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Chapter 10 Worth it

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    "Han Xunruo! Please remove the voodoo and hypnotism on my mother!" Han Mingfeng plucked up the courage to say these words!  <?  "Han Xunruo narrowed his eyes slightly: "Brother?  What about me?  "Han Xunruo decided to continue playing dumb!

    ?  Take revenge on me!  close?  "Han Mingfeng was so angry that he rushed forward and tightly grabbed Han Xunruo's neckHan Xunruo's eyes flashed fiercely! Just before Han Xunruo made a move, Lan Zeyu couldn't stand it any longer, and punched Han Xunruo.  Han Mingfeng, Han Mingfeng let go of his hand in pain, and Han Xunruo landed in Lan Zeyu's arms! A hint of calculation flashed in Han Xunruo's eyes!

    "Brotherwhat can you do?" Han Xunruo pretended to be innocent and weak, and threw himself into Lan Zeyu's arms, pretending to wipe?  there is a price

    "You are not allowed to touch Ruo!" Xiao Ya punched Han Mingfeng straight with one punch!  Han Mingfeng also knows how to fight He squeezed Xiao Ya's fist with one hand Unexpectedly Those bodyguards woke up and took out a dagger

    "Xiao Ya! Be careful!" Dongfang Mo rushed forward and blocked the lightning-fast knife Unfortunately, the knife really stabbed Dongfang Mo's heart!  Xiao Ya immediately rushed to Dongfang Mo's side!

    "Mo! Mo!" The blood on Dongfang Mo's chest flowed straight down!

    "Okay protect Ruo!" Dongfang Mo's mouth curled into a captivating smile He closed his eyes sadly, for Ruo's death very gratified!  At least in Ruo's heart there is me?  Dongfang Mo thinks so!

    Han Xunruo's eyes flashed a trace of heartache and murderbut it was only a flash!

    Xiao Ya's eyes were bloodshot, he snatched the dagger from the bodyguard's hand, and stabbed the bodyguard straightuntilthe blood flowed out to death!

    Although the moment Dongfang Mo died Han Xunruo felt a bit of pain in his heart, but what!  The most important thing is that standing in front of him is his favorite and most hated elder brother Han Mingfeng.  Really can't care about the pain!

    On the contrary, it was Xiao Ya who raised the bloodshot dagger and raised his sluggish head. His empty and bloodshot eyes shifted to Han Mingfeng's body at once. The murderous look in his eyes made Han Mingfeng fight a cold war!

    Han Mingfeng said hesitantly: "Youwhat are you going to do? II warn you, don't come here!" Han Mingfeng was not worried that he would not be able to beat him It's just that the look in his eyes really made people feel terrified spiritually  !

    "Hmph" Xiao Ya sneered mockingly, turned his head to look at Han Xunruo, his sharp eyes turned into pity, and there was boundless tenderness in it: "Ruo Mo's wish is just to want  It¡¯s good to make you happyMe too! If you get revengeI hope you remember to be happy" The voice was still rippling in the air Before Han Xunruo had time to digest the meaning of this sentence, Xiao Xiao  Ya turned around and pushed the dagger into Han Mingfeng's bodybut the stab was crooked and did not penetrate the heart!

    Han Mingfeng stared angrily at Xiao Ya in front of him, the blood drained from his handsome face little by little his face turned pale little by little!

    Qiao Yuhao immediately rushed up and punched Xiao Ya Xiao Ya left in pain Han Mingfeng drew out his dagger and was about to stab Xiao Ya. Before Xiao Ya was ready to fight back, Han Xunruo made a sound  up

    "Han Mingfeng! Do you want your mother to die here?" Han Xunruo actually stood beside Hua Rongxin when no one was watching. Hua Rongxin held a small dagger in her hand!  Pressing against the artery in his neck, he stared blankly at Han Mingfeng!  Blood flowed down the dagger!

    "You" Han Mingfeng turned his dagger and stabbed at Han Xunruo!  There was no trace of surprise or timidity in Han Xunruo's eyes Han Mingfeng, who was calm and composed, did not dare to stab himself!  Lan Zeyu naively thought that Han Mingfeng was really going to kill Han Xunruo!  Immediately stood in front of Han Xunruo!  Under protection!

    "Get out of the way!" Han Mingfeng angrily forgot about his mother beside him

    "You forced me!" Han Xunruo's eyes lit up!  The dagger in Hua Rongxin's hand next to her penetrated into her neck inch by inch, but she was unconscious her body fell straight down!  The corner of Han Xunruo's mouth curled into a cold smile!  He put his hands on Lan Yuze's shoulders and walked forward step by step!  Raise your head and look straight at the bright wind in front of you!

    "You" Seeing the absolutely lifeless corpse of Hua Rongxin on the ground, Han Mingfeng's anger kept rising!  "You are too poisonous! How could you do this? She is your stepmother!" Han Mingfeng's eyes were bloodshot Tears kept falling down, that was my real mother!

    "Heh" Han Xunruo was unmoved, his eyes were like a pool of lake water so calm that there was not even a trace of ripple: "Did she treat me as a daughter? Killed my mother and my father  , I almost died fromMy men!  "Han Xunruo walked towards Han Mingfeng step by step, but Han Mingfeng had nowhere to retreat from Han Xunruo's words: "It's a conspiracy to fall in love with me, and it's also a conspiracy to stay with me. I didn't even know that you were me until I fell in love with you."  Half-brother Isn't this joke going too far?  "The corner of Han Xunruo's mouth evoked a helpless smile that he didn't even notice!

    "I" Han Mingfeng pursed his lips: "Forget it, we are indeed sorry for you Then what are you going to do before you give up?" Sure enough, they were mother and son, and they said almost the same thing!  But Han Xunruo is not so kind, looking at Huarong's heart is dead?  So forget it?  impossible!

    "Heh things are not that simple!" Han Xunruo dropped a heavy weight Han Mingfeng immediately became dissatisfied!  I said I was going to give up, so what else?

    "What else do you want? My mother is dead!" Sure enough, he is a cruel person. When his mother dies, he will be sad for a while

    "Then what do you think?" Han Xunruo threw this question to Han Mingfeng, and actually planned to see if Han Mingfeng knew his mistake!  Unexpectedly, Han Mingfeng made an inch of it!

    "Then you give me all the control rights and inheritance of the Han Group, and you will never get involved in anything about the Han Group! Just let this matter go! After all, my mother is dead!" Han Mingfeng said with a look on his face.  Saying this so generously!  Xiao Ya became very popular immediately!  How can there be such a person?  Is Dongfang Mo's life worthless?  ah?  Han Xunruo's father, mother, himself, and Dongfang Mo!  And Han Xunruo's suffering!  Do you think your mother's life can be offset?  It's too naive, right?  (Remember the site URL:
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