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Chapter 18 Downhill (1)

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    "In this case, as he wished, I'll go back home!" Mu Yetong's eyes flashed a gleam of conspiracy, and then continued: "Uncle! Let's say that I was rescued by my uncle. Uncle is a businessman, so  Make me a lady!" Let him wish!  Let's see, let you taste the consequences of successfully obtaining a daughter Maybe this is the beginning!  What is the purpose of asking me?  You'll know when the time comes!  Mu Yexiong!

    "What? You want to go back home!" The old man Tongye couldn't believe what Mu Yetong said!

    "Yes, I think you still remember the promise I made at the moment of mother's death, right?" Mu Yetong twitched her lips, remembering the promise she made that night, to avenge her mother's death by herself!  Mu Yetong!  Mother's unwillingness, mother's grievances!  You owe your mother a debt!  Let me get it back

    "ThisOkay!" The old copper leaf hesitated for a while, but finally agreed!  After all, Mu Yetong has grown up!  Besides How many people are left who can hurt Mu Yetong now?  "But Dongfang Mo will follow you!" Yes!  After all, Dongfang Mo is Mu Yetong's bodyguard!

    "Okay!" Mu Yetong did as he said, got up and went back to the room!  In just a short while, I packed up my things, just brought some medicines and money!  As for weapons?  Dare I ask if Mu Yetong didn't have poison on her body when she came out of the mountain?

    Simple straight hair!  It is obvious that there are three hairs on the left and right of the hair, which are actually different colors!  The one on the left is red, orange and yellow, and the one on the right is green and blue!  The purple attire just became red orange yellow green blue blue purple!  Colorful?  rainbow?  You can't see it unless you look closely at the hair!

    The nails are also painted in different shapes!  All are purple!  It's just that the flowers in the middle of the purple aredifferent!

    The ten kinds of flowers turned out to beChinese rose, rose, lycium, juniper, rose, thorny maple, laurel, black locust, black sunflower, echinacea, all in the shape of flowers with thorns!

    These are poison!

    Just as Mu Yetong walked out the door, she casually threw the baggage in her hand!  It landed in Dongfang Mo's hands in a straight line!

    "Let's go!" Dongfang Mo knew that his clothes and Mu Yetong must be packed!  What do you want to do?  The action is really fast!  But Dongfang Mo looked helplessly at Xiao Ya who was beside him with a sad face!  Xiao Ya looked at Mu Yetong silently, but Mu Yetong didn't even look straight at her!  So ruthless?

    "Hitomi!" Xiao Ya finally spoke out, don't you even miss it?  But If you are nostalgic, you won't be Mu Yetong!

    "What's the matter?" Mu Yetong followed Dongfang Mo, without looking back, just stopped!  Yes!

    "Ican I go with you?" Xiao Ya said slowly!  There was a hint of pleading in the voice!  Is it begging Mu Yetong to let him go with him?

    "You are my senior brother, not my bodyguard, so you don't have to!" After saying this, Mu Yetong was ready to continue walking!

    But Xiao Ya turned around and jumped in front of Mu Yetong, blocking Mu Yetong with both hands!

    "Get out of the way!" Mu Yetong spat out two words seriously!

    "You saved Dongfang Mo, he became your bodyguard, and you also saved me, so! I am also your bodyguard!" Xiao Ya said with a smile!  Lift one of the two packages in Dongfang Mo's hand!  He also walked behind Mu Yetong!  Stand like Dongfang Mo!

    "Follow you!" Mu Yetong's voice calmly walked out of Fengyun Villa, Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya standing behind did not see the slightest smile on the corner of Mu Yetong's mouth walking in front at all!

    All I know is that Xiao Ya really stayed!  Because at least Hitomi didn't chase Xiao Ya away!

    "Then I'm going too!" The old man Tongye who had just chased up was also carrying a burden in his hand with a smile on his face!

    "You?" Mu Yetong frowned, and immediately refused: "No!"

    "No! I'm going!" The old man Tongye immediately played a rogue!

    Mu Yetong narrowed his eyes: "Xiao Ya!" Xiao Ya immediately understood the sound just as he said it!  Swish the old man of copper leaf to stop!  The old man Copper Leaf stood there in a daze!  But one hundred dissatisfaction in my heart: no!  The apprentice bullied the master!  The eyes are full of meaning!

    Mu Yetong's beautiful eyes stared at him, and the old man Tongye's eyes immediately stopped spinning!

    "Let's go!" Mu Yetong said quietly, and Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya who were standing behind looked at each other and smiled!  follow up!

    The figures of those three people are now resting in this so-called "Fu Guang" inn!

    They are in the private room on the second floor of the inn!  Mu Yetong held the pot in one hand and the cup in the other!  Pour and drink leisurely!

    "Hey, you still haven't paid the protection fee?" Mu Yetong looked coldly at the old-fashioned plot that happened downstairs!  Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya beside them looked nervous, after all they?? This is the first time I have encountered such a situation!

    The rude man downstairs was banging on the table and making a fuss!  The shopkeeper standing in front of the cabinet greeted me with a smile but it didn't work!

    "Hitomi! Can I go down and help?" Dongfang Mo couldn't bear to look downstairs!  It's a mess!

    Mu Yetong glanced at Dongfang Mo with great interest, and said: "Yes! But Xiao Ya! We should have more money to buy this teahouse, right?" What exactly did Mu Yetong say?  What's the intention?  Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo didn't understand for the time being!

    "Buy this building! Xiao Ya, you manage it! Buy the one next door too! Repair it and make it into a big restaurant! You two run it!" As expected of Mu Yetong, he is still very economical!

    "But" Xiao Ya immediately hesitated!

    "No, but, this restaurant is considered to be owned by my mother's younger brother, that is, my uncle! That's it!" Mu Yetong's eyes smiled: "He won't doubt it, right?"

    "That means we can't protect you anymore?" Dongfang Mo asked puzzled!

    "Let you run the business, not let you stay here all the time! I'll go to Fuchu first! You stay here temporarily!" Mu Yetong seemed to have arranged everything a long time ago!  There is no need to rely on others at all. This is the habit of isolation, right?

    Mu Yetong left behind Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo who didn't fully understand, got up and left, but just as he went downstairs, he was spotted by that rough man!  (Remember the site URL:
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