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Chapter 4 Efforts

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    "Okay, you have been practicing every day these days, and no one can beat you anymore! But you still fight like this?" The handsome boy asked in confusion!

    "Since your grandfather picked you up a month ago, you have been studying taekwondo and judo desperately! Even if you have no talent, you are still practicing desperately! The fingers you practiced are callused and you still want to practice? Just for that  Flowers??" The handsome boy kept shaking his head!  But Ruo is still expressionless!

    "Xiao Ya! No matter what you say, Xunruo won't have it?" A gray figure walked out from behind the door with a cold face and said leisurely to the handsome Xiao Ya!

    "Hey! Dongfang Mo, did you see Xun Ruo like this?" Xiao Ya asked with a helpless smile!

    "It's not that you don't know that Xun Ruo is a human! Me?" Dongfang Mo gave Xiao Ya a white look!

    ?  The third prince is so handsome!  "

    "Yeah yeah!"

    "Although Prince Qiao Yuhao is cold and cold! But he has already touched my fiery heart!"

    "Yes! Prince Mingfeng is so handsome! So cool!"

    "Prince Lan Zeyu is the cutest! The smiling face is so friendly!"

    A group of nympho!

    Han Xunruo stood in front of the heart academy, and glanced at those nympho with extremely cold eyes!  Naturally the so-called third prince came out of the corner of his eyes

    Scanning their information in my mind within a second, all of them are scanned in my mind!

    1; The Cruel Prince: Qiao Yuhao.

    2; The pure and flawless prince: Lan Zeyu.

    3; Prince Bao: Mingfeng, a little playful, is Han Xunruo's half-brother.  It's the person Han Xunruo hates the most!

    The corner of the mouth is raised 0.0001¡ã, but the eyes are burning with anger!  Beside Han Xunruo who felt cold all over her body!  Standing two handsome figures!  They are Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo respectively!

    "God! Except Prince Mingfeng! How could it be?"

    "9494! So handsome!" Nympho?

    Dongfang Mo glanced at those nympho with dissatisfied eyes!  Wow!  It's just a dinosaur!  Horror wow!

    Han Xunruo glanced at Xiao Ya who was smiling!  Xiao Ya seemed to understand something!  Immediately walked into the academy!  lead the way¡­¡­

    "Do you think that was the person just now?" Ming Feng scratched his head and said with a smile!

    "Like hey! It's the one with dissatisfied eyes!" That Lan Zeyu said with a smile!

    So it turns out that these two wealthy sons are Ming Feng's new acquaintances

    In the blink of an eye!  Those three people have gone far!  Very depressed!  Even Prince Mingfeng didn't pay attention to it!

    "Ruo!" Xiao Ya said standing in front of a tall building!  The tone was a bit amazed and put his hands on his chin, what an idiot: "This school is so big! Noble Academy is extraordinary!"

    Han Xunruo patrolled the Heart Academy with a blank expression on his face!

    "Okay! Let's go up!" Dongfang Mo frowned slightly!  Pull Xiao Ya and go upstairs!

    "Oh!" Xiao Ya ran up quickly!

    The two stopped on the balcony!  Hold on to the railing and look at the ants-like crowd below!  And those school buildings!  Super beautiful!  Dongfang Mo's cold gaze swept over again!  Xiao Ya immediately grinned again!  Go forward quickly!

    "Peng" Han Xunruo gently leaned against the wall with his hands in his hands!  Ignore everything in front of you!  Take a nap with your eyes closed!

    "Who are you!" Xiao Ya was knocked to the ground!  He raised his head angrily!  In front of me are the three princes!

    "You?" Xiao Ya quickly got up!  Jumped in front of the third prince and said!

    ?  "Ming Feng roared! Dissatisfaction on his face! Please! You knocked him down? <? I am a student here! So are they!" Xiao Ya turned to pointing at Han Xunruo and Dongfang Mo with a chic smile and said!  <?  you?  "Ming Feng said tuggingly, that looks really awkward! <? It seems to be" Xiao Ya looked at Dongfang Mo suspiciously!

    Dongfang Mo raised his head and said to them: "Class 6!"

    When Han Xunruo looked up, his eyes were all cold!

    Dongfang Mo then said in a cold tone: "Why are you talking so much nonsense with them! Let's go!" Then the three left!

    Leaving the other three rich men idiotically staying where they are!  It's not that Mingfeng doesn't know Han Xunruoit's justHan Xunruo wears a hat all the timeand he doesn't have messy hair like before

    "? Why?" It was the original Han family villa, and the roar of the bodyguard came from inside!  <?  "With a smile on the corner of his mouth, he said, "I am the owner of this villa!" Han Xunruo punched him, and the bodyguard fell to the ground!

    "Hua Rongxin!" Han Xunruo kicked open the door and yelled at Hua Rongxin who was eating bird's nest inside!

    "Youyou don't?" Huarong slipped her hand, and the plate slipped down!  The ear-piercing sound reached the ears of the two of them!  <?  yes!  I was killed by you!  I'm here to pay for your life now!  "Han Xunruo twitched the corner of his mouth and said with a smile!

    "Youyou" Hua Rongxin can be said to be "fading" now!

    Han Xunruo's eyes were like frost, he raised his hand, and patted it gracefully!  A lot of people in black came out from behind the door!

    "Think about it If the reputation of Hua Rongxin, the young lady of the Han family, is ruined, I think the Han family will be better? Why not?" Han Xunruo's voice pierced Hua Rongxin like a sharp knife

    The first step of revenge: destroying reputation.

    The headline of the newspaper on the second day: Young Master Han¡¯s body is still alive, Mrs. Han¡¯s wife is out of bed!  Attached are a few "artificial" photos of Han Xunruo!

    "What else do you want! If you didn't have your grandfather's backing, I'm afraid you would be dead by now! You were asked to take revenge so easily. I would have stabbed you a few more times if I knew it!" Hua Rongxin wanted to hold a glimmer of hope.  , angered Han Xunruo, so that he could kill himself with a knifeto alleviate the humiliation of his son being looked down upon at school!

    But she was wrong, the more she said, it would only make Han Xunruo more tortured!  all of these!  It's all your fault!

    Mother, father died because of you!  I'm just taking back what should belong to me!  (Remember the site URL:
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