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Chapter 21 Brother

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    "Yuan! What's the matter with you?" Mu Yexiong looked at Mu Yeyuan's hand that was gradually turning black, and immediately blurted out: "Poisoned?"

    "Poisoned?" Mu Yexue hurriedly backed away in alarm, as if she was afraid that the virus would spread to her body!  Quickly pointing at Mu Yetong, he said, "Youyou evildoer! What kind of poison did you poison my brother?"

    As soon as these words were uttered just now, a trace of guilt flashed in Mu Yetong's heart!  But what Mu Yeyuan said next, even Mu Yetong couldn't believe it!

    "Noit's not Tong's fault!" Mu Yeyuan forced a smile!  Dou Da's sweat flowed down his cheeks!  Hitomi?  Why did Mu Yeyuan feel joy in his heart when he called him Tong?

    Mu Yetong immediately turned around, pushed them away, took out a bottle of medicine from her bag, and sprinkled it on Mu Yeyuan's palm!  It took only three seconds for Mu Yeyuan's palm to return to its original shape!  Mu Yeyuan didn't feel any pain anymore!

    "I'm sorry!" Mu Yetong had just healed Mu Yeyuan, and hurriedly took a step back and bent slightly!  Guilty apology said!

    "It's okay!" Mu Yeyuan smiled lightly again, and was about to reach out to touch Mu Yetong's hair, buthe abruptly stopped in mid-air!  It's not that I'm afraid I'll be poisoned again!  Instead, Mu Yetong took a step back in an unfamiliar way!

    "Father where is my room?" Mu Yetong asked with her head lowered!

    "Shall I take you there?" Mu Yeyuan volunteered to answer!

    "Hmm" Mu Yetong nodded slightly!

    The two walked towards the inner courtyard of the Prime Minister's Mansion together!  When walking past the fence a person suddenly fell from the roof, just above Mu Yetong, Mu Yetong was hesitating, should he hide or not?  If you hide you will expose the fact that you know martial arts!  If you don't hide

    Do not hide!  Mu Yetong lowered her head and glanced at Mu Yeyuan next to her from the corner of her eye!

    Sure enough!  Mu Yetong's bet succeeded!  Mu Yeyuan perfectly caught an object that fell from the roof!  No, it's a person!

    It turned out to be a little girl!

    The little girl was quite pretty, and she smiled sweetly at Mu Yeyuan who was hugging her: "Thank you, brother!" But Mu Yeyuan turned cold!

    "Who told you to climb to the top of the building without authorization? You are in dire straits! Go back to the yard!" Mu Yeyuan's words made Mu Yetong curious about the identity of this woman!  Take a closer look!

    It turns out that this woman is also a descendant!  But Mu Yetong looked at Mu Yeyuan's elongated face with a trace of doubt!  I still haven't figured out why Mu Yeyuan's attitude towards himself is so different from her attitude!  That woman was the first to speak out!

    "Yes I'm sorry!" The pretty girl had tears rolling in her eyes!  Leaving Mu Yeyuan's embrace!  Mu Yetong was not a soft-hearted person, so she turned around and was about to leave!

    "Hitomi! Where are you going?" Mu Yeyuan completely ignored the little girl behind her, and chased after her!

    "Where is my room?" Mu Yetong looked at the houses in front of her lightly, and suddenly her eyes fell on the dilapidated house on the far left!

    "This" Mu Yeyuan smiled slightly, pointing to one of the gorgeous rooms and said!  Not forgetting to add: "The one next to it is mine!" A more ornate house next to it explains!  Mu Yetong was contemptuous in her heart, she really had an intention, but now she was even more puzzled about who lived in that house that was even more dilapidated than the one her mother lived in before?

    Just when Mu Yetong was puzzled, the little girl from before walked over slowly and walked into the dilapidated house. Could it be her?  Looks like a must see, but not now!  Mu Yetong glanced at Mu Yeyuan next to him again. Mu Yeyuan was always looking at him?

    Mu Yeyuan smiled faintly at Mu Yetong, and that smile happened to be seen by that little girl!  The little girl just left the house, and stared blankly at Mu Yeyuan's smile!  Brotherwhy do you like to laugh so much today?  Does the sun come out from the west?

    Seeing her incredible look, Mu Yeyuan immediately turned cold. Mu Yetong was also puzzled, and turned to look at that little girl, Mu Yeyue!

    "Xiaoyue, this is your sister, Mu Yetong! I just came back today! Remember, be polite to your sister, and say hello when you meet!" Mu Yeyuan immediately said seriously, took Mu Yetong's hand and walked towards  Mu Yeyue, Mu Yeyue's eyes fell on the hands of the two of them, God!  The eldest brother actually took the initiative to pull her?  Mu Yetong seemed to know what Mu Yeyue was thinking, and broke free from Mu Yeyuan's hand!  This Mu Yeyue is really innocent, everything she thinks is shown on her face!

    "It's not good, it's not good!" Before Mu Yetong could react, a maid rushed over to her, and Mu Yetong knew she must be looking for her!  Then stepped forward!

      "What's the matter?" Mu Yetong asked first, seeing the flustered look of the servant girl, something must have happened in the front hall!  Before the servant girl could catch her breath and finish speaking, she walked back to the front hall by herself!  Mu Yeyuan, Mu Yeyue and the servant girls were left behind!  Mu Yeyue looked at Mu Yetong's back with envy!  This sister is so cool!  I do my own way!  A bright smile appeared on his face again!

    "Who are you? How dare you trespass on the prime minister's mansion!" The aunt's face was fierce, especially those two who knocked down so many servants!  Auntie and Mu Yexiong were only interested in getting angry, completely ignoring the obsessive expression on Mu Yexue's face standing beside him, staring straight at the two men in front of them, one with a face as delicate as a fairy and a smile in his hand.  Hold a handful of Xiao!  And the other has a cold, angular face that looks even more handsome, and the sword in his hand is pointing straight at the servant beside him!

    "We're looking for Mu Yetong! There's no other meaning!" Xiao Ya explained with a smile, she didn't want to cause trouble for Tong, otherwise Tong would be even colder!  Thinking of Hitomi's cold eyes made a shiver!  Xiao Yan's gentle voice reached Mu Yexue's ears, and Mu Yexue's body almost went limp!  But when he heard that annoying name, he immediately stood up!  Said calmly!

    "Mu Yetong? We don't have Mu Yetong in the Prime Minister's Mansion!" Mu Yexue just uttered this sentence, and it happened to reach the ears of Mu Yetong who just arrived!

    "Hmph, so it didn't take long before we left, but our second sister called me? Have you forgotten my sister?" The corner of Mu Yetong's mouth curled up, and Mu Yexue looked at Mu Yetong who suddenly appeared beside her in surprise,  Mu Yetong's eyes were covered with a layer of cold mist!  (Remember the site URL:
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