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Chapter 37 Untitled

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    "Hitomi, no matter what! I won't leave you! Because my heart already belongs to you!" Dongfang Mo pursed his lips, and confessed sincerely at this time?  But the determined Mu Yetong will not change his mind!

    At the same time, Dongfang Mo also looked affectionately at the bracelet that Mu Yetong gave him for the first time!  Unceasing bracelets, unceasing friendship!  The bracelet is broken I am dead!  Dongfang Mo secretly swears in his heart!  absolute!  Dongfang Mo didn't know why, but he believed that Mu Yetong would definitely come back!  It doesn't matter, waitingis also a kind of happiness!  I will protect you secretly by your side!  Even meddling!

    Dongfang Mo smiled lightly and walked away slowly!

    Mu Yetong who was lying on the bed suddenly opened his eyes and sat up straight!  He just secretly said a word: "Azao, Mozao, Yaliu, Moliu!" His eyes were so confused that he couldn't see the world clearly!  Perhaps in the endthe only one who knows the most is Mu Yetong!

    choose?  right or wrong?

    "Hey? Tong, are you up?" Just when Mu Yetong was thinking deeply, Xiao Ya came in with porridge!  Seeing Mu Yetong sitting up, she quickly put down the porridge and sat beside Mu Yetong!

    "Hmm" Mu Yetong silently looked at Xiao Ya in front of her!  Still reminiscing about that sentence Ya Zou, Mo Zou, Ya Liu, Mo Liu Xiao Ya If I want you to leave me!  Will you force yourself to stay?  Will you understand my heart?

    "Tomorrow's lady competition! I want to participate!" Mu Yetong suddenly thought, raised her head and said to Xiao Ya

    "Okay! Have porridge first!" Xiao Ya smiled slightly, even though there was a slight distress in his eyes!  But still holding the rice bowl in his hand, ready to feed Mu Yetong porridge!

    Mu Yetong did not refuse Xiao Ya's gesture of feeding porridge!  Xiao Ya, let you remember these sweets and contribute!

    The next day.

    Mu Yetong walked onto the stage of the lady contest with illness, and Mu Yexue's eyes flashed with surprise, no matter what!  The more you don't let me win!  I want to win more!  The corner of Mu Yetong's mouth curled up, and an evil smile hung on his face!

    She was wearing a light pink slim-fitting flag dress, which highlighted her slender and well-proportioned figure; the pink color was so pale that it was close to white, but it was very charming, just like the most natural but most attractive blush on a girl's cheek;  The front and corners of the robe are inlaid with a wide edge of plain gold, which adds to the nobility; the red plum blossoms are embroidered with fine composition on the clothes, which are complicated and layered, blooming enthusiastically, making people feel warm in their hearts;  A pair of flower pot bottoms of the same color on the feet, coral beads and gold thread on the satin surface are also embroidered with red plums, and there is a small hollowed out drawer in the thick sole, which contains plum blossom powder.  There is a blooming red plum flower imprint; the hair is only tied in a simple bun, the back half is still hanging down and loose behind the waist, and on the right side, from the top of the head to the ear, there is a red plum gold thread hollowed out bead flower made of pearls and red gemstones.  It meanders and blooms, and some of them bloom to the forehead, or the corner of the eye, or the ear. The black hair is exposed from the gap, which makes the "plum blossom" red, and the plum blossom is on the left.  The hairpin is exquisite and translucent, and its natural red color is just carved into plum petals. Below it hangs three strings of crystal beads and red jade beads separated by beads.  What is surprising is that the color of the oriental pearl actually glowed with a pink halo; the outermost part was covered with a cloak of garnet red brocade, and a pair of slender hands were exposed generously, not hidden in the nest of hands like the lady next to her.  The top is decorated with polished red jade beads, crossed from the middle finger to the back of the hand to the wrist, which makes the skin more beautiful than the snow; the collar is made of fiery red fox fur, which sets off the delicate and beautiful face like spring flowers; no makeup is applied on the face,  But the red lips were dyed with rouge, which looked as red as the red plums on the head and body; the most attractive thing was that there was a blooming red plum between the eyebrows!  These dignitaries have seen many women, and this plum blossom makeup has also seen a lot, but this is the first time they have seen such a woman.  It turns out that the red plums that line the eyebrows are actually pasted with real plum petals, elegant and leisurely, graceful, far more delicate and beautiful than those painted with rouge.  And Zongheng is like a proud snow red plum, instantly eclipsing all the dear ladies present!

    Heh this outfit was made from "Ci Le Fang"!  And the design was designed by Mu Yetong himself!  Natural Light ** People are so natural!

    On the other hand, Mu Yexue is the same She is wearing a red silk dress with a very low neckline, revealing her plump breasts, her face is like a lotus, her eyebrows are like willows, her eyes are more charming than peach blossoms, and her black hair is pulled up into high hair.  The high beauty bun, the full head of beads shining dazzlingly in the sun, the bright red lips slightly raised, as if declaring that the winner of this competition is none other than her!

    Mu Yetong saw another person and was shockedMu Yeyue?  Oh yes!  No wonder!  In fact, although Mu Yeyue is a concubine!  But she is admired by Mu Yexiong because of her appearance and identity!  As for Mu Yetong seeing her from that dilapidated house over and over again,"Ye Yue, it's because Mu Yeyue's mother doesn't want to live in the new house!"  Mu Yeyue went to visit!  Mu Yeyuan also knew that Mu Yeyue was very scheming, so naturally he hated Mu Yeyue!  Mu Yeyue also understands that she cannot offend Mu Yeyuan!

    Mu Yeyue may have cost Mu Yexiong a lot today!  Big peonies in emerald green smoky veil Bixia Luo, pink narcissus scattered flowers and green leaf skirt, and thin smoky emerald green gauze in gold silk.  The low-hanging temple hair is inserted obliquely in the hairpin inlaid with pearls and jasper, and the beautiful appearance is like a lotus.

    Compared with Mu Yexuethe difference is indeed much bigger!  Because Mu Yexue's extravagance is much bigger than Mu Yeyue's!

    Today's game is divided into four forms!  That is to say, it is very simple piano, chess, calligraphy and painting!

    The first type: Qin!

    Mu Yexue chose Pipa!  I heard that Mu Yexue was going to play the song that was a hit in Qiao Yuhao's restaurant last time!  He also said that he must play better than the oiran last time!  That oiran was Mu Yetong, and Mu Yetong couldn't help but smile contemptuously!  provocative?  Mu Yexue really overestimated her abilities!

    Mu Yexue finished the song easily!  Mu Yetong didn't pay attention to listening at all, but after looking at the bland expression on Xiao Ya's face, she knew that she was not as good at playing as she was back then!

    Now it's my turn!  Mu Yetong stepped onto the stage!  The piano of choice is Guzheng!  A casual song "Mountains and Flowing Water" by Mu Yetong has confirmed that the winner of the piano art is none other than herself!  (Remember the site URL:
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