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Chapter 55 Yuze

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    "Look at the piercings in your ears! Hehe, how can a man get his ears pierced?" Han Yuze said with a smile, and Mu Yetong frowned slightly. Such a childish prince, how could it be a trick in Han Mingfeng's mouth?  A lot of people?

    "Ze! Don't act rashly!" Han Mingfeng behind the screen couldn't stand it immediately, and rushed out in one step!

    Mu Yetong also just broke through the acupuncture point, but when he saw Han Mingfeng rushing out, his eyes were full of surprise, how could it be?  Did he come out to save himself?  A warm current flowed through Mu Yetong's heart

    "Brother? How could you Er Niang clearly said that you are missing! And you can't make it public!" Han Yuze immediately left behind Mu Yetong who had acupuncture points, and walked to Han Mingfeng's side in a flash, turning around  Turn around to see if Han Mingfeng is injured!

    Regardless of Han Yuze's surprised eyes, Han Mingfeng rushed over to relieve Mu Yetong's acupuncture point!  Mu Yetong's first words were

    "Han Mingfeng! What's going on!" Seeing Mu Yetong's angry eyes, Han Mingfeng hesitated!  But Mu Yetong was full of anger, could it be that Han Mingfeng was still the same as in his previous life?  Are you lying to yourself again?

    in the case of!  Mu Yetong willdo something that you regret, Mu Yetong's heart is spinning!  Hesitatinghesitatingjust waiting for Han Mingfeng's explanation!

    "ThisHan Xunruo, listen to my explanationActuallythe one who assassinated me was our mother-in-law! That is, the Empress Dowager! She is not my biological motherAs for the previous explanation, I am sorry!"  Han Mingfeng faltered and explainedbut of course the clever Mu Yetong understood the truth in these words!

    Mu Yetong felt chilled for a moment. He didn't expect that Han Mingfeng in his previous life was so despicable and shameful. The current Han Mingfeng still hasn't changed. Mu Yetong didn't understand why the God of Time and Space wanted to protect him by himself?  He is not worthy!

    Mu Yetong kept on doing nothing, rushed forward with a stride, and waved in front of Han Mingfeng's eyes. Han Mingfeng sat down on the chair, his eyes lost focus

    "Hey, what are you doing! What are you doing to my brother!" Han Yuze hurriedly prepared to grab Mu Yetong, but Mu Yetong dodged lightly and easily avoided Han Yuze's injury. Han Yuze's eyes flashed  A trace of surprise: "Wow! You escaped my attack! You are the first person whose speed is comparable to mine!" Han Yuze seemed to have forgotten Han Mingfeng in his excitement!

    The corner of Mu Yetong's mouth slightly raised a smile, because of Han Yuze's cute behavior?  Or is it because you are proud of your own speed?  It should be the former, right?  Mu Yetong paused slightly, how come?  I was actually happy because of a word from this silly boy?

    As soon as Mu Yetong lost his mind, Han Yuze's claws had already stretched out in front of his face, and Mu Yetong had no time to hide.  Han Yuze had pulled off the disguised mask on his face just like this The ugly face had already appeared in front of Han Yuze, and before Han Yuze could see Mu Yetong's face, he saw Mu Yetong turn away!

    "Hey? Why didn't you hide just now? Lost your mind?" Han Yuze naively thought that Mu Yetong felt ashamed because he didn't hide!

    "Noit's nothing, return the mask to me!" Mu Yetong roared with Han Yuze on his back!  Out of character, without peace and composure!

    "No I want to see what you really look like!" Before Mu Yetong could react, Han Yuze had already arrived in front of her, clasped her two hands covering her face, and opened them  Han Yuze clearly saw the scars on Mu Yetong's faceand the still unchanging delicate and thin lipsand the eyes full of inferiority complex expressions!

    "It's so beautiful" Mu Yetong, who thought he would say ugly, raised her head in surprise, her eyes met!

    "How come isn't it ugly?" Mu Yetong asked naively, puzzled!

    "Hehe" Han Yuze smiled softly: "I read it here!" Han Yuze suddenly pointed to his heart, and murmured: "The wound on your face was burned by fire, right? You must have been a stunning beauty before."  Beauty, right? In fact, this scar is not badit saves a lot of trouble! It also hides your appearance" Han Yuze gently kissed the scar on Mu Yetong's face, and then pulled  Take Mu Yetong into her arms!

    Mu Yetong was stunnedit turns out that Han Yuzeisn't stupid?  Mu Yetong only now realizes that she has been tricked!  Pushing away Han Yuze angrily said: "You are not stupid!"

    "Hee hee, how could I say I'm stupid?" Han Yuze's mischievous eyeballs rolled around in the eye sockets, and he immediately replied weirdly!

    "Oh! So you're just pretending!" Mu Yetong suddenly realized, completely unaware of how cute her actions are now, pointing at Han Yuze with her slender arm!

    "Is there? Where is it?" Han Yuze asked pretending to be stupid!

    & nbsp; "You!" Mu Yetong was dumbfounded: "Hmph, I don't care about you! I have business to do!" Mu Yetong finally came to his senseshadn't asked the truth about Han Mingfeng yet!

    Mu Yetong's behavior just now was like Han Yuze's little friend, cute and elegant Mu Yetong turned around to look at Han Mingfeng, and performed Gu and hypnotism, but did not notice the bright and gentle smile behind her!

    The current Mu Yetong didn't even realize that he used Gu skills in front of someone he just met, trusting Han Yuze so much, so trusting!

    Because Mu Yetong, who was in a happy mood, didn't notice this, but Han Yuze, who seemed silly but actually smart, did, and the smile that rose from the corner of his mouth gradually became affectionate!

    "Han Mingfeng, now tell me, who framed you! Who is chasing you, and what is the truth!" Mu Yetong stretched out her palm and cast a Gu technique on Han Mingfeng's out-of-focus eyes!

    "It's Concubine Rong" Really?  A trace of surprise flashed across Mu Yetong's eyes!

    Mu Yetong immediately regained his composure: "Then why did you say that your brother framed you!?" Mu Yetong continued to ask!

    "Because Han Yuze is not my biological brother I want to use Wanyan Ye and Han Xunruo to get rid of Han Yuze!" One sentence awakened the two of them, and Mu Yetong's eyes suddenly brightened. Sure enough, he guessed right, and Han Mingfeng was still the same.  So despicable and shameful, still wanting to take advantage of the people around him, and treat other people's kindness as a donkey's liver and lungs!  (Remember the site URL:
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