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Chapter 53

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    Mu Yetong patrolled lightly, and jumped towards the leader of the man in black. The man in black who took the lead panicked, then swung his sword, and the blade slashed across Mu Yetong's veil.  She walked over, but Mu Yetong slapped the man in black instead, the man in black jumped and dodged, and the man's sword stabbed at him again, and the veil was scratched off

    "I kao, it turned out to be an ugly woman!" The man in black spat on the ground, and laughed contemptuously when he saw the burning scar on Mu Yetong's face.

    Mu Yetong's eyes turned cold, but at the same time, a trace of inferiority flashed across Wu Ling's eyes. A bloodthirsty chill suddenly enveloped Wu Ling's eyes, as if a demon god descended into the world.  In the corner, Mu Yetong raised one hand coldly, and slapped it with a palm. The power of five successes was enough to make the opponent unable to resist, and fell down. The corner of Mu Yetong's mouth curled into a sneer, and he stretched out his hand to remove the black hole.  The man in black's gas mask lightly scratched his fingernail on the cheek of the man in black. The poison on the fingernail quickly penetrated into the skin, his face immediately rotted, and the man died in pain at the same time!

    Mu Yetong stood up gloomyly, "Overreachinghuh" By the way, he sneered, his voice was like a soul song from hell, and he glanced at the men in black around him with evil eyes, and took a look.  A soft sword protruding from the waist, a sword across the neck of a man in black, piercing the neck for three points!  Immediately fatal, two men in black rushed over from the left, the poisonous powder in Mu Yetong's hand swiped across, and entered the eyes of the two without any mistakes, Mu Yetong immediately swung his sword, and the two of them  fatal!

    OnetwoMu Yetong tasted the pleasure of killing. The first time he killed so happily, the smile on the corner of his mouth made people feel even more sinister, but at that moment of fear, Mu Yetong  Hitomi finished it neatly!  Even before I felt the pain, I went to hell to see Hades!

    The first time Wanyanye saw Mu Yetong's eyes was so strange, not calm, nor calm, but with a smile, killing Miao's eyes, it seems that killing one more person will bring more pleasure, which makes people extremely  fear!

    Until all the men in black fell down, Mu Yetong took out a handkerchief from his bosom, and gently wiped the blood on the soft sword Clean Mu Yetong gently threw the handkerchief over!

    Turning around, he jumped up the treetops, hugged the little fox, and the anger in his heart gradually calmed down, maybe it was the little fox's natural cold nature and Mu Yetong's murderous heart?  Mu Yetong walked up to the leading man in black whose body was no longer visible, picked up the black veil, and patted it disgustingly, as if it was stained!

    "What if what should he do?" Wanyan Ye helplessly helped the unconscious man lying on the ground.

    "It doesn't matter, I don't intend to save him anyway!" Mu Yetong gently put on the veil, then hugged Xiaohu and prepared to leave!  But the moment he turned around

    But at the moment of turning around

    The man in black lying on the ground woke up The first person who caught his eyes was Wanyan Ye The tall nose, thin lips, and sword-like eyebrows slanted into the corners of his temples.  In strands of black hair.  Handsome side face, the perfect facial contour is impeccable!

    "It was you who saved me?" The man lying on the ground frowned and asked!

    "It doesn't count She saved you!" Wanyan Ye pointed to Mu Yetong who was standing in the distance holding the little fox!  The black clothes were lightly wrapped around her body, her jet-black hair hung down her back to her waist her clear eyes were not stained with dirt.  The feathery eyelashes flickered, and the sunlight rippled from the opened eyelashes.  The bright eyes seem to stand in the color of the sun, which is extraordinarily warm. A black gauze covers the fair face, mouth and nose, adding an extra layer of mystery. The silver fox velvet in the hand is also crystal clear.  , in contrast to the black that Mu Yetong was wearing.  Looking ahead, it seemed as if he and the man beside him did not exist!  The body also reveals this faint arrogance and aristocratic aura.

    "Thank you girl!" The man murmured his thanks!

    "I didn't intend to save you at all, just treat it as a misunderstanding!" Mu Yetong replied calmly, turned around slowly, and looked at the seriously injured person lying on the ground in front of him.  In an instant, the calmness in Mu Yetong's eyes gradually turned intosurprise!

    With one stride, he rushed forward, immediately pushed Wanyan Ye away, and immediately embraced the young man in his arms No one can see through the light in his eyes!  But only Mu Yetong knew clearly, was it really him?  Is it really him?

    I I thought I would never see you again!  There are so many things I want to say to youbutyou haven't recovered your memory, don't worryas long as I see you, as long as you are safe!

    Mu Yetong let go of the surprised boy in his arms, took out a pill from his bosom, squeezed the pill, stuffed it into the boy's mouth, and the boy obediently swallowed it.  Still looking at Mu Yetong with a face full of surprise

    Mu Yetong felt that surprised gaze, raised her head, saw the bewildered face of the other party, and burst into a smile Even the veil couldn't hide Mu Yetong's charming smile, everything melted into the  Mu Yetong smiled sincerely.

    " Having been hunted down by so many people, who the hell are you?" Wanyan Ye felt a little jealous, and pulled Mu Yetong away gently, staring fixedly at him!

    "Thisit's a long story! Youcan you take me into the city? By the way, my name is"

    "Yes!" Mu Yetong still had a smile on his lips, and before the other party finished speaking, he said softly: "Han Ming Feng" slowly slipped from Mu Yetong's delicate lips like rose petals.  Spit out from the thin red lips.

    "Huh? How did you know my name" Han Mingfeng raised his head in surprise, and looked directly at Mu Yetong, his eyes glowing with doubt.

    "Heh" Mu Yetong smiled and said nothingWanyan Ye, who was standing at the side, was overwhelmed, and the smell of vinegar was reborn!

    "Okay, let's go! It's already dawn." Wanyan Ye pursed her lips and said!

    The other two nodded in agreement, and the three of them left togetherWan Yanye, who was walking behind, pouted and looked at the two walking in front, and couldn't help mumbling behind her!  (Remember the site URL:
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