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Chapter 31 Travel

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    The dynasty of Fengguo has been checked!  It is still short of the dynasty of Yunguo and the four landlords in the southeast, northwest and north!  correct!  Dongfang Mo seems to come from Donglou!  That's right!  Oriental Killer Building!

    What about the romantic buildings in the south (including brothels and gambling houses), the mysterious buildings in the west (still mysterious for now!), and the commercial buildings in the north (including restaurants, commercial transportation, and silk transportation)?

    Listen to what Xiao Ya said the northern commercial building has been controlled by Xiao Ya himself!  Has obtained the identity of the northern landlord!  Then the next step is Qiao Yuhao!  I have asked Dongfang Mo to investigate, and Qiao Yuhao is the most unpopular third son of the Qiao family!  Because the mother is a prostitute, and she can't stand the torture to death!  And his father was an ordinary official in the imperial court!  Qiao Yuhao has always been submissive!  It should behe suffered a lot, right?

    Mu Yetong probably thought Qiao Yuhao was a poor person, right?  As everyone knows Qiao Yuhao's true identity is shocking!

    There is a lot of traffic, the crowds are busy, the sound of buying and selling on the street, shouting, and bargaining in one piece; in the hotel, the waiter is quickly shuttled back and forth with wine and dishes, and from time to time there are sounds of boxing games, talking and laughing, and the sound of cups clashing

    Mu Yetong was sitting in this wind and rain building, looking at Xiao Ya across the table and Dongfang Mo next to him, while Mu Yetong was looking at the scenery outside the window!

    "Hitomi I found out that the branch of Nanfang Fengliu Building is also in this city, we can go and have a look, and then ask, maybe we can get to know the Nanfang landlord!" Xiao Ya explained, even though it took a lot of time to find out,  But seeing the gleam in Mu Yetong's eyes, he felt much more at ease!

    "Wellthen let's go and have a look!" Mu Yetong stood up and was about to go!

    "But that's Dong a brothel!" Dongfang Mo stammered, holding Mu Yetong with one hand!  Mu Yetong pulled out her hand!  Said calmly!

    "Change clothes, right? It's so simple" As soon as Mu Yetong said a word, Xiao Ya felt worried, after all, it was a brothel!  Don't say that Mu Yetong is a woman and has never been in it!  He and Dongfang Mo didn't even step over the threshold, worried about what would happen!

    When Mu Yetong appeared in front of the two of them again, they knew what it means to compare people to others, which is scary to death!  It's not to praise myself, but Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo can indeed be so handsome!  But now Mu Yetong

    It was a wild and gorgeous face, with sculpted eyebrows flying obliquely into the temples, a pair of phoenix eyes on the corners of the tail, shimmering, charming and charming, it looked really charming, and the slender fingers were fiddled with incomparably gracefully  Since my forehead hair is a disguise, the more like it is, the better. Put away the cold eyes, cold attitude, and cold expression, and what is presented to people is an evil charm with a little madness, and madness with a hint of arrogance.  My cold god

    The corners of Mu Yetong's mouth curled up slightly, and she couldn't see the woman's shyness at all, nor could she see the woman's petite appearance!  This is a woman who is more like a man than a man!  Compared with men, there is a little more evil charm.  Compared with women, she is a little more arrogant and mature!

    Before Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo could react, Mu Yetong walked out of the Wind and Rain Building!  Looking at the eyes of those greedy women and women outside the Fengfeng Building, the corners of their mouths hooked evilly, they put their slender index fingers on their lips, and blew a kiss, those women seemed to be going crazy!  But just when those women were indulging in Mu Yetong's evil charm, but Mu Yetong put away the evil charm indifferently, and swept away with a cold look the result is naturally known!  This is not an exaggeration!  Rather Maybe Mu Yetong already knew the danger of her appearance!

    Scourge?  evildoer?  neither!  Just a queen who ignores everything!

    Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo really hesitated, maybe they are really far away from Mu Yetong people who are not in the same realm at all, people who can match Mu Yetong exist?  Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo really hesitated

    Mu Yetong looked lightly at the weird high-rise in front of him, there are actually two types!  One is an ordinary brothel, and the other is a different type of handsome men and beauties!

    Mu Yetong frowned and chose the latter

    Stepping in, I saw a pink and cute little boy who was probably only in his teens playing tricks at the door, with a bright and moving smile on his face all the time!

    Then there is a big stage, on which all the first-class beauties are talented and talented!

    Mu Yetong randomly found a seat and sat down, Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo also sat down immediately

    "Xiao Yago to the backstage to check, and ask who is the master here, Dongfang Mo, go upstairs and see if there is anything unusual!" After Mu Yetong gave her orders, the two people around her immediately disappeared to do business.  went!  Mu Yetong quietly looked at the situation on the stage, not worried at all, but his eyes flickered.A trace of doubt Is that white figure really him?  Isn't he in Qiao's mansion?  why here?

    The more Mu Yetong thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong, stood up, stepped into the backstage, and saw a woman squatting on the ground crying, Xiao Ya stood beside her to persuade her!  But Qiao Yuhao watched the play with great interest!  He has a fair complexion, handsome facial features, and a touch of gentleness in his handsomeness!  The aura exuding from him is so complicated, like a mixture of various auras, but amidst those tenderness and handsomeness, there is also his own unique ethereal and handsome!  Is he really Qiao Yuhao?

    I still remember seeing Qiao Yuhao a few days ago with a servant with a lot of dust on his face

    "Ya, what's going on?" Mu Yetong walked to Xiao Ya's side and asked!  As soon as Mu Yetong stepped out, some women who were about to appear were stunned, but Mu Yetong ignored it!

    "Ididn't I just ask this woman who their boss is, but this woman was aggressive and aggressive, and I accidentally hurt her. Who knew she was the oiran tonight, hehe said he wanted me  Compensation, if you say you can¡¯t use money to compensatedon¡¯t let it go! It will be much better if you come!¡± Xiao Ya murmured with her mouth pouted!  Mu Yetong walked to the side of the woman, and she was indeed seriously injured!

    "How about making a deal with you?" Mu Yetong walked straight to Qiao Yuhao's side!

    "Yes, you can say it!" Qiao Yuhao's clear eyes flashed a trace of evil charm, and he said with a raised mouth!  (Remember the site URL:
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