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Chapter 2

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    "Oh, okay!" The angel smiled happily because of Huanhuan's dancing, happily, and happily

    Angel,?  An angel means that it is possible to return to God at any time and be recalled by God at any time.  If this is the case, then I think, I am an angel, an angel who will be recalled by God at any moment.

    Angel, will you get it?  It seems yes, because I am an angel, I have received care and love from my classmates, and let her give me a little love, but, no, I must make others feel happy all the time!  That is my mission!  After all Rejecting others is a bad thing!  Lily's bright smile is shining in the sun!

    Just as Han Xunruo and Huanhuan walked to the door of the classroom, they heard the noise coming from inside

    "Wind!" Huan Huan and Lily's ears came to Huan Huan and Lily's ears at the first hearing, and Huan Huan retched for a while!  Lily smiled lightly!  Still with a smile on his face, he walked into the classroom calmly!

    Just saw a coquettishly dressed woman clinging to Mingfeng's voice, and Mingfeng was still smiling tiredly!  The slender hands are still around the woman's waist!

    Huanhuan next to him is on fire!

    Lily still had a smile on her face, but that smile was a bit stiff

    Lily walked to the seat and sat down

    "Lily!" Mingfeng's voice sounded at this moment!  <?  "Lily turned her head and looked at Mingfeng with a pure smile on her face. There was a trace of anger on Mingfeng's face, but Lily's clear eyes still looked at Mingfeng with a smile on her face!

    "You saw me like this?" Ming Feng frowned slightly, and let go of the woman!  He walked up to Lily and put his hands on Lily's table!  There is a slight evil smile on the corner of his mouth!

    "Heheshould I?" The voice was vague and indistinct, and the slight smile at the corner of the mouth made Lily look like an angel who would disappear at any moment!

    The woman immediately attached herself to him: "Feng! I don't want that ordinary-looking woman in your house anymore! Let's go out and play!" Ming Feng is indeed a famous school girl and a handsome guy, so there are countless women around him.  Does the wind like it?  Even Mingfeng himself can't believe it!

    "Sha'er wait a minute!" Ming Feng turned his head and said softly!

    "Mingfeng, you brat!" Huanhuan immediately rushed up dissatisfied and slapped Mingfeng!

    Lily's face is still smiling, but her eyes are slightly worried!

    "Kao! Don't think I don't hit girls!" Ming Feng stepped forward and was about to slap Huanhuan back!  Lily pursed her lips and stood in front of Huanhuan. The slap was getting closer and closer to Lily. Lily closed her eyes to receive the slap!

    It's been a long time the slap still hasn't fallen!

    Lily opened her eyes suspiciously!

    "Why do you face it with a smile" Mingfeng looked at him with pity, and pulled Lily into his arms!

    "Han Xun? I hate you! I hate you!" Ming Feng roared angrily!

    "I again?" Lily asked with a puzzled smile on her face!

    "No! You didn't do anything! I just hate that you didn't do anything! You make my heart ache!" Mingfeng pressed Han Xunruo's head, and hugged him tightly in his arms!

    "Wind! What about me!" Sha'er on the side!  Whispering words to express dissatisfaction!

    "Get out!" Ming Feng turned his head and roared at Sha'er!

    Sha'er fled in despair!

    "Lily Let's skip class, I'll take you out to play!" Ming Feng dragged Lily and rushed out without waiting for Lily's answer!

    Lily This is probably the last time I hope that in your heart, there are still good memories belonging to me and you Don't hold grudges against me!

    "Giggle," a hearty smile came into Mingfeng's ears, looking at Han Xunruo who was smiling heartily because he was riding a roller coaster, he felt a little guilty in his heart <?  this?  "Han Xunruo looked at the paper in front of him with a smile on his face!

    Ming Feng immediately looked away, and said: "This This is the wish list we are going to take on the photo!"

    Han Xunruo smiled slightly He took the pen from Mingfeng's hand, and wrote on the paper with delicate characters, Han Xunruo!

    When Han Xunruo walked into the room, the bright wind behind him tore off the disguise of the paper just now!  What is presented in front of the eyes as a whole is a few big characters that catch the eyeHan's Legacy Transition Book.

    Mingfeng felt a little guilty in his heart, Han Xunruo's cold body temperature was still in his hands just now Ruoruo I'm sorry!

    Mingfeng walked into the room

    just whenWhen the camera is about to shoot

    "Ruoruo!" Mingfeng said suddenly!  <?  "Han Xunruo turned around, and saw the handsome face in front of him! The camera just clicked at this moment

    After a while, he walked out with Han Xunruo!

    Seeing the bright smile on Han Xunruo's face, he still held a lot of photo stickers in his hand!

    Mingfeng next to him was absent-minded

    On a summer night, the sky is dotted with sparkling stars, like a Milky Way made of fine quicksand lying on the blue sky.  The earth has fallen asleep.  Except for the gentle breeze blowing in bursts, and the occasional dog barking, the desolate street is silent

    The villa at night is silent!  Lily was standing in the kitchen washing dishes with a smile on her face There was a servant but Lily was asked to wash the dishes. Lily didn't complain at all, but she was still washing the dishes with a smile on her face!

    "Miss Ma'am is bad! It's bad!" Dad's bodyguard suddenly ran in and said in panic!

    ?  chaos?  "Hua Rongxin just finished putting on the mask! She walked down the stairs calmly! Lily has never been interested in what the bodyguard said! But this time

    "Master, lord, lord lord, he was in a car accident! He's in Fu'an Hospital! Ma'am, miss, you should hurry up!"

    "Crack," the plate slipped from Lily's hand and fell to the ground, forming a striking flower pattern!  Lily stepped over the plate and rushed out immediately!

    "Quick! Quick! Take me to Fu'an Hospital!" Lily walked out of the kitchen in panic, pulling the bodyguards and pleading!  And ignored Hua Rongxin's sinister smile behind her!  (Remember the site URL:
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