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Chapter 39 The Truth

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    "I was sick and injured, so I stayed in the inn!" Mu Yetong replied calmly!

    "Looking at the fact that Xuedu won the first time! Yue also won the winner, how about you?" Mu Yetong finally saw Erniang, who is the woman who holds great power in this family!  The yellow Bixialuo embroidered with phoenix, the pink smoked gauze skirt that stretches across the floor, the hand-held Luocui tulle, and a peony flower slanted in the wind bun and misty temples.  Strong smell of spring smoke.  He looks like he's only in his thirties!  But I can't see any wrinkles!  Rufei asked with a dignified face!

    Mu Yetong didn't explain, and didn't think it was necessary to explain, because they didn't want to bypass their opinions at all, so it was natural that they didn't need to explain it!

    "Yue has won the winner, and I have already rewarded her! Xue, what do you want? Tell Dad! Dad agrees!" Mu Yexiong had a kind smile on his face, how kind he looked!  Mu Yetong seemed to be stunned for a moment!  Does Mu Yexiong still have the kindness of being a father?

    "Me!" The corner of Mu Yexue's mouth curled up into a smug smile, Mu Yetong felt that these had nothing to do with her, and was just about to go back to her room, but was stopped there straight away by Mu Yexue's words!

    "I want the guard next to Mu Yetong, Xiao Ya!" Mu Yexue looked at Mu Yetong naturally, but Mu Yetong was stunned, and then thought about it, if this is the case  In other words, it can alleviate Mu Yexiong's hatred?  Stabilize Mu Yexiong?

    However, Xiao Ya was deeply influenced by Dongfang Mo's departure from Mu Yetong at that time, and he also had the idea of ??equality in his previous life, and immediately rejected him: "I don't want to follow you! I have the right to choose freely!"

    Upon hearing this, Mu Yetong said without much concern: "I will send you off as soon as I send you off! Xiao Ya, do you have the initiative? Mu Yexue, Xiao Ya will send you off!" Then he left very calmly!  Leave Xiao Ya and Mu Yexue in a daze!

    Even Mu Yexue and Mu Yexiong didn't expect Mu Yetong let Xiao Ya go so easily?  Even let Dongfang Mo go?  Why is Mu Yetong so forthright?

    Mu Yetong, who returned to the room, has been sitting on the chair in a daze, thinking about whether it is right or wrong?  It's been a long time!

    The door suddenly opened

    Did Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya come at the same time?

    "What are you doing here?" Mu Yetong immediately recovered from her coldness, and asked casually!

    "We won't leave you!" The two said in a daze!

    "Oh I sent you all out! Why are you still here? You wanted to leave, so you let go! You didn't have a contract of sale! It's not impossible to leave Mu Yexue and Mu Yeyue,  I don't want you all anymore, don't follow me!" Mu Yetong coldly refused!

    "No matter what, we will not leave you! No matter what the reasonwe know you must have a reason for leaving us!" Dongfang Mo immediately clenched his fists and said firmly!

    "Since you have said so, then I will tell you!" Mu Yetong stood up like a queen, turned her head back to them, and folded her hands simply!

    "Actually, it was all my plan for you to leave me. Even the scene between Dongfang Mo and Mu Yeyue was done on purpose by me! As for the night with Xiao Ya in the rain, it was for Lan Zeyu to watch.  Let Lan Zeyu think that I like Xiao Ya, that's why I feel distressed! So when I was sick, I made a promise I will marry me as my concubine when I come back from a long journey! And you are the obstacles to my way to the palace, so put  As a tool, you gave to Mu Yexue and Mu Yeyue to stabilize Mu Yexiong! But the queen mother and the emperor have always wanted to get rid of Mu Yexiong, so I just followed suit and went to the palace to join the queen mother, at least get rid of Mu Yexiong when the time comes.  At the time of Ye Xiong, Zhulian Nine Clans didn¡¯t have my turn! Let¡¯s put it this way Do you understand? It¡¯s up to you to decide whether to stay or go! To stay is to stay in Muye¡¯s mansion, not by my side!¡± Mu Yetong  Tell the truth slowly, "Anyway, my goal has been achieved, so it's okay to tell you!"

    "How could this be? How could this be?" Xiao Ya couldn't believe it. Could it be that all these years were fake?  That Mu Yetong who pretended to be indifferent but actually cared about us, that Mu Yetong who was weak in the rain and even fell into his arms!  That Mu Yetong who smiled as she followed her!  That Mu Yetong who forced the three of us to cook in Fengyun Villa!  Are they all gone?  Are they all fake?  Don't I really know you?  Are these all your plans?  Don't we matter to you at all?

    Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya looked almost desperately at Mu Yetong, who had revealed his plan and the truth, but still had a cold and indifferent face!

    Dongfang Mo couldn't bear the blow and broke out!  Xiao Ya staggered back a few steps, and said to Mu Yetong: "Han Xunruo! Even if you use us?But I still hopeyou can be happy!  "Xiao Ya then walked out in a daze!

    Leaving Mu Yetong who was still cold, finally broke the disguise, Han Xunruo?  I have gradually forgotten the name!  It turned out that Xiao Ya recovered the memory of her previous life?

    Mu Yetong?  What is it for?  Who is the one who really understands Mu Yetong?  Xiao Ya Dongfang Mo, what he said just now is true!  But my purpose is not like that!

    It is meaningless to pursue it now!

    Mu Yetong took a few steps back, closed the door, and slid down the door!  fainted by the door

    I'm afraid no one will notice that I fainted, right?   There is no one Mu Yetong still has a helpless smile on the corner of his mouth

    In the dark who is it?  where is this  Why all the darkness?

    Xiao Ya?  Oriental ink?  Don't godon't hate me!  I really don't want to say that!  It's just only if you say that, you will hate me, and you will not continue to follow me!

    Actually I was afraid that Mu Yexiong would be unfavorable to you if I took refuge in the Queen Mother!  After all Mu Yexiong's power should not be underestimated!  In fact, the moment he pushed Dongfang Mo away from him!  I really feel heartbroken!  Tears, that scene in the rain is real!  Xiao Yado you understand me?

    In fact, I did this to protect youbut I can't tell you!  If I tell you the truth you won't leave me, will you?  Even I am confused, is it right to do this?  (Remember the site URL:
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