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Chapter 8

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    With a wan smile, she cleverly dodged the slender hand that wanted to take off the veil!

    "With a veil, it's so mysterious!" The woman turned and sat between Qiao Yuhao and Han Mingfeng enchantingly "Besides the master will blame you for taking off the veil!" The woman wrapped her hands around Han Mingfeng's  The waist and neck, and the face behind the veil loomed in front of Mingfeng There was no greed in Han Mingfeng's eyes, just a smile at the corner of his mouth

    "How much will it cost to pick it?" Han Mingfeng looked at the woman in front of him affectionately.

    "As long as you want to see I will pick it!" The woman replied affectionately!

    Just as the woman stretched out her hand to take off her veilthe people next to her stood upclicking and snappingit turned out that the paparazzi had been following that womanthat name?

    The veil fell

    The paparazzi standing next to him immediately surrounded him

    "Ah! It's really the illegitimate son of the young master of the Han Group!"

    "Yes, yes! Master Han Mingfeng, please tell me why your mother is drinking?"

    "By the way, could it be Mrs. Hua Rongxin and her son?"

    The cameras and cameras of the reporters kept clicking and clicking, and they surrounded Mingfeng tightly The guns suddenly pointed at the enchanting woman standing next to her, the young wife of the Han Group, Hua Rongxin!  When the veil is taken off the face, the traces of time can be seen

    But under the astonishment of everyone, the people behind the stage are slowly playing this so-called game!  Huarong suddenly wrapped her hands around Han Mingfeng who was beside her

    Still muttering in his mouth: "FengLet them take pictures! Let's play with us" Han Mingfeng looked at his mother in front of him with a look of astonishment, and there was a very strange look in his eyes

    The reporter immediately clicked to record this earth-shattering event, but before the recording was completed, Hua Rongxin actually did something very shocking

    Actually walked on a catwalk walked to every corner of the bar unexpectedly?

    How could the reporter miss it?

    Han Mingfeng and Qiao Yuhao haven't reacted yethaven't accepted all of this yetlooking at everything in front of them in astonishment

    Han Mingfeng didn't dare to accept all this Immediately rushed forward, pulled his mother, and gave Hua Rongxin a hand knife on the neck without hesitation!  Hua Rongxin immediately passed out!

    And Qiao Yuhao also cooperated to disperse the reporters and paparazzi, and the two escaped from the 'Guangxin' bar with Hua Rongxin!

    The mastermind who stayed behind had a cold smile on his face, and no one heard what he said The game is in progress!  Hypnotism and bewitchment are not something that can be said to disappear with just one hand knife!

    "Han Mingfeng, I want to humiliate you, but it's not just this little the hatred you gave me I will repay you twice!" The voice lingered in the air, and the surrounding temperature seemed to drop!  No, it's not the air that's cold, but people's hearts and the boundless hatred What appeared on the faces of the two standing beside Han Xunruo was not timidity but pity!

    At this time, Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya only had one thought in their minds If Han Xunruo can be brought back to the past, it doesn¡¯t matter even if he sacrifices himself. Han Xunruo who is full of hatred is not disgusting and terrifying, but boundless  Pamper<?  revenge?  report?  What you have is boundless hatred, even if it is broken?  only?  But now Han Xunruo, who is dazzled by hatred, doesn't know this at all Is it really going to be lost?  Is it necessary to lose?

    Why not?  Is it just for that?

    I am afraid that I will lose myself by then?

    Hate is more terrifying than the devil

    Han Mingfeng pinched the newspaper in his hand helplessly, looking at everything his mother did in the bar, as well as the photos of himself and his mother on it, adding oil and vinegar to the newspaper made Han Mingfeng even more furious!

    "um" Hua Rongxin, who was lying on the bed, finally woke upbut those eyes were still unfamiliar!

    ?  Mrs. Chen!  Get a bowl of tremella over here!  "Han Mingfeng put down the newspaper suddenly, and went to the bedside. He looked at his mother nervously!

    "Hey" The corner of Hua Rongxin's mouth curled up into a devil-like smile, picked up the newspaper that Han Mingfeng had put on the table, and glanced at it.  Turning his head around, he said with a smile to Han Mingfeng and Qiao Yuhao who were standing in front of him: "The photography skills are not very good Shen Yun has not caught it, and even the language organization ability is so poor! The paparazzi nowadays are not professional at all!  "

    Hua Rongxin's voice is not at all like usual that's right!  It's like being controlled by someone first!

    Qiao Yuhao and Han Mingfeng looked at each other and smiled at the same time?Aloud: "It's hypnotism and bewitchment!"?  But you know?  ?  Hehdon't overestimate yourself, when the master doesn't want the game, over!  Just wait and experience the boundless torture!

    Han Mingfeng frowned, and asked Qiao Yuhao puzzledly: "What is it? Is it true?" Han Mingfeng narrowed his eyes and pupils, and the bright girl who kept smiling appeared in his mind!  Impossiblehow?

    "If you are wondering here, why not go to your sister directly!" Qiao Yuhao's words awakened the dreamer!  Han Mingfeng immediately picked up the phonebut immediately froze there

    "?" Qiao Yuhao asked suspiciously, why?

    "I" Han Mingfeng bowed his head guiltily: "I don't have her mobile phone number I don't know where she lives!" Han Mingfeng actually feels sorry for Han Xunruo now no wonder he hates him!

    ?  she?  "Qiao Yuhao took off his cold disguise and exclaimed!

    Han Mingfeng replied hesitantly: "I"

    "Okay!" Qiao Yuhao seemed to see Han Mingfeng's embarrassment, so he said: "Let's call the school and ask! The school should have a record"

    "Okay!" Han Mingfeng took out his mobile phone and dialed the number of the school office, but he didn't know that Han Xunruo had installed a bug on Huarongxin's body, so Han Xunruo was waiting for Han Mingfeng's call in the principal's office  What will you do to Han Mingfeng?

    "Hello" Han Mingfeng called!

    "Hello!" The headmaster's voice (remember this site URL:
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