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Chapter 23 Entering the Palace

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    "Oh, really?" Lan Zeyu's eyes flashed with surprise, but he regained his composure and said, "Miss, what happened last time"

    So it was to ask for thanks?  "Last time, you were meddling in other people's business. Please don't make up your own mind next time. I can't afford to hurt your noble status!" Mu Yetong bowed slightly!

    "This" Now it was Lan Zeyu's turn to be confused!

    "Okay, okay, let's not talk!" Mu Yeyuan solved Lan Zeyu's embarrassment, and then seemed to think of something, and was startled: "That's right! The prince and I will go to the palace later,  How about how about you enter the palace and have a look?" Mu Yeyuan asked with a faint smile!

    "Is it possible?" Mu Yetong's tone was tinged with relief, becauseif she entered the palace, she might meet Han Mingfeng and Qiao Yuhao whom she was looking for!  But I'm afraid that entering the palace will cause some trouble!

    "Of course, isn't it okay for the young lady of the Prime Minister's Mansion to enter the palace?" Mu Yeyuan immediately gave a doting smile!

    "That's right!" Two small dimples appeared on Lan Zeyu's face, and he looked at Mu Yetong with a smile in his clear eyes!

    The three of them walked out of the Prime Minister's Mansion in a short while, and stepped into the carriage that had been waiting in front of the door for a long time!

    Stepping to the palace in a hurry!

    "Tong, you go shopping first! The prince and I will go to work first!" Mu Yeyuan was a little worried and left Mu Yetong in the imperial garden!

    "We'll be back soon!" Lan Zeyu smiled sweetly!

    The two left afterward

    However, Mu Yetong smiled helplessly. I'm afraid I won't be able to see anyone in the palace now, right?  But In fact, it's not bad to visit the Imperial Garden!

    Mu Yetong was strolling around the imperial garden leisurely, but there was noise from another place!  Mu Yetong hid in the grass because he didn't want to cause trouble!

    "Look, I knew he would do it! Hahaha!" It turned out to be a group of dignitaries!  But Mu Yetong's eyes didn't fall on those people wearing gorgeous costumes, but on the little follower behind him who was always carrying the burden!  Looks like he's only 15 or 6 years old, right?

    "That's right! Hehehe!" The two ordinary-looking teenagers in front looked like the young masters of a minister's family!  I don't know the heights of the sky and the depths of the earthhow arrogant is the tone!  Is it to make fun of the servant?  Sure enough, the behavior is childish and ridiculous, right?  Mu Yetong knew that she couldn't care about these things, so she sighed slightly!  But it was this tone that was noticed by others!

    The person who noticed it was none other than the humble servant who interested Mu Yetong!

    "Who? Who's in the grass?" The boy frowned and walked over vigilantly

    "Hey, don't make a fuss!" The boys in front gave a contemptuous glance!

    "No, there must be someone!" The servant in gray came over, saw the existence of Mu Yetong with sharp eyes, and when he opened the bushes, he saw Mu Yetong in snow-white clothes. Seeing that Mu Yetong had been discovered  , I had no choice but to get up!  Pat the dirt on your body!

    "Hey? Who are you?" The young man in the lead also came over, and Mu Yetong knew that he was Qiao Hu!

    "I'm just strolling around the imperial garden!" Mu Yetong smiled wanly, pretending to be reserved!

    "Oh, so you are?" Qiao Hu bowed slightly to show his courtesy!

    "I am Mu Yetong!" Mu Yetong said his name reluctantly!  But after glancing at the servant, a smug smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, it turned out that the kid also learned martial arts!

    "Mu Yetong,? Could it be the lady of Mu Ye's family? But I've never heard of it!" A young boy behind said suspiciously!

    "Miss can I invite you to my house?" Qiao Hu asked with a shy smile!

    It really is the son of a minister, otherwise it wouldn't be like this Smile without showing teeth: "Okay! I don't know if you arethey are?" Mu Yetong knew that since it was an act, of course he had to do enough!  Besides, we have to verify his identity!

    "My name is Qiao Hu, and this is Qiao Long!" Qiao Hu smiled slightly, revealing two small canine teeth, which are actually quite cute!  But compared to the handsome guy next to Mu Yetong, he is much inferior!

    "It's okay, I'll leave!" Mu Yetong bent slightly, turned around and walked away in small steps!

    Mu Yetong had just escaped from the imperial garden, looking at this strange courtyard, walking helplessly!  This palace is really not ordinary big!  Mu Yetong was still thinking about what happened just now!  Is it Qiao Yuhao?  But why didn't Qiao Hu introduce it?  Isn't he Qiao Yuhao?  But it is indeed the Qiao family!  It's about the same length!  Is it really a servant?  Will the servants have the same last name?

    "Peng" Mu Yetong bumped into the person in front of her straightly!

      "Well, it hurts to death! Who is it!" The furious roar reached Mu Yetong's ears. Although the magnetic voice was moving, it was nothing to Mu Yetong.  Take a look!  Wearing a white shirt, with golden thread to outline the wishful pattern, which is more elegant  The big red arrow sleeves, that is a wild and gorgeous face, with sculpted eyebrows flying obliquely into the temples, and a pair of phoenix eyes hanging from the corners of the tail are shining!  Affectionate and slightly domineering!  Sure enough, he is a handsome guy, this person is not any one of the five people Mu Yetong is looking for, but his appearance is not inferior to any one of them!  But Mu Yetong has always been immune to handsome guys. To say that she is immune, is it better to say that she doesn't feel it at all?

    "Sorry!" Mu Yetong bowed slightly!  With a soft murmur, the soft voice reached the other party's ears, and the other party immediately raised his head!  Mu Yetong quickly looked back and lowered her head!  This person can tell what a high-ranking official is just by looking at his clothes, and he doesn't want to cause trouble for himself!

    "Could it be that you didn't know to meet me when you saw my prince? How courageous!" The other party's arrogance immediately ignited!  Make an inch of it, isn't it my lord?  Mu Yetong scanned his mind, only to realize that the person in front of him is Lan Xuanqi, the third prince of his country!

    "Wanfu, my lord! I have met my lord, Mu Yetong! My eyes are blind, so I don't know it's my lord! Please forgive me, my lord!" Since the other party wants to put on airs, I just need to accompany you!  Mu Yetong leaned forward and said!  But because the other party is the prince, I had to keep my head down all the time, my neck was really uncomfortable!  Keep looking at your shoes!  (Remember the site URL:
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