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Chapter 11 Killing Miao

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    Even Han Xunruo's seriousness ignited a trace of anger, Xiao Ya immediately rushed forward and slapped Han Mingfeng!  Han Mingfeng's blood flowed down the corner of his mouth, this slap was not light!

    Han Mingfeng didn't have any scruples. At that time, a burst of fire rushed to his forehead, forgetting that he was holding a dagger, and stabbing straight at Xiao Ya!  Not only Xiao Ya, but also Qiao Yuhao and Lan Zeyu who were standing beside were stunned!  That knife was right and stabbed in the heart again!

    "II" Han Mingfeng reacted immediately, and pulled out his dagger in a panic Xiao Ya backed away with difficulty!

    Han Xunruo's eyes slowly filled with anger, and a look of anger appeared on his calm face!  Dongfang Mo's death came to mindHan Mingfeng!  I am at odds with you!

    Han Xunruo rushed to Han Mingfeng's eyes and punched Han Mingfeng!  Han Mingfeng fell down in one fell swoop!

    "You have completely angered me! The death of my father! The death of my mother! Dongfang Mo! Xiao Ya! And myself I will make you pay with blood!" Han Xunruo slightly raised his head  One foot stepped on Han Mingfeng's slightly handsome side face!  It's like stepping on a dead dog lying on the ground!  There is no hesitation in the eyes!  He snatched the dagger that Han Mingfeng was about to stab at himself, and stabbed it straight at Han Mingfeng's heart!

    But just a few centimeters away, the long and slender hand grabbed the edge of the knife!  Even though the blade stabbed his palm, Han Xunruo looked along his arm!  Is it Qiao Yuhao?

    "Let go!" Han Xunruo's tone was very dignified, which indeed gave Qiao Yuhao a sense of urge to let go!  But it was his own brother who stabbed him!  Can't stand by and watch!

    Lan Zeyu also sensibly hugged Han Xunruo's waist tightly from behind: "Don't make the same mistake again! Ruo! Stop!" Lan Zeyu's tears flowed down, soaking Han Xunruo's black face  Shirt Lan Zeyu doesn't know why he is crying It's just that Han Xunruo is really distressing

    "Wrong? I never made a mistake! They are the ones who are wrong!" Han Xunruo pushed Lan Zeyu away madly!  Lan Zeyu was pushed back a few steps by Han Xunruo Han Xunruo's strength is really not small, if Qiao Yuhao and himself fight Han Xunruo together!  You may not be able to beat her!

    Han Xunruo suddenly turned his head to stare at Qiao Yuhao. Qiao Yuhao was stared at by Han Xunruo's eyes full of hatred, and there was a trace of hesitation in his heartfeeling that he really did something wrong!  But Qiao Yuhao looked down at Han Mingfeng on the soles of Han Xunruo's feet!  The dagger snatched it hard again

    Han Xunruo's eyes turned cold, and he uttered a sentence that shocked Qiao Yuhao: "Those who stand in my way! Die!" Before Qiao Yuhao had accepted it!  The dagger had stabbed straight at him blood immediately flowed down his bodybut he fell down with difficulty!

    "Ruo! Do you know? I like you! Mo also likes you! Xiao Ya likes you too! Why can't you abandon your hatred for us?" Lan Zeyu was powerlessly paralyzed on the ground towards the isolated but arrogant  All the black figures roared!  The black figure was slightly taken aback!  Lan Zeyu knew that there might be a glimmer of hope, so he continued: "Ruo, do you know? We really feel sorry for you like this! Obviously you can let go of everything! Happiness is all by your side!"

    Lan Zeyu originally thought that Han Xunruo who turned his head would be moved, but the real situation is not like this. Han Xunruo turned his head faintly, his cold eyes made Lan Zeyu feel very strange: "Happiness?" Han Xunruo  He removed the foot that was placed on Han Mingfeng, took a step back, and continued, "My happiness? My happiness was ruined by them from the very beginning! It's all ruined!"

    "How could it be?" Qiao Yuhao said surprisingly at this time!  His face was very pale: "If you regret it now, it's still too lateActuallyI fell in love with you from the beginning!" Qiao Yuhao said what Lan Zeyu originally wanted to say!  But Qiao Yuhao was mercilessly interrupted by Han Xunruo before he finished speaking!

    "Haha! Like me?" Han Xunruo looked contemptuously at Han Mingfeng, then turned to Qiao Yuhao and said, "Do you know that your good brother once said that too?" Han Xunruo took a step forward  Walking towards Qiao Yuhao one step at a time, there was still a sneer at the corner of his mouth: "The result? It's all for the Han Group's billions of property! In the end? Destroy the corpse!" There was a hint of sarcasm in his tone!

    Han Xunruo was only focused on teaching Qiao Yuhao a lesson, but forgot the danger behind him. Han Mingfeng picked up the guns in the pockets of those bodyguards!  "Han Xunruo! Go to hell! It's all over! Hahaha." Han Mingfeng fired a shotthe bullet went straight into his bodyHan Xunruo turned his headLooked blankly  The scene in front of you!  incredible!

    "Why" Han Xunruo stared blankly at Lan Zeyu who blocked a shot for him Lan Zeyu's body fell straight down!  Han Xunruo squatted involuntarilyCome down, hold Lan Zeyu in his arms, still muttering that sentence: "Why"

    "Because I like you!" The eyes of Lan Zeyu's doll's face turned out to be gratified, and a helpless smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: "Ifyou want to be happy! You must be happy!"

    Han Mingfeng never regarded Qiao Yuhao and Lan Zeyu as friends at all, everything was just a tool to use, so naturally he would not feel guilty!

    Happiness Parents.  Dongfang Mo, Xiao Ya and you have all left me, so what happiness do I have?  Those who deserved to die did not die, and those who did not deserve to die left me instead!

    Forgive you?  It is impossible for me to forgive you any longer!

    Han Xunruo put down Lan Zeyu who had died and walked straight towards Han Mingfeng!

    "Nodon't!" Qiao Yuhao shouted with all his strength left!  Reluctantly stood up Chao Han Xunruo walked over!

    "You saidyou like me?" Han Xunruo turned around and looked at Qiao Yuhao with empty eyes!

    "Yes!" Qiao Yuhao covered his previous wound and nodded firmly!

    "Thenhelp me kill Han Mingfeng!" Han Xunruo twitched his lips walked towards Qiao Yuhao, and wrapped his arms around Qiao Yuhao's waist!

    "This" Qiao Yuhao hesitated for a moment, and he was still the same person as Han Mingfeng, only looking for his own interests, since this is the case sacrifice in vain, why not be used by me!  Han Xunruo's eyes flashed a gloomy coldness!  (Remember the site URL:
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