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Chapter 52 Silver Fox

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    "This" Ye looked suspiciously at the silver fox in Mu Yetong's arms.

    "This is a silver fox that has been rare for thousands of years, and it is the only purebred silver fox in this land! Blood can cure all kinds of poisons, and its natural coldness can also boost its owner's internal energy.  It is very difficult for the silver fox to change hands." Mu Yetong rarely explained patiently, Wanyan Ye listened carefully, so it seems that Mu Yetong is the destined master of this silver fox?  This silver fox has another effect that Mu Yetong concealed and didn't tell Wanyan Ye, not only for her own good, but also for Wanyan Ye's good!

    Three people No, two people and one fox arrived after crossing the snow-capped mountains and were about to arrive at Yunguo. Unexpectedly, after driving all night, they arrived at the wilderness outside the city gate when it was dark!

    "It looks like we're going to sleep in the open!" Ye shrugged helplessly and looked at Mu Yetong. Mu Yetong nodded slightly, but his chest felt slightly tight, as if something was about to happen

    And on the other side

    Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo managed the northern commercial building in an orderly manner. These efforts were all for Mu Yetong, because this pavilion was the only thing Mu Yetong left for them!

    But Dongfang Mo's fate is not so ordinary. No, the owner of the legendary Western Mysterious Building will meet with Dongfang Mo, saying that he will compete with each other in the name of the owner. Who knows what the main idea of ??the Western Mysterious Building is!  But Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya are still clear that the mysterious building is actually a huge martial arts training hall. Of course, it is completely different from the Eastern Assassin Building.  It can be said to be the complete opposite of martial arts!  The reason why it is mysterious is because the imperial court does not want the people to know that the generals and soldiers serving as soldiers are still characters from the mysterious building in the West!

    Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya dressed solemnly and prepared to go to the Western Mysterious Building, but Xiao Ya, who was quick by nature, felt that the owner of the Western Mysterious Building was not just being a guest something would definitely happen!

    When Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo first stepped into this small villa, what they saw was not the solemn and elegant pavilions, but the huge martial arts training ground, and the martial arts practitioners were full of vigor!  He has the mighty style of being a soldier!

    The two of them followed an old man into the pavilion.  The body is dignified and the appearance is dignified.  A pair of eyes shot cold stars, and two eyebrows were like paint.  The chest is wide and broad, and there is a majesty that is invincible.  The words are majestic, and the ambition of thousands of Zhang Lingyun is spit out.  The heart is bold and bold, like a lion shaking the sky and descending from the clouds.  The bones are strong and the tendons are strong, like a brave Pixiu sitting on the seat.  The landlord, who used to be heroic and heroic, looked a little pale!  Seeing Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo coming in, his eyes immediately lit up, and everyone went out, leaving Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo behind!

    The owner of the mysterious building staggered to his feet immediately, and walked in front of Dongfang Mo, with relief and surprise in his eyes!

    "My son! My son!" The owner of the mysterious building immediately grabbed Dongfang Mo's clothes and shouted in surprise!

    It turns out the original name of the owner of the mysterious building was Dongfang Hu, and Dongfang Mo was his son. Because of the feud between Dongfang Hu and Wan Yankang, the former owner of the Dongfang Killer Building, Dongfang Mo was snatched away from Dongfang Mo when he was young, and he raised him.  Three years later, when Dongfang Mo was about to end, he happened to be rescued by Mu Yetong. After he left the mountain, Dongfanghu found out about Dongfang Mo

    But Dongfang Tiger is already sickvery, very sick!  It is estimated that the life expectancy is less than one month, so maybe Dongfang Mo became the owner of the Western Mysterious Building for no reason?

    The fire was still burning slowly, and Mu Yetong was resting against the tree trunk with her eyes closed, still holding the little fox in her arms, but when there was an unnatural sound coming from the woods, the little fox immediately noticed it, feeling uneasy  Twisting, Mu Yetong was awakened immediately!  The little fox jumped lightly and escaped from Mu Yetong's embrace!  Mu Yetong didn't make a sound to wake up Wanyan Ye, nor did she call out to Xiaohu, she just frowned and followed!

    The little fox was quick by nature, and escaped out of sight after jumping a few times. Mu Yetong had no choice but to jump on the branch to inspect the front, and followed up with lightness kung fu!  Sure enough, it was the little fox who heard the unusual voice. Mu Yetong squatted down and looked at the person in front of him. He was dressed in extraordinary clothes. How could he be so bruised and unconscious here?

    Mu Yetong was just about to squat down to check his condition, when dozens of men in black suddenly appeared around him, surrounding him and the man lying on the ground, as if they came to take the life of the man lying on the ground  of it?

    Mu Yetong glanced at it, not intending to be nosy, picked up the little fox, and was about to leave, but the people around stopped him and said: "Since you saw itthen cut the weeds and roots! Kill!" The leader in black  People don't seem to know what is good or bad!

    "I don't want to meddle in my own business, and you don't want to ask for trouble!" Mu Yetong paused for a moment, then uttered a word coldly, hugging the little fox unmoved!

    "Hmph, since??You saw it, so naturally I can't keep you!  "The man in black gave the order, waved his hand, and the people around immediately surrounded him, raised his sword and killed him.

    Mu Yetong was still indifferent, and at last when there was still a little distance, Mu Yetong said four words contemptuously: "I don't know what to do!" The men in black around him all fell down!

    The man in black who took the lead gave a panicked look, "You actually used poison!" Then he ordered the man in black around him to put on a gas mask!  I also hurriedly put on the mask!

    "Hmph, now it's up to you! If you get caught without a fight, you'll be left with a dead body!" The man in black who took the lead thought he had the chance to win, but in the distance Wanyan Ye just rushed over, and flew to Mu  Beside Ye Tong.  Immediately, they turned their backs to Mu Yetong, and quickly drew out the sword!

    "Ruo, why are you meddling in your own business?" Wan Yanye looked at the surrounding situation, and even glanced at the person on the ground, asking puzzledly!

    "It's not that I'm meddling in my own business. I originally planned to leave, but the leader won't let me go. What can I do?" Mu Yetong replied calmly, already holding Xiaohu in his arms!

    "Hmph, come two? Then kill a pair!" The man in black who took the lead watched Wanyan Ye suddenly appear in front of him in surprise!  But then he became ruthless, and the man in black immediately rushed up after giving the order!

    Mu Yetong replied with a contemptuous smile: "Overestimate yourself!" Mu Yetong turned around and flew up to the treetop, and put the little fox on the treetop!  Then he fell down lightly, flicked his sleeves lightly, and the two men in black staggered back a few steps and fell down vomiting blood!  (Remember the site URL:
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