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Chapter 43: Redemption (2)

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    "Okay!" Mu Yetong smiled slightly, raised his sleeves, and wiped away the tears from the corners of Xiao Ya's eyes!  "You are not allowed to cry for anyone in the future, not for anyone!" Mu Yetong said angrily!

    "Okay!" Xiao Ya smiled sweetly, it was that naughty and handsome Xiao Ya again!

    "Tong, me too! I want to stay by your side all the time!" Dongfang Mo said with wide-eyed pupils!

    "Yes!" Mu Yetong smiled with a hook on the corner of her mouth!

    "But you have to temporarily stop in the Wind and Rain Building and take care of everything slowly! After my plan is completedstay by my side! You are not allowed to interfere in anything!" Mu Yetong immediately turned cold and said seriously!

    "Okay!" The two nodded in understanding, and said solemnly!  Just staying by Mu Yetong's side is enough, that's enough!

    "Hitomi! It's not good, it's not good!" Qiao Yuhao broke into the door and said in a hurry!

    "What's the matter?" Mu Yetong raised her head from the medical book and asked!

    "Your Majesty Your Majesty" Qiao Yuhao couldn't squeeze out important things for a long time!  Then Xiao Ya walked in!

    "The emperor is dead!" Xiao Ya pursed her lips, watching Mu Yetong's reaction!

    Mu Yetong's calm face seemed to have no expression at all!  If it wasn't for the words Mu Yetong uttered, he would have thought that Mu Yetong had been acupunctured!

    "It seems Mu Yexiong has started to act! The palace is probably in a civil war right now!" Mu Yetong played with her fingernails!  "Looks like I'm about to take action!" Mu Yetong stood up and walked towards the door!

    "I'll go with you!" The three people behind said in unison!  The voice did not fall

    "No!" Mu Yetong immediately refused!  Go decisively towards the palace!

    "What are you doing!" The queen mother looked angrily at Mu Yexiong who led the army into the palace!

    "Just look at it!" Mu Yexiong had a treacherous face, and the soldiers with swords and guns behind him could be seen at a glance!  Standing by the side, Lan Xuanqi, who didn't know the danger and arrogance, still glared at those people in front of him with an angry face!

    "Hmph, do you think your trick will succeed?" The queen mother laughed wildly as if she knew it a long time ago, "Look behind you!" Suddenly a large group of Jinyiwei appeared!

    But Mu Yexiong didn't panic like the queen mother had expected, but calmly said: "Jin Yiwei I have already bought it!" Sure enough, Jin Yiwei didn't obey the queen mother's orders at all!

    This is not the time for Mu Yexiong to succeed in his scheme!  Mu Yetong has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. In the past, because Mu Yexiong was the prime minister, it would be difficult to assassinate the prime minister; but now it is different, because if the chaos and rebels are suppressed, not only will his status and rights increase, but he will also not  Will be wanted, isn't this killing two birds with one stone?  So Mu Yexiong and Mu Yetong are far behind in terms of schemes!

    Just when Mu Yexiong was about to march, Mu Yetong quietly walked out from the side of the palace!

    "Mu Yexiong" With an evil smile on the corner of Mu Yetong's mouth, his eyes narrowed slightly, he walked out slowly!

    "Youreally not dead?" Mu Yexiong's face darkened!


    "That's good daughter! Then you just wait for me to win this country, and you just wait to be a princess!" Mu Yexiong flattered immediately, and it seemed that this daughter should not be underestimated from Dongfang Killer Lou's tone!

    "Being the daughter of a rebel?" Mu Yetong pretended to be puzzled and raised her eyebrows and smiled: "Disdain!"

    "Then you die with them!" Mu Yexiong immediately changed his tone, and ordered the army to rush up immediately!  The corners of Mu Yetong's mouth curled up, and a bright smile appeared, but in Mu Yexiong's eyes, it looked very sinister

    Mu Yetong clapped his hands, and from behind the army, countless black-clothed assassins appeared, they were from the Oriental Assassin Building!  Those people are one against ten!  The speed of those killers caught Mu Yexiong by surprise!

    The two teams fought immediately!

    However, Mu Yetong walked towards the Queen Mother like a normal person: "See the Queen Mother."

    "Tong Tong'er! Thanks to you for coming! Otherwise, we wouldn't know what to do!" The queen mother seemed to have met a savior, but she was surprised to see many arrows shot from the door, shooting at Lan Xuan  Qi!  It was arranged by Mu Yexiong!  To actually want to kill the future emperor is really ruthless, Lan Xuanqi quickly dropped those arrows!  However, a quick and sharp arrow was shot from the side, and Lan Xuanqi, who was busy blocking other arrows, had no time to block that arrow, but at this time, the Empress Dowager's love for Sun Guangguang was brought into play!  Blocking it in time, the arrow pierced into the Queen Mother's body like this!

    Mu Yetong sniffed slightly, no good, rushed away immediatelyGo up: "Poisonous?" Glancing at the arrow, is it Mu Yexiong's?  correct!  Mu Yetong immediately remembered, why did his elder brother Mu Yeyuan disappear?  Take a look around!

    Mu Yetong was stunned!  He unexpectedly betrayed Mu Yexiong?  Mu Yetong smiled, she really deserved to be the big brother she had her eye on, she made the right choice!

    "Hey, Tong, hurry up and save Grandma Huang!" Lan Xuanqi hurriedly rushed to see the bleeding!

    "It can't be helped!" Mu Yetong glanced at it and said helplessly!

    "How is it possible! Don't" Lan Xuanqi's body slipped down

    The queen mother closed her eyes quietly like this, and the last sentence of the queen mother couldn't get rid of Lan Xuanqi's head!

    "Ifyou become the emperor, you must respect Tongerjust like respecting grandmaremember"

    Mu Yexiong was suppressed!  Mu Yexiong's final fate was settled by Mu Yetong himself!  A soft sword pierced into Mu Yexiong's chest without hesitation

    "That's goodyou can go and accompany Wanxin!" Mu Yexiong closed his eyes with peace of mind, but Mu Yetong was stunned. Didn't he force Wanxin to death?  Why is it so gratifying to be dead now?  Does he love her too?  Why?  Mu Yetong was really puzzled!

    Mu Yexiong was killed, and naturally there was no leader among the dragons, and the rebellion was suppressed

    Mu Yetong clearly avenged the loss of her mother, why did she feel weird in her heart?

    Mu Yetong knew the last words of the queen mother when she died, but she never expected Lan Xuanqi actually made such a decision!  That imperial decree broke all of Mu Yetong's plans (Remember this website URL:
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