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Chapter 50 Fire

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    "How would you know!" Xiao Ya staggered back and said!

    "I've been hiding behind the rockery and saw everything!" Lan Xuanqi said angrily: "If if I hadn't left Tong alone at that time, it would be great! It wouldn't be like this! But you! Xiao Ya is also responsible!  "Lan Xuanqi's eyes are full of anger, remorse, and all emotions now!"

    "How come" Tong really hit the little girl on purpose, because Lan Xuanqi was standing behind!  Why!  Why did you say that to Mu Yetong without thinking it over?  No!  "Tong!" Xiao Ya rushed to Mu Yetong's body in one step, and hugged Mu Yetong!  "Why! Why do you want me to regret treating you like this! Why do you always think of others, why don't you tell me! It's all my fault! It's all my fault that I misunderstood you! How about you get up! You said we are yours, didn't you?  Why did you leave!? What do you want us to do when you leave! You deliberately took revenge on me, right! You deliberately made us regret and feel guilty for the rest of our lives, right?!" Xiao Ya shook Mu Yetong's body like crazy!  But the voice behind Xiao Ya murmured!

    "How could it be I didn't do it on purpose, I was just playing a prank, how could it be like this, she must not be Mu Yetong! Of course not, how could she not be able to escape with her high martial arts skills!" The little girl roared with dazed eyes!

    "It's you! You did it, right!" Dongfang Mo grabbed the little girl and shouted!

    "No no! It's not me! I was just playing a prank, I really didn't know she wouldn't escape!" The little girl told the truth in a trance!

    "It's really you!" Four voices sounded from the surroundings at the same time, Xiao Ya, Dongfang Mo, Lan Xuanqi, Mu Yeyuan, four pairs of eyes full of hatred stared at the little girl!

    "I" No one could save the little girl: "That must not be Mu Yetong's body! Think about how Mu Yetong's martial arts are so high, how could she not be able to hide!" The little girl tried to find a way for her willful murder  Excuse!

    "What do you know! Hitomi was drenched in the rain and hit by that bastard Xiao Yan again! At such a moment, do you think she is strong? Can she not pass out? She looks the strongest! But she is weaker than anyone else! Just  She hides all her fragility! A person like you who can only act willfully will not know!" Lan Xuanqi roared!  The bloodshot eyes stared at the little girl!  If the doctor hadn't said that the woman was 16 or 17 years old, and she couldn't escape because of a cold and fainted from the rain, Lan Xuanqi wouldn't have believed that it was Mu Yetong's!

    "It's really you! It was you who made me misunderstand Mu Yetong, and it was you who caused Tong to be burned to death! I will kill you!" Xiao Ya used a knife for the first time, the first time to kill with a knife, the first time  So angry!  The little girl's head was cut off by Xiao Ya without hesitation!

    No one stoppedno one!

    "I want to take Tong back to the villa for burial!" Xiao Ya solemnly said to Lan Xuanqi!

    "Okay, if it was Tong, he wouldn't be willing to stay here!" Lan Xuanqi was so obedient for the first time, just because of that womanthat ruthless poisonous girl!

    Dongfang Mo said, "Xiao Ya"

    "Huh?" Xiao Ya roared impatiently!

    "My bracelet the bracelet that Hitomi gave me is gone!"

    "Everyone is dead, so what about the bracelet?" Xiao Ya looked at the sky, holding Mu Yetong's body in his hands, crystal liquid dripped from the corner of his eyes, maybe this bracelet was just forgotten!

    But no one knows, because of this bracelet, a hatred is born!

    "Iflook!" Master Ye of the Oriental Killer Building was holding the Dongfang Mo bracelet in his hand and handed it to the woman in black and wearing a black veil.  have witnessed!"

    The woman stretched out her slender arm to take the bracelet: "Dongfang Mo Xiao Ya Heh!" The mysterious woman raised her head faintly, her empty eyes were cold and cold!  "I really betrayed right? I said If you betray, you have to pay the price!" In the quiet pavilion, the voice was even more sinister and terrifying!

    Yes, this mysterious woman is Mu Yetong, but she is not the previous Mu Yetong, because sheis Han Xunruo!

    And the corpse in the palace was Cheng'er who had provided information to Mu Yetong. Because she was wet, Mu Yetong asked her to change into her own clothes, and she couldn't escape the raging fire at all!  Because I was already unconscious at the time, it was Ye who rescued me!  But my face

    In Mu Yetong's consciousness, with the addition of the necklace, Mu Yetong believed that it was Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo who set the fire in order to protect the little girl and fear that Mu Yetong would retaliate. Therefore Mu Yetong chose  Give up Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya!  but heAfter all, they are their own items!  Their lives are resolved by themselves!

    "Ye, let's go to Yunguo!" Mu Yetong had no other idea of ??going to Yunguo, just because of Han Mingfeng!

    "Okay, there are two horses outside the door, I'll accompany you!" Ye Ying's handsome and charming face flashed determination!  Mu Yetong turned her head and took a look at Ye!

    "Yes." Mu Yetong nodded indifferently.

    Mu Yetong's black clothes remain unchanged, and the veil on her face has never been removed. Why?

    Mu Yetong jumped onto the horse with a light leap, and hurried forward without even looking at the night!

    "The direction is wrong! Ruo!" Ye hurriedly said!

    "That's right, I'm going to pass by Fengyun Mountain, the distance is much shorter!" Mu Yetong replied indifferently!

    "But Fengyun Mountain is terrifying!" Ye frowned!

    "I'll go as soon as I say!" Mu Yetong didn't even bother to explain to Ye!

    "Oh" Ye had no choice but to obey!

    When Mu Yetong arrived at the foot of Fengyun Mountain, he immediately left his horse and went straight up the mountain!

    "Ruo, be careful, there are many tricks!" Ye also abandoned the two thousand-mile horses and followed!

    Mu Yetong calmly unlocked the traps one by one, and finally walked into Fengyun Villa calmly!

    "Who is so bold, dare to break into Fengyun Villa!" The old man Tongye rushed out of the room with one stride!

    Mu Yetong calmly looked at the angry old man Tongye!  (Remember the site URL:
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