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Chapter 54 Help

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    "Why don't you tell him that he took the precious pill, didn't say that you took him into the city, and didn't say that you saved him, why are you so close to Ruo! It's really unfair Huh!  "Wanyan Ye looks like a child in his broken thoughts now, every gesture is childish, and the white fox lying on Mu Yetong's shoulder looks at Wanyan Ye's every move with eyes full of doubts.  After a move, he raised his paw and scratched his head, still not understanding the reason for Wanyan Ye's actions.

    However, someone who was walking in the front but relying on his good hearing has mastered Wanyan Ye's every move. Just now Wanyan Ye's actions have been brought into someone's mind There is a smile on the corner of his mouth, not just a mockery  Oranother factor, and he shook his head helplessly!

    After entering the city, Han Mingfeng first changed out of the tattered clothesand tidyed up a bit. The bushy eyebrows, high nose, and beautiful lips all exuded nobility and elegance.

    Mu Yetong glanced at Han Mingfeng, and suddenly remembered With this temperament, Han Mingfeng couldn't be a member of the court of Yunguo, right?

    The three stopped at this inn, and entered a soundproof box to have a long talk.

    "Let me tell you the truth, whether you believe it or not, but I believe you, so I tell you the truth." Han Mingfeng tugged at the folds of his clothes, took a sip of tea, and said, "I am the emperor of Yunguo, but  But he was usurped by his younger brother, the prince of Yunguo. He secretly colluded with court officials, tricked me out of the city, and sent people to assassinate me. In the endyou saved me, buthe was going to fight tomorrow  On the death day ceremony, a false imperial decree was issued saying that I had died of illness, and a false imperial decree was also concealed to pass on the throne to him!" Han Mingfeng finished speaking angrily, and then looked at Wanyan Ye: "I know you are from Dongfanglou  Isn¡¯t Wan Yanye, the landlord, right? So please help me! Can you?¡±

    "" Wanyan Ye hesitated for a moment, then turned his gaze to Mu Yetong: "If what do you think?"

    "Help" Mu Yetong muttered a word, Han Mingfeng's eyes were shining, but Wanyanye's eyes flashed a trace of disappointment!

    "Okay If you want to help, let's help!" Wan Yanye said reluctantly!

    "But!" When the decision had been made, Mu Yetong continued, "If there is a conditionto help, of course we can't help in vain." Mu Yetong replied with a smile on the corner of his mouth!

    "Thenwhat are your conditions!" Han Mingfeng said calmly!

    "Well I'll talk about it after you help me!" Mu Yetong narrowed her eyes slightly and replied softly.

    Relying on Wanyan Ye's strength alone is naturally not enough, because Wanyan Ye can only provide force, and the most important thing is to outsmart. No, Mu Yetong has sneaked into the palace. If you want to ask how he got in, just ask  It can be said that it depends on Mu Yetong's token of Fengguo. There are only two tokens of Fengguo, one is in the hands of Emperor Lan Xuanqi, and the other is in the hands of Lord Lan Zeyu.  The token is Lan Zeyu's!

    Mu Yetong falsely claimed that he was an envoy sent by Fengguo, and that he was here as a guest!  With that token, naturally no one dares to doubt And the groom of the carriage made by Mu Yetong is Han Mingfeng, who brought Han Mingfeng into the palace, and let Han Mingfeng dress up to attend tomorrow's death ceremony, breaking Han Mingfeng's  Emperor Han Yuze's conspiracy!

    Mu Yetong is now in the wing room prepared by Han Yuzewhile Han Mingfeng is hiding!

    Mu Yetong was sitting on the stool beside the table in the room, drinking tea leisurely. Mu Yetong was dressed in men's clothes, so leisurely because Mu Yetong knew that Han Yuze would definitely come to find him later, because the envoy of Fengguo came to  Those who came to meet the Holy One, the Holy One is in Mu Yetong's room, where can we meet?  So that Han Yuze will naturally find excuses

    Mu Yetong would like to see how scheming that Han Yuze is

    "Kowtow to the lord!" Just as the sound of the guards saluting outside the door sounded, the teacup in Mu Yetong's hand was put down!  The door opened slowly What Mu Yetong saw at first sight wasan illusion!  Thick eyebrows raised slightly rebelliously, under the long and slightly curled eyelashes, there are a pair of clear eyes like morning dew, a straight nose bridge, pink lips like rose petals, and fair skin This  Is it the scheming emperor brother Han Mingfeng said?  Mu Yetong couldn't help but question the credibility of Han Mingfeng's words!

    "Kowtow to the lord!" Mu Yetong made a song, expressing politeness!

    "Mianli, youare the envoy sent by the Fengguo? I don't know what the meaning of this sudden visit is?" Han Yuze asked with a bright smile showing his dimples!  It's so cute, it can't help but remind Mu Yetong of someone with the same cute baby face and bright smile!

    "My lord, Han Xunruo, just happened to pass by, so I went to the palace to visit.The emperor of the country, I want to see the majestic appearance of the emperor, so I can go back and tell the emperor of the wind country!  "Mu Yetong gave a reasonable answer!

    Han Yuze's pupils are full of surprise Looking at Mu Yetong's gorgeous face in madness, her sculpted eyebrows fly into her temples obliquely, her pair of phoenix eyes shimmering at the corners of her tail, her enchanting smile makes her look really charming  , the slender fingers were playing with his forehead hair gracefully, and Han Yuze's eyes flashed with surprise!  Immediately jump up like a child!

    "By the way! You are a woman, right?" Han Yuze sat down next to Mu Yetong at once, the speed caught Mu Yetong by surprise, and when he realized it, Han Yuze's claws had already reached Mu Yetong's vulnerable face  superior!

    "My lord, please respect yourself!" Mu Yetong hurriedly took a step back!  But Han Yuze in front of him was dissatisfied, pouted his mouth, stepped in front of Mu Yetong and touched Mu Yetong's acupoints, and Mu Yetong was already clicked before he could resist!

    "Hey In terms of speed, no one can compare to me, Han Yuze!" Han Yuze was like a kid who got candy, bragging about his speed triumphantly.

    Mu Yetong was indeed sure of Han Yuze's speed, but if he hadn't been frightened before, Mu Yetong would not have been spotted, and Mu Yetong's speed is not so fast!

    "Let me just say, you are a woman!" Han Yuze walked around behind Mu Yetong in surprise, and saw a black hairpin in Mu Yetong's bun with the tip of his eyes.  It slid down like a waterfall There were still a few strands of hair sticking to her face, and a slender finger pinched the strands of hair slightly behind Mu Yetong's ear!  (Remember the site URL:
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