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Chapter 40 Reliance

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    Let you think that I am a cold, heartless and ungrateful person!

    After all, it is the same My task is only to protect you, not to take your feelings seriously Falling in love with me is destined to have no good results!  Maybe Leaving is also a right decision, right?

    Watching you slowly leave in the darkwhy?  Stand up and chase you, once touched, it is actually transparent!  Why?

    The closed eyes of Mu Yetong lying on the bed!  A tear came out of the corner of his eye!  This not only chills the people who stand by and take care of it!

    "Why are you crying? Did you encounter any sad things?" The person beside the bed asked with a choked voice!  He clearly knew that the person on the bed was in a coma, yet he asked unconsciously!

    Mu Yetong lying on the bed seemed to have dreamed that Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya had left him, and raised his hand unconsciously, as if he wanted to grab something!  But what he grasped was still air, and he couldn't help murmuring: "Don't godon't go" The choked voice makes people so sad!

    The person standing by the bed really felt distressed, and grabbed the hand that stopped in mid-air and seemed to be unable to grasp anything!  Squat down!  Put that hand on your chest!

    "Don't godon't go! Tong, sleep well!" The magnetic but reassuring voice reached Mu Yetong's ears, and Mu Yetong couldn't help but smile like a child!  After a little humming, he fell asleep peacefully!

    The person standing by the bed was stunned by the smile: "I never thought Mu Yetong, the proud daughter of heaven, has such a cowardly side! Hey!" She was dressed in a purple-gray robe, with a bronze complexion and contoured facial features.  Clear and deep, like a Greek sculpture, with dark and deep ice eyes Qiao Yuhao, the host of Southern Merry House!  Qiao Yuhao lost his mind and kissed Mu Yetong's forehead!

    Mu Yetong was suddenly awakened, and looked at this scene in a daze!  Keep your eyes open!

    "I" Qiao Yuhao didn't expect Mu Yetong to wake up suddenly!  Immediately hesitate!

    Mu Yetong tilted her head in doubt, and her eyes fell on Qiao Yuhao's clenched hand!  Qiao Yuhao reacted immediately and let go!  Mu Yetong frowned, and the temperature in his hand suddenly turned cold!  Are your hands always cold?

    "Just nowyou had a nightmare! So I held your hand" Qiao Yuhao hurriedly explained!

    "Oh" No wonder I just heard a reassuring word in the dark, so it was him?  Heh I can't help but smile at Qiao Yuhao!  Express thankfulness!

    "Thisdoes it count as the first time I've seen you smile?" Qiao Yuhao immediately leaned over and said with a wicked smile on the corner of his mouth!

    "Hehe" Mu Yetong didn't explain anything!

    "By the way, why are you here?" Mu Yetong immediately raised her head and said!

    "I wanted to come and see you! I didn't expect to see you fainted on the ground as soon as I came!" Qiao Yuhao pouted to complain!  Qiao Yuhao didn't know why he could only be himself in front of Mu Yetong!  To not wear any mask!

    "Qiao Yuhao" Mu Yetong lowered her head, her hair covered Mu Yetong's expression


    "What kind of person do you think I am?"

    "You? You look cold and cruel, but you care about the people you care about, like a knife mouth and a bean curd heart! But you are very cold and cold to people you don't know or enemies! Even ruthless! You can't understand your thoughts, and no one can understand them.  I don't really understand you! But you are always hurting others and yourself unintentionally!" Qiao Yuhao smiled innocently, then thought for a while and said!

    "Reallybut if you hurt him for a goodis it right?" Mu Yetong raised her head, her eyes were a little confused. Mu Yetong is not a god, and when she is confused, she always wants to find  Personally depend on!  It used to be Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo, but now they are gone!  It was Qiao Yuhao, but Mu Yetong was not a casual person, so naturally he would not rely on Qiao Yuhao without authorization!  After all, men and women are different!

    "There is no absolute right or wrong. If you make your own decision, you have to pay the price for your decision. Don't regret it!" Qiao Yuhao explained easily!

    "Thank you" Mu Yetong clearly understood her purpose!  Don't regret doing this, since you have done it, since you have chosen this path, you must continue to walk, no matter what the consequences will be, no matter what will happen!  Go, no regrets!

    Xiao Ya, Dongfang Mo, Qiao Yuhao, Lan Zeyu, and the unknown Han Mingfeng!  I, Mu Yetong Han Xunruo!  Made a decision!  No regrets!  I will definitely protect you!

    Remember!  No matter what I do!  They are definitely protecting you!  Don't question it!  But protecting you doesn't mean not hurting you.?feelings and hearts!

    Mu Yetong quietly closed her eyes!  There have been too many twists and turns in the past few days, and the internal force in my body is not in harmony with the true energy, so I have to close my eyes, operate the true energy in the body, and adjust harmoniously!

    Mu Yetong doesn't even know how high his martial arts are!  It's right to always have a high level of lightness kung fu!  There should be only a handful of opponents in the arena, right?  It seemsthe plan must be made as soon as possible, and then go to find Han Mingfeng properly!

    After a while, the emperor of Fengguo fell ill again!  Unexpectedly, the Queen Mother, the imperial physician, and Lan Xuanqi were the first to think of Mu Yetong!  Mu Yetong was recruited into the palace again!

    This time, only Mu Yetong entered the palace alone, sitting in the carriage and quietly following the outside!  Mu Yetong has gradually gotten used to this kind of life, and there seems to be nothing unaccustomed to it!  There was no discomfort at all because of the departure of Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo!

    Mu Yetong sniffed sensitively, the smell around?  How could it be the smell of bamboo forest?  Isn't this the bustling avenue in the palace?  Mu Yetong couldn't help but lifted the curtain to see, it really was a forest!

    "The coachman, are you going the wrong way?" Mu Yetong asked quietly, but then she felt that something was wrong when she saw that the coachman didn't pay attention to her appearance at all. Sure enough, Mu Yetong glanced coldly at her surroundings and suddenly appeared  More than a dozen men in black!  The coachman also stopped the carriage suddenly, the coachman turned his head, and immediately drew out his hidden big knife and stabbed at Mu Yetong!

    Mu Yetong easily pinched the big knife with two fingers!  Gently folded, broken?  The coachman panicked and jumped out of the carriage!  Immediately shouted: "Everyone!" (Remember the website URL:
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