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Chapter 1 Together

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    "Hundreds?" A sharp voice broke the tranquility of the morning!  It turned out to be a rich lady from a certain villa!

    Hua Rongxin is walking down the stairs gracefully!  Calling Lily, yes, this is the mother of Angel Lily!  No, it should be the stepmother!  A vicious stepmother!

    "Auntie! It's ready!" This is our heroine!  Weak heroine, Lily!

    Everyone is right!  It is true that Lily has been bullied by her stepmother, but Lily is not some Cinderella!  Because Lily's father is not ordinary rich, he is in the top 100 on the list of richest people in Asia!  And the stepmother doesn't have a daughter!

    "Crack." A crisp sound?  Hua Rongxin still has an elegant face!  Lily still had a smile on her face!  Very strange!  Why is there a smile on Lily's face from just now to now, that's right!

    She treats everything with a smile!

    That crisp sound?

    Just look at Lily's long black hair covering half of her flushed cheeks!  Hua Rongxin slapped Lily at that moment just now, after that slap, half of Lily's face turned red!  But Lily still had a smile on her face, as if she wasn't the one who was beaten!  And she didn't ask Hua Rongxin why she hit her!

    ?  still?

    "I am your mother!" Just such a short sentence!  Hua Rongxin's voice is sharp and piercing?  It means that Lily must call her mother!  This is too much!

    "It'sMomMom!" Lily reluctantly yelled out the two words that did not belong to Hua Rongxin!  There is still that bright smile on his face!

    That's it for this matter!

    Want to ask our weak little girl?  The raven-black hair was messily covering that pale face that seemed to be partly concealed!  Because the face is covered by the hair, it is impossible to tell whether the skin is fair or not!  Liuhai is also a mess!  The whole looks like an inconspicuous caterpillar!

    Wearing ordinary clothes, no one would have guessed that this is the rich man's daughter!

    Everyone must be very strange!  ?  Don't you care about Guan Huarong's arrogance and right?  Isn't Lily him?

    no!  Lily is definitely his daughter!

    It's just successful men are definitely busy!  They definitely don't care much about the family!  Therefore, when Lily's biological mother died, he didn't even have time to look at her!  He is sorry for Lily!  But it can only be sorry!

    I wanted to find a stepmother to treat him well!  But he was wrong!  This will only make Lily more bullied!

    Lily stood in front of the sink, dipped some water in her slender hands, threw it on her face, took a towel, washed her face, picked up her schoolbag, and was ready to go!

    In the car, a lady with a big belly came up. After climbing up hard, she looked around.  The sympathy of the people in the city?  His eyes flew wildly, completely ignoring the pregnant woman!

    Lily is hanging a faint smile!  After tidying up her schoolbag, she looked up and saw the pregnant woman!

    "Auntie! Come! Sit here!" Lily stood up!  The smiling pregnant woman in charge made it to that position!

    The pregnant woman pulled it down cumbersomely, and said gratefully: "Thank you, little girl!"

    "No thanks! This is what I should do!" Lily smiled!

    While Lily was holding on to the armrest a voice came from outside the car!

    "Someone is robbing something! Help! It's robbing something!"

    On the street passing by suddenly, a proud female voice sounded!  Lily looked there, a young man was holding a women's handbag in his hand!  Go forward desperately!  There is a fat middle-aged woman chasing after her with difficulty!

    People on the road saw the young man rushing over!  But there is no interception!  They all gave way!  I was afraid that the young man would hit me!

    There is a touch of sadness in Lily's smiling eyes!

    I can't help myself on the bus!  Even if you're not in the car!  I have no ability to help myself!

    O people of today!  It's all an attitude of having nothing to do with yourself!  It will cause more and more criminal activities in the society!  The age of crime is getting younger and younger!  This world has begun to completely change!

    Or maybe so!  Only then can he fantasize about characters who are omnipotent and powerful in martial arts!

    After all, it is a fantasy But there is reality?

    Although lily angels can influence people!  But it has no ability to change all this!  Maybe even I fell into it in the end This is another story!

    All eyes in the school turned to the corner under the shade of the tree, where a??An angel who keeps looking forward, like a downcast angel, an angel with many sorrows, a lovable angel, the angel did not see the eyes cast on her by the people, she just kept looking out the window, watching  Looking at her, it seems that everything in the world has stopped, and it makes people feel that all the beautiful things in the world are inferior to this scene.

    "Lily! Mingfeng! Classroom! He" This beautiful scene was broken by the ruthless voice and the merciless time.  A fat girl rushed over!  Run towards Lily!

    It's about to start, it's time to start, this is a new day, and a new endurance is about to start, today is another slow date, Lily's mouth still has a lily-like smile!  Although she is an angelbut she really doesn't look very ordinary!

    "Huanhuan! Slow down! What?!" Angel trembled his lips, using all his strength to slowly squeeze out these few words.  On one side, a bloated face slowly rising red!  Look even more dazzling!

    "Angel Lily. You" A Huanhuan who hadn't come out of the scene just now blurted out.  The angel smiled faintly!  Helpless expression on the face?

    "Ah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't ask! I know you don't like it, and you don't want to talk about family affairs with others!" Although the fat girl Huanhuan knew that she was rude, she still said what she wanted to say.  What she said came out because it was her true words.

    "It's okay, didn't you want to tell?" Rourou's voice sounded very comfortable!  Because she is an angel, so of course the angel will not blame a classmate who speaks the truth!  <?  Ah, yes, hey, I can't tell!  In short, let's talk about advanced classrooms!  "At first, Huanhuan was shocked by the angel looking at her, but now she has become accustomed to the angel smiling at her! For Lily, this kind of smile happens every day! It can be said that it exists all the time!  (Remember the site URL:
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