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Chapter 29 Pills (1)

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    One hand immediately grabbed Mu Yetong's hand holding the pill, and Mu Yetong turned around to see that it was Lan Xuanqi!

    "Let go!"

    "Who knows if it's poisonous, I can't let my father take risks!" As soon as Lan Xuanqi's words came out, Mu Yetong immediately became angry, but he didn't show it, and easily pulled out his hand!

    "Forget it if you don't believe it, I don't care!" Hmph, this pill is very precious!  Not worth mentioning!  You don't believe me Mu Yetong stuffed the pill into his pocket, but Lan Zeyu took it away!  At this time, the imperial doctor just came!

    The imperial doctor also lifted the emperor's wrist to feel the pulse, rolled over the emperor's eyelids, and looked at the emperor's tongue.  Exactly the same movements as Mu Yetong!  Then he turned around and said: "The emperor is weak, I'm afraid he won't last long Fortunately, he was breathing smoothly just now, otherwise it would be even more congested!" The imperial doctor said with a sigh!

    "Doctor, take a look at the use of this pill" Lan Zeyu immediately handed over the pill!  The imperial doctor took it and sniffed it!

    "Oh! Isn't this a rare life extension pill? It's extremely rare in Jianghu! Hurry up and give it to the emperor!" The imperial doctor took the pill and let the emperor swallow it!

    Lan Zeyu smiled knowingly at Mu Yetong, but Mu Yetong remained expressionless, while Lan Xuanqi who was standing beside him was slightly stunned, it turned out that he had misunderstood Mu Yetong just now!  Lan Xuanqi walked up to Mu Yetong with an apologetic face!


    "Are you sorry for me?" Mu Yetong asked coldly!

    "I shouldn't have believed you just now!" Lan Xuanqi murmured!

    "It's normal, isn't it? After all, you are for the emperor!" Mu Yetong turned and left, as if looking righteous, but Lan Xuanqi really felt guilty!  Because after all, I didn't believe it just now, it's nothing, Lan Zeyu actually believed Mu Yetong!  Mu Yetong understoodthat scene just now!  Indeed, I saw Lan Zeyu's firm eyes after he snatched the pill!  Mu Yetong seems to have seen Lan Zeyu from his previous life

    "Because I like you!" The eyes of Lan Zeyu's doll's face turned out to be gratified, and a helpless smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: "Ifyou want to be happy! You must be happy!"

    Because I like you, if you want to be happy!  please be happy!

    Because I like you, if you must be happy!

    Because I like you, if you must be happy!

    Mu Yetong's mind suddenly recalled the image of Lan Zeyu blocking a bullet for him in his previous life Smiling baby face!

    "Tong Hitomi" Lan Zeyu shook his palm in front of Mu Yetong, who was absent-minded. Mu Yetong came back to his senses, and seeing the real Lan Zeyu in front of him, he couldn't help smiling!  Lan Zeyu was still puzzled, what was Mu Yetong laughing at?  Although Hitomi is really beautiful when she smiles!  Butwhy did you laugh for no reason?

    "Is there something on my face?" Lan Zeyu touched his face foolishly and asked in doubt!

    "No" But these two seem to ignore the few people next to them?  Mu Yetong was the first to react, and when she turned her head, she saw the Queen Mother looking at her with a smile, Lan Zeyu and Lan Xuanqithe eyes were extremely strange

    Mu Yetong saw the Empress Dowager's eyes suspiciously, looked at Lan Zeyu in confusion, and then at Lan Xuanqi!  He asked aloud, "Queen, what's the matter?"

    "I seeTong'er and Zeyu are a good match" When the Queen Mother said this, Lan Zeyu, Mu Yetong and Lan Xuanqi were all shocked!

    "Don't! This matter is decided too early, right?" Before Lan Zeyu and Mu Yetong could speak, Lan Xuanqi immediately stepped forward and explained!  The Empress Dowager's smile became even more cunning!

    "Hey, I see, you young people should grasp the feelings of young people!" The queen mother smiled and glanced at Lan Xuanqi, who was full of panic, and Lan Zeyu, who was standing beside him, had a little surprise just now, but  But Lan Xuanqi's words interrupted his emotions!  On the contrary, it's Mu Yetongshe looks indifferent as if she has nothing to do with herself!  The queen mother couldn't help worrying!  This child!  Who can win Tong'er's sincerity?  I'm afraid it's still unknown!

    The emperor has returned to the palace, and so has the queen mother!  The queen mother didn't let Lan Zeyu and Lan Xuanqi go back to the palace, but instead kept them both sleeping in the palace for one night!

    Mu Yetong was just about to go back to her room, but was stopped by someone at the door!  It turned out to be Lan Xuanqi!  ?

    "Third Prince, what's the matter?" Mu Yetong turned around, leaned against the pillar, and asked obliquely!  There is no sign of respect, since this is the case, there is no need to be false!

    "Actually you can call me Xuan Qi!" Before Mu Yetong agreed, Lan Xuanqi took out the jade flute from his waist!  Passed it over!  "Tong this is for you!" Lan Xuanqi didn't care at all.With Mu Yetong's consent, I gave Mu Yetong a flute!

    "How can I want such a precious jade flute as the majestic Third Prince!?" Mu Yetong snorted, her eyes as calm as a lake without ripples

    "Just take it!"

    "I don't want it!" You're being rude now!  Reject directly!

    "I said just keep going!" Lan Xuanqi frowned slightly, put the jade flute in Mu Yetong's palm, turned around and used lightness kung fu to leaveMu Yetong was really helpless!  Now that it's delivered, forget it!  Think of it as picking up a jade flute!  It doesn't matter!

    "Hitomi" A figure walked out from another pillar, and Mu Yetong glanced at Lan Zeyu!

    "Just now" Lan Zeyu approached, with a sad look on his face!

    "I have nothing to do with the third prince!" Although the words were cold, Mu Yetong explained it!  I don't want Lan Zeyu to misunderstand I just want to explain!

    "Oh, all right!  Lan Zeyu naturally put a sentence in his heart, and then he conjured a silver hairpin from his hand It was crystal clear, and there was a little rabbit made of emerald on it, and a little silver thread, it was really beautiful!

    "Give it to me?" Mu Yetong couldn't help laughing out, not knowing whether it was guilt towards Lan Zeyu or a real smile, but it was just a smile!

    "Hmm" Lan Zeyu was taken aback when he saw Mu Yetong smiling!  Then he also smiled, naturally, with a baby face smile, extremely cute!  Lan Zeyu personally put a hairpin on Mu Yetong, which matches her very well especially in today's purple dress!  Under the moonlight, Mu Yetong is even more charming (Remember this website URL:
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