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Chapter 12 Wrong

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    "Why can't you?" Han Xunruo's voice was a little threatening, how dare you refuse!  ?  Han Xunruo coldly took a step back, out of Qiao Yuhao's arms, his eyes immediately turned cold: "In this case! You don't deserve to like me!" Han Xunruo coldly left Qiao Yuhao, took out the pistol in his pocket, and moved quietly.  Get up!

    "Han Mingfeng, do you know? If you let me kill you! It's easybut I wanted to make you suffer more! ButI don't want you to live in this world and dirty my eyes!" Han Xun  Ruo's voice came out!  Han Mingfeng also timidly raised the gun in his hand and pointed it at Han Xunruo, but he didn't raise it. Han Xunruo rushed to Han Mingfeng's eyes, and a pistol was kicked away

    Just when Han Xunruo was about to deal with Han Mingfeng Qiao Yuhao hugged Han Xunruo tightly from the front!  The tip of the gun that was about to shoot just now was also pointed directly at Qiao Yuhao The deep eyes seemed to be sucking Han Xunruo in!

    "Get out of the way! Otherwise, I will deal with it with you!" Han Xunruo didn't care about one more life, revenge!  revenge!  I just want revenge!

    "If my life is added if it can relieve the hatred between your brothers and sisters I am willing to sacrifice! I don't want to see my best brother and the woman I love the most kill each other!" The sun shines on Qiao Yuhao's face  Really dazzling!

    "Don't think I dare not kill you!" Han Xunruo squeezed the gun even tighter!  Qiao Yuhao hugged the villain in his arms tightly, and put his head on Han Xunruo's weak shoulders

    Muttered and spit out a sentence: "If this can make you remember me I am willing!" Qiao Yuhao's hand covered Han Xunruo's hand holding the bullet, and fired that shot for Han Xunruo

    At that moment maybe only at that moment Han Xunruo understood that Qiao Yuhao was different from Han Mingfeng, because Qiao Yuhao really liked himself!  It turns out happiness is only that simple?  It turns out the happiness in Qiao Yuhao's heart is that simple?  As long as I remember him, okay?

    Han Xunruo stared blankly at Qiao Yuhao who had slipped from his arms His face was pale, and those deep eyes had already been closed, and they would not open them again!  She won't look at herself as affectionately as she did just now!

    Han Mingfeng was really stunned now, he used Qiao Yuhao before!  Why is he so stupid?  Sacrifice yourself for a brother who doesn't treat him like a brother and a woman who doesn't love him?  Just for the hatred between me and her to disappear?   Yuhao!  Han Mingfeng stared blankly at Han Xunruo, who dragged Qiao Yuhao, who was already out of breath, and moved him to the side of Dongfang Mo and Lan Zeyu

    Han Xunruo actually saw Xiao Ya's fingers move Immediately leaned forward to help Xiao Ya up Xiao Ya's playful eyes finally opened!

    "Xiao Ya! You are not dead?" Han Xunruo didn't know how excited she was, and held Xiao Ya's hands tightly!  A trace of surprise flashed across Xiao Ya's eyes!  But what a happy feeling!

    "Hehe death is not far away!" Xiao Ya was still joking at this time, it was really playful!

    Han Xunruo turned cold: "Go to the hospital!" Han Xunruo immediately helped Xiao Ya up!

    "Hey? Where are the two boys, Lan Zeyu and Qiao Yuhao?" It's fine if Xiao Ya doesn't mention it, but it's too bad to mention it!  Han Xunruo put Xiao Ya down immediately!  He stood up and walked towards Han Mingfeng.  Han Mingfeng is stunned now, and his face is also bruised and purple!

    At this time, what Han Mingfeng was repeating in his head was only the words Qiao Yuhao said before he died It turned out that Qiao Yuhao really regarded himself as a brother Han Mingfeng only now understands how ridiculous and ridiculous what he did before. Is money so important?  At this time, Han Mingfeng recalled that his mother had never been a real mother before, just for money!  I have never enjoyed maternal love, never enjoyed warmth!  The first warmthwas given by Lily, with that bright and warm smile, her tolerant attitude, and her indistinct angel appearance!  It was deeply engraved in my heart I have hurt her so deeply?

    Lie to her feelings, hurt her heart, trick her into signing the interim document, and kill her with your own hands?

    "Ruoruo" This address was for her in front of the amusement park Han Xunruo paused coldly!

    "If I die, can our resentment be resolved? Don't hate anymore, okay?" Han Mingfeng's eyes softened suddenly He picked up the pistol that was thrown on the ground, and raised it to his head!

    "Ruoruoremember! Iloved you once!" Han Mingfeng fired a shotthe bullet hit his head accuratelythe plasma splashed outflowing down his cheeks, if  You can start over Ruoruo, I don't want to lie to you!  If I can do it all over again Ruoruo I want to grow old happily with you If I can do it all over again??I don't want an inheritance, I just want you!  If I could do it all over again If I could do it all over againI'd tell you!  In this life I only loved you I closed my painful eyes!  Liberationeverything is liberated!

    Ruoruo I hope you won't hate me in your next life!  I hope that in the next lifedon't meet meyou wanthappinesswho saw that drop of crystal tears flowing down from Han Mingfeng's eyes?

    Regrethatredand love, together with medisappear, right?  okay?  Ruoruo The last thing Han Mingfeng left for Han Xunruo was that bright smile like an angel lily!  The eyes are clear without any blemish Ruo Ruo

    Han Xunruo stared blankly at Han Mingfeng in front of him his half-brother?  The man I once loved?  Make yourself hate someone for half your life?

    After all, Han Xunruo's tears welled up like a spring But she didn't come forward, she was afraid she was afraid to go forward, those words just disappeared, they disappeared!  She was afraid that what Han Mingfeng just said was a dream!


    "Pfft" Xiao Ya spat out a mouthful of blood, and covered the wound in pain!  Han Xunruo rushed to Xiao Ya's face just now, helped Xiao Ya up, and said hastily!

    "Xiao Ya, I'll take you to the hospital!"

    "Nono need!" Xiao Ya forced a dazzling and bright smile on the corner of her mouth!  (Remember the site URL:
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