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Chapter 56 Deception

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    Mu Yetong snapped his fingers, and Han Mingfeng fell asleep.  At the same time, he also forgot about Mu Yetong's question!

    Mu Yetong, who understood the situation, didn't notice the surprised and injured person behind him!

    "No! How could it be like this? No! Don't tell me you never treat me as a younger brotheryou are my only relative in this world!" Mu Yetong immediately turned around when she heard the roar behind her, but what she saw  it turned out to be

    Han Yuze's face was full of grievances, defenseless like a child, Mu Yetong was taken aback by his clear eyes!

    Mu Yetong walked forward involuntarily, looked up at Han Yuze, who was taller than herself, and stretched out her hand Uncontrollably hugged Han Yuze, Mu Yetong didn't know why

    She has only one thought She doesn't want him to be sad; she loves him

    Mu Yetong clearly knew that her heart had really begun to fall This moment began!  Mu Yetong's heart fell!  Reallyfallen

    "Hmm" Han Mingfeng just woke up, and when he woke up, he saw Mu Yetong standing aside, still wearing a black veil, looking at him coldly, and next to him was Han Yuze, who was full of heartache.

    "You what happened to me just now? Why did I faint?" Han Mingfeng pressed his temples and asked with a headache.

    "Just now you fainted due to excessive fatigue!" Mu Yetong didn't blush even when she was lying, and she was calm and composed.

    "Oh, sorry, I lost my temper!" Han Mingfeng said with a slight smile.

    "Tomorrow's death ceremony, you just need to show up on time. I will come to collect my conditions in a day!" Mu Yetong said coldly, then turned around and walked out!

    "Wait a minute, didn't you promise me to put down the rebels earlier?"

    "That's right, is your so-called rebel your younger brother? Or your mother?" Mu Yetong sarcastically asked softly.

    "Thisis naturally Concubine Rong!" Han Mingfeng thought that Mu Yetong didn't know the truth yet.

    "If you want to calm Concubine Rong, I can solve it for you today!" Mu Yetong threw down the unknown words and waved her sleeves away, while Han Yuzeye rushed out and chased after Mu Yetong.  In the past, Han Mingfeng, who was left in the room without knowing the situation, scratched his head in confusion.

    Mu Yetong stepped on the flower with lightness kung fu, and flew to the imperial garden of Yunguo. Han Yuze, who was chasing after him, grabbed Mu Yetong's wrist, frowned and asked seriously, "What are you going to do!"

    "Squeeze the 'anti-thief'" Mu Yetong said righteous words, with a look of course on his face!

    "Don't go okay? You are a weak woman, don't take part in these things that should be done by men!" Han Yuze said firmly, grabbing Mu Yetong's wrist!

    "Let go!"

    "I won't let you go, even if you beat me to death!"

    Mu Yetong raised his hand and broke free from Han Yuze. Han Yuze staggered back a few steps. When he raised his head again, Mu Yetong had disappeared before his eyes. Han Yuze was flustered, but he rushed in one direction  over!

    After Han Yuze left, there was a figure squatting in the grass, and Mu Yetong came out, with a seemingly evil smile on the corner of his mouth: "Hmph, suppressing the rebels is good for me and not harmful!" Mu Yetong  He glanced at the jade flute at his waist, Lan Zeyu's token, and Han Mingfeng's exquisite dagger representing the identity of the emperor!

    The other green hairpin on the head was given by Lan Zeyu. Indeed, Han Yuze is very similar to Lan Zeyu, but he is not as cute and gentle as Lan Zeyu. Instead, he is more childish, which makes people feel pity!

    Mu Yetong shook off the wild thoughts in his head, stretched out his hand and took off the green hairpin from his head. After looking at it for a long time, he didn't know what happened to Lan Zeyu

    "Tell me! What's going on? It's only been a few months! How could so many things have happened!" Lan Zeyu shook the increasingly emaciated Lan Xuanqi furiously!

    "She's dead! Brother, don't accept this reality! She is really dead!" Lan Xuanqi said in a trance, and everyone gathered in the Fengyunlou box!

    "Yes, I hope I can bury Hitomi" Xiao Ya said softly with an unnatural smile on the corner of his mouth!

    "Wellyou can bury her in the imperial mausoleum, she is the queen after all!" Lan Xuanqi lowered her head and said guiltily!

    "Queen I think you forced her too? Haha! Who knows if Tong was forced by you! Otherwise, how could Tong hurt me and drive me away on the night of getting married!" Qiao Yuhao yelled at Lan  Xuan Qi roared!

    "I'm sorry I haven't thought about Tong's feelings, and I'm also responsible for Tong's death!" Lan Xuanqi didn't resist, after all this is a matterReality!

    "Actually, I was there the day Hitomi hurt you. I know that Hitomi didn't hurt you on purpose. She just wanted to drive you away, and didn't want people in the palace to hurt you! If she really wanted to hurt you, she wouldn't use two palms to hurt you."  It's done!" Dongfang Mo replied honestly!

    "" Qiao Yuhao raised his head in surprise, looked at Dongfang Mo in disbelief, rushed to Dongfang Mo's side, grabbed Dongfang Mo's shoulder and said, "Why?"

    "It's true!" Xiao Ya, who was next to him, said firmly, "Mo will never lie!"

    Qiao Yuhao thought about it carefully. At that timeit seemed that Tongzhen's palm strength was much weaker, and he thought it was joy and didn't care about it!  Qiao Yuhao fell and sat on the ground!

    "If I can, I will definitely not let her be the queen, she really does not belong to anyone! She is so noble, I don't deserve it, if I can choose again, I will definitely not let her be the queen!  "Lan Xuanqi pursed her lips, she lost her arrogance, dignity, dignity, and temperament!

    "Qiyou have changed!" Although Lan Zeyu was heartbroken over Mu Yetong's death, he was surprised that this younger brother felt guilty for the first time, and he had always acted according to his own ideas before!

    "Yes! It's Tong, she changed me! Her silent concern, her strength, I can't compare to her! If she were a man, I would definitely give up the country, she! Match!" Lan Xuanqi raised his head and looked at  Everyone in front of you, the look in your eyes is called determination!  No one denies these words!  If they were Lan Xuanqi, they would definitely do the same!  Mu Yetong is passionate and fickle!  (Remember the site URL:
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