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Chapter 20 Prime Minister

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    "What proof do you have?" Mu Yexiong, the prime minister, is really not Gaide!  Even if you don't believe this, the paranoia is really not that serious!

    "Wanxin!" Mu Yetong spat out these two words while playing with her fingers!

    "Wanxin?" Mu Yexiong was stunned immediately when he heard the name. This name is his concubine. Outsiders don't know the name at all, and he even forgot his wife!  That weak woman who was left out by herself!

    "My daughter!" Mu Yexiong immediately put on a distressed hypocritical mask!  Pounce on yourself ready to hug yourself!  Mu Yetong lowered his head and shrank his pupils, no one saw the sharpness of Mu Yetong's eyes at this time!

    "Mu Yexiong" Mu Yetong shouted with disdain and sarcasm!

    Mu Yexiong was stunned immediately, this daughter didn't call her father, but called her by her first name!

    "Bold, you actually called Daddy's name directly!" The woman who was about the same age as her immediately responded!  Yell at yourself unwillingly!

    "You must be Mu Yexue, the second lady of Muye Mansion, right?" Mu Yetong stood up indifferently, and walked towards the chattering woman, her eyes were sharp!  Stare straight at Mu Yexue!  The indifferent eyes made Mu Yexue's heart shiver!  This kind of look is more terrifying than the angry big brother!

    Mu Yetong snorted and said, "My businessisn't your turn to take care of it?" Sure enough, she was confident, and almost broke the whole Prime Minister's Mansion just after she came back!

    "Bold! Who do you think you are?" The aunt who was standing next to her was Mu Yexue's mother, and immediately stood in front of Mu Yexue to defend her!

    "Me? Are you worthy to ask me?" Mu Yexue responded coldly, her eyes became as calm as the surface of a lake!

    "You!" The aunt couldn't say it, so she raised one hand and was about to slap Mu Yetong, but the aunt saw a smug smile on the corner of Mu Yetong's mouth!  Before the aunt's hand was waved down, Mu Yexiong's slap had already slapped the aunt's face, and she sat down on the ground with difficulty!

    "You wanted to beat my daughter just after she came home! Do you still think I am the head of the family?" Mu Yexiong immediately dissatisfied!  In fact Mu Yexiong wanted to win Mu Yetong's favor, but is Mu Yetong's favor so good?  Mu Yetong already knew that the mistress of this family was not Mu Yexue's mother!  It was my second mother Rufei!

    "Master! Master! Look at you for this little daughter! You treat us like this!" The aunt immediately stood up, twisting her buttocks with the charm of a little woman, and coquettishly said to the master!

    "Okay! Daughteryour name" Mu Yexiong asked Mu Yetong's name in embarrassment. His daughterdon't even know her name, so how could she not be embarrassed?

    "Mu Yetong!" Mu Yetong said his name coldly!

    Before everything calmed down, a person came out from the side room!  Mu Yetong glanced at the boy!  He is nearly seven feet tall and thin. He wears a purple robe embroidered with green patterns and a milky white double-breasted jacket with bright silk on the back.  The robe was turned up and tucked into the white jade belt around the waist, and white deerskin boots were worn on the feet, which were convenient for riding.  The jet-black hair was neatly combed in a bun on the top of the head, wrapped in an exquisite white jade hair crown, from both sides of the jade crown hung light green silk ribbons, and tied a flower knot on the lower forehead.

    That's right, this young man is Rufei's son, his elder brother Mu Yeyuan!

    As soon as Mu Yeyuan raised his head, he happened to meet his gaze!  A trace of surprise flashed in Mu Yetong's eyes!  But Mu Yeyuan's eyes were shining with a light that no one could understand This kind of expression Xiao Ya knew what it was!  But if he's not here, no one will know!

    "Father! Who is she?" Mu Yeyuan walked around the aunt and Mu Yexue, walked up to Mu Yexiong and asked!  Slightly wrinkling her head, why does this woman keep arguing when she comes to the house?  And what happened to the bruise on Madam's face?

    "She is Mu Yetong! Your younger sister!" Mu Yexiong saw a trace of relief in his eyes as soon as he saw that Mu Ye had returned!  Explained in a soft tone!  But he didn't see the loneliness in Mu Yeyuan's eyes!

    "That's right! What's the matter with the bruise on Madam's face? Who hit it?" Mu Yeyuan finally asked what he had been wondering!  As soon as she said it, Mu Yexue found an opportunity to cause disputes!

    "Oh! Brother, do you know? Dad actually beat his mother for that bastard!" Mu Yexue immediately stepped forward and said!  He also pointed at Mu Yetong's arrogant complaint!

    "How could it be a bastard? Whose daughter is that woman? Dad!" Mu Yeyuan threw the question to Mu Yexiong in confusion!  Mu Yexiong was stunned immediately, could it be said that she is Wanxin's daughter?

    "It's Wanxin's daughter, my concubine Mu Yetong was taken back by her uncle 14 years ago! Today?? just came back!  "Mu Yexiong had no choice but to tell the whole story!"

    "Cut, it turns out that she is just a concubine's daughter! It's a concubine!" The aunt came forward and said as if she had nothing to do, her tone was full of sarcasm!  There is an upright disdain on his face!

    At this time, Mu Yetong's hatred rushed to his head, and he looked at the aunt with sharp eyes, but he had to bear it!  Because the current capital and status are not enough, you can't do it without authorization!  Hmph, the humiliation now, I will let you pay me back a hundred times in the future!  Just when Mu Yetong was planning due to chills, a warm and pleasant voice made Mu Yetong slightly taken aback

    "What's the matter? Auntie, please be more polite! This is my sister anyway!" Sister?  I am your sister?  Mu Yetong looked at Mu Yeyuan with doubts and disbelief!  Those eyes are pure and flawless, forgetting hatred and sharpness!  Mu Yeyuan also saw the puzzled look in Mu Yetong's eyes, smiled lightly, and petted Mu Yetong's beautiful long hair!  God no one has ever done this to Mu Yetong!  Even Mu Yetong herself couldn't believe it!  Mu Yeyuan dared to touch him?

    Oops!  Mu Yetong forgot to tell Mu Yeyuan that her hair was poisoned!

    "Oh!" Mu Yeyuan covered his hand in pain!  Some puzzled!  At that moment, everyone surrounded Mu Yeyuan!  Lian Mu Yexiong hurriedly pushed Mu Yetong away, and took Mu Yeyuan's hand to express condolences!  A trace of sadness flashed across Mu Yetong's eyes, it turned out that it is so good to be cared for by others So many people care about themselves!  When will I be able to become like that?  It should be impossible, right?  (Remember the site URL:
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