 Uncompromising Zhao QingyunChapter 2601 tortureChapter 2602 someone came to YunzhouChapter 2603 The human race is extinct?
Chapter 2604 ludicrous seductionChapter 2605 Let them come over!Chapter 2606 fell into the pitChapter 2607 All defeated!
Chapter 2608 How to Break Through to the Second Tribulation Eternal Living RealmChapter 2609 wayward monarchChapter 2610 Lin Qingxiao's SituationChapter 2611 defeating the enemy with one move
Chapter 2612 black coffinChapter 2613 A Will!Chapter 2614 Soul Forging SutraChapter 2615 From now on, you and I are enemies
Chapter 2616 Obliterate the soul!Chapter 2617 I will not touch the karma of millions of peopleChapter 2618 The Mang Snake Rune of the Moon Holy LandChapter 2619 Small world?
Chapter 2620 Octopus MonsterChapter 2621 StarsChapter 2622 Self-cultivation method in the world!Chapter 2623 the octopus monster looking for the door
Chapter 2624 difference in auraChapter 2625 ShadowChapter 2627 PersecutionChapter 2628 deter everyone
Chapter 2629 there is a big secret in the depths of the ancient seaChapter 2630 the strong comeChapter 2631 Destroying Demons With One SwordChapter 2632 We come from the outside world!
Chapter 2633 How can I get out?Chapter 2635 a little doubtChapter 2636 world without catastropheChapter 2637 Exchange skills!
Chapter 2638 break open Dantian pointChapter 2639 ReadingChapter 2641Chapter 2642 help each other
Chapter 2644 Liang Jing's SwordChapter 2645 the lower dantian nourishes the god of devouringChapter 2646 insist on one's own opinionChapter 2647 No need for a tangible body
Chapter 2648 Black hole!Chapter 2649 Go out and practice!Chapter 2650Chapter 2651 Didn't form a deterrent?
Chapter 2652 Ye Qingyi's Soul AttackChapter 2653 Kill them all!Chapter 2654 fishermanReference 2655 Devouring magical powers, invincible
Chapter 2656 Kill them all!Chapter 2657 fighting butcher in Baiyu RestaurantChapter 2658 Go and destroy the Baiyu TowerChapter 2659 Do you have any last words?
Chapter 2660 The day you go out is not far awayChapter 2661 start looking for a way outChapter 2662 look at the middle dantianChapter 2663 The way out is suspected to be in the ancient sea
Chapter 2664 a warship descends on the ancient seaChapter 2665 Suppression of RulesChapter 2666 The forces of the immortal world come one after anotherChapter 2667 are all people with the surname Lin
Chapter 2668 Meeting Lin DongChapter 2669 I was just talking casuallyChapter 2670 You go to land by yourselfChapter 2671 Are you from the outside world?
Chapter 2673 a civil strifeChapter 2674 a turtleChapter 2675 recruiting talentsChapter 2676 Believe it now?
Chapter 2677 one eyeChapter 2678 retreat at the critical momentChapter 2679 Void!Chapter 2680 Attacked!
Chapter 2681 UnwillingChapter 2682 Void MatterChapter 2683 the upper dantian nourishes the god of the voidChapter 2684 Practitioners in Tianyuan Realm Have Fields
Chapter 2685 scare away void creaturesChapter 2686 follow from afarChapter 2689 The Reference Object of Demon ExtinguisherChapter 2690 This is void!
Chapter 2691 The World-Destroying Demon Venerable SubmitsChapter 2692 ready to returnChapter 2693 soldiers approaching the imperial cityChapter 2694 Skymark
Chapter 2695 You go and take him down!Chapter 2696 The Devil's Figure of the World Exterminating DemonChapter 2697 Abyss King PlaysChapter 2698 Abyss King's Sense of Crisis
Chapter 2699 Destroy the Heavenly Tribulation!Chapter 2700 Unable to survive!Chapter 2701 Commanding the RobbersChapter 2702 Come!
Chapter 2703 The Jade Slip of War Shadow in True WonderlandChapter 2704 The Mysterious Woman Snatches the Jade SlipChapter 2705 Unconvinced?Chapter 2707 Don't dare to cross the catastrophe!
Chapter 2708 a guessChapter 2709 Unable to improve in the future?Chapter 2710 Anti-Immortal AllianceChapter 2711 Fei Wucheng!
Chapter 2712 report to Ye ChenChapter 2713 Difficulties facedChapter 2714 Second Kalpa Immortal Realm!Chapter 2715 Pharmacist Immortal Venerable
Chapter 2716 use the tripod to collect itChapter 2717Chapter 2718 Killing Immortal FormationChapter 2719 Unfathomable Fei Wucheng
Chapter 2720 Go in person!Chapter 2721 arriveChapter 2722 Take the initiative to fight!Chapter 2723 Income into the cauldron!
Chapter 2724 Prehistoric EraChapter 2725 looking for black coffinChapter 2726 MeetingChapter 2727 You bully the few with more!
Chapter 2728 related to hellChapter 2729 Swallow him!Chapter 2731 Concocting Fei WuchengChapter 2732 Fei Wucheng's past
Chapter 2733 The Thunder Creatures Gathered by the Scriptures of Controlling ThunderChapter 2734 Yu Lei XianzunChapter 2735 The Fifth Seal of Heaven and Earth Fortune CauldronChapter 2736
Chapter 2737 Fully implement your own practice of heaven and earthChapter 2738 Looking for the wild snake clan with black coffinsChapter 2739 the choice made in despairChapter 2740
Chapter 2741 You go and take them down!Chapter 2742 You have been abandonedChapter 2743 Reinforcements arrive!Chapter 2744 Shocking reputation
Chapter 2745 Comparable to the Nine Tribulations Immortal Realm!Chapter 2746 ComparisonChapter 2747 Who is cultivating the true god?Chapter 2748 Will there be a big problem?
Chapter 2749 a warship that crosses the borderChapter 2750 proud of the Daye EmpireChapter 2751 registration systemChapter 2752 The Mountain Comes Down
Chapter 2753 Shocking reputationChapter 2754 Ye Chen Comes In PersonChapter 2755 InfightingChapter 2756 there are real immortals in the immortal realm
Chapter 2757 More and more sects are comingChapter 2758 Heaven Swallowing Demon SectChapter 2759 Kill in one move!Chapter 2760 Confession
Chapter 2761 Demon LingyunChapter 2763 Field Invincible!Chapter 2764 sudden changeChapter 2765 True Immortal Mind
Chapter 2766 Do mortals try to fight against real immortals?Chapter 2767 Kill the Immortal!Chapter 2768 Fei Wucheng's Half Immortal BodyChapter 2769 all focus on the Cangxing Tianyu
Chapter 2770 is just a little guyChapter 1771 Proposal for Outward ExpansionChapter 2772 verify your own strengthChapter 2773 Can kill the Nine Tribulations of Immortal Realm!
Chapter 2774 Fei Wucheng encounters a real fairyChapter 2775 suspected real fairyChapter 2776 go to meet the king of Daye EmpireChapter 2777 arrive at Daye Palace
Chapter 2778 I will imprison you!Chapter 2779 Not a united enemy!Chapter 2781 Limiting the ability of the heaven and earth good fortune tripodChapter 2782 Fighting the Nine Tribulations of Immortal Realm!
Chapter 2783 Baiyun Tianyu, Cangsheng JianzongChapter 2784 Abyss SocietyChapter 2785 Phantom CityChapter 2786 Killers, people will always kill them!
Chapter 2787 It's all your fault!Chapter 2788 capriciousness comes at a priceChapter 2789 Announces separation from the Abyss SocietyChapter 2790 Ge Yu
Chapter 2791 only talk about the momentChapter 2792 Slavery goes deep into the bone marrow!Chapter 2793 dynamics of all partiesChapter 2794 You can ask the Lord to take action
Chapter 2795 There is a kind of upright battle!Chapter 2796 Shocked!Chapter 2797 FishingChapter 2798 Chaos
Chapter 2799 You will all surrenderChapter 2800 Field InvincibleChapter 2801 ten unique skills of the proud sword sectChapter 2802 Kill those who are not ministers!
Chapter 2803 scouts of Cangsheng JianzongChapter 2804 direct shotChapter 2805 Are you invincible in the Nine Tribulations of Eternal Life?Chapter 2806 I am in control!
Chapter 2807 Demon Linzong Xiao YihanChapter 2808 Find Ye Chen in case of indecisionChapter 2809 Change the name of Phantom City!Chapter 2810 Surrender can live!
Chapter 2811 Continue to expand!Chapter 2812 Form a formation that can resist the real fairyland?Chapter 2813 Let the real fairyland powerhouse make a move!Chapter 2814 Arrival
Chapter 2815 Face the real fairy!Chapter 2816 Breaking the Hand of the True ImmortalChapter 2818 CohesionChapter 2819 Kill the people around you first!
Chapter 2820 People can only rely on themselves!Chapter 2821 Beheading the True Immortal?Chapter 2822 the real fairy who was scared awayChapter 2823 enlightenment in the catastrophe
Chapter 2824 Cultivate real immortals!Chapter 2825 True Immortal Tribulation!Chapter 2826 Xie Xiaoyong's ThreatChapter 2828 Conquering the True Immortal
Chapter 2829 absorbing the catastropheChapter 2830 Discuss!Chapter 2831 pretending to surrenderChapter 2832 The cultivator who is about to cross the catastrophe
Chapter 2833 East Pole Ice SheetChapter 2834 ThreatChapter 2835 conquer allChapter 2836
Chapter 2837 layoutChapter 2838 Venerable Blood FiendChapter 2839 ConfusedChapter 2840 The Fairy Fairy Who Comes to the Magical Spirit City
Chapter 2841 Want to run after hearing the secret?Chapter 2842 the suspicious Qianyuan will teachChapter 2843 let Magic Ji leaveChapter 2845 You betrayed Cangsheng Jianzong!
Chapter 2846 the strength of the veteran true wonderland powerhouseChapter 2847 The power of the old brand true fairyland!Chapter 2848 Shocked Zhang HuaChapter 2849 The veteran true fairy bows his head!
Chapter 2850 implement the plan step by stepChapter 2851 Your Nine Tribulations Immortal Realm Is Some Fake!Chapter 2852 Go back and deceive the common people sword sect!Chapter 2853 the Seventh Elder of the Abyss Society who seeks another way out
Chapter 2854 You win!Chapter 2855 Prepare to attack Qianyuan!Chapter 2856 Mao Qian who wants to set foot in the real fairylandChapter 2857 You are really smart
Chapter 2858 I am the founder of the Daye Empire!Chapter 2859 Supernatural powers are far more important than Taoism!Chapter 2860 Qianyuan will teach and surrender!Chapter 2861 Those who violate the way of heaven shall be punished!
Chapter 2862 Heaven and Earth Good Fortune Ding with Great OriginChapter 2864 Don't look directly!Chapter 2865 Rebel!Chapter 2866 Mao Yan
Chapter 2867 The seized Mao Qian!Chapter 2868 Attack!Chapter 2869 Mao Yan's StrategyChapter 2870 the true immortals of the Abyss Society
Chapter 2871 Qianyuan Society has replaced the head teacherChapter 2872 Cut!Chapter 2873Chapter 2874 She wants to see you!
Chapter 2876 Confronting the existence of the second layer of the real fairyland!Chapter 2877 I will kill you first!Chapter 2878 Mao Yan's Immortal Artifact!Chapter 2879 Unparalleled defense!
Chapter 2880 Re-engraving of the heaven and earth good fortune tripod!Chapter 2881 Thank you for smashing the catastrophe!Chapter 2882 The torrent of supernatural powers, blocking the ultimate move!Chapter 2884 Plant a ban, Mao Yan bows her head!
Chapter 2885 Qianyuan will change its name!Chapter 2886 Natives of the Immortal Realm?Chapter 2887 Turned out to be a stand-in!Chapter 2888 No qualifications to be cannon fodder!
Chapter 2889 voice of doubtChapter 2891 More than thirty real wonderlands!Chapter 2893 The Distress of the Cloud-Treading Demon VenerableChapter 2894 The Predicament of Demon Linzong
Chapter 2895 Conditions for breaking the evil sword sect!Chapter 2896 Unstoppable!Chapter 2897 Monsters occupy the body!Chapter 2898 Ye Chen arrives!
Chapter 2899 A monster with a human head and a snake body!Chapter 2900 Everyone is dissatisfied!Chapter 2901 Heaven and Earth Fortune Cauldron Cannot be BlockedChapter 2902 Come out!
Chapter 2903 Evil Star Demon GodChapter 2905 Absorb magic energy to practice!Chapter 2906 Step into the Demon Sect!Chapter 2907 The Fiendish Demon God Is Ferocious
Chapter 2908 The Demon Realm is different from the Immortal Realm!Chapter 2909 The original demon god suddenly descends!Chapter 2910 Seek help from the mysterious woman!Chapter 2911 Set foot in the fold space!
Chapter 2912 Ye Chen sets foot and improves his strength!Chapter 2913 Don't be afraid of death, just come and provoke me!Chapter 2915 Descending to Cangsheng Sword Sect!Chapter 2916 Deterrence
Chapter 2917 still unwilling to surrenderChapter 2918 I am His Majesty's lackey!Chapter 2920 Capital, Abyssal Dragon City!Chapter 2921 What's the use of being unwilling!
Chapter 2922 Everything is to deal with demons!Chapter 2923 Wushang TianyuChapter 2925 Slaughter Wushang Tianyu!Chapter 2926 Induction of the evil star and demon god
Chapter 2927 After all, there are demons who refuse to accept!Chapter 2928 Not qualified to know his realm!Chapter 2929 absorbing the power of prohibitionChapter 2930 Forbidden magical powers!
Chapter 2931 Baiyuntian North Sea BeachChapter 2932 Expansion of TerritoryChapter 2934 Ask about Wushang TianyuChapter 2936 Creatures in the Boundary Sea
Chapter 2939 the shocked Meizhou hasChapter 2940 Going to the Mei Clan TerritoryChapter 2941 Rebuke Mei Zhanyi!Chapter 2942 Breaking the plum clan's retreat!
Chapter 2943 disguised as a demonChapter 2944 Gathering DemonsChapter 2945 Slaughter!Chapter 2946 Southern Boundary State
Chapter 2947 Unilateral massacreChapter 2948 Using magic to control magicChapter 2949 Submission of the Cool Demon GodChapter 2950 Invite demons into the urn!
Chapter 2953 Squeeze the demons of the Southern Boundary State!Chapter 2954 Do you really choose to go to destruction?Chapter 2955 Different Demon God BixiaoChapter 2956 Slaughter!
Chapter 2957 The evil spirits in Xiangyun City are destroyed!Chapter 2959 Annihilate the Heavenly Tribulation!Chapter 2960 Gather the God of Annihilation in the Tribulation CloudChapter 2961 The First Stage of True Wonderland!
Chapter 2962 Why are they all human women?Chapter 2963 Set foot in Ancient River City!Chapter 2964 Zhanzhen Wonderland Triple!Chapter 2965 The Demon God Bixiao surrenders!
Chapter 2967 He Linzhou, Yuan Zhen Demon GodChapter 2968 The three major forces gather in Guhe Prefecture!Chapter 2969 The Formation of Ancient River StateChapter 2970 Invincible Formation!
Chapter 2971 Kill chickens to scare monkeys!Chapter 2972 ??Fully crushed!Chapter 2974 The third general!Chapter 2975 Lost!
Chapter 2977 The killing of the demons!Chapter 2978 Prepare for a full-scale war!Chapter 2979 Pang Yuan Demon God's PuzzleChapter 2980 The general attack can be launched!
Chapter 2981 Hitting a rock with an egg!Chapter 2982 Dilemma!Chapter 2983 The Demon InstigatedChapter 2984 Moon Shadow Monarch Teng Muqing
Chapter 2985 Investigators of other heaven domainsChapter 2986 Killing SquadChapter 2987 Fear supernatural powers show prestige!Chapter 2988 Depart Shangzhou!
Chapter 2989 Shangzhou True Magic CityChapter 2990 Was crushed directly!Chapter 2992 Zhang Fenghua wants to blew himself upChapter 2993 Kill them all!
Chapter 2994 I am unwilling!Chapter 2995 Refining into a magic pill!Chapter 2996 Let it be slaughtered!Chapter 2997 Pang Yuan Demon God Comes!
Chapter 2998 The power of the killing gun!Chapter 2999 The real secret of Pang Yuan Demon God?Chapter 3000 Fake body!Chapter 3001 A big hand!
Chapter 3002 Beyond the real fairyland?Chapter 3003 Direct income from the cauldron!Chapter 3004 Sealing the Space ChannelChapter 3007 Millions of demons bow their heads!
Chapter 3008 Just the beginning!Chapter 3009 Teng Muqing's Demon Killing FormationChapter 3011 Pang Yuan Demon God who claims to be a running dogChapter 3012 Cruel!
Chapter 3013 Shang Tian City!Chapter 3014 Annex the Moon Shadow Empire?Chapter 3015 oppressing the Moon Shadow Empire to surrenderChapter 3016 Qiangangzong who descended from the fairy world
Chapter 3017 constant verbal threatsChapter 3018 Expose the origin and shock everyoneChapter 3019 Can't do it!Chapter 3020 Sending news to the fairy world
Chapter 3021 UnbelievableChapter 3029 Are you recruiting me?Chapter 3030 Easily win the sixth level of the real fairyland!Chapter 3031 kill directly
Chapter 3032 Are you really a demon?Chapter 3033 Re-customization planChapter 3034 Shock!Chapter 3035 timid
Chapter 3036 Take over the Tianyu controlled by you!Chapter 3037 Run away!Chapter 3038 Everyone please leave!Chapter 3039 Direct threat!
Chapter 3040 Dead WildernessChapter 3041 Yunyang sect's concealmentChapter 3042 Direct investigation!Chapter 3043 The Manipulated Monster
Chapter 3044 read memoryChapter 3045 Facing the five-fold demon in the real fairylandChapter 3046 Entering the Folded SpaceChapter 3047 Be a dog to me, I can save you!
Chapter 3048 Raise your hand to suppress!Chapter 3049 save another demonChapter 3050 Fulfilling the PromiseChapter 3051 Rescue Demon God
Chapter 3053 I am a human race!Chapter 3054 Thunder Sea in Folded SpaceChapter 3055 ignore the threat of demons in the fairylandChapter 3056 The group of demons who were shocked
Chapter 3057 The Spirit of the Stele in the Sea of ??ThunderChapter 3058 Can communicate with the fairy world?Chapter 3059 Immortal Realm Burning Heaven SectChapter 3060 Black Demon Patriarch
Chapter 3061 The Stronger Immortal World Is ComingChapter 3062 Arrival!Chapter 3064 Decisive!Chapter 3066 The Arrival of the Burning Heaven Sect
Chapter 3067 Kill without mercy!Chapter 3068 All surrender!Chapter 3071 Huyao TianyuChapter 3072 Black Devil Mountain and Space Vortex!
Chapter 3073 Powerful Ye Chen!Chapter 3074 Fight?Chapter 3076 Take the initiative to release demons!Chapter 3075 Sealing Demon Valley
Chapter 3076 Take the initiative to release demons!Chapter 3077 Replace it!Chapter 3078 Demon practitioners blew themselves upChapter 3079 Just the two of you?
Chapter 3080 Above the Golden Wonderland!Chapter 3081 Hanging!Chapter 3082 The Idea of ??Controlling the Immortal RealmChapter 3083 Shouldn't save you
Chapter 3084 You haven't woken up yet, have you?Chapter 3087 Boundary SeaChapter 3088 the secret of the sea creaturesChapter 2089 The sea creatures cannot set foot on land
Chapter 3092 blocking formationChapter 3093 Ding Covers the UniverseChapter 3094 Live or die!Chapter 3095 I am Jiuzhong of Golden Wonderland!
Chapter 3097 Massacre order!Chapter 3098Chapter 3099 Find Liang Wudi!Chapter 3100 Ask about the reason for the arrival
Chapter 3102 Go explore the way!Chapter 3103 the situation of the demon is miserableChapter 3105 Waiting for the judgment of fate!Chapter 3106 All kneeling!
Chapter 3107 blocked by sea creaturesChapter 3108 Ridiculous reason for blocking the wayChapter 3109 Chaos AxChapter 3110 Kneel directly!
Chapter 3111 You should be loyal to the Chaos Clan!Chapter 3112 I want to go to the devil world!Chapter 3113 The king of the sea!Chapter 3114 Hunyuan!
Chapter 3115 drive high and go lowChapter 3116 Fleeing Without FightingChapter 3117 The Ancestral Land of the Chaos ClanChapter 3118 The seventh seal is loose!
Chapter 3119 Hunyang blocking the wayChapter 3120 Do you know the origin of the tripod?Chapter 3121 RebelChapter 3122 Pick it up in person!
Chapter 3124 Rubik's Cube TianyuChapter 3125 Sweep!Chapter 3126Chapter 3127 The Weakest Heavenly Wonderland
Chapter 3128 The Purpose Of Prison RoadChapter 3130 Who are you?Chapter 3131 All the high-level prisoners are out!Chapter 3123 Ignorance and Fearlessness!
Chapter 3133 Prisoner Dao Great Elder SubmitsChapter 3134 Prison Taoist Master Chen XuanChapter 3135 Join the Heavenly Court!Chapter 3136 five points in the world
Chapter 3137 War LetterChapter 3139 Shock the audience!Chapter 3140 Show off your demons!Chapter 3142 shocked everyone
Chapter 3142 shocked everyoneChapter 3143 Golden Wonderland can live!Chapter 3144 Deterring the DemonsChapter 3146 Domineering!
Chapter 3147 The Deterred DemonChapter 3149 Looking for a passage into the devil worldChapter 3150 The channel appears!Chapter 3151 Sunset Mountain, Soul Clan
Chapter 3152 Requiem StoneChapter 3153 big handChapter 3154 Soul Race Great LuoChapter 3156 Kill!
Chapter 3157 Release the demons in the cauldron!Chapter 3158 Bloodscale StateChapter 3159 Easily suppress the people from Wailing ValleyChapter 3160 Magic Pill
Chapter 3161 Swallowing the Magic PillChapter 3162 The 201st Blood Aperture Activated!Chapter 3163 Tengu Adventure!Chapter 3164 The devil world is my chance!
Chapter 3165 I have a bigger secret!Chapter 3166 Corpse Tianzun's Broken Sea of ??ConsciousnessChapter 3167 Encounter between Broken Soul Cave and Lost CliffChapter 3168 Defeat at Lost Cliff
Chapter 3169 Land of one state!Chapter 3171 The impetus to improve the realmChapter 3172 The essence of destroying the catastrophe?Chapter 3173 Heavenly Wonderland!
Chapter 3174 soul is short boardChapter 3173 Heavenly Wonderland!Chapter 3174 soul is short boardChapter 3176 Demon of Sirius Starry Sky
Chapter 3177 crushing in all aspectsChapter 3178 another ability of the heaven and earth good fortune tripodChapter 3179 War Demon Race Zhan YinChapter 3180 Destroy War Demon Race
Chapter 3181 Su Muyue's thoughtsChapter 3182 Collect Sirius Starry SkyChapter 3183 The Demon Coming From Sunset MountainChapter 3185 Occupy Bloodscale State
Chapter 3186 let them be cannon fodderChapter 3186 let them be cannon fodderChapter 3187 Nine Ominous TrollsReference 3188 Bone State, Bone Hall
Chapter 3189 Instant SuppressionChapter 3190 Let you be the head teacher!Chapter 3191 LiquidationChapter 3192 Get away with it?
Chapter 3193 Refining you into a elixir!Chapter 3194 Shock!Chapter 3195 Probing!Chapter 3196 Impacting the 203rd Blood Aperture
Chapter 3197 Take yourself as GodChapter 3198 AttackChapter 3199 The six imprisoned murderersChapter 3200 Rolling
Chapter 3200 RollingChapter 3201 subdue trollsChapter 3202 ready to catch everythingChapter 3203 all income big tripod
Chapter 3205 Headmaster of the Hall of BonesChapter 3206 Da Luo of the Hall of Bones!Chapter 3207 Guyi diesChapter 3208 Soul Sky's absolute suppression of trolls
Chapter 3209 Perceived AbnormalityChapter 3209 Perceived AbnormalityChapter 3211 Comprehensive combat readinessChapter 3213 Sun Flame Different Fire
Chapter 3214 Gu Yi's GuessChapter 3215 Abandoned?Chapter 3216 You are so naive!Chapter 3216 You are so naive!
Chapter 3217 Dark Forest DestroyedChapter 3218 GuessChapter 3219 Soul Sky Can't Recognize The Situation ClearlyChapter 3220 Nothing can be done!
Chapter 3221 Unable to control Daluo Realm?Chapter 3222 The soul race has immortals!Chapter 3223 Demon Refining Blood SeaChapter 3224 Absolute Protection of Ye Chen
Chapter 3225 You won't lose face, right?Chapter 3226 News from Soul Sky!Chapter 3227 Consider the problem from Ye Chen's perspectiveChapter 3228 Fengyou State
Chapter 3229 Soul MasterChapter 3231 Kill all!Chapter 3233 The arrival of the demons of Fengyou StateChapter 3234 Sikong Ao's soul attack
Chapter 3235 Ye Chen AppearsChapter 3237 Against the demons!Chapter 3238 There is still humanity!Chapter 3239 Heaven is not completely dead
Chapter 3240 Make Bloodscale State disappear?Chapter 3241 Resource World CoordinatesChapter 3242 No grass grows!Chapter 3243 Moyun Mountain
Chapter 3244 first hearing about the Buddha EmpireChapter 3245 Blocking Moyun MountainChapter 3248 Gathering the God of TimeChapter 3250 The shock brought by the troll
Chapter 3251 break the blockadeChapter 3252Chapter 3252Chapter 3254 Destroy Bloodscale State?
Chapter 3255 The Battle Between Heaven and DaoChapter 3256 The Great Wave Of FearChapter 3257 Huge Waves ReceivedChapter 3258 Heavenly Incarnation
Chapter 3259 Unlock the seventh seal!Chapter 3260 whimChapter 3261 Tian FangjieChapter 3262 The disappearing Bloodscale State!
Chapter 3263Chapter 3264 Bring out the Buddha Empire!Chapter 3265 Slaughtering the Strong in Golden WonderlandChapter 3266 The Old Way of Heaven in Tianyang Realm
Chapter 3267Chapter 3270 Who is attacking Bone State?Chapter 3271 It's the master refining the Bone State!Chapter 3272 No loss!
Chapter 3273 Receive Bone State!Chapter 3274 Catch Wu LianChapter 3275 A fool who volunteered?Chapter 3276 Twenty Pillars
Chapter 3277 Take the initiative to appear!Chapter 3278 Is he a human race?Chapter 3280 Daluo elixir!Chapter 3280 Daluo elixir!
Chapter 3281 Let him swallow!Chapter 3282 Suspicion!Chapter 3284 The frightened Daluo realm demon!Chapter 3285 Luo You's Mirror of Truth!
Chapter 3286 When the Buddha Empire lives and dies!Chapter 3287 Ugly middle age!Chapter 3288 The Three Elders of the Buddha Empire!Chapter 3289 Surprised!
Chapter 3290 Lei Zhen is injured!Chapter 3291 Fleeing in all directions!Chapter 3293 Liangjue Mountain!Chapter 3294 The witch who sees through Ye Chen's real body!
Chapter 3295 I am also a human race!Chapter 3296 The plan of the Buddha Empire!Chapter 2 The Secret Pattern of CreationChapter 3 Sword Body of Thousands of Stars
Chapter 4 Ye Chen's Way of the SwordChapter 5 You, have you made up your mind?Chapter 56 Send the Beggar?Chapter 106: Ten Steps, Sword Intent Soars
Chapter 188 The Dilapidated TownChapter 207 The No. 1 Force in the Land of Hundred KingdomsChapter 283: Only a Little CloserChapter 284 The long-planned challenge
Chapter 292 Who is he?Chapter 331: Demons in the Heart DisappearChapter 346 You Can't Climb TomorrowChapter 355 The Second Seal
Chapter 372 ReunionChapter 443: A Phoenix Seeking a PhoenixChapter 447 Putting Pieces on the ChessboardChapter 454 Is He Still Human?
Chapter 490 Sword Immortal Wei Zelong Is Ye ChenChapter 504 I hope you don't let me downChapter 539 Killing the Tiger ElderChapter 711: Ten Thousand Demon Gate¡¯s Plan (6 more)
Chapter 747: A Quarter of HoursChapter 806 The Great Emperors of All Races Are ShockedChapter 809 Going to the Kingdom of Hundred BeastsChapter 812: Ling Jiuxiao's Despair
Chapter 817 If the times change, where will the emperor go?Chapter 838 Is it even now?Chapter 841 Hollow Card, Destroyer Spear!Chapter 842 This goddamn gun is not bad, it belongs to me
Chapter 844 Bloody battle with the elders of the Yin-Yang SectChapter 846 Killing Another Elder (10 More Explosions!)Chapter 849 Every emperor has a different pathChapter 850 Wonderland on Earth
Chapter 852 Encounter AgainChapter 860 Xiao Changqing's IdentityChapter 864: The Strongest Hole CardChapter 865 What is failure?
Chapter 866 Are you, Xiao Yunmang?Chapter 876 Heavenly Demon EmperorChapter 880: The Monster Clan Besieged and Killed Thousand Buddha MountainChapter 909 Sword Intent Domain
Chapter 940 Why Are You Here?Chapter 944: Birth of Luck (5 more)Chapter 946 Someone Comes to CompeteChapter 987: Going Down the Mountain Brightly (5 more)
Chapter 991 The essence of human beings is really fragrantChapter 1000 Crushing a four-star pharmacistChapter 1086 Breaking the sky with one punchChapter 1096 The Fifth Principle
Chapter 1106: The Buddha of Another Ancient RealmChapter 1113Chapter 1116 Tempering ArmsChapter 1127 Sword Guard's Means
Chapter 1128 Fighting with the Dao of HeavenChapter 1129 Battle Song BlessingChapter 1141 Another upgradeChapter 1143
Chapter 1144 Final blowChapter 1149: Ways to ImproveChapter 1151 Someone Steals Dragon Veins?Chapter 1152 In the Second Immortal Realm, I am Invincible!
Chapter 1153 This is called growthChapter 1172 Potential crisisChapter 1180 The Four-pattern Immortal Emperor Pill is on saleChapter 1191 Fu Zheng's Murderous Intent
Chapter 1211 Young Master Luo BaChapter 1219 Probing InquiryChapter 1223 From Zhang Cheng's PerspectiveChapter 1227 The first practical lesson (7 more)
Chapter 1236: First again (6 more)Chapter 1238 Ye Chen, you are going to break the record! (8 more)Chapter 1249: The Refugees from the Ancient Sanmu Realm (9 more)Chapter 1253 Going to Sanmu Ancient Realm
Chapter 1282 He, Zuo Wen!Chapter 1333 The general situation cannot be changedChapter 1364: Corpse Disappears (5 more)Chapter 1396 Today, You Will Die
Chapter 1417 One step further, heavy responsibilityChapter 1485 I'm here to fight for the face of the hidden hallChapter 1488 Meet Old Sun AgainChapter 1493 The Secret Method of Breaking the Formation
Chapter 1540 Ten breath time!Chapter 1545 Ninth Prince?Chapter 1546 Ins and OutsChapter 1547 The Eighth Prince Visits
Chapter 1556 Tianfu EmperorChapter 1557 The figure in the paintingChapter 1558 Returning to the royal family to recognize relativesChapter 1559 Tiger poison does not eat its children?
Chapter 1561 Why don't you practice exercises?Chapter 1563 Is Father in good health?Chapter 1567 There is a problem with the imperial decree!Chapter 1569 Get him a fortune
Chapter 1579 Is this the kid?Chapter 1585Chapter 1620 A trace of mercyChapter 1737 Ten thousand swords split the sky!
Chapter 1778 This world shouldn't be like thisChapter 1780 It's not a loss to kill one!Chapter 1797 Nirvana Realm, Transformation Calamity!Chapter 1823 Is this the Nirvana Realm?
Chapter 1830 Too frustrated!Chapter 2021 Misfortune comes from the mouthChapter 2028 one leaf boat across the blood poolChapter 2036 After the mural
Chapter 2046 Overcoming Tribulation in the Underground Palace!Chapter 2057 crossing the riverChapter 2070 Lin Jingyu!Chapter 2074 The power of the blood pool is disappearing!
Chapter 2109 Are you using power for personal gain?Chapter 2111 Mu Xiaoyu's Call for HelpChapter 2112 Here I Come!Chapter 2119 Great Chu Patriarch!
Chapter 2141 Forbidden Terminator!Chapter 2198 Bone Erosion BeautyChapter 2218 The Fifth Calamity of Reincarnation Realm!Chapter 2222 Hidden dangers are left to be resolved later!
Chapter 2237 Devouring Dragon's Arm!Chapter 2238 Why be afraid!Chapter 2242 Persecution by the Great Chu Patriarch!Chapter 2251 let the slave explore the way
Chapter 2260 Too much vitality, flourishing and declining?Chapter 2308 uniformChapter 2321Chapter 2325 Rune Proficiency
Chapter 2334 Wait for death passively!Chapter 2335 insist on stayingChapter 2445 the youth of the Sea ClanChapter 2507 Disagreement
Chapter 2626 InjuredChapter 2640 Why don't you have the courage to start all over again?Chapter 2643 Replenishing the Spirit in the Blood ApertureChapter 2687
Chapter 2688 Danger ahead!Chapter 2730 swallowing the coffinChapter 2762 Soul Eater FormationChapter 2827 Killing the True Immortal with Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 2844 Ye Chen leads people to block the wayChapter 2883 Income in the cauldron!Chapter 2892Chapter 2924 Soul Eater Demon God!
Chapter 2933 Come to Moyuan City!Chapter 2935 Lead the way!Chapter 2937 the palace in the boundary seaChapter 2938 block the way
Chapter 2951 Overwhelming demons!Chapter 2952 Massacre!Chapter 2958 Prepare to hit the real fairyland!Chapter 2996 Collect the retro Hezhou!
Chapter 3022 Ye Chen ArrivesChapter 3026 helplessChapter 3065 You are crazy!Chapter 3070 Surrender is not shameful!
Chapter 3075 Sealing Demon ValleyChapter 3090 Mo Yun TianyuChapter 3096 Liang WudiChapter 3101 The shock of other heavens
Chapter 3129 Prison Road Elder Lang XingyunChapter 3138Chapter 3212 bones come to the sun desertChapter 3236 Powerful! !
Chapter 3246 SlaughterChapter 3292 Train Ye Chen  
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