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Chapter 28 Face Saint

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    In Mu Yetong's mind, he was still recalling the unusual eyes on the palace

    Putting a hand on Mu Yetong's shoulder, Mu Yetong turned around reflexively, and took a step back.  Watching the person in front of me warily

    "Second prince?" Mu Yetong frowned, and heaved a sigh of relief looking at the gorgeously dressed person in front of him!

    "No" Lan Zeyu pursed his lips, put his finger on Mu Yetong's lips and said softly, "It's Yu! I said it!" Lan Zeyu smiled brilliantly.

    "This is inappropriate" Mu Yetong smiled slightly and explained!

    "There's nothing inappropriate! I say yes!" Lan Zeyu pretended to be angry, and turned around But Mu Yetong saw a person behind Lan Zeyu

    Before he could explain to Lan Zeyu, he ran away in a hurry!

    Lan Zeyu was still wondering what happened just now, why did Mu Yetong run away?  Suddenly another person walked by

    "Third brother" Lan Zeyu murmured!  There was doubt on his face, but a trace of loneliness flashed in his eyesLooking at the two backs who were going away, he turned his head and left helplessly

    Lan Xuanqi caught up to Mu Yetong in a few steps, and grabbed Mu Yetong's wrist

    Mu Yetong bit her lip, and said, "Please let the third prince go" His eyes were full of firmness!

    "I don'tunless you tell me what is the meaning of your flashing cold eyes in the hall!" Mu Yetong seemed to have known that Lan Xuanqi was going to ask this question a long time ago!

    "Third Prince, I know you are meticulous in your observations, but may I ask you not to meddle in other people's business? Do other people's eyes reveal what they think and tell you?" Mu Yetong said calmly and sarcasticallyMu Yetong  It seemed that Lan Xuanqi's hand holding her was gradually relaxed, and when she raised her head and saw the lonely look on Lan Xuanqi's face, she felt guilty, but it had nothing to do with him after all. Mu Yetong pulled out her hand, turned and left.  go!

    Mu Yetong walked and arrived at the Imperial Garden Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo have already been ordered to go back!  The imperial meal has already started, Mu Yexiong and Mu Yexue have just arrived, and Mu Yetong walked over

    "Kowtow to the Queen Mother, Your Majesty!" Mu Yetong knelt down towards Lan Chenfeng and the Queen Mother!

    "So it's Tong'er! How can I say that you are half a relative of me? I'm afraid you don't know it? Isn't your elder sister Murong Ting the imperial concubine Ting? Come, come, sit next to Ai's family!"  Said, pulling Mu Yetong to sit next to him!

    It turned out that the old thief Mu Yexiong had already sent the eldest daughter to the palace!  It seems that Lan Chenfeng is too weak and sick to die, and is afraid that her status will decline, so she asks herself to please the prince!  But the prince has not been established yet, but the prince has established two, I am afraid the prince must have chosen from Lan Zeyu and Lan Xuanqi!

    Just finished eating, the queen mother actually wants to stay with herself and Mu Yexue, saying that she is an old man with her!  It was really helpless, so I had to accompany the Queen Mother to watch the singing and dancing!

    "Queen Dowager, Xue'er wants to make a fool of herself when she sees those dancers dancing happily!" Mu Yexue is really scheming, but she behaved improperly, and she understands that she wants to claim credit, but the Queen Mother is not a person who doesn't want to lose face!

    "Okay, then Xue'er will dance for Aijia to see!" The queen mother said with a smile

    "Yes" Mu Yetong quietly walked onto the stage, waved her sleeves, and danced with her hands!  The dance turns back to the red sleeves, and the song worries about Cui Tin.  The whole house is full of photos, and the seats are divided into Yan Chanjuan. I have to say that Mu Yexue dances really well

    "Not bad Xue'er also came to sit next to Ai's house!" Mu Yexue really succeeded in winning the Queen Mother's favor Mu Yetong had no intention of competing for favor, so naturally she ignored Mu Yexue's smug eyes  !  But the facts are far from satisfactory!

    Lan Zeyu, Lan Xuanqi, and Lan Chenfeng, who had been frozen by the side and ignored by Mu Yetong, had just finished admiring Mu Yexue's dance. Lan Zeyu smiled and looked at Mu Yetong!  Mu Yetong raised her head in doubt, and saw Lan Zeyu looking at her No way?

    Sure enough: "Your Majesty, I heard that Mu Yetong, the prime minister's daughter, is also versatile. Why don't you let Mu Yetong also play a song?" Lan Zeyu was like this, hey, don't you know that Mu Yetong didn't want to be troublesome?  I can't escape

    "Yes, Mu Yetong, I don't know what talents you have? Let me and the Queen Mother take a look, how about it?" Lan Chenfeng coughed a few times after speaking, and she was really sick!

    "Why don't Tonger play a tune for the emperor and the queen mother!" Mu Yetong glanced at the flute in the dancer's hand, and took it

    Mu Yetong raised the flute, put it to his mouth, and started to play The sound of the flute is melodious and melodious. The sound of the flute is like a breeze, blowing into people's hearts harmoniously.  ?? A burst of warmth ignited in my heart!

    Lan Xuanqi froze for a moment, she could play the flute?  this¡­¡­

    The corner of Mu Yetong's mouth curled up. In fact, Mu Yetong had already seen the jade flute on Lan Xuanqi's waist, and knew that Lan Xuanqi understood the sound of the flute.  Apologize?

    Lan Zeyu smiled heartily at least he saw the smile on the corner of Mu Yetong's mouth!

    A piece of music, three people laughed

    "Pfft" The blood spurted out, sprayed all over the ground The blood was dazzling but showed an ominous warning

    "Pfft" The blood spurted out, sprayed all over the ground The blood was dazzling but showed an ominous warning

    "Your majesty" The queen mother hurriedly walked up to the blood-spitting emperor, and said concerned!  Lan Xuanqi and Lan Zeyu also joined in immediately!  "Father, father!" Lan Zeyu and Lan Xuanqi frowned quickly!

    "Prince Physician! Tell the Physician!" Lan Zeyu shouted immediately, no longer the joke of the past, and a pair of sword eyebrows wrinkled together tightly!  Mu Yetong took a look, since he is Lan Zeyu's fatherhow about you help?

    "Please evacuate! Don't crowd around, let me take a look!" Mu Yetong walked forward and dispersed the crowd. For a critically ill person, the most important thing is fresh air!  Mu Yetong picked up the emperor's wrist and felt her pulse!  Rolled over the emperor's eyelids, looked at the emperor's tongue!  Quickly took out a pill from his body!  Ready to stuff it into the emperor's mouth (Remember the website of this site:
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