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Chapter 32 Brothel

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    "Presumably you don't want others to know your secret, right? If I help you keep it a secret, youjust tell me who the owner of the Nanfang Merry Building is! How about it?"  It is expected that Qiao Yuhao is not an obedient card!  It's like an evil grimace under a plain mask!  If his guess is correct, Qiao Yuhao must be secretly planning the basis of his identity!  It turns out that it is no different from myself!  But I still have another task on my shoulders!

    "Who said it? My secret But it's okay to say, I don't care! But now our oiran Hongye has been injured by your friend, it will be a big loss tonight!" Qiao Yuhao is really treacherous, Mu  Seeing Qiao Yuhao's smug smile, Ye Tong suddenly had an idea intrude into his mind!  Hook the corner of your mouth!

    Na Na said: "Then I will replace it!" Since it's too hard, let's change the plan!  Humanshave flaws!

    Mu Yetong quietly arranged everyone out, chose a piece of clothing by herself in the background, and the corner of her mouth slightly curled up, since she is the oiran, then just grab it!  Just this face!

    All the lights on the stage were extinguished. Mu Yetong used the smoke bomb she made, and then used lightness kung fu to slowly land. At this time, Mu Yetong was holding the pipa in her arms.  The melodious sound, the cold music is like the sound of spring water leaving from the cliff, hitting the pebbles, and the misty water mist, which makes people feel cool for a while.  After arriving, the strings are cut and stringed, like pearls falling on a jade plate.  Her eyes are like the autumn water of Dangyan, with flowing eyes, full of infinite charm.

    Her smile is like a flower, and her stunning face is charming with a smile.  She is so beautiful that everything in the world becomes vulgar under her smile!  She has eyes as deep as a lake, and she is calm, with an expression of aloofness and desolation.

    Below the stage, Qiao Yuhao, Xiao Ya, and Dongfang Mo were all stunned!  Since he knew that Mu Ye Tong was beautiful, he didn't know that she could be so beautiful!  A frown and a smile touch people's hearts and souls, harming the country and the people like immortals!

    The song that was still muttering in his mouth: Concubine.

    After the song was over, the purple figure on the stage had disappeared, and the purple smoke mixed with white smoke filled the entire stage, and then gradually disappeared

    Then there was silence in the building, and after a few seconds, applause continued There was an uproar, and the whole building was boiling

    Standing behind the scenes, Mu Yetong took off her makeup indifferently, as if she wasn't the one who made all the noise and beautiful voice

    Mu Yetong was still taking off her make-up in the background, when she heard applause from outside the curtain and then a deep voice came from her life: "The lady of Mu Ye's family really deserves her reputation!" Qiao Yuhao?  Mu Yetong's makeup hasn't been completely removed yet, why is he here?

    Mu Yetong stood up quietly, just about to lift the curtain and stick her head out to have a look, but Qiao Yuhao came in in a flash!  In this way, Mu Yetong was surrounded in a corner!  Put your hands on both sides of Mu Yetong's head!  Mu Yetong is now like a little rabbit waiting to be slaughtered!  But there is no fear on the face!

    "You said Ms. Mu Yetong, who has no power to restrain a chicken, was found in a brothel. What do you think? So do you still want to know who the owner of the Southern Merry House is? Tell you with you  The two people who came here are still in front of the stage, but it's too late to save you!" Qiao Yuhao looked at the beautiful Mu Yetong with an evil smile on the corner of his mouth, and slowly approached Mu Yetong's face with his slender fingers.  The purple veil was taken off quietly, and Qiao Yuhao's eyes flashed a gleam: "Where have I seen you?" Mu Yetong's eyes lit up, did he want to recall the memories of his previous life?

    "Ohimpossible, don't think that you can let me let you go because of your outstanding appearance!" Qiao Yuhao said with a smile on the corner of his mouth!

    "Heh" Mu Yetong smiled slightly, and said, "Youdoing this will not benefit you at allyou will let me go!" Mu Yetong smiled confidently and raised her hand  , put his hand on Qiao Yuhao's chest and said, "Now here I am here!"

    After hearing this, Qiao Yuhao was taken aback for a moment, and then said, "Are you too confident?"

    "Confidence or lack of self-confidence, just try it!" Mu Yetong curled her mouth, hugged Qiao Yuhao with both hands, and buried her head in Qiao Yuhao's chest: "I can hear your heart beating faster!" Mu Yetong said  Laughing secretly, this is a bet on whether Qiao Yuhao is fascinated by him!  Bet on whether Qiao Yuhao is still Qiao Yuhao from his previous life!

    "Hey I really lost to you!" Qiao Yuhao let go of Mu Yetong, and what appeared in front of Mu Yetong was indeed the handsome Qiao Yuhao with a helpless smile!

    "Tong, to be honest, I really seem to have seen you Are you Han Xunruo?" As soon as Qiao Yuhao's words came out, Mu Yetong was stunned!  Do you really remember?

      "Yuhao, do you really remember?" Mu Yetong asked in surprise with a bright smile on his face!

    "No! Sometimes I always have a dream, a woman called Han Xunruo, and always say why, why! I feel know!" Qiao Yuhao murmured, rubbing his chin and looking at  Mu Yetong said, "It's very similar to you! Especially those eyes!"

    A look of sadness flashed across Mu Yetong's eyes, let's just let it be, wait until they think of me!  More haste less speed!

    "Hey, that's right! You really are a scourge! Who wouldn't be tempted by that song just now!" Qiao Yuhao blamed!

    However, Mu Yetong was thinking deeply. Sure enough, Qiao Yuhao in the previous life was not much different from the one in this life!  Because they all look fierce, calm and cold on the outside, but, they look like two-faced people, one side is cold and the other side is evil!

    "Hitomi" Qiao Yuhao waved his hand in front of Mu Yetong suspiciously!

    "Yuhao, what are you going to do now? I have checked all your information! Are you going to help me? Or go back to Qiao's mansion and be your third young master who is no different from your servant?" Mu Yetong raised her head slightly.  Start reading!

    "Ah! Hitomi, why did you investigate me so thoroughly?" Qiao Yuhao jumped back with his mouth puffed up, crossing his arms and shoulders with a look of resignation!  It looks very childish!

    "Heh" Mu Yetong looked helplessly at Qiao Yuhao's childish actions and smiled, "How do you choose! I don't blame you!" (Remember the website URL:
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