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Chapter 41 Assassination

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    Immediately, the surrounding men in black immediately surrounded him!  Mu Yetong's eyes turned cold, there was no one else except the man in black!  If these men in black are really defeated, it may be too late to reach the palace!  You can't tell the queen mother that you were assassinated, and you used your own poison to knock down these people, right?  What to do?

    Mu Yetong was confused for a moment, so why not go to the palace without doing anything?  Sayfor what reason?  Say you accidentally forgot?  Presumably the queen mother should not blame too much, right?  It's better than pretending you don't know anything and letting them kill you, right?

    Mu Yetong then swiftly used lightness kung fu to jump onto the branch, and took out a handful of poisonous powder from his waist!  Swish it down!  Then most of them fell down!  This is poison that can kill instantly!  Never leave alive!

    Mu Yetong already knew who sent these people!  It's his father¡ª¡ªMu Yexiong!  Because the coachman is his!  His purpose is obvious!  But it's too early to expose, right?

    The corner of Mu Yetong's mouth curled up, Mu Yexiong did a really good job this time!  Mu Yexiong knew that he was the only one who could save the emperor, but at the same time he couldn't get used to himself. Obviously, living in this world was a threat to Mu Yexiong's winning the throne!  Take this to kill yourself and kill two birds with one stone!  But Mu Yetong couldn't help but sneer, she underestimated herself, right?

    Since I can have such an excellent bodyguard, my identity should not be underestimated!  Maybe Mu Yexiong is a little bit worse in terms of tricks?

    While thinking, Mu Yetong drew out his soft sword and swept across it quickly, all the opponents were cut were the major arteries in the neck!  And five centimeters deep, absolutely fatal!  So it was fatal on the spot!

    Mu Yetong proudly withdrew the soft sword, but instead of putting it away, he threw it on the branch with a swish!  Looking down, the white clothes on his body have been dyed red!  It seems that we can only go to Qiao Yuhao's place!

    It is impossible to go back to the prime minister's mansion!  Wind and rain building?  Are you still eligible to go?

    Only Qiao Yuhao is there!  But if you walk openly on the street wearing this outfit, you will be arrested soon, right?  I had no choice but to use lightness kung fu to naturally jump as high as possible!

    It's still not far away, and soon arrived there, Mu Yetong glanced at it, and immediately found Qiao Yuhao's room!  Break through the window!  Qiao Yuhao is still practicing his brushwork!

    "Hey? Tong What are you?" Qiao Yuhao was obviously startled, and immediately stood up and walked towards Mu Yetong.  Seeing that Mu Yetong's white clothes were stained red, he couldn't help asking: "What's wrong with you? Are you injured?"

    "No just being assassinated! Those who assassinated me are all dead! I didn't get hurt at all! The blood on my body belongs to someone else!" Mu Yetong replied coldly, walked to Qiao Yuhao's bed and sat down  Said: "Prepare me clothes! Men's clothes! Don't tell others that I am here, let alone go to the Prime Minister's Mansion to inform them that I am here! The person who assassinated me was sent by Mu Yexiong. Don't ask me why, don't ask me any questions  ! I want to take a shower right now! Thanks!" Mu Yetong closed her eyes and said quietly, she is really tired now, she doesn't want to explain anything!

    "Okay" Qiao Yuhao looked at Mu Yetong with some distress. She really has a lot to bear at this age, even more than herself!  Then he went out and arranged the things that Mu Yetong said!

    Qiao Yuhao prepared another room for Mu Yetong, which is next to Qiao Yuhao's room!  Mu Yetong was sitting in the tub right now, and some flower petals were sprinkled on the water!  The warm water dyed Mu Yetong's snow-white skin pink!  The hot water soaked Mu Yetong's body, and Mu Yetong felt very relaxed, and today's fatigue was also reduced a lot!

    Mu Yetong knew that Qiao Yuhao was waiting outside, so he said without hesitation in the room: "Yuhao, are you outside?"

    "Hmm" Qiao Yuhao heard the voice, but didn't walk in!

    "I may have to stay with you for a while longer! Tomorrow, when you help me go to the street to check, there will be my missing imperial list! But absolutely don't tell anyone that I am here, I may have to wait until the prime minister's mansion stops making trouble before going out  !" Mu Yetong said this to himself inside, and Mu Yetong knew that Qiao Yuhao could hear him!

    "Okay!" Qiao Yuhao seemed to be like this all the time, no matter what Mu Yetong said, he would agree, and he would not ask why!  Trusting Mu Yetong just like that, just like Xiao Ya before!

    Thinking of this, Mu Yetong thought of Xiao Ya, wondering if he is good or not!

    "Yuhao, by the way, help me to ask Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo if they have left the Prime Minister's Mansion!" Mu Yetong thought of this, and brought it up by the way, asking Qiao Yuhao to check, anyway, this is nothing to the owner of Nanfangfengliu Building  !

    "Okay!" Qiao Yuhao who was standing outside the door couldn't help but smile helplessly, but he was still duplicity!  Although she obviously abandoned Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo, she still cared about them!

     If you want to ask how Qiao Yuhao knew about the relationship between Xiao Ya, Dongfang Mo and Mu Yetong?  That's very simple, no matter whether it's any landlord in the southeast, northwest or north, it's easy to check the affairs of the rivers and lakes or the court!

    There are six people who hold power in this world!

    The landlord in the southeast and northwest!  four!  The other two are the emperors of the Fengyun Kingdom!

    I want to ask which one has more power, the landlord or the emperor?  This is hard to say!

    It can be said to be a mutually beneficial relationship, right?  Can't compare!

    Having said that, Mu Yetong may guess that Han Mingfeng may be the owner of the Oriental Killer Building!  But why wasn't Dongfang Mo surprised when he saw the painting he drew from Dongfang Killer Tower?  Or did Dongfang Mo never look at the host?  Or because of something else?

    Oris it Han Mingfeng who is the owner of the Western Mysterious Building?  Because those four people are famous characters when they crossed over!  Even Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya don't count?  But it can be regarded as the landlord of the northern commercial building later?  As for Dongfang Mo, it is still an unknown future, right?

    In addition to being the landlord, Han Mingfeng may also be the prince of Yunguo, the emperor or something!  But Mu Yetong knew that Han Mingfeng would definitely come to her side automatically!  Because these five people are destined to be involved together, no matter what they go through!  Their fates are all tied together!  It's just that the main line is Mu Yetong!

    The next day

    Mu Yetong walked up and down Qiao Yuhao's floors in the appearance of a charming man, how many people were attracted by this beauty alone!  How much business will this increase for Qiao Yuhao?  (Remember the site URL:
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