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Chapter 3 Car Accident

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    "Dad, Dad," only a heart-piercing girl shouted in the silent hospital: "You can't die! Mom left me, don't you? Don't! You promised to watch me go to college,  You promised to watch me find a job I like! What about you?" Tears flowed down drop by drop, and the messy hair hung down on the face of a middle-aged man who closed his eyes with a kind face

    Han Xunruo stretched out his slender white hands to touch his father's cold face. The face that used to wear a kind smile was already cold, without any blood, even if there was not even a trace of warmth left!

    "Dad! You are so cruel, how can you do it? You?" Han Xunruo was stunned, his eyes seemed to be out of focus like a fragile ceramic doll!

    But outside the door there was insolent laughter!

    "Hahaha! This old man,? Haha, I've been waiting for this day for a long time!" Huarong's piercing voice outside the door was chilling!

    Han Xunruo changed his gentle smiling face to an angry one!

    Step out of the room step by step!  Glaring at Hua Rongxin in front of her eyes!

    "Hua Rongxin! Are you now? Are you paying back?" Han Xunruo's eyes were covered with mist!  He looked at the stepmother in front of him in disbelief!  I used to think that she was just being arrogant to her, but she really liked her father!  She didn't expect that even her husband died, she couldn't shed a single tear, and still laughed wildly?

    "Slap," Han Xunruo stepped forward and slapped Huarongxin hard: "This is for my father to slap you!"

    Then he slapped Hua Rongxin again!  "I gave it back to you for my grandfather!"

    "And mine!" Han Xunruo raised his hand to slap Huarongxin again, but the bodyguard next to Huarongxin slapped Han Xunruo instead, and Han Xunruo fell to the ground with difficulty.

    "Haha, what do you think? Tell you! I started planning it 18 years ago! Your father started having an affair 18 years ago, what do you think? It's ridiculous! That's because your grandfather didn't allow your father to have an illegitimate child! That's why I kept it from you  Dad and your grandpa! Do you think your mother? Its ridiculous! I did it on purpose! And I did it secretly when your father got into a car accident! Do you know why I want it? Becauseyou have to go with your parents too! Haha  Haha!" The ear-piercing voice reached Lily's ears

    "No! You scoundrel! YouI will sue you! Let the law punish you!" Han Xunruo's eyes were bloodshot, and hatred filled his head!  Reluctantly stood up, and wobbled towards Huarongxin!

    "Pfft," a mouthful of blood spat out from Han Xunruo's mouth, forming a poppy-like blood flower on the wall A dagger was inserted from Han Xunruo's back Han Xunruo was stunned  Turned

    A tear fell from the corner of Han Xunruo's eye

    ?  Why!  "Han Xunruo frantically asked the person in front of him"?  Why," the tears flowed drop by drop, wet Han Xunruo's snow-white skirt, and the blood on the back stained the snow-white shirt Dazzling

    "I'm sorry" Mingfeng raised the dagger in his hand, and looked at Han Xunruo with an apologetic face!

    "Haha, son! Well done!" Hua Rongxin raised a smug smile!  Walked to Mingfeng's side, and patted Mingfeng's shoulder!  That's right, Ming Feng is Hua Rongxin's illegitimate son, his own half-brother!

    "Hahahaha! Who am I, Han Xunruo? Why are you teasing me like this!" Han Xunruo yelled at the sky with a wry smile!  <?  Forgot to tell you!  Do you know the driver who had a car accident today?  Tell you!  It's your good friend Huanhuan's father!  "Hua Rongxin laughed a few times, and told Hua Rongxin this tragic secret

    "No! You are just doing this? Hahaha! This is the funniest joke I have ever heard! Come on! Kill me! If you kill me, you can get the inheritance!" Han Xunruo went madly towards Mingfeng's side  side!  Eyes full of hatred supporting the dangling body


    "You forced me!" Hua Rongxin's eyes suddenly burst into anger, took the dagger in Mingfeng's hand, and stabbed Han Xunruo like crazy!

    One knife!  Two knives!  Three swords!  Countless knives Han Xunruo has lost consciousness

    "Mom! That's enough! Sheis dead!" Ming Feng suddenly stopped Hua Rongxin, and looked helplessly at Han Xunruo who had closed his eyes on the ground!

    After taking off her beauty, she left that room

    After a long time the corpse on the ground opened its eyes!  His bloodshot eyes stared blankly at the ceiling for a long time A chilling sneer suddenly emerged from the corner of his mouth, and a gloomy voice filled the lonely hospital: "You will pay the price! Hellfire  It will be revived from my hand!" Han Xunruo reluctantly climbed up, walking step by step while supporting the wall.?That roomthey are really poisonous!  He was going to set fire to Fu'an Hospital!  Ah

    Han Xunruo stared blankly at the hospital bed where his father had been lying, and took out the mobile phone in his pocket!

    "You guys forced me!" Han Xunruo dialed that number expressionlessly that number that would expose all the conspiracies!  The number that holds the power of life!  The number that will make it all over!

    The huge font on the newspaper on the second day: The daughter of the Han family died in a car accident because of her father. She was sad and burned the Fu'an Hospital and left with her father!  A pair of white hands holding such a newspaper!  Angry!  In a rage, he crushed the newspaper into a ball and threw it into the trash can

    A voice was heard in the huge and silent taekwondo training ground

    "" the harsh sound of sandbags!

    "Enough is enough! Ruo! Enough! You are strong enough! Your hands are already bleeding!" A handsome boy was hugging that handsome boy tightly!  But the boy ignored the boy and continued hitting the sandbag with his bare hands!  The back of my hand is already bleeding!  Finallythe sandbag brokeand the gravel flowed out like a stream (remember this website URL:
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