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Chapter 7 The Truth

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    "That's because you are too naive! This is the punishment you deserve! And the real punishment is yet to come!"

    ?  "After speaking, Huanhuan stepped forward to take off Han Xunruo's hat! But Han Xunruo took a step back!

    There was an evil smile on the corner of his mouth, and everything was captured in Han Xunruo's evil eyes

    Step by step, I approached Huanhuan who had been shrinking in the corner!

    Huanhuan said in a panic?  "While talking, he put his hands on his shoulders as a protective gesture

    ?  "Han Xunruo frowned, hooked the corner of his mouth, raised a hand and stretched out gently towards Huanhuan: "I want to help others" Huanhuan thought that Han Xunruo wanted to help herself, so she consciously extended her hand  go up!

    The words that Han Xunruo uttered caused Huanhuan to fall from heaven to hell: "Help Angel Lily"

    Huanhuan saw Han Xunruo's hat fluttering down just before the moment A face that he was no longer familiar with appeared in front of him But Maybe Huanhuan just passed away with doubts

    But the accomplice is also unforgivable!

    The next day's newspaper: A girl in class B of senior one in a certain college committed suicide in shame because of her ugly appearance, and her parents followed her!

    "My God! What about tmd?" Mingfeng just walked to the campus bulletin board and tore off those photos angrily, but there were already many people around!

    "I think it should be someone who has a grudge against you!" Qiao Yuhao, one of the three princes, calmly analyzed, frowning slightly.

    "Hey! Ming? That girlfriend of yours committed suicide, but I checkedit was actually man-made!" Lan Zeyu smiled slightly, because he saw the new classmate opposite him just after saying these words."  Lin Ruoxun looked at this side with an evil smile on the corner of his mouth, for some reason, his heart seemed to be drawn into those evil eyes!  But in the blink of an eye that person was gone!

    ?  md I don't seem to have it?  "Ming Feng took away the two friends next to him and walked down the quiet tree-lined path of the campus

    ?  ?  "Qiao Yuhao was a little disbelieving and forced Mingfeng to tell the truth

    "If there isit will only be her!" Ming Feng's mind came up with a person's head but immediately threw it out of his mind: "Impossible, because she is already dead!" Ming Feng looked at the eyes solemnly  Qiao Yuhao said calmly!

    ?  Are you sure?  "I don't know why Lan Zeyu's head always shows the head of that classmate just now, is it difficult?

    "This" Ming Feng was hesitating just now Lan Zeyu's cell phone rang


    "Oh, I got it!" Lan Zeyu's lovely face was sullen

    "I found out the man behind the scenes is Lin Ruoxun, formerly known as: Han Xunruo! Mingfeng, your half-sister" Lan Zeyu raised his head and saw that the friend he thought he was in front of him was actually plotting with his mother.  With such a conspiracy, if that Han Xun survived by luck From this point of view, it is not too much to treat Ming Feng But I didn't expect that my good brother in the past was such a cruel person, I really misjudged him!

    "You want to say? How come?" Lan Zeyu changed his cute and pure face, and said with a gloomy and disdainful expression: "I really didn't expect my former brother to be such a person! I misread you  We broke off our friendship!" Lan Zeyu shook his hands and left with a resolute face!  Qiao Yuhao and Han Mingfeng were left in place with stunned faces!

    Qiao Yuhao asked Han Mingfeng in front of him inexplicably, "Hello?"

    "I I don't know either! Hehe!" Han Mingfeng said with a slight smile He was full of guilt in his heart, afraid that Qiao Yuhao would know about this matter, and Lan Zeyu might already know about it. If Qiao Yuhao also knew, I'm afraid  At that time, K will be fighting alone, and there will be many dangers!

    Sure enough, it's still selfish

    "Recently, there are a lot of troubles, so annoying, why not go to Guangxin at night?" Han Mingfeng scratched his head in annoyance, turned his head and said to Qiao Yuhao!

    "Whatever!" Qiao Yuhao replied absent-mindedly, thinking about what Lan Zeyu said just nowMing?  Ming Feng said earlier that if someone hates him, it is Ying?  ?  Could it be that Mingfeng is with his mother?  But?  yes?

    Possibly, Qiao Yuhao is the only child, so he doesn't even consider the cruelty and ruthlessness of others fighting for property!  It's not the body that hurts like thatbut the heart. If the heart is hurt, it doesn't mean that it can be recovered just by taking revenge

    So maybe Qiao Yuhao couldn't figure it out after thinking about it for the rest of his life There are some things that you have to experience to know how painful it is. If you hear it, you may not believe it at all.  May not understand!

    Singing sounds, noisy sounds, and vaguely ambiguous sounds, mixed with the madness of desire, permeate every day.In a corner, in a dark corner far away, in a hidden blind spot, there are bursts of ambiguous voices mixed with gunshots, under the dim light, shadows whose faces cannot be seen clearly, are entangled together

    Two slender figures stepped into this place full of feasting and feasting, dragons and snakes.

    The corner of Mingfeng's mouth curled up as if he was very satisfied, but Qiao Yuhao who was next to him looked around and frowned!  Quite dissatisfied!

    Standing in the dark, Han Xunruo seemed to have known that Mingfeng would come here, a cold smile appeared on the corner of his mouth The game just started now!

    Ming Feng and Qiao Yuhao went to the seats in front of the bar and ordered a cocktail each Watching the dance on the stage, a woman in the center of the stage was obviously much better than the backup dancer next to her, but she was masked  A white lace veil is wrapped around the face, and the delicate figure is vaguely outlined under the lace veil, which outlines a dreamlike silhouette

    Standing behind the stage and mastering everything, the mastermind behind the scenes looked at everything on and off the stage with an evil smile on his lips, and murmured: "Go to Mingfeng! Fascinate him!" As a result, the enchanting woman on the stage backed away.  Going down walked to Mingfeng's side without anyone paying attention

    "Handsome guy I just saw you staring at me intently" the enchanting woman murmured

    "Ah, it's that conspicuous woman on the stage just now" Qiao Yuhao frowned slightly, staring at the woman who didn't look small in front of him, guessing based on her figure?  Look at the skin The appearance of a person suddenly appeared in Qiao Yuhao's mind, and he immediately threw it out of his mind, why?  But she is (remember this website URL:
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