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Chapter 24 Heartbeat

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    "Okay, my lord forgives you this time! Don't keep your head down. Others will think that my lord bullied you and made you cry!" Lan Xuanqi rolled her eyes at the woman who was lowering her head!

    "Yes!" The soft voice was still scattered in the air, Mu Yetong slightly raised his head, and only then did Lan Xuanqi see Mu Yetong's face clearly!  She was dressed in a water-white printed brocade cheongsam, wearing a red fox scarf, wearing leather boots of the same color, and a silver-white rabbit fur trench coat. On her head, she had a simple bun with an eight-treasure emerald and chrysanthemum hairpin on her hair.  , Like a floating cloud floating slowly.  The bright sunlight outlines her delicate face, exuding a faint soft light, and she smiles lightly, feeling like a jade face and hibiscus, and her bright eyes are shining brightly!  Feeling the same as Xiao Ya, Dongfang Mo and others, Mu Yetong is indeed a fairya very gentle fairy, with a little arrogance in her beautiful face!

    "You" Lan Xuanqi was really stunned and lost his mind!

    "Are you okay?" Mu Yetong was puzzled, and she stretched out her jaded hand and shook it in front of Lan Xuanqi!  Lan Xuanqi came back to his senses, and immediately blushed!  Turn your head away!  But when Mu Yetong saw Lan Xuanqi's childish actions, he burst out laughing!  She smiles like a flower, with a stunning face, a smile that captivates the city.  She is so beautiful that everything in the world becomes vulgar under her smile!  She has eyes as deep as a lake, and she is calm, with an expression of aloofness and desolation.

    "Nodon't laugh!" Lan Xuanqi stomped his feet and said angrily!  Like a child!

    "Okay!" Mu Yetong immediately became serious and put away her smile!  Seriously pull the face!  Therefore, there is only a little aloofness and desolation in the eyes!

    "You'd better smileyou look better when you smile!" Could it beis it all because of your appearance?  fruit!  But men still like pretty girls!  Can't help but despise Lan Xuanqi in my heart!  But the next sentence was stunned by Lan Xuanqi's next sentence!

    Lan Xuanqi seemed to be absent-minded, and put his hands on Mu Yetong's shoulders, and Mu Yetong suddenly raised his head!  What greeted her was those deep eyes full of pity, and every sentence reached Mu Yetong's ears with that magnetic and attractive voice!

    "Why are you laughing There is still a touch of loneliness in your eyes?" This soft voice seems to make Mu Yetong lose herself!  Mu Yetong's heart seemed to be slowly sinking!  But secretly thinking in my heart!

    How can you do this?  My mission has not been completed yet, and those five people have not been found yet, so why do I still have an affair here?  Is this really me?  Prince Lan Xuanqi who only met because of this?  When did I become so affectionate?  Yes!  Everything must be pretending, as long as I am ruthless, I will be fine!  It can't be changed, can it?  Because I am obviously ruthless!

    Mu Yetong quietly raised her head again, smiling like a smile!  The smile is innocent, and there is no flaw in the eyes!

    "It's sobeautiful" Lan Xuanqi couldn't help remembering this scene completely in his mind, and couldn't help but put Mu Yetong into his arms. Mu Yetong didn't push Lan Xuanqi away

    Lan Xuanqi, why is your embrace so warm?  Am I too cold?  Or because you are warm?  Why did we only meet each other, could it be that I was too lonely?  Tired?  Looking for someone to lean onbut why you?  Not Xiao Ya, not Dongfang Mo, not Lan Zeyu, not Mu Yeyuan, but you?  Obviously not familiar with youbut I want to fall into your arms!

    A drop of tears flowed from the corner of Mu Yetong's eyes. It was not sadness, but joy!  ?

    Mu Yetong suddenly woke up!  Push Lan Xuanqi away violently!

    "" Lan Xuanqi was also shocked, what happened to him just now?

    "Thank you" Before Lan Xuanqi could react, Mu Yetong first smiled lightly, and thanked softly!

    "Nono, it's just" There was an inexplicable throbbing feeling in my heart!  Of course, Lan Xuanqi didn't say what she said later, after all, she had only met once, if she said that, it would definitely damage her image, but she had never felt fascinated by a woman she had only met once before.  of actually

    A sound of astonishment reached the ears of the two of them, and when they turned their heads, it turned out that Lan Zeyu and Mu Yeyuan had returned!  I was planning to rush to the Royal Garden, but I didn't expect to meet here by chance!

    "Yeah? Third brother, why did you meet Tong?" TongMu Yetong was also shocked. He had only met twice, so why did he call himself Tong?  Even Mu Yeyuan who was standing beside him was stunned for a moment!

    "Oh, I just met by chance!" Lan Xuanqi walked over when he saw that it was his second brother, and explained!

    "Okay, if that's the case, Tong! Let's go back!" Mu Yeyuan said jealously, took Mu Yetong's hand and was ready to leave!  But Lan Xuanqi flashed over and grabbed Mu Yetong's other hand!"What are you doing?" Mu Yeyuan asked slightly angrily!

    "I" Lan Xuanqi didn't know why he didn't want Mu Yeyuan to take Mu Yetong away. The two of them were deadlocked like this, but unexpectedly, Mu Yetong twitched lightly!  Mu Yetong pulled out her hand!  Go to Lan Zeyu!  This was not intended!

    It's just that Mu Yetong only knew that he was unfamiliar with both of them, but Lan Zeyu was the one he was looking for!

    "Second Prince!" Mu Yetong shouted softly!

    "Huh?" Lan Zeyu laughed, revealing two dimples!  Really cute!

    "Can you take me out to play? Although I know it's too unreasonable!" Mu Yetong lowered her head slightly and asked politely!


    "Third prince, brother, Tong'er is just one step ahead!" Mu Yetong bowed slightly, and then looked at Lan Zeyu!

    However, Lan Zeyu took Mu Yetong's hand without any scruples, and trotted up!  The breeze blows the hair of the two, and the sun shines on the figures of the two, forming a beautiful picture!  A trace of loneliness flashed across Lan Xuanqi's heart, but he was shocked by Mu Yetong's faint smile!

    Mu Yetong couldn't believe it, Lan Zeyu's warm palm wrapped his own cold palm!  A burst of warmth went straight to my heart thick!  sweet!  Indescribably satisfied!

    After a while, I rushed to the outside of the palace

    "Tong, look, this is the most prosperous city in Yunguo!" Lan Zeyu said to Mu Yetong with a smile without any hesitation (Remember the website website:
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