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Chapter 19 Downhill (2)

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    "Hey! This chick is good, girl, let's go with my master! I promise you will be popular and spicy!" The rough man just grabbed Mu Yetong's wrist with his greasy hands!  Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo were ready to leave immediately, but Mu Yetong's eyes passed by, and they didn't dare to move immediately!  Naturally, Mu Yetong had an intention to do this!

    Sure enough a fan suddenly appeared above the thick man's hand, and he slapped it, and the thick man let go of his hand in pain!  Just ready to call people forward!  But he was swept to the ground by that fan!

    The man in front of him actually has the same smiling face as Xiao Ya, but now he has a stern face towards that rough guy who doesn't know what to do!

    A hero saves the beauty?  Mu Yetong couldn't help laughing contemptuously!  Sure enough, he is still a young master who doesn't know the heights of the heavens and the depths of the earth?  But Mu Yetong has read the books of famous people in the world that the old man Tongye showed him since he was a child!

    This person is the prince of the Wind Country!  He is also the current emperor's own son, with superb martial arts skills, unparalleled beauty, supreme intelligence, and the wind country blue prince!  Not bad This is the person Mu Yetong is looking for!  That is, the one with a cute baby face Alan Zeyu!

    "Girl, are you alright?" She was wearing a white shirt, with gold thread to outline the wishful pattern, which made her look a bit more elegant, and a few strands of hair hung down in front of her eyes, adding a bit of a different style, and her clear eyes were blinking now  Blinkingly looked at Mu Yetong!

    "I'm fine! Thank you!" Mu Yetong slightly bent over, and responded with a blank expression.  It's not that Mu Yetong doesn't want to answer with a smile, but that Mu Yetong really can't laugh!

    "Yeah? Why is your face so cold?" Lan Zeyu said with a smile, two dimples appeared on his face!  The two completely ignored the people around them!  Mu Yetong frowned, still fighting?

    "Ah! When did there become so many people? I thought you were the only one!" Lan Zeyu looked at the people who were with the rude man in a panic now!  Stand in front of yourself!

    "Hmph, are you scared? Hand over that chick! I will spare your lives!" said the same man with a sultry face in front proudly!

    "Hand over pupils? You haven't asked us if we agree!" Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo landed from the second floor at the same time!  One of the two holds Xiao in his hand, and the other holds a sword in his hand!  The four of them formed a group, fighting against the dozen or so guys who didn't know what to do!

    "I don't have time to waste time with you!" Mu Yetong walked towards the door expressionlessly!  Those people immediately blocked the door!

    "Xiao Ya!" As soon as Mu Yetong spoke, Xiao Ya swung his sword over!  The person at the door immediately turned away!  Mu Yetong walked out of the inn with a calm face!

    Leave the three of them to deal with those meaty feet!

    Not long after I left the house, there were so many people surrounded in front of me!

    "Get out of the way!" Mu Yetong uttered two words sternly, and stared at these people with her beautiful eyes!

    "Humph! You come with us! I'll spare you! Otherwise! Swords don't have eyes! Besides, no one is protecting you now!" It really was the people in the inn!  Those people were just about to stretch out their knives, but they fell down as soon as they took a step!

    "Who said I must be protected? I don't think you have weighed your own weight, have you?" Mu Yetong smiled contemptuously!  Use corny plots against me?  Behavior is too naive, right?

    Go quietly to your destination!  When the oolong incident just now did not happen at all

    Finally arrived Mu Yetong looked at the place in front of him, which was much more luxurious than Fengyun Villa, but colder!

    "Who are you! This is the prime minister's mansion, no one else is allowed to enter!" The guard at the door stretched out two knives like a wooden stake, and placed them at the door!  Prevent Mu Yetong from entering!

    "Get out of the way!" It seems that the two words that Mu Yetong said the most are these two words!  Seeing that the two guards were still not moving, Mu Yetong narrowed his eyes, and the two fell down automatically!  Mu Yetong walked in slowly!

    Stepping into the mansion, one can't help but be shocked by the sight in front of him. Looking from a distance, the long and winding corridors, the vermilion pillars, and the emerald green railings are intertwined.  Along the way, you can see singing birds and fragrant flowers everywhere, gurgling water, impenetrable green bamboo forests, and unique strange rocks and mountains.  Passing through the corridor, one enters the resplendent and resplendent hall, with old but rich mahogany tables and chairs, famous poems and paintings hanging on the snow-white walls, and finely carved white marble vases on the tables.  All of them reflect wealth and glitz!

    Some people in the hall gathered there!

    "Who are you?" A bloated lady with gorgeous jewelry on her head, yellow Bixia Luo embroidered with phoenixes, a pink smoked gauze skirt that stretches across the floor, holding Qiluocui tulle in her arms, a peony in a bun and a haze on her temples.  The flowers are really a bit: the eyebrows are blooming and the beauty is far away, and the green temples are full of spring smoke.

    "I'm looking for Mu Yexiong! Who are you???Mu Yexiong!  "Mu Yetong glanced at so many people around, and asked coldly!

    "Bold! How dare you call the prime minister of Fengguo by his first name!" The woman next to him, who seemed to be about the same age as him, was wearing a bright red palace robe with a gold border on the skirt, giving him an imposing appearance of wealth.  She even pointed her finger at herself, but ordinary women are naturally jealous when they see a woman who is so much prettier than themselves!

    "I am May I ask who you are?" Mu Yexiong immediately stood up, looking a little wealthy, and his big belly was obvious!  Didn't expect his father to be so vulgar?  When Mu Yexiong saw Mu Yetong's expensive gauze dress from "Ci Le Fang", he immediately complimented her!  Because the person who can wear this kind of clothes must have a high status!  Don't dare to say the wrong thing without authorization!

    "Me? Didn't you want me?" Mu Yetong sneered and stepped forward!  Indifferently found a chair and sat down!

    "Me? Who are you?" Mu Yexiong was puzzled now!

    "Me? Am I not the biological daughter you have been looking for thousands of miles away?" The corner of Mu Yetong's mouth twitched slightly, and an unnecessary smile appeared on her face!

    "You" Mu Yetong's eyes were full of disbelief, how could it be?  Such a beautiful fairy will be my daughter!  Could such a confident and proud woman be the cowardly Wanxin's daughter?  Can she give birth to such a beautiful daughter?

    "Don't believe it? Didn't uncle write it to you?" Mu Yetong looked at Mu Yexiong with a hypocritical smirk, but her heart was full of hatred!  Even worse than the previous hatred for Hua Rongxin!  (Remember the site URL:
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