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Chapter 48 Untitled

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    I don't know what happened to him!  Because of Prime Minister Mu Yexiong's rebellion, Mu Yeyuan's status has been implicated, and his status has also been lowered a lot, but because of his own status, he has been promoted a lot, so for the time being, he is only one rank lower than the Prime Minister!

    In fact, Mu Yetong also wanted to care about this elder brother who cared about her, and Lan Xuanqi!  After all, marrying the daughter of the rebel to be the queen is difficult for Lan Xuanqi!  What's more, it is not easy for Mu Yeyuan to be charged as the father of the rebellion!

    Mu Yetong also wanted to see how those people would satirize and meet her!  Anyway, they are all afraid that the world will not be chaotic!

    With a light leap, Mu Yetong leaped onto the hall hundreds of meters high. Mu Yetong looked at the roof speechlessly, it wasn't made by digging like before!  How is this eavesdropping?  Mu Yetong jumped off the roof helplessly, and accidentally discovered that there was a small back door, which could just block herself, and Mu Yetong walked behind the door with a slight dodge, watching everything on the hall silently!

    "Your Majesty, the danger of the town that Prince Yu went to has been lifted, and you can rush back tomorrow!" A serious thinking reported to Lan Xuanqi!

    "Well, is there anything else you want to report? If you have nothing to do, you will retreat!" Lan Xuanqi has a serious and solemn expression, and his handsome face is meticulous, which makes people feel respectful!

    "Your Majesty, I have something to report to the Emperor." Mu Yetong glanced at the person who made the sound. It turned out to be the Prime Minister Zuo, who usually loves to fight against Mu Yexiong. It seems that he is very dissatisfied with everything about Mu Yexiong.  No, it's time to target Mu Yetong again: "I think the most important thing about the royal family is incense, and I don't mind if the emperor recruits concubines! Add incense to the royal family!" Prime Minister Zuo knelt and said!

    "This" Lan Xuanqi hesitated now, and it wasn't long before he recruited Mu Yetong as the queen. Isn't it a bit too much to recruit a concubine so soon?  "Let's talk about it later!" Lan Xuanqi hurriedly shied away, after all, I was really sorry for Mu Yetong, but Mu Yetong's indifferent appearance appeared in Lan Xuanqi's mind, would shewould you mind?

    Mu Yeyuan, who was standing by the side, also looked worried. The two men were thinking about their own problems. Mu Yeyuan was regretting. He didn't know whether it was right or wrong to marry Mu Yetong to Lan Xuanqi.  Does Hitomi really like him?  Will you be unhappy?  If a concubine is recruited in the future, will Mu Yetong be left out in the cold? Mu Yeyuan couldn't believe when he cared so much about Mu Yetong!

    Standing outside, Mu Yetong's eyes turned cold, recruiting a concubine?  Mu Yetong regained his composure, and quickly hid himself!  Because they had retreated, and Lan Xuanqi was walking this way, why did he call Mu Yeyuan over?

    Mu Yetong watched them enter the imperial study room, and then followed them!  This time, he blatantly followed!

    They are talking about things

    "Kowtow to the empress!" The guard at the door yelled, making the two people inside stunned for a moment. Mu Yetong is here?  Immediately afterwards, I saw the door slowly open, the yellow Bixialuo embroidered with phoenix, the pink smoked gauze skirt stretching across the floor, the hand holding the Qiluocui tulle, and a peony flower slanted in the bun and misty temples.  The eyebrows are open and delicate, and the green temples are thick with the smell of spring smoke. Because she is married, the bun is even more charming!

    "Tong" Seeing Mu Yetong approaching, the two of them couldn't hide the joy on their faces, and they immediately stood up!

    "See the emperor!" Mu Yetong glanced at Mu Yeyuan next to him, and then bowed to Lan Xuanqi!

    "There are no outsiders now, so don't be cautious!" Lan Xuanqi hurriedly stepped forward to help Mu Yetong up!

    No outsiders?  Mu Yetong saw the old Prime Minister Zuo who was standing beside them discussing with them at a glance!

    "Tong'er, come and sit!" Lan Xuanqi said without hesitation!

    "Are you guys discussing something? Can I stay here and listen?" Mu Yetong smiled reservedly, and Rumiao Furong smiled back.

    "Of course." The emperor has spoken, so what can they do?

    "Your Majesty, the humble minister's opinion is still unchanged. For the sake of the royal family's incense, the empress must be so clear about righteousness, she will definitely not stop the emperor from accepting concubines, right?" Prime Minister Zuo is really treacherous and cunning.  !

    The corners of Mu Yetong's mouth curled up, and he smiled, but he really laughed at the self-righteous Prime Minister Zuo in his heart: "Of course, for the sake of the royal family's incense, Tong'er will naturally not stop the emperor's move to accept the concubine!"  care?  Mu Yetong already knew what prime minister Zuo had planned, didn't he just want his daughter to enter the palace and become a concubine?  Then took the opportunity to seize the position of his queen?  Heh You must have underestimated Mu Yetong, right?  Since you want to let your daughter enter the palace, then Mu Yetong will help you!

    Lan Xuanqi glanced at the smile that flashed in Mu Yetong's eyes, and thought that Mu Yetong agreed to recruit a concubine.??But Lan Xuanqi was really uneasy in his heart, because Mu Yetong didn't care about herself, but she just wanted to be happy!  Lan Xuanqi then immediately ordered that the emperor recruit a concubine. This is not ordinary, and it caused a sensation all over the country!

    Mu Yeyuan, who was sitting on the side, could only look at Mu Yetong obsessively, but now he is getting farther and farther away from Mu Yetong!

    This act of recruiting a concubine naturally reached the ears of Qiao Yuhao and Xiao Yadongfangmo, and they were all surprised!  Qiao Yuhao couldn't believe itbut he was no longer qualified to control her!  Why can't I forget her!  Why!

    After Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo heard the news, they hurried into the palace and secretly went to see Mu Yetong, wanting to ask what was going on!

    Xiao Ya Dongfangmo made use of the secret signal with Mu Yetong, and made an appointment in the back garden. At this timeit was midnight, and Mu Yetong frowned and looked at the two people in front of him, without a hint of yearning!

    But Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo saw it this time because they hadn't seen each other for a long time, and their eyes were full of joy!

    "Is there something wrong?" Mu Yetong asked in confusion!

    "It's okay, I just asked you how you recruited a concubine? Didn't you just marry you not long ago?" Xiao Ya looked at Mu Yetong silently, Dongfang Mo couldn't bear it first, and asked out!

    Mu Yetong was just about to explain, but paused for a moment, glanced at the rockery, and then said: "Because I feel that I am too tired to serve the emperor alone, so I asked the emperor to recruit a concubine, do I have to tell you this too? And  Who is hiding behind you?" Mu Yetong stepped forward, pushed Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya away, and saw that it was a woman with willow leaf eyebrows, almond eyes, and a small cherry mouth!  (Remember the site URL:
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