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Chapter 34 Lady

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    "Dongfang Mo is behind" Mu Yetong said softly, talking through Mu Yeyue's mind!

    "Hehe Sister Tong, are you here to help me participate in the lady competition?" When Mu Yeyue's simple words came out, Mu Yetong's eyes shrank. What do you mean?  What's the matter?  Did Mu Yeyue ask Dongfang Mo to do all this?  Or did Dongfang Mo promise that Mu Yeyue would definitely do it?

    "How did you know?" Mu Yetong asked directly, only to realize that she lost her composure just now and was too impulsive!  Mu Yeyue's answer may not be true, but she will doubt herself!

    "Hehe" Sure enough, Mu Yetong caught a glimpse of Mu Yeyue's flustered expression, and then replied calmly: "Yes Mo told me that sister Tong will come to help me! He also said that sister Tong is very kind.  And always helping others!" Sure enough, Mu Yeyue still doesn't understand herself, and this kind of lie will be exposed as soon as it is exposed!  Because no matter it is Xiao Ya or Dongfang Mo, they all know that Mu Yetong never admits that he is a good person!  Don't meddle in other people's business!  Because I can control my own destiny, I can't control my own destiny, there is no need for Mu Yetong to waste time helping others!  Naturally, Mu Yetong did not expose Mu Yeyue!  just to say

    "Lady competition, work hard yourself, don't look for me!" Mu Yeyue left again ruthlessly, no, Mu Yetong has always been ruthless!  Xiao Ya looked at all this indifferently, and regretted why is Dongfang Mo so stupid?  Actually fell in love with someone who used him!

    But the moment Mu Yetong stepped out of the door, he happened to see Dongfang Mo standing outside the door!  As soon as Mu Yeyue saw Dongfang Mo, she rolled her eyes and immediately stuck to it and said!

    "Mo, Sister Tong didn't even plan to help me 555, am I annoying? Is it annoying?" Mu Yeyue choked up immediately!  Xiao Ya couldn't hold back immediately!

    "You womanhow do you accuse someone?" Xiao Ya immediately rushed up to slap Mu Yeyue, but was stopped by Dongfang Mo!  Dongfang Mo punched Xiao Ya instead!

    "Xiao Ya, I don't allow you to bully Mu Yeyue!" Dongfang Mo said firmly!

    "Damn, you beat your brother for a woman?" Xiao Ya immediately rushed up to fight Dongfang Mo, but Mu Yetong watched coldly, and naturally took Mu Yeyue's proud eyes into her eyes!

    "Stop it!" Mu Yetong shrank her eyes and shouted, the two of them stopped at the same time!

    "Have you forgotten your identity?" Mu Yetong said coldly!

    "Yes, Master!" The two immediately knelt down mechanically!

    But Mu Yetong walked in front of Mu Yeyue coldly: "Now you are not qualified to play tricks with me! If you want Dongfang Mo! I'll give it to you! Want to fight against me? You are still far away!"  Mu Yetong slapped Mu Yeyue across the face!

    "Moyou won't help me? Mu Yetong hit me!" Mu Yeyue took the slap in a daze, but looked at the indifferent Dongfang Mo!  My heart is cold!

    "He has no right to meddle in my affairs!" Mu Yetong sneered, and Mu Yeyue was immediately stunned!

    "Mo, can you choose me? Leave Mu Yetong!" Mu Yeyue held on to her last hope in a daze!

    "Hehhe has no right to choose, his life is in my hands! Dongfangmolet me tell you, don't think that just because I am polite to you, it means that you are not my slave. If I want you to die, you will never die.  It's impossible to live!" Mu Yetong's eyes were still cold, but a little more cold!

    "Yes!" Dongfang Mo understood that no matter what it was, he could not oppose Mu Yetong, and he would never be qualified!

    "And now Mu Yeyue! Let me tell you Dongfang Mo, I gave him to you! Remember, I gave him to you! You didn't snatch him! You will never be able to fight me! I  I can even tell you with confidencethe one who can beat me has not yet been born!" Both Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo were stunned!  I have never seen Mu Yetong so angry before, and now Mu Yetong is so cold that no one knows her!

    "Xiao Ya, let's go!" Mu Yetong left ruthlessly What will happen to Dongfang Mo?  Did Mu Yetong abandon him, or did he leave Mu Yetong?  What is the fate of Dongfang Mo's future life?

    Mu Yetong is not selfish, nor is he greedy for money. Half of the shares in Fengfenglou were given to Dongfang Mo!  It's just Dongfang Mo and Mu Yetong are irrelevant from now on

    For the first time ever, Mu Yetong sat on the steps in front of her room and stared blankly at the scenery in the courtyard The sky gradually started to rain And at this moment, there was not even a single person beside Mu Yetong!  The rain was pouring down, getting bigger and bigger, as if it was venting Mu Yetong's mood!

    Mu Yetong pulled out the soft sword at his waist, and changed into a new outfit in a snap!  Whether it is a mask, the eyes are still?It's so cold and empty!

    Mu Yetong jumped onto the roof in one fell swoop!  There is no one on the street because of the rain

    Wherever Mu Yetong's sword swung, there would be cracks The rain splashed on the soft sword, and then Mu Yetong's sword also disappeared!  Mu Yetong's lightness kung fu has been practiced to the point of perfection It's hard for the rain to even flow onto Mu Yetong's body

    Mu Yetong's eyes are still coldMu Yetong is also tirednot only the body, but also the heart!  Tired, weary, want to cry, who can support her?

    No matter who it isMu Yetong has always been self-reliant and self-reliant, in the eyes of others!  Mu Yetong is always the strongest one!  But the strong defenses were broken what's left?  How long can a strong shield last?

    Tired I really want to rest!

    Mu Yetong stepped back step by step all the way to the wall slid down the wall and sat on the ground!  The eyes turned from cold to confused!  A drop of crystal clear liquid flowed down from the corner of Mu Yetong's eye, and ran down his cheek!  It flowed onto Mu Yetong's lips Mu Yetong tasted the taste of her own tears a little salty, a little bitter!

    Mu Yetong didn't know why, but she murmured, and her singing voice floated from her mouth: "You have become the wind, the phantom rain falls in the wrong season, and the tenderness in your bright eyes has disappeared!"

    A figure in white clothes appeared in front of Mu Yetong, Mu Yetong raised her head in bewilderment, looking at the handsome face in front of her, Mu Yetong was really bewildered, "Youwill you leave me too?  Is it?" (Remember this website URL:
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