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Chapter 6 Revenge

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    It's not fair!  The third prince protested!

    "What the hell is he?"


    "You are so handsome!"

    "how come?"

    "Could it be?"

    Those 38 comments made Ruo very upset!  His brows frowned slightly!

    "Even if they didn't rely on connections to get in! It's more than enough to get into this class! Don't talk about it! Otherwiseyou will be fined to run 20 laps on the playground!" Xiao Chuan went crazy!

    "Let me introduce you!" Ogawa turned his head and said!

    "My name is Xiao Ya! Hehe! Don't look at me as weak! I know Taekwondo! I hope to get along well with everyone!" Xiao Ya said, rubbing her hands together!  A gentle smile on his face!  Make people feel approachable!

    "Shua, hua, hua" Han Xunruo resolutely wrote down on the blackboard, "Lin Ruoxun? The chalk writing is so handsome and beautiful! I rewritten the name, and made up the surname Naturally, the purpose is not to let Mingfeng recognize me.  Come out, or don't you?

    "Attention! Don't bully their newcomers!" Xiao Chuan said with some relief and some worry!

    Xiao Chuan bounced away!  It seems very happy!

    "Xiao Ya! Lin Ruoxun! Dongfang Mo" Zeyu's voice sounded from behind!

    ?  ", Xiao Ya turned her head and asked with a bright face!

    "Kao! How arrogant!" Mingfeng complained dissatisfied, because he saw that Dongfang Mo and Han Xunruo ignored him!

    Xiao Ya smiled!  hey-hey!

    "Why is Xiao Chuan facing Lin?"

    "No reason! Because if it's important!"

    Indeed it is!  "And it's very powerful!" Xiao Ya said swearingly!

    "Doubt" Mingfeng was dissatisfied!

    "Why him?" Xiao Ya pointed at Yuhao dissatisfied!

    "Because he is an iceberg!" Ming Feng said with a smile!

    " the wind" The deep and magnetic voice filled Xiao Ya's ears!

    Han Xunruo looked contemptuously at the two so-called cold princes and sunshine princes next to Mingfeng They were all pretending, so they were just girls?  It's like a flower lying in a greenhouse, acting childish and ridiculous!

    "Hey, hello! Lin Ruoxun! Lin Ruoxun!" In the vagueness, the teacher shook Han Xunruo who was asleep!  <?  " Han Xunruo replied vaguely!

    "You are still sleeping in class, get up and stand outside!" The bearded old man glared at Han Xunruo angrily Han Xunruo stood up vaguely, without saying a word, and lowered his head  Hats, get out!

    Not long after Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo also followed!

    "If! If! Look, we are here to accompany you!" Xiao Ya said jokingly with a smile on her face!

    Dongfang Mo also had a smile on his face!

    "Idiot!" Han Xunruo just dropped this sentence indifferently and sent Xiao Ya a big roll of his eyes!

    "Oh! My weakling is so handsome even if he rolls his eyes!" Xiao Ya joked amusingly!

    "Stop!" Han Xunruo frowned slightly, Xiao Ya immediately stopped talking, and the atmosphere became colder!

    "Mo! Mingfeng made a girlfriend recently?" Han Xunruo spit out these words faintly!

    "Except for the ex-girlfriend Lily, the girlfriends after that have always been Huanhuan, but they didn't disclose it!" Dongfang Mo replied coldly!

    "Is that outside?"

    "No, but it is rumored that his charm is getting higher and higher!" Dongfang Mo frowned slightly and observed the expression of Han Xunruo in front of him, as if he was afraid of missing something!  Seeing Han Xunruo's indifferent face, he was relieved!

    "Ya! Check someone for me" Han Xunruo smiled slightly!  <?  "

    After Han Xunruo faintly uttered a name, he turned and walked out of the school

    Lunch break

    Han Xunruo walked into another classroom of the school

    Call out a person from inside!

    "Miss, you must remember that one day two months ago, you and Wang Zimingfeng of our school designed a scene where your father killed Han himself? You said that if this matter was known by the media and the police?" Han  Xunruo stood in front of Huanhuan calmly, and said these words calmly!  Just after hearing this passage, Huanhuan immediately had a flustered look on his face, but it passed in a flash!

    ?  "Huanhuan really lost a lot of weight

    As for Huanhuan's small thoughts, maybe Han Xunruo didn't know: "If you want to deny it first, and then go to Han Mingfeng and ask him to kill me secretly for you, then?I was wrong!  I can completely tell you that it was hundreds of years before Han Mingfeng wanted to kill me!  "Han Xunruo faintly hit Huanhuan's mind!"

    "Then" Huanhuan's eyes revealed panic easily!

    "It's very simple, as long as you do something for me, I will treat everything as if nothing happened" Everything was within Han Xunruo's expectation!  <?  What about Prince Mingfeng?  "

    "Yeah! Han?"

    "It seems that it may be true that his mother Hongxing cheated!"

    "Yes! I heard that Han Mingfeng's mother is still working on that in 'Guangxin'!"

    "It turns out that Han Mingfeng is also this kind of person!"

    "Yeah, I can't see it!"

    "Yes, we all misunderstood him!"

    "You actually do that kind of thing with Huanhuan, the top student in our class b!" There are many eye-catching and embarrassing photos hanging on the school bulletin board!  And the two adulterers in the photo are naturally Huanhuan from class b and Han Mingfeng from class a!

    All the people gathered around the school bulletin board to discuss, none of them saw someone standing aside with an evil smile on his lips!

    "Heh Huanhuan is really so naive" Han Xunruo left behind a word of disdain!

    As for the protagonist Han Mingfeng in those photos, he is leisurely wandering in the classroom without knowing it!

    ?  But he was buried at home because of the shame of knowing it and dared not go out!

    Han Xunruo's cell phone rang!  <?  "

    "I want to see you!" Huanhuan was sobbing and crying on the other end of the phone!

    "Okay" Han Xunruo hung up the phone calmly!  Well, I'm going to find you too!

    ?  It is clearly agreed that as long as the bright wind shines on it, it will be fine!  why put my head?  You do not keep your word!  "Huanhuan scolded Han Xunruo in front of her with tears all over her face! (Remember this website website:
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