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Chapter 35 Strong

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    The person in front of him stretched out his slender arms, pulled up Mu Yetong's thin body, and brought him into his arms: "If you feel tired I will lend you my shoulders! Don't pretend to be strong let people  Distressed! Cry just cry out!" The magnetic voice is now full of concern, so reassuring!  So dependable!

    Mu Yetong leaned on this warm shoulder in a daze The rain gradually hit the two of them, and Mu Yetong's tears gushed out like a spring!  Tears and rain mixed together and flowed onto this person

    "Ifone day, I leave you! I hopeyou will be happy! I hope you will find a shoulder to rely on again! You are not so strong, don't carry everything on yourselfOK? Promise me  !" The sad voice from above Mu Yetong's head was so heartbreaking!

    "Okaybutdon't leave me again, okay?" Leave again?  Again?  What's the meaning?  It was you who left me in the previous life!  Do you know how painful it feels to have a heartache?  Don't leave, okay?  Even I've changed!  I forgot about you!  Even if anything happens, don't leave again!  Unless I abandoned you myself, otherwisedon't take the initiative to leave me!

    "Okay!" Even if it's an important promise!  Promiseyou can't regret it!  Otherwise, you will pay for it!  Lie to me the consequences will be serious!

    "Do you know?" Mu Yetong raised a bright and innocent smile in his warm chest: "I really hope that time stops! I really don't want to bear these anymore! It's really hard to achieve! If I had to choose  I'd rather be ordinary!"

    Mu Yetong could feel the pair of deep eyes on the top of his head, and the affectionate and distressed eyes!

    "Let's just wait a little longer I'm satisfied!" The last tear flowed down Mu Yetong's cheek as Mu Yetong's eyes closed!  Will Mu Yetong's heart also disappear with the understanding of the last tear?

    The cold rain hit Mu Yetong's clothes, and also hit Mu Yetong's heart!

    I!  Mu Yetong swears to herself!  I will never cry for any man again!  otherwise!  Just forget about everything, even very loving men!  Mu Yetong put her head on his shoulder, looked at the dark sky, and swore secretly!  Absolutely!

    Mu Yetong didn't even notice, in the darka pair of eyes saw the scene just now!  The look in those eyes is called heartache!  Also called sad!  Forget it Maybe Mu Yetong didn't belong to me in the first place!  I am not qualified to get Mu Yetong at all!

    The man in blue stepped back, stepped on the sewage, and jumped away with light work. The sound of stepping on the water reached the sensitive Mu Yetong's ears. Mu Yetong's eyes flashed, and he caught a glimpse of the lonely  Back view, who is it

    Mu Yetong was already in a daze at this moment just passed out

    "Xiao Ya" Mu Yetong spat out these two words, and then passed out!  The man in white clothes realized that the person in his arms had passed out completely, and immediately moved Mu Yetong out of his arms!  He hugged Mu Yetong

    The facial features seem to be finely crafted works of art, with sword-shaped eyebrows, charming peach blossom eyes, beautiful nose bridge, and Xiao Ya's slightly thin lips!

    good!  It was Xiao Ya who comforted Mu Yetong!  Xiao Ya immediately picked up Mu Yetong, used lightness kung fu, and flew to her room in the Fengyu Tower!  Not the prime minister's mansion!  Because Dongfang Mo is in the prime minister's residence Xiao Ya is a careful person!  Knowing that the fragile Mu Yetong would not want Dongfang Mo to see her appearance!

    "Tong I will protect you! Because I left you in my previous life! In this life I won't!" Sitting beside the bed, Xiao Ya murmured while looking at Mu Yetong on the bed!  Mu Yetong didn't know if she heard this sentence because!  Xiao Ya remembered the memory of her previous life!

    When Mu Yetong ruthlessly abandoned Dongfang Mohe and slapped Mu Yeyue, he remembered everything!  That memory seems to be imported into my mind like an image!  Because Mu Yetong from the previous life no, Han Xunruo!  It's the same way of revenge!  That cold look brought back all Xiao Ya's memories

    "What to do! What to do!" Xiao Ya hurriedly sat in front of Mu Yetong's bed, then stood up suddenly, walked left and right, Dou Da's sweat ran down her pretty face!  But he went to the bed and touched Mu Yetong's forehead!

    "Ao" Mu Yetong bit her lower lip, barely supported herself, and said reluctantly: "Ya, stop swaying! I have a headache!" Mu Yetong said with a wry smile!

    "Youare you awake?" Xiao Ya saw that Mu Yetong was awake, and hurried over!  Help Mu Yetong up!

    "Ohwhat? You hope I won't wake up?" Mu Yetong said angrily!  By the way, he gave Xiao Ya a white look with those still watery eyes on his pale face!"Youyou have a fever!" Xiao Ya spit out this sentence in a daze!

    "I know!"

    "I I'm going to ask the doctor!" Xiao Ya hurriedly prepared to go out!  One hand immediately grabbed Xiao Ya's sleeveit was Mu Yetong!  Mu Yetong actually fell to the ground along the edge of the bed and collapsed powerlessly on the ground!

    "Don'tdon't go! Do you want others to know my identity?" Xiao Ya immediately reacted, hey, she was really worried too much!  All become dull!  No, as long as Tong is sent back to the prime minister's mansion, won't someone come to see a doctor?

    "Don't even think about sending me to the Prime Minister's Mansion! Because if they see that I'm sick, wouldn't they definitely take advantage of me!" Especially Mu Yexue!  I don't know if Mu Yexue will take advantage of this lady competition to frame her because Mu Yexue has seen her flute skills before!  Naturally, she would be afraid that she would take away her championship

    sky!  Sure enough, what was said and what appeared!  Mu Yetong helplessly saw a few men in black who entered through the broken window, and gave a wry smile!

    "You were sent by Mu Yexue, right?" Mu Yetong reluctantly stood up!

    "Hmph, don't talk nonsense with you, collect people's money, and help people eliminate disasters!" The leading man in black rushed up immediately!  Sure enough, it's still a small chop!  Hmph, kill it!

    "Xiao Ya, go!" Mu Yetong barely held on to the last bit of strength, and Xiao Ya rushed up immediatelysweeping across a large area!  But Mu Yetong immediately waved his sleeves and sprinkled the poison!  All the men in black in the room fell down!  (Remember the site URL:
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