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Chapter 33 Yuhao

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    "HeheOf course I choose the former! Now I can tell youthe host of Merry Building is me!" Qiao Yuhao looked at Mu Yetong proudly!

    "Heh can you help me use your ability to find someone?"

    "Hmm male and female!" Qiao Yuhao asked after hesitating for a while!


    "No!" Qiao Yuhao pursed his lips and turned his head, pretending to be angry and said!

    Mu Yetong didn't stalk, but just looked at Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo who came in from the door lightly, Xiao Ya seemed to have heard what he said just now, with a lonely expression on his face!  As for Dongfang Mo, he was still ruthless!  As soon as Qiao Yuhao saw someone walking in, he immediately put on a serious mask!

    "Qiao Yuhao, don't worry, Tong just wants you to find someone, not Tong's sweetheart!" Xiao Ya explained with a smile, Mu Yetong knewhe was covering up!  Why did Mu Yetong feel distressed?  I feel sorry for his strong smile!  What to do Tong's heart really began to fall, first Lan Xuanqi, then Qiao Yuhao, and then Xiao Ya!  what to do?

    Obviously before I finished the task, my heart began to sink first!  Not allowed!  Absolutely not allowed Do you really have to be heartless and ruthless?  then yes!

    "Yes, it's just a mission! I just need to find someone, and that person has nothing to do with me!" Mu Yetong raised her head with a cold expression on her face!  Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo couldn't be more familiar with the cold face, it was the first time when they got along with Mu Yetong, the cold tone, the cold expression, the cold temperature!

    "That's good" Qiao Yuhao was slightly startled by Mu Yetong's cold tone, and said in a daze!

    "Hmm!" The voice filled the room, and the air cooled down along with Mu Yetong's heart. Qiao Yuhao had already arranged it, and Xiao Ya had already used his identity as the owner of the northern commercial building to give orders!  The clue is the painting drawn by Mu Yetonga lifelike painting!  This painting made the three of them jealousbecause the face of a man was drawn so realistically!

    If you don't want to fall just run away!

    Escape Can you really escape?

    Ruthless?  Unintentional?  Thinking, saying, can it be done?

    Mu Yetongyou can't hide!  Your heartis destined to fall for whom

    Your coldness is destined to hurt people!

    Your faceis destined to be a disaster!

    Your characteris destinedto steal everything!

    "It's not good, it's not good!" Just as Mu Yetong was taking a lunch break, Cheng'er rushed in and kept shaking Mu Yetong who was under the blanketMu Yetong came out of the blanket in a daze, opened her eyes  Eye¡­¡­

    "Cheng'er, what's the matter?" Mu Yetong stood up, walked to the dressing table, and washed her face!  Simple makeup!  He took a purple shirt and put it on his body, then sat down and listened to what Cheng'er had to say!

    "MasterMaster wants you to participate in the lady contest!"

    "Lady contest?"

    "Yes, all the daughters of the court ministers participated! It will be tomorrow!" Cheng'er nodded in a daze, looking at Mu Yetong's clothes helplessly, she didn't even need to help herself!  This young lady is too self-reliant, right?

    "Oh, there is one more day?" Mu Yetong walked out the door like a normal person after hearing this!

    Mu Yetong had just left the house when Cheng'er shouted: "Master said you must win the championship!"

    Mu Yetong completely ignored the person behind him, but Xiao Ya beside him asked!

    "Hitomi, what champion?"

    "It's just a lady's competition, and Mu Yexiong wants me to win, I feel boring!" Mu Yetong rolled a blank look at Xiao Ya's smiling handsome face!  Then he explained slowly!

    "Then you don't want to participate!" Dongfang Mo spit out this sentence with a pouted mouth inexplicably!  Mu Yetong rolled her eyes over it!

    "Can that old thief Mu Yetong let go of this opportunity to show off? He will definitely want a winner from Muye Mansion!" Mu Yetong shook his head helplessly, these two people are really a bit stupid!

    "Then can Mu Yeyue do it?" Dongfang Mo said weakly, but Mu Yetong stopped

    "Her? Is it possible to win?" The girl with a bright smile but a cowardly back appeared in Mu Yetong's mind!

    "Tong, why don't you help her?" Mu Yetong froze for a moment, never expecting Dongfang Mo to have such an idea!  Slightly stunned, he raised his head and looked at Dongfang Mo with a deep expression!

    Then he spit out a sentence: "You want I do this?"

    "Well yes!" Dongfang Mo couldn't see it at all.??Mu Yetong's implication!

    "No way? Mo, you probably fell in love with Mu Yeyue, right? Otherwise, why would you let Tong, who never likes to meddle in other people's business, help Mu Yeyue?" Xiao Ya frowned and walked to Dongfang Mo.  In front of him, Xiao Ya understood what Mu Yetong meant, so he directly helped Mu Yetong speak out!

    "Uhit seems so! I feelMu Yeyue's smile is very dazzling and warm!" Dongfang Mo lowered his head shyly, and Mu Yeyue's smile appeared in his mind!  But this sentence hurts a person

    Yes, her smile is of course dazzling!  It's very different from me Don't say my smile is dazzling, I even rarely smile!  Just when Dongfang Mo was shy!  Mu Yetong waved his sleeves and walked away, leaving behind that esoteric sentence!

    "If you want to leaveI'll let you go!" Mu Yetong walked away heartlessly!  Leaving Dongfang Mo who stayed where he was, Xiao Ya chose to be with Tong Tong!  Mu Yetong's thoughts are always unpredictable!  Obviously Mu Yetong is the one who can confuse everyone!  Why not grab it?  Obviously the heartache is still yourself, isn't it?  Why can't you grasp the happiness that belongs to you?

    Is it so difficult for you to take the initiative to cherish it?  Mu Yetong

    Xiao Ya has been silently following behind Mu Yetong, watching Mu Yetong walk towards Mu Yeyue's room!

    Mu Yetong glanced at the door of Mu Yeyue's room!  The door opened, and Mu Yeyue's bright smile greeted her!

    "Hey? Sister Tong? Eryou don't mind if I call you that?" Mu Yeyue immediately took the initiative to find Mu Yetong in!  By the way, he glanced behind Mu Yetong, as if he was looking for someone!  These are all included in Mu Yetong's eyes (Remember this website URL:
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