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Chapter 36 Sickness

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    Mu Yetong broke through the window, jumped off the building, and landed in the backyard!  After a glance, I didn't expect that there were more men in black in the backyard!  God is it really necessary to kill them all?

    Mu Yetong glanced at Xiao Ya who was also about to land just now!  Mu Yetong immediately used her true energy to delay the poison of the cold!  But if you do this After the true energy is gone, the cold will be more serious, and even life-threatening!  Mu Yetong gritted her teeth, no matter what!  Immediately lucky infuriating!  But at the same time, a hand blocked Mu Yetong's movements Mu Yetong raised her head!  She has a clean and fair face, with sharp edges and corners, and her dark and deep eyes are full of charming color; those thick eyebrows, high nose, and beautiful lips!

    "What are you doing here? This matter has nothing to do with you, get out!" Mu Yetong was in a bad mood as soon as she came upbut her body fell straight down because of her weakness!  Dongfang Mo hugged Mu Yetong's icy body in a daze!

    "I" Dongfang Mo hesitated: "I'm just here to help you, and I'll leave when I'm done helping!" Dongfang Mo may only be able to stop Mu Yetong's anger by saying these things now?

    "I don't need your help! I can do it alone!" Mu Yetong immediately pushed Dongfang Mo away, feeling really lucky!

    "No!" Dongfang Mo ruthlessly stopped Mu Yetong!  Only in this way can Mu Yetong be prevented from using his true energy!  Then he and Xiao Ya dealt with the man in black beside him!  Because of the tacit understanding for many years Naturally, he defeated those men in black who were chasing after him in a short while!

    However, Mu Yetong's eyes shrank when he saw Dongfang Mo's figure, and his acupoints burst open!  Immediately rushed over, pushing Dongfang Mo away A slender sword pierced Mu Yetong's body straight Snowflakes also spat out from Mu Yetong's mouth!  Xiao Ya opened the man in black with one palm!

    "I owe you nothing now" This is what Mu Yetong said after being stabbed, and he said it to Dongfang Mo!

    Mu Yetong also fell straight back Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo were not the ones who caught Mu Yetong!  But Lan Zeyu!  Except for Qiao Yuhao, no one knew that Mu Yetong was the boss of Fengyu Building!

    "Tong Hitomi" Lan Zeyu picked up Mu Yetong and rushed upstairs!  Put Mu Yetong gently on the bed!  Covered with a quilt!

    "Xiao Ya, Dongfang Mo, go and invite the doctor!" Lan Zeyu frowned and turned to Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo!

    "No need!" Mu Yetong opened her eyes and muttered!  "There is poison on the sword! Dongfang Moyou can go back, this matter has nothing to do with you!" It's about this time!  Mu Yetong also coldly drove Dongfang Mo away. Dongfang Mo knew that he had no right to stay, so he had no choice but to leave!

    "There is poison on the sword, Xiao Ya, bring the box!" Xiao Ya hastily listened to Mu Yetong's instructions. As expected of Mu Yetong, he is still so calm at this time!  Even if it hurts, it doesn't show on the face!  Mu Yetong was immediately embarrassed The injured part was on the shoulder!

    "You go out for a while!" Mu Yetong lowered her head and asked them to go out

    "Hitomi! I'll help you apply the medicine!" Xiao Ya insisted on staying, no matter how independent he was, if he was poisoned or injured, he should let someone else apply the medicine!

    "WellZeyu, go out for a while!" Mu Yetong was stunned for a moment, and said!  Anyway, Xiao Ya also grew up with him since he was a child!  At least not embarrassing!  Clothes are half off

    Xiao Ya blushed immediately when she saw the snow-white skin, but she insisted on picking up Mu Yetong's ointment and rubbing it on!  I'm afraid Mu Yexue doesn't know?  Mu Yetong's body is resistant to all kinds of poisons!  Andthe more injuries you getthe faster you heal!  Hehe It is also the ability bestowed on Mu Yetong by the God of Time and Space!

    Xiao Ya carefully applied the ointment But Mu Yetong fell asleep in a daze!  Xiao Ya helplessly hugged the petite body in her arms, carefully applied the ointment, and then helped Mu Yetong get dressed!  Cover the quilt go to prepare dinner!

    But Lan Zeyu walked in and looked at the body lying on the bed Mu Yetong was still muttering Xiao Ya's name!

    Lan Zeyu heard itbut felt a chillmaybeshouldn't take you on a long trip, right?

    "Hitomi Father Emperor said advance the time of the long trip! I will be leaving in a few days Will you participate in the lady competition tomorrow? I will go to see it tomorrow! I am afraid this long trip  I can't take you there!" Lan Zeyu held Mu Yetong's cold hands with both hands!  His eyes revealed boundless sorrow!

    Actually Mu Yetong is awake!  Butunexpectedly, I heard Lan Zeyu's voice

    "Actually from the first time I saw you, that is, at the inn, I felt that you had an aura that made people unable to leave their eyes! It's really very attractive! At the same time also  I saved you! I didn¡¯t expect that I was meddling in my own business! Later??Seeing Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo guarding you beside you, I really hope that I am them!  But you were crying in the rain before I was going to comfort you, but I saw Xiao Ya take a step ahead, and saw you and Xiao Ya together It matches so well, it made my heart skip a beat!  Hitomiyou wait for me!  Wait for me to come back from a long journey!  I must marry you as my concubine!  "Lan Zeyu gently placed a kiss on Mu Yetong's forehead!

    Is this a promise?  I don't knowwhether Hitomi can wait until the day when Lan Zeyu comes backwhen Lan Zeyu comes back!  I'm afraid everything has changed!

    Lan Zeyu gently put down Mu Yetong's hand, and left sadly

    Just as Lan Zeyu left, Mu Yetong who was lying on the bed opened his eyes faintly, but was thinking secretly!  Is this the right thing to do?  If not!  Maybe it will hurt more deeply?  Mu Yetong closed her eyes helplessly!  Because the door is slowly opening again!  It's Dongfang Mo!

    Dongfang Mo quietly walked to the bedside: "Why do you want me to leave you? Why do you want to hurt me?" Why?  Because obviously I just treat Mu Yeyue as a younger sister, so I like it a little bit!  But Hitomiwhy did you insist that I fell in love with Mu Yeyue?  Still going to hurt Mu Yeyue?  Why still abandon me?  Didn't you say when you left meAzao, Mozao, Yaliu, Moliu!  That sentence lingers in my heart forever!

    Mu Yetong who was lying on the bed skipped a beat in his heart, abandoning is abandoning, isn't it?  Neither you nor Xiao Ya belong to me!  Never belong, because I am a person from a completely different world from you!  My responsibility is only to protect you, I have no other obligations, let alone not to hurt your hearts (Remember this website URL:
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