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Chapter 42: Redemption (1)

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    "Tong" Qiao Yuhao looked at Mu Yetong with a worried face and frowned, and said, "Actuallyyou don't have to solicit business for me!"

    "Do I have it?" With a gorgeous face in the madness, eyebrows slanted into the temples, a pair of phoenix eyes on the corners of the tail are shining, and the smile is enchanting. It looks really charming, and the slender fingers are very elegant.  Fiddling with his forehead hair, he looked at Qiao Yuhao evilly and asked softly!

    "Um" Say yes, but you didn't do anything, say noLook at the large group of people outside the door who walked in as soon as they saw your face, is there any?  Qiao Yuhao looked at Mu Yetong with a headache!

    "By the way remember that I will be called Han Xun from now on!" Mu Yetong stood coolly at the door, turned her head and said evilly!

    Qiao Yuhao really wanted to fall down immediately, but he watched Mu Yetong walk out of the door helplessly!

    "Where are you going?" Qiao Yuhao asked hastily, but Mu Yetong's figure was no longer in sight!  After Mu Yetong went out, the first place he wanted to go was Muye Mansion. He lightly jumped up the wall of Muye Mansion, then jumped to the roof, lifted the tiles, and looked down!  Sure enoughMu Yexiong was a little anxious discussing with a man in silver clothes!

    "Aren't all the assassins under your command first class? Don't they make mistakes?" Mu Yexiong asked immediately!

    "It seems that the person who can kill so many killers under me must not be inferior in martial arts, at leastnot inferior to me!" The magnetic and evil voice came to his ears, and Mu Yetong was stunned for a moment.  !  Accidentally stepped on a tile!

    "Who?" The agile killer leader immediately noticed it. When he looked up, he saw a hole. He immediately walked out of the door and jumped onto the roof!  Sure enough, the speed was so fast that Mu Yetong had no time to escape!  But at least Mu Yexiong couldn't let Mu Yexiong recognize him, Mu Yetong lowered his head and shot a needle towards the hole, and immediately shot Mu Yexiong, Mu Yexiong fell down!

    "Who are you!?" The person on the opposite side didn't stop his actions: "Are you afraid that Mu Yexiong will see it?"

    "Well who are you!" Mu Yetong asked coldly with a cold face!

    "Oh? Youare you Mu Yetong?" The corner of the other party's mouth curled up slightly, and he asked with a slight smile!

    "Hehthen if I'm not mistaken, aren't you the owner of the Oriental Assassin Building?" Mu Yetong glanced at it, thinking about so many top assassins, could it be the leader of the killers, or the owner of the Eastern Assassin Building?  Landlord?

    "You are really interesting!" The other party narrowed his eyes and said with a chuckle!

    "Aren't you going to kill me? Why don't you do it?" Mu Yetong didn't pull out the soft sword at his waist at all, but he still asked!

    "But I think you are more valuable than old Mu Ye!" As expected, it is the host, and shrewdness is shrewdness: "You can defeat so many top killers of mine, and you can retreat without any injuries! I'm afraid  Your identity and martial arts are no less than mine!"

    "Then how about cooperating with me?" Mu Yetong said with a wicked smile on his cold face!

    "Oh? Do you think I will cooperate with you?" The other party's eyes flashed with surprise, and then he pretended to be calm and said!

    "Yes, because I will make you stronger!" Mu Yetong raised her head gently and said arrogantly!

    "Okay, I believe you!" The other party said softly!  Then he introduced himself: "My name isYe! Here it is!" Ye pulled out a jade pendant from his waist and handed it to Mu Yetong!  Mu Yetong understands that this jade pendant is the key to going to the Assassin's Tower without hindrance!

    "Okay! Can I go?" Mu Yetong didn't wait for Ye to answer, and immediately jumped off the roof, ready to leave!  But as soon as I jumped off the roof, I saw the two people I didn't want to see the most!

    Xiao Ya frowned and looked at Mu Yetong. Dongfang Mo's eyes were full of sorrow, and he also looked at Mu Yetong!

    "If you want to arrest me as the guards of Muye Mansion! Then go!" Mu Yetong turned cold and said aloud!

    "No let's find a place to chat!" Xiao Ya said distressedly, as if he knew something!  "Go to the Wind and Rain Building!"

    Mu Yetong glanced at the two of them, Xiao Ya's eyes were filled with sadness, Mu Yetong nodded helplessly!

    The three of them immediately flew to the Wind and Rain Building!

    "What's the matter!" Mu Yetong sat down and said aloud!

    "What prompted you to leave the Prime Minister's Mansion? Why did you cooperate with the owner of the killer building? What did Mu Yexiong do again? Why did you disappear yesterday? What happened that made you have to expose your martial arts?" Xiao Ya immediately stepped out.  Asking loudly, asking every sentence is the key!

    "It's none of your business?? business!  "Mu Yetong coldly refused!"

    "Can you tell us? Even if we don't want us to protect you, you must let us know the situation?" Xiao Ya bit her lower lip, begging with distressed face!

    "Mu Yexiong has acted and sent people from the Dongfang Assassin House to assassinate me, so I can no longer stay in Mu Ye Mansion! Do you think I can still show up? This time I just subdued the Dongfang Assassin House!" Mu Yetong looked at  Glancing at Xiao Ya, she still couldn't bear it, so she had to explain!

    "Actuallywe realized later that you are driving us away for our sake! Butwe are not afraid of any hardships or hardships! As long as we are by your side is that okay? We really  I can't live without you! I know you don't have feelings for mebut can I protect you? As long as I protect you! As long as I stay by your sidethat's enough!" Xiao Ya stood up and walked  Mu Yetong hugged Mu Yetong by her side, and put her head on Mu Yetong's shoulder!  A man does not flick his tears easily, but it is not yet the time to be sad!  Xiao Ya shed tears for the first time, and it was also the first time she shed tears for a girl!

    "You" Mu Yetong's eyes widened, and the bright eyes were full of surprise!  "Youare you really willing to stay by my side?" Mu Yetong pushed Xiao Ya away, looked into Xiao Ya's eyes, and asked!

    "Yes! Don't worry that I will be assassinated or anything! Just let me stay by your side Even if it is death, I am willing!" Xiao Ya pursed her lips, thinking of her previous life!  Past life is proof, isn't it?  For you, I am not afraid of death!  What are you afraid of?  Why don't you understand, Mu Yetong?  (Remember the site URL:
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