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Chapter 49 Girl

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    "Sheshe is a new recruit from Fengyu Building. She has been pestering us recently, but she followed you when I came to see you, so I took her along for fear of being discovered!" Xiao Ya was afraid of Mu Yetong.  Misunderstanding, quickly explained!

    "Really? Doesn't that mean that she knows that I am related to you? Hmph Who do you think you are? Do you have a high status so you can do whatever you want?" Mu Yetong's tone became cold, and the two quickly  Knowing that Mu Yetong was angry, she quickly knelt down!

    "Subordinates dare not!"

    "Hey, who are you! Why do you make Ya and Mo kneel down!" The little girl immediately rushed up and pointed at Mu Yetong's nose and shouted!

    Mu Yetong's eyes flashed a gloomy coldness, and he slapped that little girl!  Half of the little girl's face immediately became swollen!

    "How dare you hit me!" The little girl rushed forward, as if I were fighting with you!  Mu Yetong smiled contemptuously, lifted her foot lightly, and the little girl immediately rolled over ten feet away!

    The little girl seemed to have been seriously injured, but she refused to admit defeat and rushed up again, but Mu Yetong was not happy now, and her voice was cold, and immediately shocked the little girl: "If you make trouble again, I will be ruined."  You!" The little girl's heart was chilled, and she was even more afraid of Mu Yetong's cold eyes, which seemed to suck people in, and she felt chilling just by looking at her!

    "I I'm not afraid of you!" The little girl said unwillingly, Mu Yetong raised her water sleeve, waved at the little girl, and a dozen poisonous needles immediately shot at the little girl.  girl!

    When it was too late, Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo took five poisonous needles, and stood in front of the little girl together, blocking Mu Yetong!

    "You want to stop me, right?" Mu Yetong's heart gradually turned cold!

    "We just don't want you to kill people here!" Xiao Ya said nah!

    "It's not up to you to take care of my affairs!" Mu Yetong turned her head, pretending not to care!  "You will always be my bodyguards, get out of the way!" Mu Yetong stared at the two people in front of her and shouted angrily!

    "Don't! Don't do thisis it okay?" Xiao Ya's face was full of distress!

    "Don't blame me for being cruel!" Mu Yetong said this, before Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo could react, Mu Yetong had already said: "Come here, catch the assassin!" Just be Mu Ye  When Tong shouted that sentence, Xiao Ya clearly saw Mu Yetong's serious coldness!

    "Okay, I always thought you were cold on the outside and hot on the inside, it seems that I was wrong! Let's go!" Xiao Ya's heart suddenly became ruthless, and she took Dongfang Mo and the little girl and flew out with lightness kung fu!  That cold and unfamiliar look before leaving made Mu Yetong's heart tremble!  Mu Yetong bit her lower lip tightly, hold back, must hold back!  If you can't help it, everything will be ruined!  Don't feel bad!

    Mu Yetong turned her head coldly and firmly Walking step by step towards her bedroom, the rain began to fall The rain dripped down on Mu Yetong's clothes, cheeks, eyes, and hands  , on the hair, rainwater flowed down the vertical tip of Mu Yetong's hair!

    Seeing Mu Yetong like this, those behind the rockery couldn't help but jumped over immediately!  It stopped in front of Mu Yetong!

    Mu Yetong knew a long time ago Lan Xuanqi has been hiding behind the rockery to eavesdrop, peeking at everything just now!

    "What are you doing here!" Mu Yetong said angrily!

    "Don't get wet!" Lan Xuanqi raised his umbrella to cover Mu Yetong's head!

    "Let me calm down, I'm tired, don't follow me! I want to be alone!" Mu Yetong glared at Lan Xuanqi, and then ran away immediately!  After returning to his bedroom, he just got everyone out!  She is the only one in the huge dormitory!

    Mu Yetong pursed her lips, it's okay right?  Just explain it to them next time!  Because Lan Xuanqi is here, I just need to use the little girl as a stepping stone to drive you away!  But that sentence came to Mu Yetong's mind

    Well, I always thought you were cold on the outside and hot on the inside, it seems I was wrong!  let's go!

    Well, I always thought you were cold on the outside and hot on the inside, it seems I was wrong!  let's go!

    And that cold and unfamiliar look It was raining just now, and Mu Yetong couldn't help but sneezed!  Don't think about it, they should understand themselves, right?  Butwill they betray themselves?  What if you betrayed yourself because of that little girl?  Don't betraydon'tMu Yetong hesitated

    But he fell asleep in a daze with a sickness just passed out like this!

    Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya, who were waiting for the disappearing little girl at the door, suddenly saw the little girl come back!

    "Little girl, where is my bracelet? Have you played enough? Give it back to me!" Dongfang Mo said to the little girl with a serious face!

      "Oh!" The little girl pouted!  Was about to look for the wrist from the wrist, but it disappeared!

    "Where did you go just now?" Xiao Ya ignored them and asked directly!

    "I" Just as the little girl was hesitating, the shouts in the palace disturbed them, and they couldn't help but go in to have a look!

    "It's on fire! It's on fire!" The eunuch outside the door looked at the raging fire in Kunning Palace, the palace where Mu Yetong lived, and hurriedly said to the half-collapsed house!

    Lan Xuanqi arrived immediately, but there was nothing to see!  Only the skeleton!  Skeletons that have been burned to ashes!  I can't see the shape of the face anymore, butthe clothes on her body are indeed Mu Yetong's clothes!

    "No! Don't!" Lan Xuanqi cried for the first time for a woman, the first time he cried!  Tears hit Mu Yetong's body drop by drop!  "Find out for me! Who did it!" Lan Xuanqi raised his head and ordered with eyes full of hatred!  You can clearly see the raging fire burning in Lan Xuanqi's eyes!

    But on the other sideYe, wearing a silver mask, saw a bracelet on the ground, picked it up, glanced at Lan Xuanqi, and then flew away with lightness kung fu!

    At this time, Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo had just arrived, and there was that little girl behind him, and that little girl was stunned!

    "No Lan Xuanqi! Don't tell me this is Tong's body! Don't!" Xiao Ya rushed to Lan Xuanqi, grabbed Lan Xuanqi's collar and shouted!

    "Are you questioning me? Didn't you hurt Tong before! What did you say about Tong for that little girl! Have you forgotten!" Lan Xuanqi yelled back!  Xiao Ya was knocked down with one punch!  (Remember the site URL:
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